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Carnage PowerTrip: Redemption Press Conference

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Echo Wilson makes his way out of the curtain and sits down, kicking his feet up onto the table as he lays back. He has the Universal Championship strewn idly over his shoulder and he looks like he does not have a single care in the world. He glares at Gary Green, obvious history behind these two.

Gary, are you a retard? I'm asking because you have the nerve to ask Bart what happens if he loses. The answer if you didn't assume it already was that Bart never loses, him losing isn't even a thought that has crossed his mind because he knows, I know, we all know that Ginge is a phony. We're going to run the mile over Evolution and that's the end of story. 

Echo Wilson moves back in his chair a bit more, taking up more space than expected. 

That's not what I'm here for. I'm here to speak about the Unsanctioned Hollow. The man who thinks he's gonna steal the Universal Championship from me. Hollow, you're just as blind as the rest of the world. You are not the hero of this story, in fact if you even think there is a fairy tale to tell than you are mistaken. This world is not a fine line of light and dark Hollow, we're all threading the barrier. You'll see soon enough where you went wrong. You'll see soon enough where you made your mistake. If you think you read me than you don't know yourself. You don't know me either because if you did than you'd know that I know you Hollow. I've spent months studying your game. Your tendencies, your every action has been scouted and I have a counter to every single move you'll try to throw at me. You see, we fight on my turf, under my terms at Redemption. There is no unsanctioned zone, there are no distractions for you to take advantage of. You wanted a fight and well you've got a proper one right here. All of the fates above, the gods in heaven can't save you from your fate. All of the dark spirits you hearken to can do you no favors. You've made a deal with the devil, the most evil of all of God's children. You're not gonna walk out of Redemption with your life intact, with your body intact or even your pride intact. I will destroy everything you fight for, this is the blowoff Hollow. I'm gonna send you to your grave. Questions please.

DANNY DANIELS: So Echo, has Hollow not had your number in the past?

You seem like you're good at your job Danny. You seem like you like your job, you seem like you'd wanna keep it. If you want an answer though, I'm not scared to answer it. Hollow, is a treacherous man. He will go to any length to win what he wants, even putting me in a match outside of my comfort zone. You see, I am adjustable, I am ever evolving. Hollow, won't get past me twice. You know what they say. Fool Me Once shame on me. Fool me Twice shame on you. Hollow knows that all of his usual dirty tactics are futile in a fight with me. He knows that I'm not gonna fall for the same tricks. So he's gonna try and find new ones but he knows well that he's fresh out of bright ideas. You see, Hollow, Hollow is a scam artist. He makes you think he's on your case but he's far off. He thrives off of moments of uncertainty and I am certainly not that. Hollow may have had my number in the past Danny, but I have his now. I'm smarter with my craft, I'm faster with my act, I'm going to run literal rings around Hollow in the ring. Bet on that.

DECO WILSON: So Deco...I mean Echo...my bad. How are you going into this, considering you have a massive 3v3 feud on the horizon.

Two things Deco, If you fucking mess up your names again, I will personally kill you. Second of all, what did I say earlier? Evolution is not of concern to me today. I came here to talk about Hollow and that's what I'll do . But you asked and you shall recieve. Evolution should watch Redemption, I'm sure Bailey will be. His star main event talent will be running this arena tomorrow. And he'll be able to watch from his office as I run through his best challenger and show exactly what I'll do to him and his boys. Bailey, I'm your champion, I'm the greatest talent you've ever had the pleasure of employing. I've proven to you that I'm better than you already. Carnage is my domain and it will be as long as I hold this championship. I'm the one building you up as we speak but trust me, I'll be the one to break you down. Ginge, Flynn. You are all pawns in the game. You are nothing but Bailey's tools to get back at the peopl who have stolen his only worthy title. He wants to prove that he runs Carnage? I'm gonna show at Redemption why he doesn't. Ginge, you think you're the next face of Carnage? Bart is going to make sure you never walk again in your life. Flynn, you aren't even Carnage loyal so you're gonna have to watch safe from your couch as we make the goods tomorrow. Redemption is really an opportunity for salvation. The Kingdom are going to save the world. Evolution will be beheaded. Deco, I hope you got your money's worth there. Fucking dickhole.

GARY GREEN: Hello. Gary from Free Agent Corner here. What happens if you los-

GARY! SHUT UP! We don't have time for your antics. You are a failure Gary, remember when I gave you the chance to be my microphone? Remember when I handed you the keys to the Kingdom? Yet you turned me down, for what? For Josh? We saw how far that took you Gary. You aren't anything anymore. Free Agent Corner has been overtaken and you aren't worth a single penny today. Gary, I'll tell you something, you really wanna know what happens if either of us lose tonight? You really wanna know? If I lose I'm coming for you first. I'll personally beat you to a pulp. Luckily for you, I won't lose. I have more than just luck and skill on my side. El Diablo returns for Redemption. It's time to end all of the games, shed all my dead skin. I'm out for blood and geared for war. Hollow, you are out of your element and its clear to see you have no idea what you're doing. It's too late to get a grip Hollow, tomorrow is gonna be the realization of your worst nightmare. I'll make sure of that. 

Echo now flips the microphone he had in hand into the crowd and leans back. He turns smirking as another Carnage superstar makes his way out. It just so happens to be the one he wanted to see most. 

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Diego makes his way out, a suprise appearence as he isn't even booked for the show after his debut earlier today. He grabs a chair and places it in the middle of the stage before grabbing a mic and sitting down.

ESPN.COM: We saw Kieron Black introduce you to the world here today but you current brand situation is still up in the air, yet alone wether or not you have a match at Redemption. Why are you here tonight?

Garcìa: Well. Since Kieron had the decency to quit while he still could walk, there is a hole in the card. A jobber waiting to be broken in half. It was supposed to be Kieron VS Suby. Now, its Diego Vs Suby.

A slight murmur begins from the reporters before another steps up to the plate.

Wrestlinginc: I feel like it's safe to say that you did your best to make am impact on your first day on Carnage but, why did you do what you did to Kieron Black? What was your relashionship like with him before?

Garcìa:  As far as I see it, Kieron will understand. This is the man who taught me everything I know. The man who has done unspeakable things. If anyone understands it's him. As for our relashionship. As far as i'm concerned, there isn't one.

Kayfabe News: What can we expect to see from you at Redemption?

Garcia: If you know you know. One more question.

Wrestling Scoops.net: Are you Noah?

Garcia: Who? 

The reporter just stares into the eyes of the masked Diego before speaking.

Wrestling Scoops.net: Did you change your legal name from your original to Noah in late 2016 and serve a year and a half in prison.

Garcìa: Listen, I dont know who you thinl I am but im no Noah, now thats all the questions I will answer until after my victory.





(Font colours stopped working for some reason)

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A loud laughter blasts loudly throughout the arena as Willow's way plays and  Hollow walks out to the table.  With an Umbrella in hand and Hollow is wearing a suit!  Still in his mask and face paint but Hollow is in a suit.  In his other hand is another mask just like his.  Hollow takes his seat and lays the mask right out in front of him.

Hollow, "Echo, Echo, Echo,  how easily have you forgotten what happened at Backlash.  There was no tricks, Hollow fought you without any tricks,  while still broken and battered from the the biggest match that started the year inside the Unsanctioned Zone with your pal Julius.  The next week we faced you and there were no tricks only Hollow.   How is Julius by the way?  Have you asked him about what truth Hollow said.   Hollow told you the truth you needed to hear.  Your so called friend doesnt want you to win. He wants you to fail and Hollow will make it so.  But anyway you arent here to answer Hollow's questions.  Hollow is hear to answer these Patrons of questions.  Now ask away but be warn, you  anger Hollow he will put you in a box and send you to who knows where!"

First to Question Hollow s the representative from the commentaries.

Daniel Daniels, "So at redemption this is  your first match for the Universal Championship. You have faced the champion Echo Wilson before you had both won and lost to him earlier this year.  Is this title match any different then your battles with Echo in the past?"

Hollow,  "Hollow has beaten Echo earlier that is true but he never was beaten by Echo.  Hollow beat Echo for the Premium Champion back at Backlash.  Then Blade lost it back to Echo.  As for your true question let  Hollow answer you with his truth.  This match will be on a whole different level then what happened in the other matches this year.   The prize is different and what is in store is so much greater than what we can put together with words.  You will have to see at Redemption  to watch the spectacle of this main event that Fourteen finally allowed to come to the light.  Next question,"

Next question comes from Smark Daily's Deco Wilson.  As Deco spoke Hollow stares right at him almost staring a hole right through him.

Deco Wilson, "Mister Hollow, a question from Smark's daily.  Do you believe is there any chance that Echo Wilson is right and you will lose at Redemption?""

Hollow, "Interesting question Mister Wilson.  We hate your last name by the way.  Makes you sound like Echo.  As for your question,  does Hollow believe there is a chance?    The truth to that question is the same thing Hollow has been saying.  Hollow will be the Universal champion after Redemption.  So those chances of Echo winning are none.   Brave question Mister Wilson.  Especially after what happened to commentaries' very own Mike Hunt but Hollow isnt Necce so you are safe for now.  Anyhow next question!"

The Third question now from the ESPN representative Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson, "We have a question from ESPN...."

Hollow, "No,"

Dave Johnson, "Um.."

Hollow, "No to ESPN next.  Maybe Free agents corner"

Hollow shuts down any questions from Dave Johnson and points at Gary Green with the umbrella

Gary Green, "Um Hollow,  I had a question in store for you but I have to ask what's with that mask you have with you that you brought to the table?"

Hollow smiles before answering then picks up the mask.

Hollow, "Ah this, a mark to bestow upon the victims that lose and get beaten.  This one is for Mister Wilson.  Not Deco, don't worry Hollow will not turn you into his next victim.  This is for Echo Wilson.  Hand picked for when we decimate him and leave him broken in the ring.  In the front row guests of his fellow Kingdom members hopefully in the seats Hollow provided for them.  Hollow will do what he did to the last two victims.  Echo will be left laying in the ring with the mark left on him as reign is burned down by Hollow."

Hollow sits back in his chair and laughs to himself letting out his signature cackle as the Press conference goes on.



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COO of BPZ and General Manager of Carnage Bailey makes his way to the podium to answer questions 

ESPN.com: This is now the 2nd Installment of Redemption here on Carnage,  How does it feel to make this Far with this brand that at one time was considered dead.

Bailey: It's not easy running a company,  a Brand or really anything. You have to gameplan. You have to prepare for anything and that's what we have done here at Carnage. My Job is to Produce the Best Shows possible and the only way for that to be is we need the best talent. I Think we have done a great job getting the Best Talent on this Brand. My Job is as easy as these guys make it for me. We've created an Image here on Carnage. Only the best of the best can be at the top and I think that's what keeps guys going and makes them push each other to greater heights. 

Nodq.com: Is there a Reason the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion Julius isn't fighting on the show?

Julius will be in a fight at Redemption trust me on that. I will have my eyes on him at all times and make sure that what goes down in the Bart vs Ginge match is completely fair.  So that is why I ordered Juliis to be at Ringside for this match so that he cant come up from behind. 

Wrestlinginc.com: Is bart making a mistake underestimating Ginge and Talking this match down like it will be an easy Victory for him?

See that is the Thing. As Evolution we dont underestimate anyone. We know the Kingdom is pure Talent. The greatest mistake you can make in sports is underestimating your competition because that is when you get upset. Would I call Ginge beating Bart an Upset? No but Bart should be ready for a fight. He's never faced anyone like Ginge. Hes stepping into the Ring with a Lunatic. He'll find out what a Lunatic is come Friday. 

Rajah.com: What's Next for Evolution If you lose at Survivor Series?

Unlike many people I'm always prepared for every outcome possible. I always am. So there is always a Plan in place for any outcome. Trust me when I say every Kingdom has a Crack and this Kingdom is soon to be demolished. 

Enjoy Redemption everyone, Hope you Enjoy the Show!


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The Lunatic Ginge steps up to the Podium and gets far too close to the microphone.

Testing! 1,2,3! Is this thing on?! Ok cool!

ESPN.com - Ginge, what made you come back to wrestling, and why now?

Well, I just put on 2 pounds last week so I thought, what could I do to lose weight, then I realised. WRESTLING. Plus my buddy Bails needed an extra pair of fists.

NoDQ.com - Will we see you stay with the company beyond Survivor Series, or does that depend of your performances in your upcoming matches?

I'm washing my hair the night after Survivor Series so I can't stay past then. I never cancel Hair Wash Day.

WrestlingInc.com - Does facing the Intercontinental Champ on your first night back scare you in any way?

Now let me get this straight, there are only 2 things that scare me in this world, Outward Belly Buttons & Babies. Man they freak me out! Their heads are too big for their little bodies!!!

FOX Sports - Ginge, do you have any words for Bart before you face off at Redemption?

My momma said life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. Oh and she also said actions speak louder than words so ...

Suddenly Ginge darts for Bart and he tackles him to the ground and gets a few good shots on the face of the Intercontinental Champion before Bailey can separate the two and moves Ginge to the other side of the stage. 

Ginge, still riled up starts destroying the set, tables and chairs that were laid out for this press conference until everything has been overturned except one solitary chair. Ginge spots it out of the corner of his eye, lifts the chair high above his head and ....

Lightly places it down on its side. Ginge then wanders backstage followed by a slightly worried Bailey after that strange performance by The Lunatic Ginge.

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