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Contract Signing

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The Evolution Theme Song Plays as Bailey And Ginge 2/3rds of Evolution make there way out to the Ring as it is now time for the Contract Signing of Bart vs Lunatic Ginge where they will fight in just Two Days at Redemption.

Ginge Picks up a Mic but Bailey stops him. Be patient,  Wait for Bart and Julius to come out here at least and then say whatever the hell you want.

Bailey and Ginge Patiently Wait for the Arrival of the Two Men.

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"This Fire Burns" plays and out comes the BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Julius. He doesn't taunt anyone and instead walks straight up to the ring, staring at Bailey and Ginge the whole time. But before he enters the ring, he waits. He waits for his Kingdom brother that he will be accompanying this Friday at Redemption. That man comes out when "One True Villain" starts to play. With a concert of boos in the arena he walks up to Julius and together they move inside the ring. Bart snatches a microphone out of the hands of Bailey and says: 

"Tell us Ginge. What is on your mind that is so important? Please, enlighten us"

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Ginge sarcastically pleads with Bailey to give him a Microphone & Bailey obliges and Ginge smiles and does a little hop like he's a kid on Christmas.

"Barticus. How nice of you to join us in, wait Bailey where are we? Oh it doesn't matter, all that matters is you're here Bart.

Every second passes we draw ever closer to Redemption, are you excited? cos I'm excited. I'm excited to get back to what I do best that's clean the trash, are you are most definitely trash. Now don't get me wrong, you are talented trash, you wouldn't be holding that belt otherwise, but trash nonetheless.

I wanted you to come out here so I could get a good look at ya, to see you into your eyes, into your soul. And what I see is a dark & twisted soul. I like that. And I see a soul & a person that is overconfident. I like that too. I know you have every right to be confident, but you're looking past me to Survivor Series already. People who look past me end up on the ground looking up at the lights. Just ask anyone who was here when I was, I was always underestimated, until I joined Evolution. It took me rolling with 2 CERTIFIED HALL OF FAMERS, to realise that the Lunatic wasn't just a joke, he had some skills.

So I'm warning you, don't look past me, don't underestimate me, because if you do, it will be your downfall.

Good luck at Redemption."

Ginge stars deeply and menacingly at Bart, and it doesn't even seem like he's blinking. 

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As Ginge stares at Bart, Bart looks to Julius and both members of the Kingdom begin to laugh. Bart then turns his attention back to Ginge, who is still staring at him deeply. 

Isn't it funny. The same guy who told me that he didn't care about me and that he didn't want to know anything about me is now begging me to take him serious. What a turn of events. What happend Ginge? Did Bailey tell you something? Did the footage that I showed you change your mind? It's fine that you are backpaddling, we still think that you are crazy and insane. We still think that you are very very tough, don't worry.  

You even seem to understand your own role, it took 2 Hall of Famers taking you by the hand to look decent. Now that's just pathetic. But it is great to see someone realise that he is just isn't anything special. Maybe you are different after all Ginge, maybe you know that in reality you aren't all that. 

I would like explain one thing to you however. You are right, there is a difference between confident and overconfident, but sadly it doesn't occur to me. See, I have been dealing with people like you for months now. Old timers who say that I am too cocky and that I will fail to back up my words. And yet every single time, we have the same result. I destroy them. Go ask Johnny Kills, who isn't even around anymore. Go ask Smith, another certified hall of famers who left the company after being humiliated by me. 

Do you want to be like them Ginge? Do you want to fade away into the shadows only to be never seen again? Sadly, you no longer have the choice. Once you agreed that you would face me, in your desperate attempt to look tough, you also agreed to give up on what many consider a great career. Now that you slowly start to realise what you brought yourself into, I feel sad. But unfortunately, there is no turning around. 

Bart and Ginge then proceed to stare each other in the eyes with an intensity on a level that's rarely been seen in BPZ. 

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Bailey Then goes on to Tell Bart to Sign the Contract. Bart reaches down to the paper and Signs on the Dotted Line. Then Ginge goes ahead and sign it as well but as soon as he signs it, Bart Flips the Table over on Ginge. Both Bart and Julius then Jump Bailey, Beating him down. Ginge gets back up and jumps into the pile. Fighting back but Bart pulls out a wrench that he was carrying and smacks Ginge over the Top of the Head with. Then Proceeds to whack Bailey with it as well. 

Julius then PowerBombs Bailey through the Table. As Bart takes Ginge out to the Announcers Table and Powerbombs him through that.

Bailey and Ginge are left beaten up as Julius and Bart walk off gloating to the crowd as Carnage goes off the air! we are just 2 days from Redemption.

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