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Part 1: The Voice

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A strange Video is uploaded to the BPZ youtube Channel, we see an image of a beautiful suburban house, the camera cuts to inside the house, a family can be seen in the house setting the table for dinner. The family are scrambling and they all take their seats. The son speaks up.

Child 1: When’s he getting here?

Mother: I don’t know we’ll see

Teenager: I’m slightly nervous about this

Father: I’m sure he’s fine. He was in therapy for months.

Mother: Yes. I’m sure he’s not who he was before…

The doorbell rings, the entire family looks to the door, The Father gets up. He walks over to the door he opens it, he says nothing to the man at the door, the Father opens the door and sits back down at his part of the table, the man walks through the door revealing himself as FDS but a different FDS. His hair grown back out to look normal, a beard to cover up his facial scars, he’s wearing a grey suit. It appears as if the sadistic man that FDS was is gone. FDS walks over to the chair at the head of the table, he pulls it out and takes a seat.

FDS: Hello Mum. Hello Dad. Hello Jacob. Hello Abigail.

Mother: Hello Daniel. How are you?

FDS: I’m… I’m Fine. How are you all?

Father: We’re fine. How was therapy?

FDS: … I’d rather not talk about it.

Jacob: You’re not going to eat us are you?

FDS: (Laughs) No buddy, I’m not going to eat you.

The family looks at FDS uneasily, FDS stops smiling.

FDS: I see. Perhaps that was poorly timed. Anyway if you excuse me I have to use the bathroom.

FDS stands up and he walks over to the bathroom, his family sit at the table nervously. The Camera follows FDS into the bathroom. FDS begins to wash his hands slowly, he looks in the mirror briefly and views his reflection seeing his former appearance behind. He looks back up to check it again the reflection is clear. He looks behind himself to check yet again. FDS goes back to washing his hands.

Voice: This isn’t you.

FDS stops for a moment he looks around the room for the voice. He decides to try ignoring it.

Voice: Oh you know where I’m coming from don’t try to look around pretending that I’m not you.

FDS: You’re not there. We… I got Rid of you.

Voice: Did You really think it would be that easy? A little Electroshocking therapy isn’t enough to get rid of me!

FDS: Then What is?

Voice: (Laughs) Don’t you get it? You can’t get rid of me! I am a part of you! No… I AM YOU! No matter what you do you can’t escape the fact that you are the sadistic man you think you’re not!

FDS: No… No…. No, I’m not you!

FDS falls to the ground in the bathroom, he covers his ears and cowers in the corner. His fair falling into place as if he is that very same psychopath that he was all those months ago.



Suddenly a knock on the door can be heard.

Mother: Are you alright in there Daniel?

FDS stands up and opens the door.


FDS: I have to go. I’m sorry.

Mother: Oh… Well, see you soon?

FDS: I… I can’t promise that.

FDS runs out of the door. The camera remains on the family. The Mother sits down, she begins to cry, the father holds her as tears stream down his face. Jacob and Abigail show grim expressions. The picture flashes suddenly revealing a burning house with the four burning to death in the home. It flashes back to the family crying. The Camera cuts to outside the house, FDS is standing there looking at the house. He breathes in. He walks away putting his hood up.

Cut to black.

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