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Into the Fire

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The Carnage Parking lot appears on the screen with Hollow standing next to a fiery barrel.  Throwing into the fire Kingdom merchandise.

Hollow, "It burns very good.   Into the fire it will all go.  One, by one, by one it will go into the fire.   Burn it all up be consumed by the flames.  Until nothing is left but  ashes and nothingness."

Hollow sitting next to a truck filled with merchandise burning everything that was sent to Carnage that has anything to do with the Kingdom.

Hollow, "Hollow declared war on the Kingdom, and war is on.  This isn't the war Hollow fought against Kieron Black this is a war that will be long and brutal. There are  many battle ahead of us.  But Hollow will endure and Hollow will outlast them and will tear it all dow and burn  every last brick will go into the fire.  You made this happen, instead of falling before Hollow and letting his reign wash over Carnage.  Echo stopped that from happening and now your fates are sealed.  The way of ash is the path for you when you all go to the flame.   Each holding their own championships holding their own pride.   But to Hollow it gives us something to seek out something to break!"

Hollow pours kerosene into the fire and spurs up the fire.

Hollow, "They may be strong but to break them down all that is needed is to find what holds them together.   Its simple you take what they cherish most and you destroy it.  . And how do you destroy a group like the Kingdom?  You take each member one by one and eliminate them.    At Survivor Series  Hollow will do just that.  As the kingdom prepares or battle with Evolution,  Hollow will prepare to dismantle the reign of the intercontinental champion.   Each member of the Kingdom month after month over look their competition and look what happened at the havoc of Halloween.  Echo lost half of his pride ,and showed to Hollow the weakness that should be exploited by all who battle them here on out!.    So unlike Evolution who wants to take the Kingdom on as a whole Hollow will just take their pride.

Hollow pulls out an Intercontinental championship with Bart's name on the name plate

Hollow,  "Bart this is your pride, your prize possession.  The thing that makes you strong and what will be your own undoing.   You and your brothers in the Kingdom cherish their titles so much and when you lose it to Hollow it will crush you and end you.  Your reign will go and...

Hollow throws the title into the fire  watching the white title go ablaze.

Hollow, "And it just burns away but what will replace it, will be the foundation that will bring the true reign that will bring the end of this faction.  The reign of the new and future champion."

Hollow goes into the truck and comes out with a new title





Hollow, "Get a good look at it Bart, when you lose at Survivor Series  your championship will go into the fire and will be destroyed.    This will replace your most prize possession.  When Hollow takes you place as intercontinental champion this will be the title that will represent the accomplishment you hold all so dear to yourself.  After Survivor Series Hollow will be the intercontinental champion and will hold his prize up high.  Now look upon the image you will see once you here that three count when you lose."

Hollow drops the microphone then holds what Hollow claims will be the Intercontinental championship should he win at Survivor Series.  Hollow stands there in front the burning title as he stands over it as the one who sent it to the fire.



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