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Title : Backstage heat heat at SSW?

date : Monday week 1 December 2019

After a fight between ssw owner Archangel and Boliveira broke out and that have had a hatred of each other since good friend of Archangel and local star of ssw Bulldozer has since been talking critically of Boliveira and it appears that there is some heat between these two workers due to the fight the question remains however if this is only the start of for more backstage problems for the two 

effect : simmering tensions with Boliveira 

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Title : heat with ssw club and the exiles?

Date : Saturday week 4 December 2019

A stable at ssw known as ssw club went to a twitch wrestling show and stood outside the arena trying to draw fans away from twitch wrestling when the exiles showed up and confronted them about it leading to a brawl breaking out between the two factions which ended once Bulldozer stood on top of a Twitch wrestling semi truck and shouted ssw for life then proceeded to jump off landing on the exiles and Twitch wrestling security knocking himself out on impact in the process thus causing the rest of ssw club having to drive Bulldozer back home after the brawl.

effect : simmering tensions between all members of the exiles and ssw club , strong dislike between keeley and all members of ssw club  

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General Maruo


Rise of The General: 
- Mystery surrounds the new comer General Maruo and his rise to prominence in the industry. Unsourced stories relate that The General has connections to Yakuza groups abroad and has been working in America as a go-between for the organisation. Using this influence he has taken the opportunity to use his hard hitting nature to acquire championship gold and acclaim.

Payment Required: 
- A small panic has been caused by General Maruo who was seen visiting Akki backstage at ACW with a pair of black suited men who proceeded to lead him back to his office from the gorilla position. Muffled pleading could be heard in the hallway as rumours of unpaid loans with the local loan sharks have said to be the reason, Unlike his in-ring talent he won't be able to get away without paying this time

-Extra Profits for General Maruo?:
The General has an eye for smart opportunities and baked goods is no different. The General has taken over a Girl Scout cookie district in his current hometown, saying their business ethic was inefficient and helped the local scout group double their profits in an afternoon by using "persuasion" on passing shoppers. The General took a cut off the top for himself.

Brandon Michael Smith


- Inheritance?:
Aaron Sebastian Smith is a veteran of the Tri-State wrestling scene, a respected man who famously purchased his own championship after declaring that his standard was higher than the current championship at the time. Now Brandon who has been looking to surpass his father's success has hinted online of a return of the "Kings Road Championship" sharing a picture of the belt sitting in it's display case at home with a tag "The Family Jewel"

- Brandon Michael Smith demands better catering for the talent:
Brandon Michael Smith has become outspoken about the poor catering options at his scheduled events and has taken it upon himself to fund a more nutritious selection on the behalf good morale backstage. This has won many over amongst the locker room though most are just happy to have a free meal.

Ryan Phoenix 


Ryan Phoenix soaring high:
Ryan Phoenix has taken flight in a viral video showing the young high flyer leaping over a ladder on to the outside of the ring to hit his opponent before being caught by the crowd who carried the wrestler across the sea of raised hands before and carrying him back to the match.

Ryan Phoenix giant killer? Some might call it a death wish while others may call it courageous but Ryan Phoenix wants to fight the giants of the industry one after the other. The masked underdog has called out industry giants such as The Big Bad Wolf and Archer Bassett saying their size is only an image and that it only means that they will fall harder.

Mysterious X


Wrestlers are starting to figure out what the X in Mysterious X stands for after a flurry of injuries have followed the wrestler across the wrestling scene since his debut. Unsure of where he gained his in-ring training from bookers are using him to punish wrestlers who step out of line in their promotions. 

The Punk Smite Smith


The Punk Smite Smith has asked fans to please don't put his name into initials on their fan signs and art. He is pleased to see the support but says it's distracting coming out to a crowd full of "PSS" signs. Though this hasn't gotten the exact response he had hoped since the following night at a small house show PSS chants begun popping up during his entrance.



- Hugo vs Putman:
Hugo has been vocal about his opinion of Colton Putman being overexposed in SSW, saying that the company doesn't need the TPW star to grow with him already signed. Hugo challenged Putman to a endurance contest to prove his superior genetics and drive the star back to the "dust covered state". Dressed in suspenders and summer shorts Hugo did better than most expected but only due to the interferences by the SSW club who distracted and tampered with the equipment used to the point that Putman decided to just push Hugo into the surrounding sea to end the day. 

Stevie Ray Phym & John Flowers lll


Ballads with Flowers?
- Plenty of speculation tonight as behind the scenes footage of a session in progress at Stevie Ray's home recording studio has gotten fans wondering on what is to come when the camera turned to show John Flowers lll in the recording booth singing into the microphone. The sound was muted for those watching online but just like the great wrestling singing albums before them (we are sure there is one) we might be in for another crossover with John Flowers lll. 



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Keeley arriving late to her own shows?


Talent backstage have been increasingly worried about the inconsistent leadership in the company over the last few weeks as Keeley, though arriving eventually, has been consistently late to the live shows and missing backstage meetings important to the product. The talk backstage is that it is in fact the online mmorpg Runescape that has distracted her from her wrestling ambitions! Talent and personal have been talking together about organising an intervention for the company owner in hopes she refocuses before one of them get a dreaded Fisherman or Mage gimmick.


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Jack Duddy


A New Star (Same week of debut)
- Paparazzi have flooded a small independent promotion as Jack Duddy stepped through their doors for the first time, as he has began training exclusively at their performance centre after signing a deal said to have blow away competing offers. Duddy's representative gave a statement to hopefully journalists saying "My client is a look to show that he is an fighter on screen and off screen. Thank you" 

Big Brother ain't Jack
- Celebrity Big Brother is returning in just a few months and while no official cast list has been confirmed, there has been a ton of fan chatter over which celebs will join the show. A rumoured cast list has been circulating on Twitter from alleged Big Brother insider accounts and a stand out named is current wrestler Jack Duddy. Though his time in the ring will probably keep him from the show insiders say the offer was substantial.

Duddy Meltdown
- Adjusting to the characters in the wrestling industry has been a hurdle for Duddy, having walk is with wrestlers such as The Great Havoc and Damien Roberts in his travels. This all came to a boiling point when Damien's snake crawled into Duddys training bag freaking the former movie star. Cell phone footage caught him yelling
"You know why nobody likes you? Because you guys are freakin' weird. You're a bunch of freakin' weirdos and none of you have friendos like Jack Duddy does. I know the best, train with the best, deserve the best" before storming out of the room.

Baby-Faced Duddy
-  One of the earlier roles of Jack Duddy has been shared online from his time as a freshman. Though there has been no response from Duddy himself the film is getting laughs from fans and stars alike. Staring in the student film titled "Holy Bowl" Duddy played a a fallen angle who become the star quarterback of the school football team. Trading in his halo for a helmet.  

 "Sleazy" Jack Stevens


Sleazy Mishap
Jack Stevens has learned a life lesson of restraint after a mishap at a recent house show. 'Sleavy' Stevens was coming to the ring as he ran towards the ropes down the ramp to make his signature pose but instead of stopping in the ring he slide all the way to the other side crashing to the outside floor. The culprit? Body oil. Leaving a long oily streak across the ring mat as the crowd laughed from their seats hopefully Stevens will know to hold back a little. 

Sleazy Party
- Sleavy" Jack Stevens has partnered with his friend Biff Andreas to host a tailgate party before  BPZ Mania. With an open bar Stevens is selling tickets exclusively though his website for fans with enough change to hang with the stars. "This isn't going to be a lounge party, if you step through that door you better be ready to drink, groove and move ti'll you drop"

Sleazy New Year
- A new year needs a new calendar and "Sleazy" Jack Stevens has worked with local photographers in organising a special release with 12 exclusive and highly exposed shots of the self proclaimed "Fur Rug of Wrestling". The calender's have been a mild hit so far.

Big Billy Buchanan


- Firefighters had to be called to the home of Big Billy Buchanan this weekend after the glutenous giant was heard booming for help by neighbours. Once the door was finally knocked door the attending fireman found BBB locked inside his walk in refrigerator which he made specially for himself to hang full hunks of meat.

Fatigue Finish
- Big Billy Buchanan wins via fatigue. A truly unique victory took place recently at a house show where BBB, the glutton of wrestling was running the ropes, something he rarely does, to attack his opponent only to get tired out and collapse on top of them. Legs flailing there was no way they were kicking out and it took the ring crew as a unit to move BBB after the match was over.  

- Affectionately named Mr. Eat-All by a small group of fansl, Big Billy Buchanan has once again challenged himself to face the impossible by eating full size bicycle bit by bit for a place amongst the greats of "WTF Monthly". Asked how he was even able to complete such a feat he responded that "Salt solves everything" 

Jacob Tagg


- Taggs Past Returns
- Jacob Tagg's paranoia is at an all time high as his former moniker '
 Mr. Autismo' seems to keep popping up at his events. The blue and red mask was famously burned by Tagg in front of a live crowd after returning from a sabbatical. Now just as Tagg gains a new momentum in the business someone is out to remind him of his past.



Family Pet Goes Missing
- During a post-show meet and great a family chihuahua was the cause of a wide search around the arena trying to find the wandering pet. Though those searches came to a screeching halt when Venom, with a wide grin claimed to have found the collar on the floor not knowing where the actual pet ended up. Just horrified faces as they inched away from the masked wrestler.

Who is Venom?
- Speculation has been passed between all promotions within America about who is this masked psychotic? Wearing a snarling smile ask his mask this new force within the industry has had wrestlers staying at arms length trying to protect themselves from possibly losing a limb. 

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Bailey Goes Hollywood?

Bailey Justin held an Interview today stating that he will be stepping down as the General Manager of Carnage to go shoot a Movie in Hollywood. He can't fulfill his obligations as GM because he will be gone for a Few Months to star in his first big movie! With this new career in Baileys life will he leave the Wrestling Business to become a Movie Star? Or will he comeback to BPZ with a whole new charismatic attitude? Will we See Bailey in a Ring again or is this the end of One Chapter and the beginning of a new Hollywood Chapter for Bailey Justin? 

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Nathan Sawyer Lets Loose!

Nathan Sawyer recently did a Podcast in which he spoke about many things but one thing that had people listening was the fact he buried Twitch Wrestling Owner Keeley. He Said "Keeley wouldn't know talent if it hit on the head with a bow wrapped around it. She thinks talent is sexually transmitted or you have to be a steroided freak or kiss her ass to be a big star. Keeley has no business being around the wrestling business and She damn sure has no business being in charge of a wrestling promotion. Just look at her contracts shes offered. There are guys on the roster who aren't worth a damn and getting paid more then they are worth. I make sixty grand a month, but i am also the best damn wrestler in the world and i prove it night in and night out. If keeley was Smart she would build the company around me and Cut ties with that egomanical piece of shit cripple Monda"


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Bulldozer creates a club then gets kicked out!

Bulldozer had recently created his own swimming club which a lot of people have joined. Bulldozer was pleased on the amount of people who had joined the club. One of those people who had joined was Mave Deltzer, and when Toxik did a voting on who should be the leader, nearly everyone voted for Mave which surprised Bulldozer. Mave immediately kicked out Bulldozer and Bulldozer was escorted out by security. Everyone in the swimming club chanted "Mave" as Mave celebrated. 

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BPZ Ditches Video Game? 


A report came out today, saying that BPZ was supposed to be a part of the new "Empire Of Wrestling" video game. The deal was very close to being done, with some insiders speaking of a verbal agreement. EOW was so sure that they were going to secure the deal that there had already been photoshoots with various BPZ wrestlers for covers and pictures in the game. However, the main cooporate figures weren't fans of BPZ sharing the spotlight with lesser known companies such as Twitch Wrestling, Texas Pro and Superstar Wrestling. BPZ, in a what some consider a dickish move, approached gamedeveloper 2k about a potential game for only the BPZ. 2k was a fun of the idea, and so, BPZ 2k19 was announced. This left EOW with a lot of money spend on things that they weren't going to be able to use. 


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Breaking News!

Archangel has taken Drizz Brown to court after he did not compete for the company for the duration of his contract due to his drug usage that the company was so gracious to cover his rehab for.Archangel is trying to tie him up in court to where he cannot compete for another promotion or if he agrees to return to SSW and finish up his contract.

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Title SSW Video game? 

Date : Tuesday, week 2 July 

SSW wrestling star Bulldozer has officially announced he has been working on a new video game in his spare time for SSW and has stated he worked closely with management to give every member of the roster a fair rating and has also came to a decision to put SSW owner Archangel as the cover star of the game and when interviewed about the game he had this to say. 

“ Well back in college I studied game design and I sometimes get the itch to use that knowledge to create games however I feel this one will be the best game i’ve very made and I really hope it helps showcase what SSW is able to do and of course bring in new fans to the company and you can expect a release of the game around January time thanks to a lot of help and support from management who have also helped create it and brought it other game devs to help create and work on the game and I truly hope this is the start of a wonderful series of games. “ 

so there you have it everything you need to know about this new Video game so for all of the fans of SSW this is great and as Bulldozer said could draw new fans to the product. 

Effect : a small boost to SSW’s pop 


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Title: Costa winks eye to other companies?

Date: 1st Week of August

Narrative: Frustrated with his lack of push on Twitch Wrestling and the owner's distraction with an Online Game, Alex Costa has begun looking at other career options. It is said he is looking to move on. It is rumored he has caught the eye of both SSW and TPW which could start a bidding war over the Portuguese Star.

Effect: Simmering Tension with Keeley

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