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Jason Ryan Lawsuit 

"The Last Emperor " Jesse Ryder previously known as Jason Ryan in BPZ.  Has filed a Civil lawsuit against Brendenplayz and his company over the right to the name Jason Ryan.  Ryder believes that the Jason Ryan name rightfully belongs to him and that BPZ has no right to take it away from him.  Will a deal come between both sides to work this out or will we have a full lawsuit on our way in the world of wrestling.  Will have to see and find out but Reports have it that Ryder wont give up until he gets his name back from the people that he calls "terrorists". 

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I just thought of this one and thought it deserved it's own post sorry for the double post 

Sameer gets Backstage Heat

Sameer has gotten into big trouble. The BPZ Superstar showed up to work after a night of seeing the highly anticipated movie Avengers: EndGame. Unfortunately for Sameer no one else in the BPZ lockerroom had seen the Movie yet and Sameer completely spoiled the ending of the movie to the locker room. This caused the other big Avenger fans like Flynn, Slim and Ropati to get in Sameers face. Extremely upset with him. They started to yell in his face. Eventually he was kicked out of the locker room by the guys. He has been banned from the locker room for 2 weeks and has to pick up every tab at every Bar the BPZ guys goto. Sameer is feeling the heat. 

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Sheridan Mueller has announced through social media that plans are in the works for her to release her own hot sauce. The Evolve general manager, and off-screen girlfriend of current Money in the Bank holder Ropati, released a statement revealing she has trademarked the phrase "Sheri Sauce" and has designed an advanced bottle which will make adding the right amount of hot sauce easy and effective.

The German also revealed that three flavours are being considered for initial, national distribution. Those flavours are Habanero, Salsa Picante and Sriracha. The sauces are believed to be animal friendly due to Sheridan's vegan lifestyle and could be on the market as early as this coming autumn. Sheridan is believed to have a long time left on her current BrendenPlayz contract and is simply looking for a side business opposed to a potential backdrop if her wrestling career doesn't work out.

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Jay Ross hits it big


Jay Ross is celebrating big tonight after his recent success in reselling multiple items over the course of 6 months. Speaking to Forbes about his award nominated strategy he carefully explained how buying electronics in bulk he would up sell them again on different websites all to made him the large profits he has now today. When asked for a rough number he started sweating profusely, sipping off his chair in the process  

This can't be right?


There seems to be trouble the young entrepreneur after going on Twitter today leaving a very explicated Tweet for his followers "FUCK i just realised I'm 12 million in debt" which sent everyone who had decided to follow his advice into a panic. Immediately following he tweeted that he was going to be quitting the eBay market industry only to come back an hour later online and say he was back but more confident in his choices


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Maasa Going To Triple X Wrestling?

Maasa parent’s were seen at the headquarters of Triple X, sources say they show great interest in becoming ambassadors of Triple X and investing the sources also say they have already donated 50,000 dollars.

The press got Maasa’s words on the whole ordeal.

As of 8/3/19

 “I just think this is a joke to them, they want to wrestlers fight to the death for there own amusement, I actually thought a few weeks ago. They actually started learning about and supporting my wrestler career but that was just a ploy to get me to go to Triple X Wrestling. They are sick in the head if they think I am going out my already injured and healing body in a deathmatch let alone the wrestlers. I actually thought they loved me but after this I never want to speak to them unless I get a very good explanation and a apology they are my family so I can forgive them.

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Var on a path to solve world hunger

The womens wrestler/valet Var has recently opened up her own corn plantation in the Ukraine. She is said to be sending this corn all around the world to feed the hungry and the poor. Var is not usually a generous person but maybe this is a shift for her we will see how much she can do with this corn project. Will she be able to solve world hunger and spread the love of corn around? Or will she go back to her selfish ways and keep the corn for herself? Only time will tell but this looks to be a small step in the right direction for Var.

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EVOLVE Superstar Flynn was found at a local meat market intoxicated, when found, he was laying on a bed of raw chicken and mumbling about the times of old. He was taken to a jail for holding before the company picked him up the night after.

Rumors of Natedog and Joh having an affair have spread among the locker room

Ropati was driving a Lamborghini when he crashed off a cliff, no injury occured.

At a BBQ hosted by various BPZ stars, multiple food fights and food poising would occur. Arius would throw mashed potatoes at FDS, and Bart would pour his drink on Hollow. The 4 men were taken into food rehab, where Julius would break them out. They have been missing ever since.

EVOLVE superstar Karico was found in an abandoned motel with a hooker next to him.

A dog bit Sameer when he tried to explain to it that he was the big dog and not him. His hand is fine but the dog is dead

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