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The Crippler

What are you watching on the Network right now?

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I feel not many people take advantage at just how great the Network is, I watched the Brock Lesnar, Aj Styles, and Vince Mcmahon episodes of the Stone Cold Podcast and loved every bit of it. There are so many solid shows on the network that if you're not going anything are a great watch. I highly advise checking out some of the old NXT shows, the stone cold podcast, some of the WWE Chronicles. 

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I'm about to start my annual Royal Rumble PPV watch through that i do leading up to the event. Not every match but it is fun to watch the matches i haven't in a while. Mostly the Rumbles themselves. Anyone have a favourite? 

3 Count vs The Jung Dragons vs Evan Karagias & Jamie Noble from WCW Starrcade 2000 is a match i recommend. I can never get tired of it.

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Just finished watching the Nigel McGuinness documentary and I must say it is very interesting. All the setbacks that he had in his career with failing a WWE medical and then getting Hepatitis B while in TNA to then become a WWE commentator is truly inspiring. I found it interesting that a lot of Zack Gibson's moveset is based around McGuinness which is a nice tribute. Definitely recommend it to anyone if u have a free 45 minutes  

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watched Mania 22 the other day and it was solid show. Two matches that stood out were Angle vs Mysterio vs Orton. Even though it was short, those 3 managed to put an really good match and the crowd weren't behind Rey on bit until he made the final pinfall and everyone was on their feet. However match of the night goes to Edge vs Mick Foley, it was brutal and awesome. The final shot of Edge spearing Foley thorough a flaming table will always be iconic.   

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