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Major League Wrestling Discussion

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Those who keep up with MLW Fusion what have been your thoughts on their 2018? Favourite superstar and match of the year?

Off the top of my head 
- Rey Fenix vs. Low Ki (and pretty much all his championship defences)
- "Filthy" Tom Lawlor vs. Shane Strickland
- Pentagon Jr. vs. LA Park
- John Hennigan vs. Teddy Hart
- MLW War Games

Low Ki despite his out of the ring troubles is as entertaining as he has ever been. (The man has the voice of the perfect mob villain) 
A surprise in seeing Simon Gotch turn into one of my favourites on the brand where he has (until recently) been under Team Filthy. Portrayed as the dangerous grappler his name and skills destined him to be.

Seeing Brian Pillman Jr grow into his own with the help of The New Hart Foundation members Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. has been fun.
Plus they were able to bring  Col. Robert Parker and Tony Schiavone out of retirement,

It's been impressive seeing them rise from the ashes over the last year through utilising online platforms for their international audience and securing a TV deal (exclusively if recent news is to be believed). 

Episode 34 released this morning and all their past episodes are available on their Youtube channel.


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MLW has announced that MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman) has been forced to vacate the Middleweight Championship due to a fractured elbow.
Andrew Everett vs. Dezmond Xavier vs. Snoop Strikes vs. Jason Cade will compete in a ladder match to determine the new champion next week on the live beIN show.

The match will kickoff the live show next week (12/14).

"When MJF is medically cleared by his doctor and league physicians, he will have an opportunity to reclaim the title,"  MLW CEO Court Bauer said in a release.



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Shame to see that from MJF. I would say he's been one of the breakout stars in MLW and the world of pro wrestling this year. He's got such charisma and heel work about him that he seems like he should be deserving much more. An All In match was worthy for him. He's gotta be a future champion in many promotions. Shame to see he's gonna be sidelined though cause I was enjoying his run with this title. 

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The Middleweight Championship ladder match was a blast and i'm happy by the surprise winner. That triple team Canadian Destroyer was out of this world.

Rush dominating in MLW towards the end of 2018.  After the ambush by LA Park his vow to bring Los Ingobernables to America is something to be excited for. I'm looking forward to Low Ki and Lawlor finally clashing for the championship as well.

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The leader of the Hart Foundation has punched his ticket to a future with Major League Wrestling for the foreseeable future.

Teddy Hart signed with MLW and is said to be in great spirits celebrating with his family in Calgary, Alberta, Canada with the deal becoming official on Christmas day.

“I love a good comeback story,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “Teddy has lived up to his end and has brought it in every match. He’s hands down one of the most talented wrestlers of his generation and his commitment to MLW has been exceptional so we’re committing to him.”
Image result for Teddy Hart mlw

As Court Bauer said in the release this has been a comeback year for Teddy Hart. I wasn't the biggest fan of him before watching MLW this last year despite being familiar with his work (and his issues outside of the ring) in the past but that has changed. I'm happy for his success.

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The trilogy is complete. Davey Boy Smith Jr. signs with MLW


The rise of the Hart Foundation in Major League Wrestling has been one of the more exciting stories to watch over the past half year. Dominating competition in singles, tags and trios action, their march to the top has been felt in multiple divisions. Now the Hart Foundation’s presence in MLW is guaranteed to continue for years to come as Davey Boy Smith Jr. has officially signed a multi-year deal with MLW.

“Davey is very special,” said MLW CEO Court Bauer. “He’s been a part of MLW dating back to when he was just 18 and I know I speak for fans and the league when I say we’re very excited to see what the big
guy does in 2019 and beyond.”

Smith joins Teddy Hart and Brian Pillman Jr., who signed with the league in 2018.

In addition to MLW, Smith will continue to compete in New Japan Pro-Wrestling, where the Bulldog has won the coveted IWGP Tag Team belts 3 times.

Also MLW today announced World Tag Team Champions Pentagon Jr. & Rey Fénix (cornered by Konnan) vs. the Hart Foundation at MLW: SUPERFIGHT

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CZW Champion Mance Werner & Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Almighty Sheik Sign With MLW

Major League Wrestling has signed newcomer Mance Werner, the reigning CZW Champion who will debut for MLW on 2/2 at their Superfight event in Philadelphia to a contract, PWInsider.com has confirmed.  MLW announced Werner was coming into the company on this past Friday's edition of MLW: FUSION TV.

MLW has also signed a deal with former NWA Champion The Almighty Sheik aka the former Joey Machete.



 One of the most talented independent stars in pro wrestling today is officially back on the market. Shane Strickland recently tweeted out that he is a free agent. The former MLW World Heavyweight Champion had his last match with the organization a few weeks ago and was able to fulfill the rest of his Lucha Underground deal after season four.

Strickland is also a former Evolve and CZW World Heavyweight Champion. It is unknown yet if WWE has officially offered him a deal.



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Battle Riot is returning once again! 
A mash-up of a battle royal, royal rumble and anything goes street fight, this super-sized main event will feature 40 wrestlers with new participants entering the ring every 60 seconds. There will be surprises! There will be legends! There will be WTF entries… and there will be no disqualifications! Elimination is by pinfall, submission or by throwing an individual over the top rope. Anything is possible in a Battle Riot!

Participants Announced So Far:

  • Ace Austin
  • Ace Romero
  • Alex Hammerstone
  • Barrington Hughes
  • Brian Pillman Jr.
  • Davey Boy Smith Jr.
  • Daga
  • El Hijo de LA Park
  • LA Park
  • Low Ki
  • Mance Warner
  • MJF
  • Pentagon Jr.
  • Fenix
  • Sami Callihan
  • Minoru Tanaka
  • Teddy Hart
  • Gringo Loco
  • Rey Horus
  • Jimmy Yuta
  • Kotto Brazil
  • Lance Anoa'i
  • Avalanche
  • Ken Kerbis
  • Air Wolf
  • Myron Reed
  • Dan Severn


Other announced matches: 
LA Park vs Jimmy Havoc  
Low Ki vs Daga
MLW World Middleweight Championship: Teddy Hart vs Ace Austin
Brian Pillman vs Rich Swann

Who is looking forward to this event once it airs on Youtube? The match itself is such a cool take on the concept for MLW and with entrants like Dan Severn and Minoru Tanaka being announced already for the match it's going to be fun. Filming this event on Wrestlemania Week is the best choice with all the talent coming into the area.
I think outside of the Battle Riot i'm looking most forward to Teddy Hart vs Ace Austin. Ace Austin is going to be a big name to look out for on the independent scene in the next few years with a nice look, fun gimmick and good in ring work.


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Marshall and Ross Von Erich sign multi-year deals with MLW


The Von Erich legacy is ready to rise from the ashes.
Ross and Marshall Von Erich have signed with Major League Wrestling, and will make their debut at the June 1 television taping in Waukesha, Wisconsin.
The sons of Kevin Von Erich and grandsons of the late family patriarch Fritz Von Erich, the pair is ready to bring an electric style of tag team wrestling to MLW.

“Signing with MLW is a big deal for us,” said Ross. “They are the promotion that has allowed us to be with our dad, help out around the ranch, and still wrestle.”
“We’re able to continue the legacy,” added Marshall. “It’s humbling, we’re honored, and it’s the perfect timing—we’ve never been this ready for this big a stage before.”
David, Ross Von Erich sign contract with Court Bauer's MLW

The Von Erich name was synonymous with wrestling in Texas in the 1980s but later became associated primarily with tragedy. Five of Fritz’s six sons died tragic, premature deaths, three by suicide. Only Kevin, Ross and Michael’s father, survives. 
“The Von Erich name is not a burden,” said Ross, who is the elder brother at 30. “We are grateful for our name, it’s a blessing to be a Von Erich. God gave us the right equipment, and we’re going to go out there and do our best.”

The two passed up a WWE tryout, instead signing with MLW, primarily because the opportunity with MLW allows the chance to be home far more often.
“WWE encouraged us to come to Florida and try out, and are extremely grateful for the offer, but we want to be as close to our dad as possible,” said Marshall, 26. “For us, MLW is the right home.”

Really happy to see this news this week. When they had their brief TNA appearances a few years ago i was surprised that the company didn't capitlise them as talent for the company for both the family name and because they had the potential. Hopefully their years working around their area and travelling has helped them since i saw them last. I like how MLW are carving out their own unique throwback combination of modern wrestling and 80s so it's almost too fitting to see the young Von Erichs sign, battling with the New Era Hart Foundation maybe. A nice addition to their roster and the future of MLW. 

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Adam Brookes coming to MLW


Major League Wrestling announced earlier today that one of the best high fliers in Australia, will be joining the company and making his debut at MLW: Fury Road 2019 on June 1st at the Waukesha County Expo Center in Wisconsin. Brooks will bring his amazing talents to the ranks of MLW and will be looking to take the pro wrestling world by storm.
Image result for Adam Brooks Signs With MLW

Austin Aries returning to MLW


Major League Wrestling announced tonight that former Impact and WWE star Austin Aries is joining the promotion. MLW shared the news on their official Twitter by sharing a GIF with the message that Aries would be coming soon.

While Austin Aries was with Impact, he was the Impact Grand Champion, a three-time Impact World Champion, and a six-time X Division Champion. He also won the tag team titles.


After how his run ended with IMPACT so abruptly i'm almost worried MLW might find themselves in the same position if Austin decides he isn't happy with his booking but at the same time MLW have been able to have both Low Ki and Teddy Hart (reformed) on their roster and keep a make it work so maybe the man behind MLW is a miracle worker. Good for MLW to get an in-ring talent like Austin on their roster though.

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Catching up on MLW currently and finally watched Battle Riot ll. What a fun concept of a match though i feel this one wasn't as good as the first it's hard to not enjoy it. Seeing Dan Severn kick as is worth the time. There is a segment during the show between Brian Pillman Jr & Salina De La Renta that had me rewinding back. I'm becoming a big fan of Myron Reed and his pairing with Rick Swann. Also the Contra Unit

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June 1st 

MLW Fury Road

Tom Lawlor & The Von Erichs vs Contra Unit

The sons of Kevin Von Erich make their debuts at fury road when they team with the MLW World Heavyweight Champion "Filthy" Tom Lawlor but their opponents are the self-proclaimed “global dealers in violence” Contra Unit. Will they win or will they be the latest victims of the crazed faction?



World Middleweight Championship - Teddy Hart (C) vs Jimmy Havoc 

What will happen when England's most dangerous man faces the leader of the new Hart Foundation.

Will Teddy be worried about The Hart Foundations enemy's Alexander Hammerstone, Richard Holliday and MJF or will he focus on defeating one of the most dangerous wrestlers today.


Davey Boy Smith vs MJF

The Hart Foundation and The Dynasty have had a feud for most of the year what will happen when the Powerhouse of the Hart Foundation faces the leader of the Dynasty?



Austin Aires vs Adam Brookes


Adam Brookes a indie wrestler from Austrailia (who's biggest matches were in PWG last year) faces a man who has held many championships (such as The Impact Grand Championship, TNA World Heavyweight Championship/Impact World Championship 3X, impact World Tag Team Championship, TNA X Division Championship 6X, ROH World Championship 2X and a former ROH World Tag Team Championship.


Sami Callihan vs Mance Warner


Sami Callihan and Mance Warner two deathmatch specialists, will face off in a falls count anywhere match, their last match was brutal but was interrupted by Salina De la Renta and her team attacked both men.



National Championship Finals - Alexander Hammerstone vs Brian Pillman Jr. 


What will happen when the technical wrestler of The Hart Foundation faces the Powerhouse of the Dynasty.

Alexander Hammerstone defeated Gringo Loco to make it to the finals.

Brian Pillman Jr. defeated Rich Swann defeated to make it to the finals


Myron Reed vs Rey Horus


Myron Reed has been teaming with Rich Swann and Rey Horus has been picking up wins.

It's the classic tale of face vs heel who will win?


Kotto Brazil vs Daga


Kotto and Daga have both lost something via Salina de la rentas goons Low Ki and Ricky Martinez, Kotto suffered a massive injury in the eye via a parking lot assault from Ricky and Daga had part of his ear ripped of from Low Ki.

Who will win?

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Just watch Fury Road yesterday and it was a fun event. Not their best but it delivered. With Dynasty, Hart Foundation and Contra Unit, MLW Have collected some of the most exciting stables on the American independent scene right now for me. Early days for most of them but their dynamic is working wonders for me. I hope MJF will continue to work for MLW as long as he can but i imagine when AEW go to a weekly TV show his deal with MLW will cease which is a pity.
Seeing Hammerstone become the inaugural National Opernweight Champion (needs a name shorten) was cool to see though i still don't understand the need for a third singles championship where it seems the Middleweight Championship doesn't seem to have a set restriction. His match with Brian Pillman Jr showed improvement in both wrestlers. 
 The commentary on MLW is great at the moment. When Tony stopped working the shows it bummed me out but Cornette stepping in has found a growing chemistry with Rich which has been fun.

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It looks like Lucha star Daga is done working for Major League Wrestling (MLW). PWInsider reports that Daga, who was feuding with Low Ki under the promotion’s banner, was scheduled to work MLW’s June 1 show in Wisconsin.

However, Daga pulled at the last second, noting he scheduled a vacation. But MLW later learned that he was working dates in Mexico instead. As a result, MLW has dropped Daga from all future bookings. Daga was in line for a push before everything occurred, and there were plans to turn him heel.


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It's a shame that this is how Daga in MLW ended. Logic says he will probably end up with IMPACT at this point but he isn't doing himself any favours. This isn't the first time he's burned a promotion with zero notice and it will start impacting his bookings in the bigger promotion over time. He's talented but that's no way to do business.

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Future of Sami Callihan, Court Bauer Comments
Sami Callihan



Sami Callihan is no longer working with Major League Wrestling (MLW).
Callihan lost a Loser Leaves Town match against Mance Warner this week on MLW Fusion. You can watch the full episode below. In addition to competing in-ring for MLW, Callihan also worked behind the scenes as an agent.

There were plans for Callihan to return to MLW under a mask this summer. However, that won’t be happening as a result of his reckless behavior during the match.
A fan on Twitter accused Bauer of “ditching” Callihan to appease Jim Cornette, MLW’s outspoken commentator. Callihan spit water onto Cornette during his entrance this week.

According to MLW CEO Court Bauer, Callihan’s beef with Cornette was not the reason for his departure. Callihan caused thousands of dollars in damage to the Waukesha Expo Center during the brawl with Mance Warner. Two $15,000 bleachers were “severely damaged” as well as other property owned by the building.

Bauer said, “That makes it very, very difficult to return to the venue which is disappointing as I enjoyed working with Sami. He was an agent and worked hard. Fans would’ve enjoyed the next chapter.”


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33 minutes ago, Johnny Mailman said:

Damn I hope for him that doesn't give a bad reputation. I love his work in Impact so he will do just fine there, maybe a run with GCW. I don't see him going to AEW tbh

Honestly i'm still not sure if this is long term just a layer to their story or not. The way Cornette swing his racket at him during his entrance especially. If it is true It's hard to say but it will make smaller promotions cautious to do any free-roaming match types with him in the future if this is the case. Money talks. MLW for example does not strike me as a place where they have $2700 in petty cash to pay for destruction of property though you'd wonder why not just fine Sami for the fee.

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