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Tony Schiavone Returns to MLW at Never Say Never
Tony Schiavone


Legendary wrestling announcer Tony Schiavone is gearing up for a return to Major League Wrestling (MLW).

Schiavone was an integral part of the MLW broadcast team, but had to step aside earlier this year due to scheduling issues. When MLW moved its television tapings from Thursdays to Saturdays, Tony had a conflict with his other broadcasting obligations (baseball).

MLW announced Tony Schiavone returns to the broadcast booth this summer. He’ll call the action with Rich Bocchini at MLW: Never Say Never on Thursday, July 25th from New York City’s Melrose Ballroom.

In a statement sent in to SEScoops.com, MLW CEO Court Bauer said, “Just like the fans, I’ve been hoping for Tony’s return and this summer it happens. Tony is one of the most talented broadcasters in the sport.”


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Fun episode this week. The Dynasty & New Hart Foundation story continuing nicely. Low Ki becoming a face and "The Lone Wolf of Brooklyn" was unexpected when it happened but i'm really enjoying so far. Even going as far as to put Contra Unit on notice. It's interesting seeing MLW using Low Ki as a TKO master now with two victories in a row from that elbow. Definently makes the one Jericho uses look worse in comparison. 

Before the match i have no clue what that fan was doing in the front row but I really wanted Jacob Fatu to run up and deck that fan that was in Simon Gotches face. As expected the main event was the highlight of the show with Contra Unit & Tom Lawlor involved. It turned into a wild, out of control brawl which is all i wanted and despite a loss tonight Contra Unit lost nothing and neither did the winners. Both Von Erichs showed a little bit nerves but overall impressed me in their debut and have come a long way since their IMPACT appearances. Marshall Von Erich using the Von Erich claw to pin his opponent to the mat for the 1-2-3 was a nice tough. I look forward to seeing how they both improve over time in MLW and their on screen relationships.

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South American Luchador, Zenshi is coming to MLW!
Image result for zenshi wrestler


This morning Court Bauer revealed the latest wrestler to ink with Major League Wrestling with a tweet touting his July 6th debut:

"He's been lighting up Chile, Peru and Mexico grabbing belts and now he comes to @MLW July 6th in Chicago. Once you experience @TheAerialArtist you'll never forget it. The new MLW signee is going to shake up the middleweight division. #ZenLucha"

I haven't really heard much about him since watching his failed doubled moonsault years ago. Link:
Hopefully MLW can be a new start for him for American wrestling fans. He's definitely talented and seems like a cool person, but even Zenshi himself has admitted about that botch being the one thing most people have seen of him. That botch is the kind of move that could've ended his career and/or life.

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After the way Austin Aries left IMPACT i was honestly not too enthused about him joining MLW. He is a talent but i just didn't like the thought of the company putting effort into pushing him only for him to walk out. But if the company can take Low Ki & Teddy Hart and turn them into agreeable workers it might seem MLW is the cure. 

My first thoughts were that he looked rought. Beard grown out, he has lost a lot of muscle since i last saw him. I'd almost be worried but he still seems to be operating at peak performance in-ring. For a debut it was nice match with Adam Brooks who was also making his debut (Fantastic to see more Australian talent make their way into the American independents) with both of them getting a good amount of offence in. The promo after the match was fantastic way to kick off his start in MLW. 

It's very smart to put Jim Cornette in to interview the Von Erichs. The respect he has for a family he could talk them up and knows the right way to make sure they come across the best they can. The interview was a little rough but this is only week two for the Von Erichs. 

Hilarious vignette with The Dynasty, especially Richcard Holiday trying his best to come across as cool as possible in front of the others. I got a good laugh when Hammerstone stated he wanted a Hogan tan and Holiday questioned " '87 or '91?" only to get a bewildered response.
Also Salina de la Renta and Mance Warner did great in their segments. Warner especially.

Contra Unit are still a key point of my MLW viewing at the moment. Fatu looked like a badass heading into his title match next week during that handicap match.  He feels like the hottest guy in the promotion and i'd be on board if he actually got the victory.  I like the finish since i was worried Lawlor would beat Samael which would have given Contra Unit two straight main event losses. MLW needs to be careful with how many losses the trio takes to keep them threatening in and out of the ring, so far they have been very good about protecting them. Tonight's brawl wasn't as clean as last weeks but it did the job right.

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Opening match was fun with Kotto Brazil answering the challenge to the 'Star Spangled HAMMER Challenge', name just rolls off the tongue. If you're a fan of MJF and want to him him just play commentator the entire match with Jim Cornette you're in for a treat with this event. Hearing those two work off each other with "Rich Broccoli" in the middle was fun while the match was going on. MLW have proved themselves for picking future talent for their company and Hammerstone & Brazil are no exception. Brazil continuing to be a blast as the resilient babyface as Hammerstone took the victory.

There was a funny segment later in the night with The Dynasty after The Hart Foundation sent out the challenge that they would defend their tag team championships in a ladder match if they accepted. Hammerstone & Holliday were thrilled while MJF was having a mild panic attack. Honestly it had me laughing hard. Still not looking forward to when MJF needs to bow out of MLW.

Good on MLW for making the right move here and capitalising on the Fatu momentum. Contra Unit have been booked to almost perfection by the company and to sacrifice that tonight by having Fatu lose would've been the wrong move. I can't wait to see the state of MLW now that Contra Unit has their most prized championship in their ownership. 
Minor note but i loved that Joseph Samael has pointed dress shoes.

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