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Aaron North

TV Show, Championship title, PPV Name Suggestions for BPZ TEW Mod

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This is a thread/topic for PPV, TV Show and Championship Name Suggestions for Brenden's BPZ Universe Mod for TEW 2016

Companies: SSW (Superstar Wrestling), TPW (Texas Pro Wrestling), ACW (Akki Championship Wrestling), TW (Twitch Wrestling), BPZ Wrestling.

BPZ Wrestling is gonna have two brands: Evolve & Carnage

ACW is a hardcore, garbage wrestling company.

TPW is a traditional old school rasslin' company

SSW is a more serious wrestling promotion that focuses more on the wrestling aspect.

 BPZ Wrestling is gonna be a sports entertainment company like WWE

Twitch Wrestling is gonna be an American Pro Wrestling Company which also kinda like WWE good guy vs. bad guys wrestling with colorful characters.


PPV or TV or Championship:

Name Suggestion:

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6 minutes ago, Aaron North said:

Company: Twitch

PPV: Viewer's Choice 

The concept is kinda like Cyber Sunday and Taboo Tuesday where the viewer's get to vote on whose gonna face what champion etc.

I like the idea like the viewers pick from polls of matches that could happen for that PPV it would probably be highly regarded as a ppv

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