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When Vince McMcmahon stepped out to the ring on the December 17th, 2018 edition of Monday Night RAW 'Reborn' was the one word that stuck in the mind of every young and old fans mind, for the past 5 years thousands have fans have turned there back on the product due to various reasons, and being the millionaire dollar genius he is Vince knew this, so he had to do something new. 
And that's where our story begins.
Vince Mcmahon would make the announcement that he will be going in for surgery and that his daughter and son in law will be taking partial control of the company, and that the spectacle of a PPV TLC was last night was just the beginning. For years WWE has been the top dog of pro wrestling and it'll always have that role even with the likes of NJPW and ROH gaining killer momentum and the ratings of WWE going down. 
Image result for wwe gif
WWE has been, and always will be about the spectacle, about the future, and about the fans. Now more than ever WWE is less focused on the money and more on making there product the best its ever been. 
Image result for wwe gif
The entire landscape of WWE has been changed, the idea of the "perfect" superstar has been changed, and everything you thought you knew about the WWE has been...
Image result for wwe 2018 gif
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WWE Reborn ⎜Wrestlemania 36 Night One   It is time for the biggest show of the year, what everything has lead up to and here in Hollywood, California. The WWE Superstars have never been more p

WWE Reborn ⎜Wrestlemania 36 Night Two   Last night, we saw a historic Part One of Wrestlemania as for the first time, the PPV has been split up between two nights. And now, its time for the se

WWE Reborn Presents.... Royal Rumble 2020 Kevin Owens (C) vs AJ Styles - WWE Universal Championship After the Royal Rumble intro, t

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Monday Night RAW - December 24th, 2018
Michel Cole welcomes us to the Christmas Eve edition of Monday Night RAW and promises that this will be an action-packed show with plenty of gifts to go around as we kick off WWE "Holiday Week", but as the other commentators begin to introduce themselves and the plans of the show they are cut off by the theme of none other than the returning...Kevin Owens.
The crowd would go insane as out would walk the former Universal Champion, Kevin Owens, who hasn't been seen since he suffered an intense knee injury back in October. Kevin Owens stares at the Christmas decorations in disgust before continuing down the entrance way and entering the ring, Owens grabs a microphone and shakes his head at the crowd who cheers on the "Prize Fighter", but before Owens could even get a word out, yet another familiar theme would ring through the arena.
Sami Zayn would quickly leave the backstage area and quickly walk down to the ring, sliding in and running to his best friend giving him a big friend to much applause. Kevin Owens pushes Sami away and looks at the crowd
Kevin Owens: "You think we want your praise? For YEARS me and my best friend Sami Zayn have stepped into this ring and have performed our damn hearts out and every week we step into this ring just to be under used, and that all changes at the Royal Rumble PPV when me and Sami Zayn both win the Royal Rumble"
Sami Zayn: "You heard that right, as much as it feels good to be back and to hear you cheer me. I don't need the approval of you 9-year-old brats who are up past there bedtime, Kevin and I are the greatest in-ring performers of all time. It's basic as that...we'll see you at the Rumble"
Image result for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn gif
Kevin Owens and Sami drop there mic and exit the ring, walking up the ramp. The best friends of Monday Night are back, and it appears they won't be fully back until the Royal Rumble matchup.
Image result for Elias gifImage result for Bobby Lashley gif
Elias vs Bobby Lashley - Winner Enters The Rumble
Due to the intense back and forth action the two superstars have been having recently, Triple H would make what was a normal one on one matchup have a few extra stakes added to it, with the loser being cut from the 30 man Royal Rumble matchup. The match itself would be a great one, a back and forth contest with Lio Rush being thrown into the barricade early on to prevent any further interference. 
However, the strength of Bobby Lashley would end up giving him the upper hand late in the match, and after Bobby makes a point of beating on Elias for a solid 3 minutes he would pick up his lifeless body and hit the Dominator for the 3 counts, earning his spot in the Royal Rumble matchup and  making his chances of main eventing Wrestlemania even higher.
The Revival Attack The Tag Champs
Chad Gable and Bobby Roode would be walking backstage before The Revival would come out of nowhere, throwing the team into various walls, containers, and even pinning Chad Gable in between a wall and a small moving container in a brutal scene. The Revival isn't playing around and they just proved that with this attack as they get ready for some tag team competition.
Image result for The Revival gif  Image result for lucha house party gif
The Revival vs Lucha House Party
Kalito and Grand Metalik would take on the number one contenders who we just saw attack the champions backstage and the match wouldn't last very long, after 6 minutes of high flying action a cheap shot to the back of the head would allow Scott Dawson to hit a very brutal kick to the lower back on        Kalisto that would send him out of the ring, where Dash Wilder would send him flying into the steel steps.
   Inside the ring, Grand Metalik would go for a top rope move before Dawson would catch him out, and Dash Wilder would slide into the ring out of nowhere and The Revival would hit the Shatter Machine and get the win.
But before the team could celebrate Bobby Roode would slide into the ring and take out Scott from behind before kicking Dash in the gut and hitting a Glorious DDT. Bobby Roode looks back at the arena, where Chad Gable still must be hurt before raising his Tag Title in the air over the challengers.
Image result for Dean ambrose gif
Dean Ambrose Challenges Seth Rollins At Royal Rumble; Number One Contenders Match Made
Dean Ambrose would enter the ring with his title belt much as he did last week, calling out Seth Rollins before giving him an opportunity at the Intercontinental Championship at the Royal Rumble PPV. However, before Seth Rollins could answer, Triple H would once again make his presence known and make an amazing main event. Drew Mcyntire vs Dolph Ziggler vs Finn Balor vs Seth Rollins, the winner will face Dean Ambrose at the Royal Rumble
Image result for Curtis Axel gifImage result for Lars Sullivan gif
Lars Sullivan vs Curtis Axel
Curtis Axel would await his opponent, promising a new era of Axel, that was before the music of Lars Sullivan would begin playing. The 6'3 freak would enter the ring and wait for the bell, and after a few seconds of Curtis Axel running around, the debuting star would catch the 2nd generation superstar and lift him in the air, hitting the Freak Accident.
Lars Sullivan stands in the center of the ring, before grabbing the microphone and asking for another opponent, when the music of Bo Dallas would hit.
Image result for Bo Dallas gifImage result for Lars Sullivan gif
Lars Sullivan vs Bo Dallas
Bo Dallas would pat his former on the back before diving into the ring and getting absolutely destroyed by a Lars Sullivan clothesline, the bell would ring and Lars would begin driving forearms into the back of Bo Dallas. And before we knew it, he would be hitting the Freak Accident and covering him for the 3 counts as Lars throws Bo out of the ring.
"The Freak" would grab the microphone again and call for another victim, as Mojo Rawleys music would hit.
Image result for Mojo Rawley gifImage result for Lars Sullivan gif
Mojo Rawley vs Lars Sullivan
The match would quickly begin as a hard-hitting contest, with Mojo Rawley rocking the freak and almost bringing him to the mat before Lars would bunch back with an assault. Completely brutalizing Mojo before hitting the Freak Accident and pinning him in the center of the ring much like the two other opponents he had tonight. Lars Sullivan leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, leaving the fans in shock.
Image result for Natalya gif
Natalya Is Ready For Ronda
Natalya would be in a backstage interview about Ronda Rousey, saying that the "Baddest Women On The Planet" is nothing but a cheap cash grab superstar who doesn't deserve the title, that's when Nia Jax would show up and tell her to "Watch what I do to her" and stares down the number one contender with anger in her eyes.
Image result for Ronda Rousey wwe gifImage result for Nia Jax wwe gif
Nia Jax vs Ronda Rousey 
Ronda and Nia Jax would continue where they left off 2 weeks ago at TLC, going at each other with full aggression. After a 10 minute match, Ronda Rousey would come out on top, sending Nia Jax packing to the back as Natalya would walk past the defeated Jax, entering the ring and starring down Ronda. These two are ready for a collision course in two weeks.
Image result for Seth Rollins gifImage result for Dolph Ziggler gifImage result for Finn Balor gifImage result for drew mcintyre gif
Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor vs Dolph Ziggler vs Drew McIntyre
In the main event, it would be a 20-minute spectacle and each superstar would showcase there best moves, the rivalry between Dolph Ziggler, Finn Balor, and Drew Mcyntire would quickly spill to the outside and Drew would take control of the two smaller men. However, Seth Rollins would come out of nowhere and hit a big knee on Drew which sent him onto the announce table, where Finn Balor could hit a coupe de grace off the barricade and keep Drew down for the time being.   
Balor, Dolph, and Seth would battle it out in a sequence to remember as all 3 men would hit their finishers on one another and various other big moves that would leave the 3 down in the center of the ring with "This Is Awesome" chants ringing through the arena as Drew makes his way into the ring. 
He begins to pick apart Dolph Ziggler, throwing him out of the ring before doing the same to Finn Balor. Drew and Seth would go at it for a good 6 minutes before Seth Rollins would end up hitting the Curb Stomp, but as he was going for the cover Finn Balor would hit a Coup De Grace on the back of the neck of Seth, pinning him for the win.
Finn Balor would stand up, victorious, but his victory would be cut short by Dean Ambrose, who appears behind Balor and hits a dirty deeds before spitting in the face of downed Balor.
Image result for Paul Heyman gif
Paul Heymans Announcement
Paul Heyman would enter the ring and give his announcement, and his announcement would that a new Paul Heyman Client will be announced soon, but that's not all. The new GM of Monday Night RAW is...Paul Heyman! 
Image result for WWE custom logo
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Smackdown Live  - December 25th, 2018
Its a Merry Christmas on the Smackdown Live stage as a chorus of people singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas", surrounded by Christmas trees, this would go on for a good minute before the lights would dim and smoke would fill the stage as the slow theme of sAnItY would begin to play and out would come the 3 most dominating members of the tag team scene, Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain. 
The 3 superstars would pick apart the chorus, throwing them off the stage and down the ramp before posing on top of the stage...these three men are a force that has to be stopped.
Image result for Mustafa Ali gifImage result for The New Daniel Bryan gif
Mufasa Ali vs Daniel Bryan - WWE Championship Match
Mufasa Ali would come to the ring and call out Daniel Bryan, saying that he deserves a championship match after pinning him last week, Shane Mcmahon would come out and deny the match before Daniel Bryan would interrupt the CEO of Smackdown, saying he accepts the challenge of the cruiserweight. Saying that just cause he followed his dreams and one, doesn't mean any 'piece of crap' wrestler can do the same.
Bryan and Ali would go at each other with full aggression early on in the match, showcasing the best they can do but Daniel would get the upper hand. Sending Ali outside of the ring before stomping on the back of his head in a vicious way. 
The two superstars would continue fighting for a shocking 20 minutes in one of the best Smackdown Live matches in history, as the crowd would chant "Fight Forever" as Daniel would lock in the Yes Lock, and it would only be a matter of minutes till Ali would tap out. Retaining his championship.
Daniel would kick Ali out of the ring before raising his title in the air, Mufasa had a great showing tonight once again and the crowd would show that as they begin cheering for the young man who walks up the ramp in disappointment. What a match!
Image result for WWE The Bar GIF
"The Bar" Highlight Reel 
The current tag champs would receive there very own highlight reel of their time as a tag team, and by the end of it we would transition to the two sitting in a bar, they would clink there cups together before saying what they have to say. Challenging the most dominant team on Smackdown (Besides themselves), sAnity at the Royal Rumble. And ti would be official.
The Bar vs sAnity at the Royal Rumble PPV
Image result for WWE Jeff Hardy 2018 gifImage result for WWE Samoa Joe 2018 gif
Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy
Samoa Joe and Jeff Hardy would clash in an aggressive matchup and although the veteran Hardy would have the speed advantage he would take a high-risk dive to the outside and Joe would move out of the way, sending him into the steel steps.
From there it would be an easy match for Smackdowns destroyer. Tearing apart Hardys shirt and stomping on his face in a brutal scene before lifting him up and choking him out with the coquina clutch. Ending the match due to Hardy passing out. 
Samoa Joe would stand over the lifeless Hardy, posing with his towel in his hand and a smug smile on his face as these two superstars may not be finished with each other and based on how great this match was, this feud is something to look forward to.
Image result for r truth gifImage result for The Miz gif
R - Truth vs The Miz 
The Miz would once again attempt to get Shane Mcmahon to team with him, cutting an amazing promo before Shane Mcmahon would stand up and give a hug to an emotional Miz before giving him an amazing opportunity if he defeats R Truth, Shane Mcmahon will team with him.
The match would go on for a few minutes before The Miz would hit the skull crushing finale on R Truth, defeating the man who is entering. Shance Mcmahon would climb into the ring and raise the arm of The Miz, the two now becoming a tag team.
Image result for becky lynch gif
Becky Lynch Announces She Is Out For Royal Rumble PPV
Becky Lynch would take to the ring and thank the WWE universe for the amazing year, and would sadly announce that she wouldn't be able to make the first PPV of the year due to a concussion. The crowd would boo before Charlotte would come out and mock "The Man" before getting ready for the battle royal.
Image result for Mandy Rose gif
Mandy Rose Wins The No. 1 Contender Battle Royal
Mandy Rose would somehow get the win after getting knocked out of the match early on, rolling under the bottom rope. The match would go on for sometime before Naomi and Charlotte would battle it out to see who would win, finally, Naomi would throw over Charlotte but Mandy Rose would eliminate the "Glow" star. Earning a shot at Asuka's title at the Royal Rumble PPV.
Image result for Tye Dillinger gif
Tye Dillinger Returns Soon
Image result for Rusev gifImage result for Shinsuke Nakamura gif
Rusev vs Shinsuke Nakamura - United States Championship Match
In our second title match of the night and the main event, Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev would go head to head and have one of the hardest hitting matches we've ever seen on Smackdown.
Nakamura would get the upper hand early on, attacking Rusev from behind and hitting various big moves on the outside but it wouldn't be enough as Rusev would make a comeback as the crowd would go crazy. Rusev would eventually hit a brand new finisher as he slams Nakamura into the mat and pins him for the 3 count.
On Christmas day Rusev would win the title and stand tall as the show comes to a close.
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Image result for NXT gif

NXT December 26th 2018 

Mauro Ranallo welcomes you to a special Boxing Day edition of NXT, tonight we are in store for a big night of action including a must-see Main Event with The Velveteen Dream taking on The Panama City Playboy and the leader of the Undisputed ERA Adam Cole. As Maura continues the introduction "No one will survive" plays signalling the arrival of NXT Champion the "Psychopath" Tomasso Ciampa 

Related image

The NXT Champion begins to speak talking about his actions in the Steel Cage match between Gargano and Black last week. Ciampa speaks then hypes up his match with Aleister Black at TakeOver Phoenix and states that he has beaten Black Before and he will do it again. Suddenly the lights in the arena cut out, they turn back on and Ciampa looks towards the ramp curious as to what just happened. He however turns around into a Black Mass from Aleister Black. Black picks up the mic and says that the time for games are over, Ciampa will fade to black at TakeOver and Black will reclaim his NXT Championship


No one is ready for Dijakovic 

Related image

A stirring video package is played hyping the arrival of new recruit Dominik Dijakovic. Dijakovic tells everyone to feast their eyes on this physical speciment. Who is ready for the beast that is Dijakovic?. It is then announced that Dijakovic will make his NXT in-ring debut next week


Io Shirai and Dakota Kai vs Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir 

image.jpeg Image result for Jessamyn duke and marina shafir

After Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir got involved in Kairi Sane's NXT Women's Championship Match at Evolution, Sane hired the help of Kai and Shirai to help even out the odds. Tonight was Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir's in-ring debut and it showed with the experience and class of Kai and Shirai too much to handle as Io Shirai hit a picturesque Moonsault off of the Top Rope and onto Shafir for the three count and the Victory. Post-Match while they were celebrating, Shayna Baszler jumped them from behind leaving Kai and Shirai laying. Kairi Sane then rushed down to the ring and made the save, clearing the ring off the heels. The war between these 6 women has only just begun 


Kona Reeves vs Matt Riddle 

Image result for Kona Reeves Image result for matt riddle

NXT's finest Kona Reeves would do battle with the King of Bro's Matt Riddle. Reeves started the match with a cheap shot to Riddle allowing him to gain the early advantage. However after spending too much time showing off Riddle was able to gather momentum, using his MMA background and amazing footwork to quell the offence of Kona Reeves and eventually pick up the win with the Bromission. Post-Match Riddle celebrated up the ramp, when Kassius Ohno looked to attack him once again, Riddle however scouted Ohno out and knocked him out with a knee of his own. Sending a message to the Knockout Artist


Undisputed Era declare War

Related image

The Undisputed ERA were interviewed backstage by NXT's own Cathy Kelley about their match at War Games and how they plan to re-focus themselves heading into TakeOver Phoenix. Adam Cole states that he has never gotten his fair rematch with Ricochet for the North American Title so that is on his to do list. O'Reilly, Strong and Fish talk about how the NXT Tag-Team division is worthless and how they are waiting for someone to step up so that they can face a pure challenge. All three then declare War on however threatens them, including Velveteen Dream who is Cole's opponent up next 


Adam Cole vs The Velveteen Dream

Image result for adam cole Image result for velveteen dream

Adam Cole would enter this match full of arrogance even telling his lads in the Undisputed ERA to wait in the back because he was so confident he was going to win. Straight away, Dream used his mystique and unique ring tactics to distract Cole leading to an early edge in the match. Dream hit a beautiful Death Valley Driver on the outside of the ring before hitting and elbow drop from the apron onto the floor. A rookie mistake by Dream allowed for Adam Cole to take advantage using his quickness and Technical Ability to contain the Velveteen Dream. Adam Cole looked for the Last Shot but Velveteen Dream rolled him up for a near fall before Cole turned it into a superkick. Cole once again set up for the Last Shot but once again Dream used his unorthodox tactics to catch him by surprise. This allowed Dream to hit another Death Valley Driver and an Elbow Drop to secure the upset win over Cole. Post-Match the Undisputed ERA attacked before Ricochet and the War Raiders came out to the ring to make a save. William Regal closed the show announcing that on next weeks show, The Undisputed ERA would face the War Raiders, Ricochet and Velveteen Dream in a 8-Man Tag match 




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Related image
New Year Brings New 205 Live
As we approach the new year, it is announced that 205 Live will enter a new stage in its evolution as it moves to Friday nights. WWE is giving the show an opportunity to shine on its own and that begins with giving the show its own individual night. It is also announced that the second step is putting the show on the WWE Network and the third step will see a new general manager of a much higher caliber appointed.
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Animated GIF
205 Live - December 28th, 2018
Nigel McGuinness introduces us to the now Friday night show, 205 Live. They welcome all the network viewers and remind everyone of the announcement earlier this week. They point out that tonight we will see a new general manager of 205 Live established, one that will bring prestige to the cruiserweight division.
Triple H Introduces The New General Manager Of 205 Live
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
To begin the show, Triple H makes his way to the ring as the McMahons continue to implement their new, much more hands-on, style of management. Triple H explains the changes coming to 205 Live but then announces that 205 Live needs time to grow so will not be handled directly by the McMahon family for now. He then says that there will be a new general manager to replace Drake Maverick, one of much higher prestige, a star much more familiar to the WWE Universe... And it's Christian!
Christian makes his way down to the ring in a suit. He joins Triple H in the ring and the two share a handshake before Christian collects a microphone. Christian reintroduces himself as the new general manager of 205 Live but says he will honor Drake Maverick's promises so, therefore, the fatal-4-way at the Royal Rumble event will still take place with the previously announced qualifying matches starting today.
However, Christian does say that he'll definitely be making some changes around here. To begin with, he points out that Mustafa Ali has been on a roll lately, lighting up 205 Live as well as SmackDown Live. Therefore, Christian announces that Mustafa Ali will get a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy... And it will be tonight!
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Qualifier Match
Kalisto vs Lio Rush
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
Last week, the cruiserweight division's 2018 was showcased in a special episode of 205 Live and at the end, Drake Maverick would announce a series of qualifying matches to decide who competes for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Even though Christian would replace Maverick as general manager, he would honor Maverick's promise.
The first of the three qualifying matches to decide who challenges Buddy Murphy in a fatal 4-way for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship sees Lucha House Party representative, Kalisto, face The Man Of The Hour, Lio Rush. Continually proving himself as a dominant force on 205 Live, Lio Rush defeats Kalisto and earns his spot at the Royal Rumble.
The Gorgeous One Is Coming Soon
Animated GIF
Following Lio Rush's victory, a video package is shown. It exhibits the clinical in-ring style and emphatic charisma of Prince Pretty, Tyler Breeze. After his recent WWE Intercontinental Championship and NXT North American Championship matches, Tyler Breeze is now advertised to be coming to 205 Live soon.
TJ Perkins Is Returning
Animated GIF
Backstage, TJ Perkins cuts a promo. He admits to being jealous of the recent success of the likes of Cedric Alexander and Mustafa Ali but not just that, he's also jealous of their honor and mindsets. He mentions how he's been doing this for 20 years and the pinnacle of his career was winning the Cruiserweight Classic tournament in 2016 but after that, he only became hungrier and allowed himself to spiral out of control, becoming someone he is now disgusted by when reflecting upon it.
Now, he promises to return to his former glory and that begins with fixing his attitude. He continues to say that he will fight honorably as he did in the Cruiserweight Classic and will focus on improving himself rather than dragging down others. He then puts the cruiserweight division on notice.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Buddy Murphy (c) vs Mustafa Ali
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
The main event of the night is the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match that new general manager, Christian, announced earlier tonight. We see the champion, Buddy Murphy, defend his title against Mustafa Ali. Despite yet another compelling and passionate performance from Ali, The Juggernaut, Buddy Murphy, successfully retains his title and continues to prove himself as a great champion.
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Monday Night RAW - December 31st, 2018
We're ending 2018 with a bang as the superstars of Monday Night RAW prepare for the first night under Paul Heyman management, and the GM himself has a message for the fans as he announces that Brock Lesnar is in the building tonight, as well as tonight Drew Mcyntire will take on Braun Strowman and that Chad Gable will not be able to compete in tonights tag team title match with his partner but it'll still be going on. Paul Heyman gives a nod before the show would get underway
Image result for Dean Ambrose gifImage result for Dolph Ziggler gif
Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler, who lost the fatal four-way elimination match last week would have an opportunity to beat the Intercontinental Champion in a one on one match. However,  Dean Ambrose we are used to seeing is gone and this Dean would pick apart Dolph from the beginning showing aggression we've never seen before.
By the end of the 14-minute match, Dean Ambrose would get the upper hand on Ziggler catching him in mid-air with a dropkick before hitting the dirty deeds.
As Dean Ambrose was celebrating Finn Balor would make his presence known and would attack the champion much as Ambrose did the week prior, hitting a coup de grace before lifting the title in the air, is this finally the time for Balor?
Image result for bobby roode gifImage result for The Revival gif
The Revival vs Bobby Roode - RAW Tag Team Championship
Chad Gable, who is still out of action due to The Revival would come out with Bobby Roode in bandages but would not be able to compete to defend the titles they won a couple weeks ago, Bobby Roode would take on the two hard hitters and would give the fight off his life throughout the whole match.
However, the numbers would be too much, as The Revival would be able to hit a shatter machine on the Glorious One before pinning him, finally winning the RAW Tag Team Championships, showing aggression they have never shown. After the match, Chad Gable would step into the ring and try to comfort his tag partner but Bobby Roode would kick Chad Gable in his injured ribs and hit a Glorious Bomb. Looking pissed off at his former tag partner before exiting the ring.
Image result for Seth Rollins gif
"Monday Night Rollins" Promises To Win The Rumble
Seth Rollins would have a backstage interview and would announce that he would be in the Royal Rumble matchup and that he will win it and finally win the Universal Championship. That's when Brock Lesnar would walk up with the title on his shoulder, starring daggers into the eyes of Seth Rollins before smiling and walking away.
Image result for Elias gifImage result for Bobby Lashley gif
Elias vs Bobby Lashley - If Elias loses he leaves RAW
Elias would challenge Bobby Lashley one last time, but this time around if he lost he would leave RAW and not be able to come back. The two would put on yet another great match and Bobby Lashley would pull of moves that he never has while Elias would showcase just why he is not just a guy with a guitar. 
By the end of the match Lio Rush would grab Elias foot and distract him, allowing Bobby Lashley to hit his finisher and pin Elias in the center of the ring, Lio Rush and Bobby Lashley would leave the arena as Elias stands in the center of the ring before saying goodbye to the RAW crowd.
Image result for rhyno and heath slater gifImage result for Lars Sullivan gif
Heath Slater/Rhyno vs Lars Sullivan
Rhyno and Heath Slater would take on Lars Sullivan, and Rhyno would be able to get a couple shots on the big man before being chucked outside the ring in an amazing act of strength before catching Heath Slater and hitting the Freak Accident. Ending this handipcat match quickly and posing in the ring.
Lars Sullivan may be the most dangerous man we've seen in WWE.
Image result for Women's Royal Rumble gif
The 2nd Ever Women's Royal Rumble Match On January 27th
A promo for the womens Royal Rumble match would play, last year we saw Asuka win it, who will walk out victor this year?
Image result for Natalya gif
Natayla Calls Out Ronda
Natayla would call out Ronda Rousey, calling her a fake wrestler before saying she could beat her in the ring, in a MMA ring, and anywhere else. The fans boo Natayla because of this but when Ronda Rousey comes out, they erupt as the two women begin to brawl and various superstars and staff come out to break up the two women. This one is going to get ugly.
Image result for Drew Mcintyre gifImage result for Braun Strowman gif
Braun Strowman vs Drew McIntyre
In the main event of the night, and the final WWE match of 2018 Braun Strowman would take on Drew McIntyre in a hard hitting contest that would go for an amazing 20 minutes as the two big men would trade heavy shots inside the ring, outside the ring, and even over the barricade before Strowman would hit a power slam on Drew through the announce table.
The "Monster Among Men" would throw Drew back into the ring and the two would trade shots once again before the music of the Universal Champion Brock Lesnar would show up and stand on the top of the ramp before making his way to the ring and sliding in. 
Attacking both men and hitting an F5 on both of the stars before raising his title in the air, proving that he is the top man on RAW and in WWE before the show would fade to black and we would close out 2018.
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Smackdown Live  - January 1st, 2019
WWE has been 'Reborn" and the first episode of 2019 is going to show that as we have 3 HUGE matches, in the main event it's going to be a 5 man gauntlet match and the winner will face Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble PPV, EC3 making his debut against Shelton Benjamin, and Sanity will be in tag action. We are 26 days away from the Royal Rumble and every win matters.
Image result for EC3 gifImage result for Shelton Benjamin gif
EC3 vs Shelton Benjamin
EC3 would make his debut to a huge reaction but EC3 would quickly shut down the crowd with an amazing heel promo, calling out Chicagos horrible football team before Shelton Benjamin would come out and try to take down the newcomer. 
The match would be a dominating affair as EC3 would throw the veteran shoulder first into the ring post early on, taunting throughout the whole match as he puts Shelton away in an impressive 5 minutes. EC3 would make an impact on Smackdown early on before finishing his promo from before. Making a claim that he will be a main eventer on Smackdown Live.
Image result for Mufasta Ali gif
Mufasa Ali Stakes His Claim
Mufasa Ali, who came up just short of winning the WWE Championship last week would barge into Shane Mcmahons office demanding another chance, Shane Mcmahon would shake his head and explain that he can't but he does realize that the crowd loves him and gives him a shot to earn a title shot next week as he faces Shinsuke Nakamura, and if he wins he faces Rusev at the Royal Rumble.
Image result for Sanity wwe gifImage result for The Colons wwe gif
Sanity vs The Colons
Sanity would take on The Colons, and surprisingly The Colons would put up a fight but the match would ascend into chaos as the 3 members break all the rules and just start picking apart the two. Bringing in chairs and destroying any chance that The Colons had before The Bar would come out to cheers, the two would begin to take on the 3 men but would get outnumbered.
The Bar would be laid out by Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain one of the most fierce groups we have ever seen before on Smackdown and maybe even the entire WWE.
Image result for Aj Styles gifImage result for Andrade "Cien" almas gifImage result for Randy Orton  gifImage result for Rey Mysterio entrance 2018  gifImage result for Samoa Joe entrance 2018  gif
Aj Styles vs Andrade "Cien" Almes vs Randy Orton vs Rey Mysterio vs Samoa Joe
Last year RAW impressed thousands with there very own gauntlet match and now Smackdown Live is doing the same as Randy Orton would start the match off with Andrade "Cien" Almes. The youngster would get the better of the veteran early on as the two would battle it out for nearly 15 minutes before Almes would roll up Randy Orton and get the pinfall victory over The Viper, Orton walks away pissed off as the music of former champion Aj Styles would hit.
Aj Styles and Almes, two of Smackdowns best in ring workers would go head to head for another 15-minute bout, but Almes manager Zelina Vega would distract Styles and allow Almes to get yet another roll up and defeat Styles after an amazing back and forth contest. The crowd would boo but Andrade has pinned two former world champions in a matter of a half an hour and you have to give him respect before the music of Samoa Joe would hit and out would walk "The Destoryer"
Almes reign of roll-ups would end here as Samoa Joe would easily pick apart Andrade and hit a muscle buster for the 3 count only 2 minutes into there match, Joe would toss the former NXT Champion out of the ring before the music of Rey Mysterio would hit to an insane pop.
Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe would go for nearly a half an hour, a 30 minute bout between two men, one trying to make his WWE return worth it and the other trying to conquer yet another wrestling company, the crowd would give s standing ovation to the two but in the end it would be Rey Mysterio who would hit a 619 for the victory, earning a title shot at the Royal Rumble in an amazing match before Daniel Bryan would come out and stand face to face with Rey Mysterio.
Image result for Asuka 2018  gif
Asuka attacks Paige
Asuka would be in the ring to end the night, saying that she does not see Naomi being a capable champion and that she will easily defeat this "Fake women" before Paige would come out, saying that you can not slander a competitor and warning Asuka that she may be getting too cocky. Asuka would take offense to this and attack the general manager in a scary turn of events to a major amount of boos, this new Asuka would stand tall with the title in her hand.
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Image result for Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aj Styles

Dave Meltzer Praises Smackdown Live Gauntlet Match

Dave Meltzer would take to Twitter and would rate the Smackdown Live Gauntlet match a 4.5/5 stars, one of the highest ratings we've seen on the main roster in a long long time. Samoa Joe, Andrade "Cien" Almes, Aj Styles, Randy Orton, and the winner Rey Mysterio would all rage war in an amazing match and the match would catch the attention of fans across the globe, the highlights of the match already passing 1 million views on WWEs youtube page. If WWE can continue to put on matches like this it'll get to new heights. 

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Image result for NXT gif

NXT: January 2nd 2019

We usher in the new year with another episode of the hottest brand in Sports-entertainment NXT! And as promised we deliver for you a huge Main Event where Ricochet, The Velveteen Dream and the War Raiders will take on the Undisputed ERA in 8-man tag action. We also have the debut of Dominik Dijakovic and much much more 


Dominik Dijakovic vs Raul Mendoza 

Image result for Dominik Dijakovic Image result for raul mendoza

After last week's video package, the NXT Universe was finally able to feast their eyes on the dangerous Dijakovic who took on former cruiserweight classic participant Raul Mendoza. Dijakovic dominated the match showing his brute strength and picked up the victory in a matter of minutes with the devastating Argentine Backbreaker Transition to a Knee lift. Dijakovic continued to beat down Mendoza after the match to a chorus of boos 


Shayna Baszler Discovered 

Image result for Shayna Baszler hype video gif

A video package is played for NXT Women's Champions Shayna Baszler showing her dominance on the Yellow brand and her rise to the top of the Women's division. She puts everyone on notice when it is revealed that next week Shayna Baszler will take on Kairi Sane for the NXT Women's Championship in a rematch from TakeOver 


Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs The Forgotten Sons (Wesley Blake and Steve Cutler)

image.jpeg image.jpeg

In a fast-paced Tag-Team matchup, Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch used their hard-nosed brawling style to pick up the victory over the Forgotten sons. Before Oney and Danny could leave the ring however they were jumped by Jaxson Ryker who used his slingshot powerbomb to wipe them out before stating that he and his boys wont be forgotten any more exiting the ring a statement being made


Undisputed ERA vs War Raiders, Ricochet and Velveteen Dream 

 Image result for War RaidersImage result for Ricochet and Velveteen Dream

 Image result for undisputed era

In a jammed packed Main Event featuring some of NXT's top stars, The Undisputed ERA and the team of War Raiders, Velveteen Dream and Ricochet put on a classic, with hot-tags and fast paced action throughout. After a miscue from Velveteen Dream, Adam Cole hit the last shot and picked up the victory for his team. Ricochet was obviously outraged by this and started shoving Dream. The War Raiders tried to break it up but both men started brawling with NXT TV ending in chaos while the Undisputed ERA laughed as the celebrated up the ramp





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Animated GIF
205 Live - January 4th, 2019
In the first episode of 205 Live in the new year, Akira Tozawa will face Drew Gulak in a qualifying match for the fatal 4-way at the Royal Rumble. Furthermore, Tyler Breeze will be on 205 Live for the first time and TJ Perkins makes his return to the ring.
Tyler Breeze Has A Message
Animated GIF
The show begins with Tyler Breeze making a grand and lavish entrance. He gets in the ring and collects a microphone before cutting a promo. Prince Pretty puts the 205 Live roster on notice and tells the WWE Universe to keep both eyes on The Gorgeous One as he takes over the cruiserweight division.
The Power Of Tozawa
Animated GIF
Looking forward to tonight's main event, a video package is played, exhibiting the brutal strikes and incredible agility of The Stamina Monster, Akira Tozawa. Tonight, he takes on Drew Gulak as the qualifying matches for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble continue.
Noam Dar vs TJ Perkins
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the first match of the night, the returning TJ Perkins takes on Noam Dar. TJ Perkins carries his newfound momentum into the match, looking as though he's going to win until the very end when Dar gets the surprise victory. After the match, TJP looks as though he's going to attack Dar like he would have done in the past but instead he calms himself down and shakes Dar's hand.
Drew Gulak Is Coming For The Title
Animated GIF
Before his qualifier match coming up next, Drew Gulak takes a bit of time backstage to let the WWE Universe know that he will win in his match tonight and that he will be going on to win the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Suddenly, Tony Nese walks past Gulak. He stops and stares at Gulak for a moment before moving on, leaving Gulak somewhat baffled.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Qualifier Match
Akira Tozawa vs Drew Gulak
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the main event of the night, Akira Tozawa takes on Drew Gulak in the second qualifying match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship fatal 4-way match at the Royal Rumble. Tozawa picks up the pinfall over Gulak who is evidently frustrated with the loss.
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Monday Night RAW - January 7th, 2019
After a somewhat disappointing show last week Paul Heyman promised that this week will be better than ever and that the superstars of RAW will be going to war tonight, and for the first time in a very long time Brock Lesnar will be in one on one action on Monday Night RAW.
Image result for Natalya gifImage result for Tamina gif
Natalya vs Tamina
Natayla, who will take on Ronda Rousey at the Royal Rumble PPV would take on Tamina in one on one action to kick off the show. The two women would go at each other with much aggression, and if Tamina could win she would boost her career
However, Natalya would pick up the win after locking in the sharpshooter and making Tamina tap. However, the true story would come after the match when the women's champion would come out and step into the ring. Cutting a promo on Natalya, calling her a "Hart family leach", Natayla would slap Ronda and leave the ring and exit through the crowd to many boos.
Related image
Chad Gable Challenges Bobby Roode
With bandages around his waist, Chad Gable would come out and cut a promo on Bobby Roode, calling him a shell of an indy wrestler who couldn't make it in WWE.  After his promo, the crowd would chant for Gable and Roode would make his presence known. Coming on screen and challenging Gable at a match at the Royal Rumble. Saying that he is the "Glorious" one and he needs to act like it
Image result for Dean ambrose gifImage result for Drew Mcintyre gifImage result for Seth Rollins gifImage result for Finn Balor gif
Dean Ambrose and Drew Mcintyre vs Seth Rollins and Finn Balor
A huge tag team match between four of RAWS best would take place, and it would be an exciting one as all four men would showcase their skills. However, by the end of the match, Finn Balor would knock Seth Rollins off the apron on accident, and roll up Dean Ambrose for the 3 counts gaining a pinfall over the Interconintlal champion.
After the match, Seth Rollins would storm into the ring and push Finn Balor, Finn Balor should shake his head before hitting a forearm on Seth Rollins and stomping him out, rolling out of the ring and grabbing a chair before hitting Seth Rollins multiple times and lifting a microphone, saying words that will echo into the minds of fans.
"I'm Finn Balor, and I'm better than you"
Image result for Royal Rumble gifImage result for Royal Rumble gif
Royal Rumble Hype Video
30 men, 1 winner, the winner headlines Wrestlemania. Every year people try to win but every year only one wins, but who will it be this year? Bobby Roode, Apollo Crews, Baron Corbin, and Drew Mcytnitre would all cut a small promo saying that they will be the winners of the Royal Rumble.
Image result for Apollo Crews gifImage result for Curtis Axel gif
Apollo Crews vs Curtis Axel
Curtis Axel and Apollo Crews would take each other on in one on one action, despite these two men's careers not being in the best condition, the two would put on a great match, gaining cheers from the crowd throughout and pulling off great moves.
At the end of the match, Axel would hit a suplex neck breaker and win by pinfall. Defeating Apollo Crews in a great match before rolling out of the ring and walking up the rampway finally getting a big win inside a WWE ring ever since winning the Intercontinental championship years ago
Image result for The Revival gifImage result for Rhyno And Slater gif
The Revival vs Rhyno/Slater
Rhyno and Slater would get the shot of a lifetime taking on the new tag champs, The Revival whos seem to finally be getting the chances they deserve. Rhyno and Slater who would say that they will get revenge on Lars Sullivan would lose to The Revival before Lars Sullivan would come to the ring. Taking out the two partners before taunting to many boos, getting over as a heel as he puts his foot on the neck of Rhyno.
Image result for Gran Metalik gifImage result for Bobby Lashley gif
Bobby Lashley changes his intentions:Gran Metalik vs Bobby Lashley
Gran Metalik would be able to showcase his skills in a match against the much stronger Bobby Lashley, and showcase he would as the two would go for a long match after Bobby Lashley would cut a promo saying he is done flexing his butt and will become "The Dominant" one again, before Gran Metalik would prove his worth against Bobby, holding his own against Lashley for almost 9 minutes before being caught out of the air in an insane show of strentgh, getting pinned by Bobby Lashley.
After the match, Lio Rush would stomp out Gran Metalik, showing that he deserves better on 205 before posing with "The Dominant" Bobby Lashley
Image result for Braun Strowman gif
Braun Strowman Goes Berserk
Braun Strowman would be backstage standing across from Triple H, a man he attacked at Surviror Series many months ago. Triple H would stare Braun in the face and say that he is a reckless already washed down superstar who has turned soft, Braun would storm off before ripping down a monitor and throwing it at a wall tearing apart the backstage arena. 
Image result for Brock Lesnar gifImage result for Dolph Ziggler gif
Brock Lesnar vs Dolph Ziggler
It seems Brock Lesnar would show up on RAW for a match now that his buddy was GM, and Dolph Ziggler would be the one being fed to the beast. And that is exactly what it would be, as 10 german suplexes and an F5 after a single superkick from Ziggler would signal the end. As Brock Lesnar would tear apart Dolph such as a dog would do with a rope. 
Lesnar grabs his Universal Championship and would put it on his shoulder, for the first time ever Brock Lesnar has shown his face in action on RAW. But Braun Strowman would run down to the ring and the two would begin brawling before Strowman would throw Lesnar out of the ring and pick up the GM Paul Heyman hitting a running powerslam on Heyman as Lesnar walks up the ramp, looking at his best friend scream in pain as RAW would close
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Smackdown Live would open with a cold open, showing Aj Styles walking through the arena. He is wearing his street clothes when Andrade "Cien" Almes would walk up to the former world champion and begin bragging about pinning him in last weeks Gauntlet match. But Aj Styles would snap, throwing Andrade into various containers and on top of a car roof before walking away.
Smackdown Live - January 8th, 2019
Smackdown Live would be coming off one of its hottest shows and its first show of the year, on tonights show we will see Shinsuke Nakamura vs Mufasa Ali in a number one contenders match, Daniel Bryan taking on US Champion Rusev, and more. 
Image result for Naomi 2018 wwe gif
Naomi Is Ready For Asuka
Naomi would come to the ring, and as she is cutting a promo the crowd gets behind her. Its been awhile since Naomi has had gold on her shoulder and as the music of Asuka hits the crowd would boo. Asuka would come out and not say a word, she would enter the ring, remove her jacket and grab the back of the head of Naomi and lock in the Asuka lock in such aggression that security would come out and break up the two as Asuka, who is more dominant than ever would stand over Naomi.
Image result for Shinsuke Nakamura gifImage result for Mufasta Ali gif
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Mufasa Ali
Mufasa Ali, who has been one of the most impressive men on the Smackdown Live roster would take on wrestling veteran Shinsuke Nakamura, who would put his United States championship match on the line to prove that Mufasa Ali is nothing but a 'Flash In The Pan", Mufasa and Shinsuke would battle it out on the opening match of Smackdown in a 10 minute match that would showcase both men's ability to get a reaction from the crowd. Shinsuke, who won last years Rumble match and would spend a long while as US Champion would get the upper hand on the cruiserweight before Ali would roll up Nakamura after a failed Kinshasha, getting the 3 counts and the victory to an amazing pop. After the match, Rusev would stare down Ali, as the crowd is split down the middle for the two.
Image result for Gallows and Anderson gifImage result for The Usos gif
Gallows And Anderson vs The Usos
The Usos, who have dominated the WWE tag team division for 9 years now would take on one of the most underrated teams on the roster in Gallows and Anderson. The two teams have faced before but this time it would be an aggressive matchup that Gallows and Anderson would dominate. The match would come to a close when Luke Gallows would hit one of the most dominant powerbombs in recent memory on Jey Uso, getting the victory and gaining much-needed momentum.
Image result for KIllian Dain gif
Killian Dain Leaves Sanity
Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, and Eric Young would be backstage in some sort of dark room. The three would speak before Killian Dain would smile and look at his tag partners before saying he is out, before walking out of frame as Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young look on confused.
Image result for KIllian Dain gifImage result for WWE Primo gif
Killian Dain vs Primo 
Killian Dain would come to the ring with a new and improved theme song, "BURN IT" by FEVER 333 and he comes to the ring to a huge amount of cheers before grabbing the microphone as the large man explains why he is leaving Sanity. Saying that they are getting nowhere. and that he needs to recognize his true ability before he would be cut off by Primo. And the two would have a match that would last 14 seconds after Killian Dain would easily win over Primo. Killian Dain looks like he is going to be a dominant force.
Image result for Samoa Joe gif
Samoa Joe, Aj Styles, The New Day, and A Returning Tye Dillinger Exchange Words
Samoa Joe would come to the ring and announce his entrant into the Royal Rumble match, saying that he will win the match and that he will defeat Daniel Bryan or whoever is WWE Champion at Wrestlemania, however, the New Day would interrupt Joe and announce that Big E and Kofi would be entering the rumble, however it would all be topped off by Aj Styles. The former WWE champion who has been in one Royal Rumble before and he stakes his claim for the Rumble. Calling the 4 men in the ring nothing but a chopping block. That is before "The Perfect Ten" Tye Dillinger would make his return after a hand injury in October, staring down the 5 men in the ring before general manager Paige would come out and make the 6  men face in a 3 on 3 tag team matchup next week, where whoever takes the pinfall will be entering number one.
Image result for daniel bryan 2018 gifImage result for Rusev 2018 gif
Daniel Bryan vs Rusev
It'd be champion vs champion to end off Smackdown Live, as "The New" Daniel Bryan would take on Rusev. And as Rusev and Daniel Bryan began to fight the arena would explode in Rusev Day chants. Daniel Bryan would take down the brute multiple times as the WWE champion would eventually lock in the "GOAT lock", making the US champ tap in the center of the ring. However, when Daniel Bryan would grab his title the number one contender would come out with a microphone attempting to speak before Bryan would hit him with his title, as Bryan stands over Rey's lifeless body to close out Smackdown Live
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Image result for NXT gif

NXT January 9th 2019: Full Sail University, Orlando Florida

We open up this weeks episode of NXT TV with a recap of last weeks Main Event where the Undisputed Era were victorious over the makeshift team of The War Raiders, Velveteen Dream and Ricochet. As we head back to the ring, General Manager William Regal is getting ready to start proceedings. He calls out Ricochet, Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole. They Make their entrances to the ring and William Regal informs them that at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. They will do battle in a Triple-Threat Match for the NXT North-American Championship. All 3 men say their piece, talking about how they are going to win before they shake hands with the GM before heading to the back

Image result for North American championship

Shayna Baszler vs Kairi Sane: NXT Women's Championship Match

Shayna Baszler Entrance GIF - ShaynaBaszler Entrance WWE GIFs  Kairi Sane WWE GIF - KairiSane WWE NXT GIFs

It was announced last week that Kairi Sane would get her rematch and take on Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship. Kairi a former NXT Women's Champion herself took the fight to the Queen of Spades using her aerial assault as a way to gain an advantage over the former MMA Star. Shayna controlled the match after countering one of Kairi's Insane Elbow's targetting the arm and neck of Sane. In a brutal final stretch, Sane once again looked for the Insane Elbow but was distracted by an appearing Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir allowing for Shayna to lock in the Kirafuda clutch and pick up the submission victory. Io Shirai helped Sane to the back as the Baszler, Duke and Shafir celebrated in the ring 

WALTER is coming 

Image result for walter entrance gif wrestling

It is announced to the NXT Universe that the recently signed Austrian Beast would be making his NXT In-ring debut at TakeOver Phoenix, you wont want to miss it

Royal Rumble guaranteed entry Battle Royale 

As announced by General Manager William Regal on Twitter a Battle Royale would take place in the nights Main Event with a guaranteed spot in January's Royal Rumble up for grabs. The members were: Matt Riddle, Kassius Ohno, Bobby Fish, Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, Kona Reeves, Fabian Aichner, Dominik Dijakovic, Keith Lee, Punishment Martinez and Jaxson Ryker

Straight out of the gate Kona Reeves would stand in the middle of the ring and exclaim that he is the finest wrestler in all of NXT forcing the rest of the competitors to attack him before he is launched out by Keith Lee and Matt Riddle. After attempting a springboard cross-body, Fabian Aichner would be caught by Dominik Dijakovic who would pick him up and launch him to the outside. Riddle and Ohno immediately went after each other and started laying fists into each other heads, as they were against the ropes chopping each other, the oh so sneaky Bobby Fish would eliminate both of them before doing the Undisputed Era pose and turning into a superkick from Keith Lee. After last weeks attack at the hands of Ryker, Lorcan and Burch teamed up to take down the leader of the Forgotten sons but had no luck as Ryker completely dismantled both men throwing them out with absolute ease. We were down to the final four, Dijakovic, Fish, Lee and Ryker. Fish immediately rolled to the outside and watched as the other three behemoths went to battle. After a couple of minutes a failed Slingshot-Powerbomb by Jaxson Ryker allowed for Dijakovic to get the elimination. As Dijakovic celebrated his elimination, Keith Lee threw him out. Dijakovic and Ryker had an intense stare down before separately heading to the back. Lee and Fish then started to brawl but an appearance by O'Reilly and Strong made it look as if Fish was going to pick up the win. The War Raiders made the save and equalled the odds allowing Lee to hit the Supernova and then throw out Bobby Fish. The limitless Keith Lee is heading to the Rumble 

Keith Lee Bask In My Glory GIF - KeithLee BaskInMyGlory WWE GIFs



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Image result for smackdown live

Smackdown Live Moving To Thursday Nights After Royal Rumble

WWE announced that Smackdown Live would be moving back to Thursday nights, this is to spread out the WWE product more and have NXT get more spotlight in the process. Smackdown Live has been the main focus of WWE these past few weeks and with this move, we can only expect more from the blue brand. The first "Thursday Night Smackdown" will be debuting the Thursday after the Royal Rumble PPV.

Related image

Monday Night RAW Shortening To 2 Hours

An Idea fans have been giving for years now, RAW will finally be shortened to a 2-hour show and the basis of the show will feature more wrestling, fewer manager storylines, and better overall action. Monday Night RAW is back!

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Animated GIF
205 Live - January 11th, 2019
The second Friday night 205 Live of the new year begins as Nigel McGuinness welcomes us to the home of the cruiserweight division. He then goes on to mention that tonight, we will see the third and final qualifying matchup for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship fatal 4-way at the Royal Rumble. Nigel also mentions that the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, will be here tonight.
Buddy Murphy Welcomes The Challenge
Animated GIF
Buddy Murphy would kick off the show with a promo about his upcoming fatal 4-way match at the Royal Rumble. He mentions how Drake Maverick was ludicrously biased against him and how he hopes Christian doesn't make the same mistake, but it doesn't matter anyway because Murphy is too good for the rest of the 205 Live roster.
However, before he could finish, Hideo Itami would interrupt him. Shortly after, Itami would then be interrupted by Cedric Alexander, the person that Itami will be facing later tonight in a qualifying match for the fatal 4-way. All three men would have their go at one-upping each other until Christian would come out. Firstly, Christian would tell Cedric and Hideo that their qualifying match is up next. Then, he would tell Murphy that later tonight he will face an opponent who will be revealed later in the show.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Qualifier Match
Cedric Alexander vs Hideo Itami
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
The first match of tonight's 205 Live would see Cedric Alexander and Hideo Itami face off one on one in the final qualifying match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship fatal 4-way match at the Royal Rumble. The two incredibly prolific strikers would clash in a fierce matchup but ultimately, Cedric Alexander would stamp his ticket to the championship match.
Noam Dar Backstage
Animated GIF
After picking up a victory against the returning TJ Perkins last week, Dar would take some time backstage to let the WWE Universe know of his new year resolutions. Dar would make it clear that he is motivated to ultimately prove himself by grabbing ahold of the WWE Cruiserweight Championship, no matter how many barricades he has to break through, jump over or climb under.
The Bruiserweight Is Murphy's Opponent
Animated GIF
Before Murphy's match, which was announced earlier tonight by Christian, the attention would be brought to a video package. Christian promised Murphy a surprise challenger and what a surprise it is! In the video package, it is revealed that tonight, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, will go one on one with the WWE United Kingdom Champion, Pete Dunne.
The video would then continue to highlight the success of the young Englishman, notably mentioning his title defenses as well as his victory over former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore, on Monday Night RAW. Shortly after, Dunne would step out from the back, ready for his match.
WWE Cruiserweight Champion vs WWE United Kingdom Champion
Buddy Murphy vs Pete Dunne
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the main event of the night, the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, The Juggernaut, Buddy Murphy would defend his show against the invading WWE United Kingdom Champion, The Bruiserweight, Pete Dunne. In an extremely competitive matchup, Dunne would find the edge over Murphy. The men don't even think about shaking hands after their match but it's evident that the two have grown mutual respect for each other after such a highly intensive competition.
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Monday Night RAW - January 14th, 2019
Image result for Brock Lesnar entrance gif
Brock Lesnar Is Here
The second episode of the new year, RAW would open up with Brock Lesnar theme hitting and the champion coming to the ring followed by the RAW General Manager Paul Heyman. Brock raises his Universal Title in the air, appearing on RAW for the second week in a row. However, Brock Lesnar does not say a word. Instead, he leaves the ring and walks up the ramp, leaving the arena as Paul Heyman announces that you got what you wanted before giving Brock Lesnar a dirty look as he walks away. Heyman would go on, announcing tonight's main event, Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor.
Image result for Ruby Riott entrance gifImage result for Sasha Banks entrance gif
Sasha Banks vs Ruby Riot
Sasha Banks would make her first appearance of the new year to a huge reaction, proving she still has it as Bayley walks with her to ringside. Despite all there problems, like true friends, they have come back together to take down the Riot Squad. Ruby and Sasha would take each other on and as they do, the crowd would be invested into the match but by the end up the match, it would be Ruby Riot who would hit a moon sault off the top rope to get the win.
\Image result for heavy machinery NXT gif
Heavy Machinery Debuts; Next Week
A promo package for one of the most dominant teams in NXT,  A highlight package would play showing the teams dominant past in the indies and in the NXT ring. Otis and Tucker Knight are ready to debut on Monday Nights
Image result for Zack Ryder gifImage result for The Revival gif
Zack Ryder vs Scott Dawson w/ Dash Wilder
The Revival would be in the ring, talking about how tag team wrestling will be saved by them. Stating that they are the best thing going in the world and that any sort of competition can't be stopped. Thats when his Scott Dawsons opponent Zack Ryder would come out, and the two would go head to head in a one on one match. Ryder would get a huge pop and his name would be chanted all around the world as he makes his return to Monday Nights, his return would be met with even more cheers as he rolls up Scott Dawson for the win.
However, after the match the tag team champions would attack Ryder, sending a message before the music of Curt Hawkins would hit and Ryders former partner would come to save him from the onslaught, are we seeing a reunion!?
Image result for Chad Gable gifImage result for Baron Corbin gif
Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin
The now solo superstar Chad Gable would take Baron Corbin on, it would be a fantastic match, however, the former MITB winner Baron Corbin would use his strength to his advantage and take out the smaller man in Gable. However, Chad Gable would lock in a brand new submission move he calls the Gable Lock, and it wouldn't be long till Corbin would tap out and Gable would be standing up in victory. Bobby Roode would enter the ring behind Gable wearing street clothes, attacking his former tag partner before hitting him with a Glorious Bomb, posing to a chorus of boos.
Image result for Drew Mcintyre gif
The Scottish Terminator 
Drew Mcyntire would come to the ring with a microphone in hand and say that he is what a WWE superstar should look like and that 2019 is going to be his year, and as he faces a local compettior and beats him in less than a minute. Its hard to argue with that fact.
Image result for Seth Rollins gifImage result for Finn Balor gif
Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor
After last weeks dispute, the two top faces on RAW would go head to head in the main event. Similar to there Summerslam 2016 match, these two would tear the house down going for 20 minutes as both men showcased just why they deserve to be in the main event. By the end of the match, Finn Balor would get the victory over Seth Rollins and Rollins would roll out of the ring, once again defeated in a big time matchup. Finn Balor would celebrate his victory, pointing to the back with a finger gun. Knowing Dean Ambrose is back there somewhere.
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John Cena Returns
Just as we thought the show was closing, John Cenas theme song would hit and out would come the 16x world champion. John Cena has not won a big match in a very long time, and he promises that when he enters the Royal Rumble. He will win, and that's when Lars Sullivan would show up. Attacking John Cena and destroying him, leaving his mark as the show comes to a close
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Smackdown Live - January 15th, 2019

Smackdown Live continues to move on through 2019 as we get closer to the Royal Rumble PPV, and tonight we have some huge opportunities for superstars, as number 30 in the Royal Rumble R Truth will be taking on Rey Mysterio in one on one action as well as EC3 taking on the United States champion Rusev!

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Daniel Bryan Will Be WWE Champion Forever 

Daniel Bryan would be in the ring with the WWE Championship around his waist, the crowd would boo as he would cut a promo on the WWE universe and everyone in the back, saying they are all jealous of the amount of skill he possesses. Daniel Bryan would be cut off by a crowd member entering the ring and Daniel would begin to beat the hell out of the fan, having security pull him off of the man who now stands lifeless in the ring as Bryan raises his title with a sick smile on his face.

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Mandy Rose vs Charlotte

Charlotte would return to Smackdown, not being seen since TLC, Charlotte is upset and she shows that in her match against Mandy Rose. Rose and Charlotte would put on an amazing match and eventually Charlotte's aggression would get the best of her and Rose would be able to use her own momentum against her to get a win against one of the best women wrestlers on the roster. Mandy Rose looks as shocked as everyone as Charlotte once again gets defeated.


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Rey Mysterio vs R Truth

The number one contender for the WWE championship Rey Mysterio would take on R Truth, the crowd would be split 50/50 as R Truth would show aggression he hasn't shown in a while, however, midway through the match R Truth would break into a dance battle and Rey would do the same before rolling up Truth for the win. Rey Mysterio gains some much-needed momentum for when he takes on Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble PPV.

Image result for WWE Mustafa Ali gif

Mufasa Ali Is Ready To Make Smackdown Live His Home

Mufasa Ali would be in a backstage interview, talking about his upcoming matchup with Rusev at Royal Rumble. In the middle of his promo, Shinsuke Nakamura would come out of nowhere with a knee to the gut, he would attack Mufasa and take him out. Showing a message to the youngster.

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EC3 vs Rusev

Two of the strongest men on Smackdown Live would go head to head as EC3, an upstart here in WWE would give Rusev some of his best competition. Rusev would also go back to his old ways, showing aggression we haven't seen since 2014. The two would rage war for 13 minutes before Rusev would pick up the win. However, EC3 would look very impressive in the matchup against the champion. Maybe getting the chance at a title shot later down the line.

Image result for WWE Sanity gif

Sanity Is Stronger Than Ever

In another backstage promo, Sanity would describe how Killian Dain only held them down. And that the real war has begun, as Nikki Cross makes her debut behind Alexander. Things are getting serious for Sanity.

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Tye Dillinger, Aj Styles, and Samoa Joe vs The New Day - Whoever gets pinned enters the Rumble number 1.

It would be a six man war, for 23 minutes the tag match would go on as every pinfall could mean a huge battle for the superstar. Eventually, the team of Tye Dillinger, Aj Styles, and Samoa Joe would break down into chaos. Samoa Joe would choke out Styles on the outside before Big E would take him out and pin him in the center of the ring, giving New Day the win. But Samoa Joe entering at number 1. With a huge battle to go through. 

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