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Isaiah Carter

WWE Reborn

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Superstar Name: Ryan Star

Height: 5'5

Weight: 175 lbs

Face/Heel: Heel

Figurehead (Someone Outside Of WWE): TJP(got dismissed in a few months ago sadly)

Character Backstory:  A common fixture for the lower card in many mid-tier company's, Ryan specializes in exciting a crowd and saving even the most hostile of crowds with a match or a promo. specializing in technical and high flying moves, Ryan's dream is to one day be the ace of a big company and show the world his art. 

Gimmick: Similar to RVD(I am the whole damn show)

Signature: Triangle Dropkick, Running Knee Strike

Finisher:  Supernova( 5-star frog splash), Gravity's Pull(Crossface)

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Superstar Name: Jack Bashka

Height: 6’1

Weight: 229 lbs

Face/Heel: Face

Figurehead (Someone Outside Of WWE): Tama Tonga

Character Backstory: Born in Australia, Jack has worked his whole life to get into the wrestling industry, dropped out of school in Year 11 to pursue wrestling which made his parents extremely mad. He has now thrown his whole life in Australia away to make it in WWE, and he won’t mess it up.

Gimmick: Destructive good guy

Signature: Running Powerbomb

Finisher: Spear, V-Trigger

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WWE Reborn: The Draft Results

WWE Headquarters - Sunday, August 29th, 2019.

The draft has come and gone, the managers have been selected. And its time to reveal the 22 man rosters for both brands, the 5 highlighted superstars for the brands are as follows. 

Image result for Seth Rollins

Monday Night RAWs First Pick: Seth Rollins

Current Universal Champion 

John Cena

Smackdowns First Pick: John Cena

Current WWE Champion

The first two picks were obvious ones, as the world champions would stay the same. As the official rosters are now listed below. 



Monday Night RAW Roster 

Seth Rollins - Universal Champion

Brock Lesnar

Randy Orton

Drew McIntyre 

Cesaro - United States Champion


Rey Mysterio


Shinsuke Nakamura

Lars Sullivan

Kevin Owens


Tyler Breeze

The Miz

Sin Cara


Buddy Murphy

R Truth

Cedric Alexander

Gran Metalik

Mojo Rawley

The Revival - Tag Team Champions

War Raiders

Authors Of Pain

All Americans

The New Day

The B Team



Smackdown Full Roster

John Cena - WWE Champion 

Roman Reigns

Adam Cole - Mr. Money In The Bank

Aj Styles 

Daniel Bryan

Cody Rhodes - Intercontinental Champion

Bray Wyatt

Finn Balor

Sami Zayn

Samoa Joe

Apollo Crews

Kassius Ohno

Tomasso Ciampa

Dolph Ziggler

Jordan Devlin





Baron Corbin

Aiden English

Jinder Mahal


The Usos

Darkness Rising

Lucha House Party

The Glorious Ten

Daniel Bryan And Rowan

Pro Wrestling Empire

Gallows And Anderson

The Colons




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Superstar Name: Rin Akane
Nicknames: "Osaka's Only Superstar", "The Orchestrator"

Height: 5 ft 5

Weight:  59 kg - 130lbs

Face/Heel: Heel

Figurehead (Someone Outside Of WWE):  Hana Kimura
Character Backstory:  Flashy, confident, Rin Akane was ready-made for the ruthless world of business and entertainment from the jump. Possessing a long fascination for the artistry of combat she considers herself a part of the new wave leaving her distinct style on the canvas of professional wrestling. With an unapologetic attitude, athletic strong build, and sharp tongue, she will utilise all to take her places in the company.  
Using her extensive martial arts training provided by her upbringing she uses her cunning to bring down giants if they can first see past her extravagant showmanship. Rin wants to continue to further the legacy she's in the process of building, all while representing the client she has linked her career with fellow professional wrestler Arius. In the ring she is distanced and doesn't like cooperating but Rin is a clever person, who sees much more than the others. A very calm but yet dangerous presence Rin fears no one

Signature: The Luciola Splash (Corkscrew Moonsault) , Faust (Vertical Suplex Cutter)
Finisher: equiem (Indian deathlock) Moonlight Sonata (Victory Star Drop)


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Breaking News:

Image result for NXT to USA network

It had been rumoured and speculated for weeks but now it has been made official, the Yellow Brand of WWE will now be moving to the home of WWE RAW the USA Network! NXT has featured on the WWE Network for many years now but it is now time for the whole world to experience how talented the next generation of superstars truly are. In addition to the move, NXT will now be extended in length to 2 hours meaning more of your favourite stars will be featured on week to week TV. All those in the WWE are excited to take on this new challenge. The series will continue to emanate from Full Sail University in Orlando the long standing home of NXT. NXT is now truly Reborn


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Image result for wwe logoImage result for wwe png logo
Monday Night RAW - "The New Roster"
Image result for Paul Heyman Gif
Paul Heyman Introduces The New Roster To Monday Nights
To kick off the show, the brand new RAW Roster including Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Randy Orton, as Paul Heyman stands in the center of the ring with a microphone. Welcoming the crowd before going on with his introduction. 
"There is a reason Monday Nights are the flagship show of the WWE and there is a reason I am the general manager because we go to together, Paul Heyman and Greatness go hand and hand and its going to go down on Monday Nights every single week and it all starts off tonight. Now, we are going to do things a bit different because here on Monday Nights every win counts. And every win will impress me more, and in 3 weeks time at WWE Summerslam we will have one number one contender for the Universal Championship and the brilliance of that is it can be Curtis Axel, it can be Bobby Lashley, It can be anyone on the roster. Monday Night RAW..Welcome To The HEYMAN Era"
With the opening speech over, Paul Heyman drops his microphone and the RAW roster leaves the stage. As we get ready for our first matchup of the night as Buddy Murphy and Oney Lorcan come through the stage. 
Image result for Buddy Murphy Entrance GifImage result for Oney Lorcan Entrance Gif
Buddy Murphy vs Oney Lorcan - Singles Match
The first match of this "Heyman Era" would pit two working class members of the WWE roster, as the former Cruiserweight champion would come to the ring and this mini feud that has been going on since Wrestlemania continues tonight. 
The match begins and its a classic match, Oney Lorcan hitting some of the hardest slaps and headbutts in the company, while Buddy Murphy would use his technical wrestling skill to outwrestle Lorcan to the ground. Both of these men trying to get to the next level on RAW as Murphy would dive through the ropes before hitting a fall away suplex onto the announce table. 
The ending of the match would come inside the ring, as Oney Lorcan would attempt to take out Murphy with the half and half suplex, only for Murphy to twist it around into the Murphys Law and get the win after an impressive matchup for both men. 
Buddy Murphy Defeats Oney Lorcan In 14:21 With The Murphys Law
Image result for Lars Sullivan Entrance Gif
The Freak Returns Soon
The scariest man on the roster, a scary combination of speed and strength. The Wrestlemania Battle Royal winner, defeating John Cena, eliminating 15 people in the 2019 Royal Rumble. The list goes on, and he is a dominant force. Lars Sullivan, Returns Soon. 
Image result for The New Day Entrance GifImage result for Authors Of Pain Entrance Gif
The New Day vs Authors Of Pain - Tag Team Match
The New Day would return to Monday Nights as Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston would come to the ring dancing and throwing WWE Ice Cream into the crowd. Getting into a ring and cutting a promo on the power of Ice Cream. 
Xavier Woods: "Ladies and Gentleman it is  NEW DAY on Monday Night RAW and who else to have but your boys the 5 time..W..W..E..WORLD..TAG...TEAM..CHAMPIONS!!! And with these brand new..W..W..E...Ice creams, we are going to bring the POOOWEEERRR like never before..."
Xavier Woods would get caught off by Authors Of Pain, who are not dancing. But instead come to the ring with a serious look and are ready for there matchup. Even knocking over the WWE Ice Cream cart as they get into the ring and are ready for the match. 
The match would be classic Tag Team action, as Authors Of Pain would take out Big E early on. Taking out the big man of the match by sending him through the announce table, leaving Kofi Kingston to themselves as they dismantle Kofi. But the 11 year veteran would be able to fight back, taking out Rezar and hitting the trouble in paridise on Akam. Pinning him in the center of the ring as Kofi Kingston got it done here in basically a 2 on 1 handicap match and the crowd was impressed. Chanting "New Day" 
The New Day Defeat Authors Of Pain In 12:23
Image result for A Moment Of Bliss gif
A Moment Of Bliss With Toni Storm
One of the most popular women on the roster, Toni Storm would join Alexa Bliss on stage as RAWs talkshow begins. Alexa Bliss asking a series of questions about Becky Lynch and her ladder match that ended in a draw at Money In The Bank. The interview would go on with questions as the crowd takes over the segment, chanting "Toni" and "Storms Going To Kill You" before the womens general manager, Paige, would come onto stage and announce a matchup. 
"Ladies, at Money in The Bank I promised Toni Storm a rematch against Becky Lynch due to the ending of there ladder match. And while that is true, I did not say it would be a one on one. So Toni, get to the ring because you are going to be taking on 3 other women, and whoever wins joins you in a Summerslam match against 'The Man' herself"
With the match made, Toni Storm removes her jacket and gets to the ring, and Paige gives the nod to Alexa Bliss to also join Storm in the ring. 
Image result for Toni Storm gifImage result for Alexa Bliss gifImage result for WWE Bayley gifImage result for WWE Sonya Deville  gif
Toni Storm vs Alexa Bliss vs Bayley vs Sonya Deville - Fatal Fourway
A match with huge implications, the 3 women in the match turn on Toni Storm. Trying to take her out because the only way it stays a singles match at Summerslam is if Toni Storm loses. Sonya Deville hits her with a spear and Alexa Bliss hits a twisted bliss, leaving her out of the match as it continues. The 3 women would go back and fourth, Bayley being the favorite as the red hot crowd sings her song. The match would continue on, and it would appear Sonya Deville would win the matchup before Toni Storm would come back into the ring, hitting Deville with the "Storm Zero" and pinning her in the center of the ring. As she stands up, over coming the odds tonight, the crowd pops as someone enters the ring. 
Toni Storm Defeats Alexa Bliss, Bayley, And Sony Deville In 19:32
Image result for WWE Sasha Banks gif
SASHA BANKS! Sasha has not been seen in a long long time in WWE, and she stands in the ring across from Toni Storm. BEFORE HITTING THE BANK STATEMENT! Sasha Banks taunts in the ring, over the body of Toni Storm. Making a impact here tonight. 
Image result for WWE Andrade gif
Andrade Is The Future
Renee Young would be standing by with Zelina Vega and the former WWE Champion, Andrade. Who lost his championship last night against John Cena, Renee Young would question Andrade about his lost. And whats next, before Zelina Vega would take the microphone and tell the world that Andrade is going to become Universal Champion, that is when Cedric Alexander would come into frame and stare down Andrade. Challenging him to a match next week, which Andrade would accept. 
Image result for WWE Cesaro Entrance gifImage result for WWE Sin Cara Entrance gif
Cesaro vs Sin Cara - United States Championship Match
After defending his United States championship against Braun Strowman a few weeks ago at Money in The Bank. He host an open challenge, and Sin Cara would answer it. Gaining a loud reaction from the crowd as he is ready to take on Cesaro. 
The match would be surprising, as Sin Cara would be able to out speed Cesaro hitting various high flying moves. Showing off the skills he has had for years now, but Cesaro would be to strong. Catching Sin Cara out with the most brutal uppercut in recent memory and then hitting the neutralizer. Retaining his United States championship, moving on as champion once again. 
Cesaro Defeats Sin Cara In 11:34 To Retain The United Championship
Image result for WWE Drew Mcintyre gif
Drew Mcytnire Returns Next Week
Image result for WWE Bobby Lashley gifImage result for WWE Rey Mysterio gif
Bobby Lashley vs Rey Mysterio - Singles Match
In the main event it would be two veterans, as Bobby Lashley would take on Rey Mysterio in one on one action and the crowd would be into it all the way. As both men take there entrance and Bobby Lashley flexes. 
The match would begin as a test of speed, Rey Mysterio running around Lashley and hitting kicks. Sending him outside of the ring eventually but as Rey goes for offense, that is when Lashley would take advantage. Throwing Rey through the barricade, before putting him into the ring and hitting a spear. However, Rey would fight back, hitting he 619 and nearly getting the win before Randy Orton would come through the crowd and RKO both men. Ending the match in Double DQ, as Monday Night RAW comes to an end with Randy Orton doing his famous pose over Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley as Monday Night RAW comes to a close

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Image result for Smackdown intro gif

Thursday Night Smackdown 

"He Is Back, And Better Then Ever" 


Image result for WWE Adam Cole Entrance gif

Mr. MITB Meets The New GM

The show opens up after the brand new intro, and Mr. MITB Adam Cole would open the show. The last time we saw Adam Cole, he would be climbing the ladder and winning the Money In The Bank briefcase. Winning the contract that can be used up to one year. Adam Cole comes to the ring and cuts a promo about how he is better then everyone, and that he is a future WWE Champion. Before he would be cut off by the brand new Smackdown General Manger, Eric Bischoff


Eric Bischoff: "Its nice to meet you Adam Cole, I am Eric Bischoff. Your new boss, and its been great meeting everyone as they come into the building but lets be honest, I have to get down to business and I'm sorry to interrupt you but unless you're cashing in at Summerslam we need a new number one contender for John Cenas WWE Championship. And we are not just going to hand people opportunities here on Tuesday nights. So, we will have four number one contender matches over the next two weeks between the elite on Smackdown. And the winner of that fatal fourway will face John Cena. Simple as that, it was nice to meet you Mr. Cole, I hope everyone enjoys the show"

Eric Bischoff gives his classic smile before leaving the ring, the new general manager making a big impact before the segment comes to an end.


Image result for WWE Kassius Ohno Entrance gifImage result for WWE Ali Entrance gif

Kassius Ohno vs Ali - Winner Goes To The Fatal Fourway

Kassius Ohno, a member of Pro Wrestling Empire comes to the ring joined by his partner Apollo Crews, although Bobby Lashley was split from the brand. PWE is sure to find more contracts, and more superstars as Ohno comes to the ring and prepares to go against Smackdowns high flyer. Ali.

Ali and Ohno, with very different styles would put on an amazing match. Ali would still be able to hit his high flying moves as he is able to outrun Ohno and his knockout strikes for the most part. As Crews would become a factor, only to get hit with a dive from Ali. But that dive would allow Ohno to take advantage as he sends Ali back first into the steel steps.

Besides the advantage, Ali would be able to fight back and go for the 054 finisher move, but Ohno would move. Hitting his spinning forearm finisher for the win, as him and Crews celebrate in the ring the crowd boos. But all the respect in the world goes to Ali, who gave it his all tonight. 


Image result for WWE Becky Lynch Entrance gif

"The Man" Warns "The Boss"

Becky Lynch makes her first appearance since Money In The Bank holding her WWE Womens Championship, the crowd still behind her. At Money In The Bank, she defended her title against Toni Storm in a ladder match and after a suplex off the ladder through the announce table. Neither women be able to compete and Becky comes to the ring with bandages on.

Becky Lynch: "The Boss. Lets cut straight to the chase, I don't care that Sasha Banks returned. I don't care that Sasha Banks thinks she is a baddie now, what I do care about is that she attacked my Summerslam opponent Toni Storm so let me warn the women that is nothing but Bayleys Shadow right now that if you think about getting involved in my matchup I will break your friggin arm. Now, if you want to be as tough as you act, you would come out and face me right now so I can put you to sleep before you get to flustered" 

The theme that would hit wouldn't belong to Sasha Banks as Mandy Rose comes out on stage, posing for the crowd before cutting a promo on Becky. Calling her a fake champion, before challenging her to a match tonight that Becky would accept.


Image result for WWE Baron Corbin Entrance gif

Baron Corbin Meets The Smackdown GM

Before the match begins, we would get a backstage segment with Baron Corbin. As he is interviewed on his thoughts on Smackdown, saying that he dominated Smackdown once before. And he will do it again as long as managment doesn't hold him back. That is when Eric Bischoff would come into frame, giving Baron Corbin a matchup next week to prove himself.


Image result for WWE Mandy Rose Entrance gifImage result for WWE Becky Lynch Entrance gif

Mandy Rose vs Becky Lynch - Singles Match

We return to the ring where Mandy Rose and Becky Lynch start there match, and it would be similar to the Becky Lynch matches we have seen recently. Pure dominance, much like at Backlash against Alexa Bliss. Becky Lynch tears apart Mandy Rose limb by limb locking in different submissions. Rose wouldn't get much offense in, before Lynch would make her tap out with the disarmher. Winning the match as she stands up over Rose, more pissed then ever.

But "The Boss" would slide in behind Lynch!!! Sasha Banks smacks Lynch in the back with a chair before hitting the Bank Statement. Standing for the boos and a smile, before leaving the ring.


Image result for WWE The Ascension Entrance gifImage result for WWE The Colons Entrance gif

Darkness Rising vs The Colons - Tag Team Match

The Colons would be in the ring waiting as the tag team formerly known as "The Ascension" would come to the ring with a brand new attire, theme, and moveset as they get into the ring and stand across from The Colons. 

The Colons would get some offense in, proving that they are a true tag team, before getting destroyed. Darkness Rising hitting various big moves before pinning them in the center of the ring. Looking very impressive tonight.


Image result for WWE Jordan Devlin Entrance gif

"The Man Of The Year" Jordan Devlin Debuts Soon


Image result for WWE John Cena Entrance gif

The Champ Is Here

To a huge reaction, John Cena would come to the ring with his 17th world championship in his hands, a huge smile on his face as John Cena has truly reached legendary levels in his career. And he comes to the ring now, before cutting a promo

John Cena: "IT. IS. TIME. I am finally, the WWE Champion once again and there is no doubt in my mind that I owe it to each and every single one of you. Every single backstage worker, wrestler, editors, the men who run the social media. Every single one of the 800 members of the WWE Company, thank you for making this possible. For nearly 2 decades, I have run this company, I carried this company, I have become a part timer. But I promise you I will be here each and every week as long as I hold this WWE Championship because I eat, breath, and live the World Wrestling Entertainment and I wi-

Daniel Bryan: "Shut up you fool. If I remember correctly, the fans love ME. They adored ME. About 5 years ago I was the top man of this company when I defeated you at Summerslam and I am going to do it again John because you don't love the WWE you love Hollywood. You are just like these ignorant fools in the crowd tonight, who LOVE to buy the merch, BUY the DVDS, you are the problem John and I am going to finish it"

With Erick Rowan behind him, Daniel Bryan stands on stage and looks at the crowd with anger in his eyes, and John Cena holds up his WWE championship. Is this the potential WWE Championship match at Summerslam?


Image result for WWE Ricochet Entrance gifImage result for WWE Samoa Joe Entrance gif

Ricochet vs Samoa Joe - Winner Goes To Fatal Fourway

Ricochet and Samoa Joe would square off in the main event and the man who retired Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania would come to the ring. As Samoa Joe is dominant, and has been since his debut and tonight he takes on Ricochet who is looking to go to the next level.

The match would be fast paced, as Samoa Joe would use his power multiple times and knock down Ricochet. Even throwing him into a pile of chairs in the crowd which would not result in a DQ. But Ricochet would be able to fight back, even hitting the 630.

After the 630, Ricochet would cover Samoa Joe for the victory. Getting an upset in many minds over the former United States champion, The show comes to a close with Ricochet posing after a grueling nearly 20 minute matchup.


Image result for WWE Bray Wyatt Entrance gif

Show You My Monster

Before the show official ends the arena would go black as circus music plays, and a view of children running around in a playground is shown before the children fade into nothing. Spiders crawling out of where there bodies use to be as in the distance, we can see Bray Wyatt. Staring at a cage, we can not see what is inside the cage however. 

"Hurt. Heal. Hurt. Heal. I heal...you...hurt. I love you, whatever you beautiful are...because soon, the world. the world will see, what I have. What I have captured, boys and girls, fear you. You are a nightmare, thrown AWAY by sister Abigail. But you....you....you...you are beautiful....you are a monster...you are MY...monster. And the world will see you soon"

{Show End}


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Image result for nxt intro gif

We welcome you back to NXT and we are not too far away from NXT TakeOver culminating at Summerslam Weekend where once again the stars of the future are primed to takeover. Tonight we have a special announcement from William Regal regarding the future of the NXT. We also have the return of WALTER to NXT TV as he looks to continue his run of scintillating form with another victory tonight 

Breakout Tournament Announced 

Image result for NXT Breakout Tournament

William Regal opens this weeks episode of NXT heading down to the ring to gift us all with his promised announcement. Regal begins by saying how proud and happy he is for NXT as a brand to be moving to the USA Network and promises that the world of professional wrestling will be awestruck by what they will see. Regal then announces the start of a breakout tournament involving some of the best talent around the world with the winner gaining themselves an WWE Contract

 A graphic on the tron pops up with the announced names being: Angel "El Sicaribo Del Diablo", Jack Bashka, Oliver Gordan, KENJI, Ryan Star, El Vida and New Shaq. Regal then states that tonight in our Main Event, a battle royal will take place with the victor claiming that eighth final spot in the tournament. He wishes the competitors the best of luck before heading out of the ring and to the back

Fenix warns Johnny about Pentagon Jr 

 Image result for Penta and Fenix gif

The Camera cuts to the back, where NXT Champion Johnny Gargano is speaking to some media outlets before he is interrupted by Fenix. Fenix warns Johnny about his brother Pentagon Jr saying that Johnny has no idea what he has gotten himself into when they face at TakeOver Boston. Fenix wishes him the best of luck because he will need it, leaving the NXT Champion lost for words as he ponders his upcoming war with the fearless one 

Matt Riddle vs Shane Thorne 

Image result for Matt Riddle gif Image result for Shane Thorne entrance gif

Coming off a successful retention of the North-American Championship at TakeOver: Homecoming, Riddle is back in action and this time taking on the Australian Born Shane Thorne who will be looking to make a statement against the champ. From the onset, Thorne was aggressive knowing he had to take the fight to Riddle, but that wasn't meant to be as Riddle cleaned up his opponent in quick fashion to pick up yet another dominant victory and keeping him undefeated in NXT. After the match Riddle addressed the challenge from the Velveteen Dream and he accepted it meaning we are getting Riddle vs Dream at TakeOver Boston!

MJF is better than you and you know it

Image result for MJF gIF

The News of Maxwell Jacob Friedman signing with NXT spread like wildfire during the week, with the "Salt of the Earth" announcing that he will dominate the WWE like he has dominated the Independent Circuit. A video of MJF's contract signing was played for the fans in Full-Sail where MJF made sure to degrade and humiliate everyone watching. MJF announced that he will appear in NXT on his time and not on anyone else's 

WALTER vs Trent Seven 

Image result for WALTER NXT UK gif Image result for Trent Seven Gif

NXT UK Champion WALTER has run-through all competition since joining the company and looked to continue his run of dominance again tonight facing off against Trent Seven. In a battle of heavyweight monsters, WALTER continued his stretch of dominance picking up yet another victory to add to his resume. After the match WALTER got on the mic and challenged any man to try and take his title away from him at TakeOver: Boston. WALTER stated that he has dominated every single person in NXT UK and is now issuing the challenge to anyone in the US

As WALTER stood in the ring waiting for a challenge, the "Limitless" Keith Lee made an appearance and made his way down to the ring. Lee, fresh off his astounding victory over Dijakovic at TakeOver: Homecoming is in sublime form and looms to be a major challenge to WALTER and the NXT UK Championship. Both men had a face to face staredown before Lee backed out of the ring signalling that the title would be his 

Breakout Tournament Battle Royal Qualifier 

Image result for Darby Allin gif

As announced by GM Regal at the top of the show, the final spot in the NXT Breakout Tournament will be up for grabs in a 5-man Battle Royal. The English born Birdman made his entrance first finally getting his opportunity to step inside a WWE ring a chance he won't want to waste. Out next was Mikey the Canadian born star is well known throughout the United States and Japan conquering respective companies in those regions and now takes his talents to an NXT ring. We then have Kieron Black, the always unpredictable superstar can wow crowds with his stunning athleticism and his cold-blooded mannerisms. The MMA turned professional Wrestler Shinjeta Okaewa was the fourth man to make his way down to the ring, his intensity on display as he looked focused as ever with a huge opportunity up for grabs. And finally the fifth man was Marker Andrews a second generation superstar from Ireland

From the onset all five of these men put everything they had on the line, scratching and clawing to ensure that they wouldn't let an opportunity as great as this pass. The first eliminated was Marker Andrews after he suffered a brutal V-trigger from Mikey which sent him crashing to the floor. This cut the field down to four with Shinjeta Okaewa being the main target. Okaewa would fight off the assault of the other 3 men using his MMA skills to ground them but was then pushed out of the ring once again by Mikey who seemed to be on a roll. This left Mikey, Birdman and Kieron Black. These three had an amazing 3-way mini-match however it was once again Mikey who eliminated Birdman. Mikey would taunt Kieron Black screaming at him to give up, however this wasn't to be the case as Black would unleash utter chaos and eliminate Mikey, granting him the eighth and final spot in the NXT Breakout Tournament


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Image result for wwe logoImage result for wwe png logo
Monday Night RAW - "Throwdown In Chicago"
Image result for Sasha Banks gif
The Boss Challenges The Man
Sasha Banks, the women who returned just one week ago and has already taken out the two top women stars on both RAW and Smackdown, comes to the ring with her microphone in hand. She enters the ring, wearing her classic attire but all black. And begins to cut a promo on Becky Lynch. 
"My entire career, I have been pushed aside. Been put alongside these 3 other sad excuses for women known as the "Four Horsewomen", no. There is no four horsewomen, Charlotte, Bayley, and most importantly Becky Lynch, I am...the horsewomen. I am the one who made this womens revolution. I've watched Becky Lynch take this company and run it into the ground for the past 4 months and I will not stand by any longer, because this is my time. My...Time. And I want in on the Womens Championship match at Summerslam"
Before Sasha could continue her promo anymore, she would be interrupted by "The Man" Becky Lynch. Who comes to the ring with the womens championship on her shoulder. Standing right across from the women who attacked her last week, Becky Lynch goes to talk. But Sasha Banks pushes the microphone down, prompting Becky Lynch to attack Sasha Banks. But Sasha Banks would escape through the crowd as the segment comes to an end. 
Image result for Toni Storm entrance gifImage result for Becky Lynch 2019 entrance gif
Toni Storm vs Becky Lynch - Singles Match
As Becky Lynch looks at Sasha Banks who stands amongst the fans, Toni Storm would make her way to the ring. Saying that if Sasha isn't going to fight Lynch, she will. And Lynch accepts as this Summerslam match is happening right now! 
The match wouldn't last long however, as the two women brawl around the ring before Sasha Banks would enter. Blasting both women with a chair leaving them both battered and bruised inside the ring as she lifts up the womens championship. Setting it down on the waist of Becky Lynch, what does this mean for the future of the womens division? 
Image result for Drew Mcintyre 2019 entrance gifImage result for The Miz entrance gif
Drew McIntyre vs The Miz - Singles Match
Ever since being suspended the night after Wrestlemania 35. Drew McIntyre has not been on RAW, and after the re draft. He is ready to return and take on The Miz. Who is trying to bring back his career, as the bell rings. 
McIntyre would take it to The Miz despite the crowds chants for Miz, and while Miz would be able to hit some moves and take Drew out. Drew would be the better man in the end, and take out Miz with a claymore kick before hitting a piledriver?!?! Referees come to ringside as the match ends, and McIntyre leaves the arena. Domination tonight. 
Image result for Randy Orton promo gif
The Legacy Of A Viper
Randy Orton would come to the ring, the last time we saw Orton, he was feuding with Tomasso Ciampa inside a steel cage and has yet to win a title in the Reborn universe. But Orton is ready to take it to the next level. 
"If you don't know who I am, then where have you been for the past 2 decades because I have constantly been the biggest, the best, the greatest superstar in the WWE and I prove that very statement every time I am in the ring. Dozens of championship reigns, Wrestlemania main events, Royal Rumble victories, my name is Randy Orton and I am the god damn Viper. And the fact that I am not on the Summerslam card is sickening, and I will find myself an opponent whether its John Cena, Seth Rollins, or Hornswoggle. The legacy will continue."
Image result for Cesaro entrance gifImage result for Gran Metalik entrance gif
Cesaro vs Gran Metalik - Singles Match
The current United States champion, Cesaro, would come to the ring and he has had a handful of impressive matches in the past few weeks. Including defeating Braun Strowman and Sin Cara in the past few weeks. But now he has another challenge in front of him in Gran Metalik, who is taking on the champion in a non title matchup. 
The match would be one of the best in recent memory, both men would hit there signature moves and more. Gran Metalik proving why he is much more then a Lucha House Party member as he takes out Cesaro early on, almost defeating him but Cesaro would be to good. Coming back and throwing Metalik into the barricade. Both men would crash into the crowd, and the match would come to an end to a double countout after a 19 minute matchup?!?! The crowd chants for both men as they continue to brawl into the arena and the segment comes to an end as a draw. 
Image result for Seth Rollins backstage gif
Seth Rollins Is Ready For Any Challenger 
Seth Rollins is seen in an empty arena, in what was filmed a few hours before the show began. Rollins sits in the center of an empty ring as workers around him get the show set up.
"Its been the time of my life, these past few years here in WWE. Whether it was tearing apart the company with Reigns or cashing in the Money In The Bank briefcase every thing in this company has been a fun ride and it could realistically all come to an end anytime. And thats why at Summerslam I am inviting anyone to come and challenge for my title, whoever Paul Heyman decides on. I will defend my title with pride, I am the Universal Champion, I was born and raised to defend this title and thats exactly what I will do."
Rollins raises his title up as the workers around him clap, before Bobby Lashley would come out of knowhere. Spearing Rollins, the newest member of PWE would stand over Seth Rollins and hold his title in the air as we get set for our main event.
Image result for Andrade entrance gifImage result for Cedric Alexander entrance gif
Andrade vs Cedric Alexander - Singles Match
In the main event it would be the former WWE champion taking on a young gun on the WWE roster, Cedric Alexander. Who is one of the most impressive men on the RAW roster and is looking to bring his career to the next level by taking out Andrade. 
It would be yet another instant classic, as Andrade and Cedric would take eachother to the limit, and the crowd would be fully behind Cedric tonight as he gave it everything he had and nearly put away the 2019 Rumble winner but in the end. It would be Andrade catching him out in the "Tranquilo DDT" and picking up the victory. 
The real story, would come after the match however when Zelina Vega would come onto the mic and announce that Andrade will be taking on Randy Orton at Summerslam in just 2 weeks. Ending the show with a bombshell of a match being made. 

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Image result for NXT Breakout Tournament

As announced by NXT General Manager William Regal this past week, NXT will be hosting a breakout tournament giving 8 selected talent the opportunity to earn a WWE Contract and kickstart their journey to becoming a household name in the WWE. Before the first round gets underway on this weeks NXT lets take a look at the 8 men who will be participating in the inaugural Breakout Tournament 

Kieron Black 

Image result for Darby Allin

We got a good look at what Kieron Black brings to the table on this past weeks episode of NXT where he won a qualifying battle royal contest to earn himself a spot in this tournament. Kieron was a seasoned worker on the independent scene, beloved by fans and workers alike until something happened and he turned from your regular happy-go-lucky performer to a psychotic cold-blooded killer. After this switch Kieron Black went missing, disappearing until he showed up in NXT 

We saw a little bit of what Kieron has in his arsenal during the Battle Royal, turning a switch in his head when it got down to the final two and becoming more aggressive and dangerous in his actions which ultimately led him to winning the match. Black's duplicitous nature gives him an edge over opponents making him a true Dark Horse in this tournament, his opponents won't know which side of the blade they are getting when it comes to Kieron Black 

El Vida

Image result for El Ligero

A daredevil from childhood, El Vida was born to become a Professional Wrestler. The former stuntman turned to Wrestling in his late twenties and instantly fell in love. Looking for a new challenge in life, El Vida has come to the right place with the Breakout Tournament proving to be the biggest challenge he has faced in his young career

El Vida brings wild athleticism and is an incredibly fun presence in the ring. It will remain to be seen if he can turn that fun attitude into serious motivation because the other competitors in this tournament are serious threats and any joking around will be seen as weakness. The High-Flyer will look to take the world by storm with his impressive moveset but will he be able to win a WWE Contract?

Oliver Gordan 

Image result for Will Ospreay

One of the more prominent figures in this years Breakout Tournament is Oliver Gordan. Gordan was a huge figure in Japan being an IWGP Champion and has now decided to take his talents to NXT to see how he matches up against some of the best in the world

Growing up in Canada, Oliver's dream was always to be a wrestler just like his childhood hero the "Hitman" Bret Hart. Gordan has a devastating Sprinboard Cutter which he can bring out any time in a match making him extremely dangerous. Gordan's success across the globe has put a target on his back and people will be looking to prove a point by putting Gordan down


Image result for Shingo Takagi

A man who is very familiar with Oliver Gordan is fellow Japanese Defect KENJI. KENJI was sick of being lost in the shuffle while working in Japan and has now entered the Breakout Tournament as a way to announce himself to the world. His small stocky stature shouldn't be taken for granted because this man is a powerhouse in the ring and will make you pay if you underestimate him for just one second 

With a heavy influence of Japanese Strong Style mixed with his speed and power, KENJI looms to be a major threat to whoever steps across the ring from him. KENJI has got to be one of the favourites heading into the tournament because of his experience and hybrid style which will surely cause headaches for all opponents 


 Ángel "El Sicario del Diablo"

Image result for Killer Kross

The most mysterious figure in this tournament comes in the form of Angel "El Sicario del Diablo". There is nothing to find on this man and no one seems to know much about him other than that he is a ruthless killer who acts on his own religious beliefs and morals 

The 6'3 behemoth is as dangerous as anyone you will ever meet in the wrestling ring with his powerful Spear being a weapon of mass destruction for "El Sicario del Diablo". He can strike out of nowhere and at a moments notice which may just be the competitive advantage he needs to go all the way and win this tournament 

New Shaq

Image result for homicide wrestler

When you think of the words Violence and Danger one man comes to mind and that's the psychotic New Shaq from the rough streets of New York. New Shaq is the master of the Death Match, understanding and knowing how much pain he needs to inflict on people in order to become victorious

New Shaq's name has become Synonymous with a cheese grater a weapon which usually accompanies him to the ring for his matches, and we may just see it make an appearance in the tournament. New Shaq enjoys inflict pain and has no barometer to how much he can inflict. He is dangerous he is violent and he is definitely psychotic making him a sure fire favourite to walk out with a WWE Contract

Ryan Star

Image result for TJP

Similarly to KENJI, Ryan is a performer who was tired of floating around in mediocrity and wanted to make a statement and here he is in the NXT Breakout Tournament looking to become the star he always knew he could be. Ryan knows what it takes to get the crowd on their feet and oozes with charisma but he doesn't care for that, all he cares about is getting the job done and proving that he is no joke 

His hybrid of Technical and High-Flying moves, will help him succeed in the tournament with his brutal Gravity's Pull Submission looming to be a game changer once it is locked in. Many will look past Ryan in this tournament, but doing so would be a grave mistake 

Jack Bashka

Image result for tama tonga

Our Eighth and final competitor, Australian born Jack Bashka is living his dream coming and working in NXT with a chance to become a WWE Superstar. Jack dropped out of school in the 11th grade to pursue life as a wrestler much to the dismay of his Parents. He has now thrown the life he had in Australia away and Wrestling is at the forefront of his focus, determined to prove all the doubters wrong by securing that sacred contract 

What stands out with Bashka amongst the rest of the field is his work ethic, never giving up until he reached his goal. In more ways than one, Wrestling is as equally about the mental game as it is the physical one and Bashka is stronger than anyone in that department. Bashka will be focused from the ring of the bell and will look to earn that contract he has desired his entire life 


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Image result for Smackdown intro gif

Thursday Night Smackdown 

"The Club That Runs The Show." 


Image result for Roman Reigns entrance gif

Roman Reigns Returns To Thursday Nights

Only 2 weeks removed from his return match against Mufasa Ali, Roman Reigns makes his return to WWE TV but for the first time in awhile. He walks out on the Smackdown stage as the crowd chants his name and he walks into the ring. Grabbing a microphone and going to speak

Roman Reigns: "God damn it feels good to be back on Thursday Nights. The crowd, the stage, the feeling, and the question of whats next. All of those pushed me to walk out into the ring tonight, and I gotta say for the first time in awhile I don't know whats next. I could challenge John Cena, a man I have beaten before. Or I could continue to defeat men like Ali, actually. Ali was one of the best competitors I've faced in a long time here in WWE. He gave it his all and I respect that, and I would like to thank Ali. So Ali I know you're back there will you come out here quickly? 

Roman Reigns is greeted by music that does not belong to Ali, yet the former WWE Champion, Aj Styles. Who hasn't been on WWE TV as much either, steps into the ring across from Roman Reigns and begins talking about 'The Big Dog".

Aj Styles: "Roman. Roman. Roman. THE BIG DOG. Man, you really think calling out Ali would be a good idea? I mean, Ali is a cruiserweight. He is no match to me, A...J...Styles. You share a brand with me, and you call out ALI? Pure disrespect Reigns, I am sick of it"

Roman Reigns and Aj Styles have a battle of words, before it would end with Roman Reigns challenging Aj Styles to a match tonight, which Styles could accept. What a main event!!


Image result for Baron Corbin entrance gifImage result for Finn Balor entrance gif

Baron Corbin vs Finn Balor - Winner Goes To Fatal Fourway

The winner of the match joining Samoa Joe and Kassius Ohno, along with the winner of a match later tonight next week in a fatal fourway. Baron Corbin and Finn Balor would take eachother on in the first matchup of the night and its a solid response for both men, cheers for Balor. Boos for Corbin as the match gets under way. 

Finn Balor would be in control over Corbin during the first parts of the matchup, as the speed would come in the favor of Balor and allow him to hit multiple moves such as a dive over the ropes, a jumping DDT, and more but Corbin being as powerful as he is would be able to fight back multiple times. Even sending Balor into the steel post, but Balor would prove how resilient he is by getting him into position for the coup de grace before the lights would go out. And they would flash, revealing a mysterious man in the ring who appears to have dreads and is wearing a very creepy mask. 

As the lights come back on, Finn Balor is in shock along with every member of the crowd. As Baron Corbin is able to roll up Balor and pick up the victory, earning his way to the fatal fourway matchup. But the real story revolves around who the hell we just saw. 


Image result for Smackdown tag team championship gif

The Smackdown Tag Team Championships

A small video package would play highlighting some of the best moments from the Smackdown Tag Team Championships, including The New Day vs The Usos, The Club, and more moments. Ending with Edge coming to the ring and revealing the newly designed Tag Team titles, which will be granted to the team who wins the Smackdown Tag Team Turmoil at Summerslam. 4 teams, 1 winner. 


Image result for Bobby Roode entrance gifImage result for Kalisto entrance gif

Glorious Ten vs Lucha Party - Tag Team Match

Following the announcement we would see our resident Luchas, Kalisto and Lince Dorado team up as 'Lucha Party" to take on the new team of Tye Dillinger and Robert Roode known as "The Perfect Ones" who go by the motto that they never make mistakes. 

The match would be classic tag team action, as Lucha Party uses its speed and talent to take out Dillinger early. But some heel tactics by Robert Roode would allow Dillinger to sneak a "Tye Breaker" onto Kalisto. Which would signal the end of the matchup just 13 minutes in, and if the teams fight like this at Summerslam it is sure to be a good fight for those titles. 

"The Perfect Ones" looked impressive in there debut, and if they can continue that momentum they may be tag champs in no time. 

Image result for Cody Rhodes gif

The American Nightmare

The cameras would bring us to the "Rhodes Mansion", where Cody Rhodes would be sitting behind his desk with a fur leather coat on. 

Cody Rhodes: "Its a privilege to have you here and I truly don't care enough to give you to much insight on whats going on but I am contractually obligated to give you an update. I will be defending my Intercontinental championship at Summerslam, and I will be retaining it but the part you want to know is who? Well, no. I won't tell you that, in fact, coming up later tonight in the little program you're watching there is a number one contenders match. So, have fun, whoever ends up winning just know I will be waiting. Summerslam isn't far away, see you then" 


Image result for Rusev gifImage result for Sami Zayn Entrance gifImage result for Luke Gallows gifImage result for Daniel Bryan entrance gif

Daniel Bryan vs Sami Zayn vs Luke Gallows vs Rusev - 15 Minute Scramble

The rules would flash on screen, for 15 minutes these 4 men will face off in a No DQ fatal fourway. Whoever has the last pinfall at the end of 15 minutes, wins the match. And with rules like these, anyone can walk away the winner and as the bell rings. Its apparent that every pinfall counts as Luke Gallows is the first one to get a pinfall with a roll up, only to lose the lead to Daniel Bryan. As Daniel Bryan walks halfway up the ramp and sits down, sending Erick Rowan in for him. 

Daniel Bryan would keep the win for awhile, nearly 8 minutes before Rusev would hit his new finisher on Erick Rowan, allowing Luke Gallows to once again take advantage and pin Rusev after hitting his finisher. Daniel Bryan would come in with a chair and would take everyone out, as Erick Rowan sends Luke Gallows through an announcer table. And Rusev and Rowan begin to brawl into the crowd. Leaving A hurt Sami Zayn alone for Daniel Bryan to lock in various submissions. As the clock winds down, with just 30 seconds to go. Daniel Bryan and Sami Zayn would trade the victory 6 times. With constant roll ups. 

But in the end it would be a heaulva kick out of knowhere that would give Sami Zayn the victory, granting him a number one contender spot against Cody Rhodes at Summerslam in a huge victory over 3 of Smackdowns best. 


Image result for Jordan Devlin entrance gif

Jordan Devlin Debuts Next Week!


Image result for Aj Styles entrance gifImage result for Roman Reigns entrance gif

Aj Styles vs Roman Reigns - Winner Goes To The Fatal Fourway

A match made earlier tonight, Aj Styles and Roman Reigns would go head to head in a huge main event. Both men would make there entrances and being the faces of Smackdown Live, the crowd is in full effect for tonights main event. 

It would be a classic Styles/Reigns match, as Reigns uses his power to take over Styles. And Styles would use heel tactics and his speed to take over, but the match wouldn't have a good ending. As about 12 minutes in when Roman was about to hit a spear, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows would come to the ring. Attacking Roman Reigns and ending the show in DQ. As Aj Styles hits the styles clash on Roman Reigns, as standing before everyone to end the show. Is The Club.


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Image result for NXT opening gif

We are now less that two weeks away from our next TakeOver extravaganza in Boston Massachusetts and tonight we present you a special episode of NXT because tonight our focus will be on the NXT Breakout Tournament with all four first round clashes taking place on tonight's show. Lets head to the ring for our first match of the night, Ryan Star vs KENJI!

Ryan Star vs KENJI (NXT Breakout Tournament First Round)

Image result for TJP entrance gif Image result for Shingo Takagi entrance gif

Two men with a point to prove, KENJI and Ryan Star have been floundering on the independent scene and have now earned themselves an opportunity to take that next step. Both of these men have everything to lose especially with the opportunity to earn a WWE contract and that showed early as these two men immediately got down to business. Ryan Star however was no match for KENJI, as the Japanese star picked up the victory and moved on to the next round

Bugenhagen and Jose want revenge 

Image result for no way jose fiesta gif

We cut to a nightclub where Jose and Bugenhagen are hosting their own fiesta party. We see Bugenhagen on the air-guitar while Jose and few others are on the dance floor jigging and jiving. The camera zooms in on Jose who begins to speak while dancing. He calls out the Forgotten Sons and challenges them to a match next week claiming that The Sons have started something they don't want to finish and look forward to kicking their ass next time they meet

Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" vs El Vida (NXT Breakout Tournament First Round)

Image result for Killer Kross gif Image result for El Ligero gif

Up next we had one of the more intriguing matches of the first round with the stuntman turned professional wrestler El Vida taking on the mysterious Angel "El Sicario del Diablo". Immediately Vida looked to quicken the pace and get things on his terms but Angel was not playing around, shutting down the momentum very quickly. He then proceeded to dominate his opponent for the entirety of the match putting him away and picking up the victory 

One More Chance

Image result for Street Profits gif

We cut backstage to the office of NXT GM William Regal who is sitting at his desk and signing some papers when the Street Profits barge into the room catching Regal off-guard. The Profits demand that Regal give them one more shot against the Undisputed Era. Regal takes a while to ponder the offer and brings up that the Era have already dealt with them and have moved on, but he is willing to give Dawkins and Ford one more opportunity as long as it's their last one

Jack Bashka vs Kieron Black (NXT Breakout Tournament First Round)

Image result for tama tonga entrance gif Image result for Darby Allin gif

Kieron Black was the luck man who withstood the field and won the battle royal last week to earn himself that eighth and final spot in the tournament. Tonight he would take on The Australian Born Jack Bashka who is living his dream performing in the WWE. Just like in the battle royal we saw Kieron Black transform into a savage monster, but Bashka's willingness to fight on kept him in the match and elevated him to a new gear where he hit a brutal V-Trigger to pick up the pin and the win

Dream is ready for Riddle 

Image result for Velveteen Dream promo gif

We return to a smoke filled room where the Velveteen Dream is watching a replay of Matt Riddle's victory over Shane Thorne last week, watching as Riddle accepted his challenge. Dream begins to speak about how he was never pinned or submitted for the NA title rather Riddle climbed a ladder and stole what was rightfully his. Dream promises that Riddle will experience something he has never experienced before as he becomes the new North-American Champion 

New Shaq vs Oliver Gordan (NXT Breakout Tournament First Round)

Image result for Homicide impact entrance gif Image result for Will Ospreay entrance gif

Our Main Event of the evening is perhaps the most exciting match of the first round with New Shaq taking on one of the best wrestlers not to perform in the WWE Oliver Gordan. As always New Shaq brought his cheese grater down to the ring however he was sternly told by the official that if he even though about using it he would be disqualified. The two put on a very good match with the referee accidentally being hit by a Gordan knee strike which left an opportunity for Shaq to pick up the cheese grater. He went to use it on Gordan but he evaded it and swept his legs forcing Shaq to dive head first on the grater and busting himself open. Gordan then hit the springboard cutter for the pin moving him on to the Semi-Finals next week 


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Image result for WWE RAW Intro 2019 gif

Monday Night RAW 

"Buying In"


Image result for WWE Bobby Lashley 2019 gif

Bobby Lashley Buys His Way Into The Main Event

The show would kick off with a message from P.W.E, the resident thorn in the side of WWE for the past several months. As the RAW portion of the brand, featuring Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. Would come to the ring and announce that the financial advisors for P.W.E has announced that, for the small price of 700 thousand dollars, Bobby Lashley will be taking on Seth Rollins at Summerslam for the Universal championship. Lio Rush would go on to say this. 

Lio Rush: You see this? This Crusierweight championship? Hell yeah you do because I run this company, me and Bobby are going to take over the world in just a few days because heres some breaking news for you. 205 Live will return after Summerslam and guess who is headlining it......ME...LIO RUSH..THE MAN OF THE HOUR. And who is headlining Summerslam? THE DESTROYER...BOBBY...LASHLEY" 

Rush and Lashley leave the ring, could we see Rushes threat come true? The fans are certainalty not happy with the actions of Lashley tonight as we get into our first matchup of the night. 


Image result for WWE Toni Storm 2019 gifImage result for WWE Asuka 2019 gif

Toni Storm vs Asuka - Singles Match

One of the women competing in the triple threat match at this years Summerslam would come out to take on one of the most dominating women in recent WWE years. As Asuka would be taking on Toni Storm in a dream match on Monday Night RAW. 

Despite not being seen on TV for some time, Asuka would impress. Being as aggressive as she always is as she takes out Toni Storm using a number of dangerous moves. But Toni Storm, being the fighter that she is would walk away victorious after catching out Asuka from a running move and turning it into the Storm Zero. Pinning the former undefeated women in the center of the ring. 

As many expected, as Toni Storm celebrated. Sasha Banks would make her way to the ring and attack Storm, but the champion runs down to the ring attempting to save Toni Storm and as Sasha Banks escapes through the crowd. Becky Lynch holds Toni Storm up before hitting a Bexplex! Standing tall as we head into Summerslam! 


Image result for Drew Mcintyre entrance gifImage result for Rey Mysterio 2019 entrance gif

Drew McIntyre vs Rey Mysterio - Singles Match

Last week, Drew McIntyre returned to take on The Miz and walked out victorious and tonight he takes on another veteran in the masked hero Rey Mysterio. Mysterio is back on RAW to win, and he won't go down lightly to the machine known as Drew. 

The match would be exactly what you would expect as Mysterio would almost take out Drew early on, nearly hitting a 619 but the stronger and better Drew would catch him. Flinging him to the outside like a toy as Mysterio crashes to the outside. "The Machine" would then go outside and hit a powerbomb onto the barricade. Before throwing Mysterio in the ring and hitting the claymore kick, pinning him in the center of the ring. 

McIntyre would walk out tonight dominate once again. As he looks forward to the future in WWE, as the segment comes to an end. 


Image result for lars sullivan gif

Who Is Lars Sullivan?

A hype package for Lars Sullivan was played, showcasing his many feats of strength and his past here in WWE. Including defeated the legendary John Cena and eliminating 15 people in the Royal Rumble. Lars Sullivan is "The Freak" and he makes his return, next week. 


Image result for The New Day gifImage result for WWE War Raiders gif

The New Day vs War Raiders - Number One Contender Match

It would be war time, as the dominating War Raiders would be ready to take on Big E and Xavier Woods in tag team action. The winner going on to face The Revival at Summerslam. Both of these teams have had a chance at The Revival in the past, and now they step forward to take eachother on. 

It would be back and fourth, and Big E would matchup against the big men. Even nearly winning the matchup for the New Day but the host of UpUpDownDown couldn't get the job done. As Big E is thrown out of the ring and Xavier Woods is pinned in the ring after a powerbomb move. Meaning that War Raiders will be moving on to Summerslam to take on The Revival. 

Its going to be one hell of a fight, and the War Raiders are ready. 


Image result for WWE Cesaro gif

A Retrospective Look At The Mind Of "The Swiss Cyborg"

As the camera switches us backstage, we can see Cesaro. The current US Champion holding his title with a graphic behind him which reveals that Gran Metalik will be facing Cesaro in a 2 out of 3 falls, and Cesaro would begin to speak. 

"Summerslam. Me and Gran Metalik. 2 Out Of 3 falls that means I have to pin or submit Gran Metalik twice. And it will be easy, because if you have not realized I am a superhuman. I am a monster, I am the SWISS Cyborg and this United States championship, well its what I've been working for. I won't let some midget, wannabe lucha wrestler take the title from me. Thank you"

The segment ends with Cesaro smiling, showing off his US championship. 


Image result for WWE Buddy Murphy gifImage result for WWE Seth Rollins gif

Buddy Murphy vs Seth Rollins - Singles Match

Buddy Murphy would have the chance of a lifetime as he takes on Seth Rollins in the main event and Murphy has pinned Rollins before, as this one is going to be good and Murphy may move on the ranks if he can best the champion again. 

The match would be one of the best, easily match of the night in the main event as Buddy Murphy would impress once again. Reversing many of Rollins attacks and hitting big moves of his own, but Rollins is not champ for nothing. As he would fight back and be able to hit the pheniox splash for a very close pinfall. But the match would come to an premature end when Lio Rush would come to the ring with a microphone, distracting Rollins long enough for Murphy to roll him up and get the pinfall victory over the champion once again!!!


Image result for WWE Monday night RAW 2019 gif

Seth Rollins Is Ready

As the match comes to an end, Buddy Murphy leaves the ring as Lio Rush quickly enters. Getting laid out by Rollins as Bobby Lashley comes down the ramp. But Seth Rollins grabs a chair and begins wailing at his Summerslam challenger. With Seth Rollins hurt, he is able to take down Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush. 

But as Seth Rollins is taunting, Buddy Murphy comes back into the ring and hits the Murphys Law!!! Helping Lio Rush up, has Buddy Murphy joined P.W.E? Can Seth Rollins defeat this force? Find out this Sunday at Summerslam!


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Image result for Smackdown intro gif

Thursday Night Smackdown 

"Summerslam 2019 Go Home Show"


Image result for Finn Balor entrance gif

Finn Balor Meets Bray Wyatts Monster 

To kick off Smackdown Live, Finn Balor would step into the ring. Last week, Balor was attacked by a mysterious creature. And many are speculating that this is the monster that Bray Wyatt has been referring to. Finn Balor enters the ring and cuts a promo on whoever this man is, challenging him to a match at Summerslam as Bray Wyatt appears on screen. 

"Finn...FInn..Finn. You have no clue what you have gotten yourself into, you have no idea what I have to show. The monster I have captured, the fierce. Ruthless. Side show attraction that world has feared, that children have had nightmares about and adults have run from. This isn't a clown...no no no...this is much...much worse. Because Balor...at Summerslam....you learn...that I am the f*cking monster" 

Image result for The Fiend gif

In almost an instant, "The Fiend" would enter the ring and attack Finn Balor. Hitting a sister Abigail, and disappearing into the darkness.


Image result for Jordan Devlin gifImage result for Fandango gif

Jordan Devlin vs Fandango - Singles Match

Jordan Devlin would make his long awaited in ring debut on Smackdown Live. The young NXT UK star is ready to take over Smackdown but tonight he has to get through Fandango, who surprisingly the crowd is behind. Doing his dance as he awaits Jordan Devlin. 

The match would not last long, but Fandango would be able to impress many with some of his new movesets. Possible changing his career, but Jordan Devlin would simply be to athletic and to ring smart. As he is able to use to ropes to his advantage in a creative reversal to defeat Fandango.

Jordan Devllin may be a true threat in the future, as he poses in the ring. The crowd giving him a mixed reaction as we don't know what to truly think of him yet. As the match comes to a close. 


Image result for Lio Rush promo gif

The Champ Is Everywhere.

As Jordan Devlin leaves the arena, Lio Rush walks past him. Stepping out onto stage as the crowd begins to boo, he is wearing a "PWE" T Shirt. He is without Bobby Lashley tonight as he raises his Cruiserweight Championship in the air. 

Lio Rush: "I am. I am. I AM. I AAAAMMMM THE MAN OF THE HOUR. And I am everywhere, RAW. Smackdown. NXT. 205 Live. Where I go, money follows and its just a fact. You see I have been hand picked by the G.O.A.T of this industry Ric Flair to be the spokesperson of PWE for a reason. This is the ERA of LUSH, this is the ERA of PWE. And tonight, when Kassius Ohno wins the fatal fourway match and goes on to defeat John Cena. PWE will hold both world titles, its time...for the takeover"

Rush throws his microphone, exiting as the show is ready to continue. 


Image result for Tye Dillinger and Bobby Roode gifImage result for WWE The Ascension gif

The Perfect Ones vs Darkness Rising - Tag Team Match

At Summerslam, it will be a tag team turmoil matchup as any team can answer. And tonight, the new team of Tye Dillinger and Robert Roode will be taking on Darkness Rising in one on one action. As both teams are set, its ready for action.

Roode and Dillinger would impress, being able to fight off the powerful team of Konnor and Viktor. Konnor and Viktor would be dominant though, taking on Dillinger and Roode separately but Robert Roode would prove his worth, fighting back and winning with the Glorious Bomb. Giving "The Perfect Ones" some momentum going forward. 

But after the match, The Colons would come to the ring with steel chairs. Taking out both men with steel chairs, as they are more aggressive than ever. And may be a threat to the tag titles, who will walk out of Summerslam the brand new Smackdown Tag Team champions?!?


Image result for WWE Sasha Banks backstage gif

A Look At The Womens Triple Threat

Possibly the most hyped up womens match in a long time, Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, and Sasha Banks will go to war in a triple threat matchup at Summerslam for the WWE Womens Champion. It has been war for the past 3 weeks and at Money In The Bank. Will Toni Storm finally get the win she needs, will Sasha Banks new aggressive side come to life? Or will Becky Lynch once again prove why she is "The Man"


Image result for WWE Adam Cole entrance gifImage result for WWE Ali entrance gif

Adam Cole vs Ali - Singles Match

Mr. Money in The Bank would return to the ring just a few days before Summerslam, where there is two possible matches he would cash in on as tonight he has a big task ahead of him as he takes on Ali. One of the better wrestlers on the Smackdown roster. 

The match would be nothing short of amazing, as Ali would prove just why he deserves a title shot. And Adam Cole would combat that with his own style and skills, as he takes out Ali with multiple big moves. As Adam Cole truly is the future and he proves it, nailing Ali with the Last Shot and defeating him in the ring as these Smackdown stars put on yet another banger of a matchup. 

Adam Cole would pose with his Money In The Bank case, proving that he in fact, has the power here on Smackdown Live and possibly the WWE. 


Image result for The Usos gif

Family vs Club

The Usos would be walking backstage getting ready for an upcoming matchup, as The Club would attack them! Throwing them into multiple shipping containers and onto the catering table. Hitting them with steel chairs and more objects as they tear apart the twins. 

Aj Styles would come into frame, nealing down to the two Usos who are clearly injured. 

Aj Styles: "Big cousin Reigns isn't here yet is he? Well its a shame, he better be there Sunday. Because I talked to Bischoff. And its your sorry asses vs The Club. 3 on 3, good luck making it there. And for Reigns, I am sure he won't be winning that fatal fourway match"

As hype as the announcement is, you have to wonder about the condition of The Usos after tonights attack. But its set, at Summerslam its. The Bloodline vs The Club. 


Image result for WWE Sami Zayn entrance gif

Sami Zayn vs Cody Rhodes, Intercontinental Championship. This Sunday!


Image result for WWE Roman reigns entrance gifImage result for WWE Daniel Bryan 2019 entrance gifImage result for WWE Ricochet 2019 entrance gifImage result for WWE Kassius Ohno 2019 entrance gif

Ricochet vs Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan vs Kassius Ohno - Number One Contender Match

With the winner taking on John Cena at Summerslam for the WWE Championships. This match has huge implications, and while Roman Reigns comes to the ring with a target on his back in the form of The Club. He is ready, and so is Kassius Ohno, Daniel Byran, and Ricochet as we get for action. 

It would be one of the best matches of the year, as 4 of the best would rage war. A back and fourth contest with many near falls, and everytime Roman Reigns would come close to winning the match. The thought of The Club would distract him, as the match would go nearly 22 minutes with no wining pinfall. With spots such as Kassius Ohno being put through the announce table, and Daniel Bryan nearly making Ricochet tap out with his signature move. But as Roman Reigns and Kassius Ohno continue there feud from Money in The Bank and continue to brawl up the stage, it would come to an end as The Club attacks Roman Reigns on stage. As Aj Styles, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows all battle it out as Erick Rowan runs down to the ring to help Daniel Bryan, and so do the injured Usos as well as PWE member Lio Rush. As everyone is brawling on the outside of the ring, Ricochet dives out on everyone. Throwing Kassius Ohno in the ring before hitting the 630. And winning the matchup. 

As Ricochet celebrates and the brawl continues, John Cena would step out on stage as the action stops. And amongst all the chaos, our Summerslam match is made. Ricochet vs John Cena, for the WWE Championship. This Sunday!


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Image result for NXT opening gif

Four men with a huge opportunity to change their lives walk in tonight but only two will walk out and head into TakeOver this Saturday to fight for a WWE Contract. We have semi-final action in the NXT Breakout Tournament, Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" will face KENJI while Oliver Gordan takes on Bashka. Johnny Gargano and Pentagon Jr will also come face to face tonight before their big match and Bianca Belair will find herself a challenger for the TakeOver show as Kacy Catanzaro battles Io Shirai in a number one contenders match 

No Way Jose and Eric Bugenhagen vs The Forgotten Sons 

Image result for No Way Jose gif wweImage result for eric bugenhagen nxt gif Image result for forgotten sons gif

The challenge was laid out by Jose and Bugenhagen last week while they were partying at Jose's annual Fiesta party in a feud that stemmed back a couple of weeks ago where The Forgotten Sons viciously attacked NXT's new duo. The Son's were fed up with the party no care attitude from Jose and Bugenhagen and used the assault as a way of evicting it from the NXT threshold 

The match started with flare and excitement with Jose and Bugenhagen running riot to open things up, showing a much more determined and focused side we haven't seen much of before. The crowd were fired up. hoping to see the exciting duo pick up the win but the Son's slowly wrestled back control, grinding the speed of the match to a halt and isolating Bugenhagen from Jose. The Son's worked over the leg of Bugenhagen for a couple of minutes but a miscue between Blake and Cutler led to Bugenhagen breaking free and making the tag to Jose who ran riot for the next minute. Seeing his team in potential danger, Jaxson Ryker got involved but was met with a stiff elbow strike by Jose knocking him off the apron. The Son's then executed a blind tag taking advantage of Jose and hitting the Lost and Damned for the victory 

WALTER vs Lee: Battle of the Behemoths

Image result for WALTER gif wweImage result for Keith Lee nxt gif

Two of the best big men across the two NXT Brands will face off at TakeOver: Boston this coming weekend for WALTER's WWE United Kingdom Championship. A video package played hyping up the match, showing Keith Lee's involvement in the 2019 Royal Rumble and his epic series of matches with Dijakovic. It then transitions to WALTER, showing his absolute dominance from his debut defeating Kona Reeves to his win over Pete Dunne to become the UK Champion. These two behemoths will do battle, you won't want to miss it 

Io Shirai vs Kacy Catanzaro (Number One Contenders Match)

Image result for Io Shirai nxt gif Image result for Kacy Catanzaro nxt gif

These two women became very heavily involved with Bianca Belair's blood feud with Shayna Baszler and have now been granted an opportunity to face Belair for the NXT Womens title. Io Shirai brings that Japanese style of wrestling mixed with some brilliant high-flying action while Catanzaro's offence is all about her athleticism and taking advantage of her small and nimble stature. For the opening of the match both competitors were trying to feel each other out with no one really gaining the upper hand. Shirai would get the upper hand soon after and the action would then spill to the outside. The two women brawled with Catanzaro hitting an amazing Moonsault to the outside resulting in a double count-out

The fans booed at the finish of the match which brought out William Regal. The GM stated that both women were more than deserving of getting a Women's Championship opportunity and that's exactly what they'll get as Bianca Belair will defend against BOTH Kacy Catanzaro and Io Shirai at TakeOver

Jack Bashka vs Oliver Gordan (NXT Breakout Tournament Semi-Final)

Image result for tama tonga entrance gif Image result for Will Ospreay entrance gif

Our first Breakout Tournament Semi-Final of the night featured Jack Bashka taking on Oliver Gordan. Last week Bashka took on the Dangerous Kieron Black and pulled out an impressive victory, showing amazing heart and spirit to weather the storm and pick up the victory. On the other hand Oliver Gordan took on the Psychotic, Death Match specialist New Shaq and somehow walked away with the victory after New Shaq had a mishap with his beloved cheese grater

Once again these two showed how much they wanted that spot on the TakeOver Card, both putting it all on the line and taking all the risks necessary to move on and get just that one step closer to gaining a full-time WWE Contract. However, for the second week in a row the ref was taken out after Bashka accidentally ran into him which then allowed Gordan to hit a springboard cutter although there was no ref there to count the pin. Taking advantage of the situation, New Shaq ran in through the crowd and started battering away at Gordan with a Kendo stick before leaving the ring and demanding that Bashka pin him. Bashka was visually torn in making the decision but eventually waited for Gordan to get to his feet so he could finish him off. The referee rose and counted the pin sending Bashka into the final at TakeOver 

Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" vs KENJI (NXT Breakout Tournament Semi-Final)

Image result for killer kross gif Image result for Shingo Takagi gif

A mouth watering clash was up next as the two heaviest hitters in the breakout tournament would face off. Angel took care of business fairly easily last week defeating El Vida while KENJI defeated Ryan Star. It was a standard heavyweight fight between the two as both men used their power and size to their advantage with KENJI also showing a bit of speed and agility. Once again as Angel figured KENJI's game plan out everything would go sour for the Japanese star as Angel started to dominate and would eventually put the match to an end. Angel moves onto TakeOver where he will face Jack Bashka in the final, the chance to become a WWE Superstar on the line 

Gargano has Zero Fear

Image result for johnny gargano gif

The final segment of the show would be the advertised face to face between Gargano and Pentagon Jr before their championship faceoff at TakeOver. Johnny came out first and began to talk about how his ride in NXT has been an absolute blast, thanking the fans for every moment of it. He spoke about how he has defeated Ciampa and Punishment Martinez already for the NXT title and isn't scared of the enigmatic presence that is Pentagon Jr. Johnny then waited for Pentagon to arrive but nothing would happen

The lights in the arena turned to black and a loud hush was heard around the arena. When the lights returned Johnny Gargano was out cold on the mat with the NXT Championship draped across his chest. The show ends in confusion as it seems Pentagon has already gotten the advantage over the current NXT Champion 

Image result for cero miedo gif




NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano (C) vs Pentagon Jr 

NXT Women's Championship: Bianca Belair (C) vs Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai

NXT Tag-Team Championship: The Undisputed Era (C) vs Street Profits 

NXT UK Championship: WALTER (C) vs Keith Lee 

NXT Breakout Tournament Final: Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" vs Jack Bashka

NXT North-American Championship: Matt Riddle (C) vs The Velveteen Dream 


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NXT Championship: Johnny Gargano (C) vs Pentagon Jr 

NXT Women's Championship: Bianca Belair (C) vs Kacy Catanzaro vs Io Shirai

NXT Tag-Team Championship: The Undisputed Era (C) vs Street Profits 

NXT UK Championship: WALTER (C) vs Keith Lee 

NXT Breakout Tournament Final: Angel "El Sicario del Diablo" vs Jack Bashka

NXT North-American Championship: Matt Riddle (C) vs The Velveteen Dream 

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