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Image result for WWE Superstar Shakeup"

WWE Announce Superstar Shake - Up For Night After Survivor Series PPV

At the Survior Series PPV, it will once again be RAW vs Smackdown. As the two brands will go head to head to see who has the better rosters, its Heyman vs Bischoff. RAW vs Smackdown, and its a huge PPV! With huge implications this year as the brand that wins the Survivor Series, will get the first pick in the Superstar Shakeup, and this year. Everyone is eligible, not only that, but the winner of Survivor Series will ALSO get the first pick from NXT, that is right, after Survivor Series, there will be two NXT call-ups. One to RAW, and one to Smackdown! 

Superstar Shake-Up Rules

RAW And Smackdown Will Each Be Able To Choose 2 Superstars From The Separate Brand To Bring To The Roster.

RAW And Smackdown Will Each Be Able To Choose 1 Superstar On The NXT Or 205 Live Roster To Bring To Their Roster.



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Man Bic, you have an amazing diary here. And as I have said before If you ever need another brand Im right here. Anyways getting onto the review. I love the way you presented this, not making it that long of a read, but just right.  I really like the idea of The Undisputed Era having both Tag Team Championships. It adds that aspect of domination which is always nice.

You had a really good match card here, but what really stuck out was how you booked Owens. Having him win was the right call in my opinion, it will be interesting to see how you book him as king. And I look forward to it, once again it is always a nice read. My favorite diary to read on a consistent basis at the moment. 

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Image result for wwe raw logo"

Monday Night RAW

Episode 33  l Montgomery, Alabama

Image result for Paul Heyman"


The show would open with a look at the entire RAW roster, with one man standing in the ring. That being, Paul Heyman, the RAW general manager. Who welcomes everyone to the show and speaks about some of the best on the RAW roster. From Brock Lesnar, to Gran Metalik. The RAW roster is full of talent, but Heyman says one man will be the captain. One man will lead RAW into battle in the 5v5 battle royale, and that is Andrade.

Zelina Vega introduces Andrade, as Andrade comes to the ring and puts on the RAW T-Shirt, as he is ready to represent his brand, for a big paycheck of course. As he wants the world championship.

Image result for drew mcyntire"

Drew McIntyre vs Cedric Alexander

Two men who had matches on last nights King Of The Ring PPV, McIntyre would take on Cedric Alexander. Last night, McIntyre defeated Keith Lee in singles competition. While Alexander would come up just short against Dijak for the United States Championship.

Drew would once again prove that he is The Punisher, as he would knock out Cedric on multiple occasions. However, Alexander would continue to fight, hitting multiple moves on McIntyre and nearly winning on multiple occasions. However, it would be McIntyre hitting the claymore kick that would seal the deal on the match up as McIntyre continues his winning streak here on RAW.

After the match, Zelina Vega would come out to the ring with a RAW T-Shirt in hand, McIntyre would grab the T Shirt before dropping it in the ring. Showing that he does not care about the brand warfare.


Image result for War Raiders"

War Raiders vs Local Competitors

The War Raiders would come to the ring with their RAW Tag Team titles in hands to take on The Creed, a team that is looking to jumpstart their WWE careers as Eli Smith and Bart. Two small men, go up against the best tag team on RAW. 

The match wouldn't last long at all, as the War Raiders would pick apart the two men easily. Winning the match and then cutting a promo after the match, at Survivor Series. They take on the Smackdown Tag Team champions, Undisputed Era. In a brand vs brand match.


Image result for Elias"

Elias Returns To The Guitar

Its been a very long month for Elias, being kidnapped by Eric Young, as Eric Young attempted to recruit and force Elias to become the singer for his cult. Tonight, Elias returns to the ring and sings a song. Uninterrupted, ending the song with the announcement that he will be performing next week as well.


Image result for Keith Lee"

Keith Lee vs EC3

Keith Lee would attempt to make a comeback from his loss last night against another large opponent in the form of EC3, the one percent. Who comes to the ring with his tag partner The Miz.

Keith Lee would prove just why he is Limitless as he would take the fight to EC3 over and over again. Hitting almost every move in the book as he takes down EC3, eventually defeating him with the Spirit Bomb. As The Miz would come into the ring, only to be hit by a Spirit Bomb of his own. Keith Lee stands over the "A Listers" and posses, getting his groove back.

Zelina Vega would step out on stage, standing in front of Lee. The crowd would chant "Bask In His Glory", as Keith Lee would put on the RAW T Shirt, and would pose on stage. As Team RAW has gotten its first member. 


Image result for dominik dijakovic"

Dijak Is A Warrior

We would get a backstage segment with Dijak, where he would be inside of a Boxing Ring. Training before turning towards the camera and cutting a promo on his championship reign so far. As the United States championship hangs on the rope in the background. Dijak is one of the most dominant men on RAW, and he looks to keep it that way. 


Image result for Oney Lorcan"

Oney Lorcan vs Tyler Breeze

Two workhorses on the RAW brand, Tyler Breeze and Oney Lorcan would go head to head. As Oney Lorcan comes to the ring to many cheers, the crowd loving Lorcan as he prepares to face Breeze.

Tyler Breeze would prove he is no joke, taking the fight straight to Lorcan with many knees and kicks. Even hitting a springboard moonsault, as the fast paced match would be made a highlight due to Lorcans hard slaps. Which leaves Breezes chest bright red, as well as the many headbutts which open up a spot for victory for Oney Lorcan. Lorcan would hit a brand new finisher he calls the "BOSTON SLAP PARTY" as he pins and defeats Breeze in an amazing matchup. 


Image result for Randy Orton Promo"

The Viper Is Cold Blooded

Randy Orton would make his return to RAW as he comes on screen, and begins to speak about how he is not scared of any of the new members of the roster. And realizes that now, the tables are turned. And that he is the legend, that needs to be killed. He won't let it happen, and promises that the "Legend Killer", is now, the "Rookie Killer".


Image result for Kevin Owens"

Kevin Owens vs Luke Harper

The main event of the night, the King Of The Ring would come to the ring. Covered in "King" Owens merch, he steps into the ring to many cheers and chants. Including "You Deserve It", as Luke Harper comes to the ring to take on Owens.

Luke Harper would be good, hitting multiple powerbombs and big boots and even a dive to the outside. However, Kevin Owens would be to agile and to strong, as his move set woulda allow him to take out Harper and hit the pop-up powerbomb, winning the match after a hard fought battle. 

After the match, Kevin Owens would taunt. Celebrating with the fans as he enters the crowd with a microphone, announcing that at the Survivor Series PPV, he will be evoking his championship match clause against Brock Lesnar. 

Monday Night RAW comes to a close with that blockbuster announcement. 

Brock Lesnar vs Kevin Owens; Universal Championship.


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Image result for WWE Smackdown"

Friday Night SmackDown

Episode 33 l Chicago, IL

Image result for eric bischoff 2019"

Smackdown Is Set For War

Similar to the opening on RAW, we would see the entire Smackdown roster standing on top of the roster as Eric Bischoff calls out RAW directly. Saying that Smackdown will win this war, and Eric Bischoff promises that the Smackdown captain will be a huge name.

As Bischoff points to the stage, Finn Balor would return to Smackdown. A man who has not been seen since Summerslam, Finn Balor stands in the ring with a blue attire. Announcing that he will lead the blue brand to victory. As he announces that here on Smackdown, you will have to earn a spot on the team. As two men come down for a match, that being Jordan Devlin and Sami Zayn.


Image result for Jordan Devlin"

Jordan Devlin vs Sami Zayn

In a matchup where the winner joins Team Smackdown, Jordan Devlin and Sami Zayn would go at it. Two underdogs who would love the opportunity that comes with defending the brand would go at it, as Devlin is looking to capture the big win he lost at the KOTR semi finals.

The match, between two of Smackdowns crowd favorites go at it. As the match is back and fourth contest, with both men reversing moves and hitting top ropes dives as Jordan Devlin brings the match to mat based wrestling. However, after Zayn would kick out of many of Devlins big moves. It would take a sneak low blow to allow him to win, as Devlin wins.

Sami Zayn attempts to talk to Jordan Devlin after the match, but would only suffer another low blow. As Devlin locks in a reverse chokehold, choking out Sami Zayn until referees would have to take over. As he puts on a Smackdown wristband, this aggressive style may help Smackdown, but for the fans, this is a new Devlin.


Image result for Bray Wyatt"

Shock The System

Adam Cole would come to the ring to celebrate his title defense last night, as he would beat Roman Reigns and AJ Styles in a triple threat and neither men are in the building tonight. However, a different force would attack Adam Cole.

As Adam Cole would be standing in the ring, the lights would flicker and the famous score of The Fiend would play. As The Fiend attacks Adam Cole, hitting a Sister Abigail on the WWE Champion. As The Fiend slowly stands in the center of the ring, raising the title up as the lights flicker, and The Fiend disappears, leaving Cole and the WWE Championship in the center of the ring as Undisputed Era rushes to the ring.


Image result for Samoa Joe promo"

Smackdown Drafts A Destroyer

Samoa Joe would make his first entrance since losing to Kevin Owens at King Of The Ring and the battle scares would show, as his ribs are taped up from the battle as he steps into the ring and cuts a promo about the world championship and how the winners of the 5v5 get an opportunity at the title.

Finn Balor comes to the ring after being invited by Samoa Joe, and Samoa Joe would shake Finn Balors hand. Two enemies, coming together to defeat RAW. As Samoa Joe puts on the Smackdown Arm Band.


Image result for Killer Kross"

El Diablo vs Mansoor

"The Devils Hitman" Eli Diablo, would make his Smackdown debut. As he comes to the ring mysteriously to religious music. This man, with his only motive being whatever "He" tells him to do, takes on Mansoor.

Mansoor would put up a good fight, kicking Diablo multiple times. However, Diablo is a skilled fight, one of the strongest we have seen. As he catches Mansoor in mid-air and hits a HellFire Bomb, a sitout powerbomb that puts Mansoor out for the 3 count.

El Diablo disappears as quickly as he showed up, as this dangerous force is now on Smackdown. This may be dangerous.


Image result for Asuka"  

Asuka vs Ember Moon

A feud that has been brewing over the past few weeks, Asuka and Moon would go at each other tonight on Smackdown. As the two women have no love for each other, and it shows as they don't even wait for the bell to ring.

Its full speed throughout the entire match as Ember Moon won the match last time out, and this time Asuka won't allow that. As the two go to war, and Ember Moon even is busted open as Asuka causes a nose bleed for Moon. Before locking in her submission move, the "Dojime Facelock", causing Moon to pass out as the referee ends the match.

The two women are now tied 1-1, as the camera whos the Womens GM Paige looking on in the back, possibly looking at a new number one contender.


Image result for Indsupted Era promo"

The Champions

Undisputed Era, that being Kyle O' Reily and Bobby Fish. Standing with their NXT and Smackdown tag team titles, Adam Cole missing as his injuries from the attack still effect him. UE speaks about their success, and how they are the greatest tag team on the planet. At Survivor Series, they promise to defeat the War Raiders.


Image result for Ricochet"

Ricochet vs Cody Rhodes - Intercontinental Championship

In the main event, it would be a King Of The Ring rematch as Cody Rhodes would evoke his rematch clause and take on the new champion, Ricochet. Who got the upset victory over Rhodes last night and looks to prove it wasn't a fluke tonight.

The matchup beings and its once again a killer matchup, as both men hit a number of huge moves such as a reverse poisionrana on the apron, a moonsault from the top rope, and even a cross rhodes onto the outside. However, no moves would end the match. As the match would stretch to 15 minutes as both men would be tired, the match only coming to an end once Ricochet would be able to surprise Cody Rhodes with a springboard cutter. 

Ricochet would pin and defeat Rhodes, retaining his championship as he celebrates his victory. The show coming to a close with Ricochet finally on top, celebrating with the fans. Who will step up to challenge Ricochet?

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Image result for NXT logo"

NXT Wrestling  l  The Change In Pro Wrestling

WWE for the past year, has been in a brand new era. The pro wrestling world has been changed as WWE has once again become one of the best wrestling companies, with stars such as Andrade, Seth Rollins, and more coming out on top. The opportunity for success has never been higher, and the stock will never be higher to be a WWE superstar. But whats the journey? Whats the spot for success before the big leagues, what is, the alternative. 

This is. NXT. The brain child of the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Shawn Michels, and Triple H. NXT has been a sound name in WWE for years now, and it is now coming back, better than ever. As it will now be airing as a 2 hour show on USA, as the third WWE brand will not be put into the spotlight with brand new storylines, superstars, and more as NXT truly is going to be Reborn.

Also coming to NXT, NXT UK. What use to be a separate brand will be merged with the NXT roster as the NXT UK Womens championship and the NXT UK Tag Team Titles will be merged with the current NXT Championships, as the NXT UK Championship will remain on the current champion, Walter.

NXT Roster

Austin Theory  -  Angel Garza - Angelo Dawkins - Boa - Bobby Fish

Cameron Grimes - Cezar - Damian Priest - Danny Burch - Dexter Lumis

 Fenix - Isaiah Scott - Jaxson Ryker - Joaquin - Johnny Gargano - Killian Dain

Kona Reeves - Kushida - Kyle O' Reily - Lio Rush - Mansoor - Matt Riddle

Montez Ford- MJF - Pete Dunne - Pentagon Jr. - Riddick Moss - Roderick Strong

Shane Thorne - Steve Cutler - Tino Sabbatelli - Tyler Breeze - Velvteen Dream

NXT UK Roster

A Kid - Alexander Wolfe - Amir Jordan - Dave Mastiff - Dragunov

Eddie Dennis - Fabian Aichner - Morgan Webster - James Drake - Joe Coffey

Joseph Connors - Kenny Williams - Ligero - Marcel Barthel - Mark Andrews

Mark Coffey - Noam Dar - Primate - Travis Banks - Trent Seven

Tyler Bate - Walter - Wolfgang - Zack Gibson

NXT Womens Roster

Ailyah - Bianca Belair - Candice LeRae - Dakota Kai - Io Shriai

Kay Lee Ray - Killer Kelly - Mia Yim - Rhea Ripley -  Sasha Banks

Shayna Blazer - Tegan Nox - Vanessa Borne - Xia Li

NXT Tag Team Roster

Undisputed Era - Imperium - Forgotten Sons - Street Profits

Lucha Bros - Mustache Mountain - Grizzled Young Veterans 

- Gallus -

NXT Champions

Image result for NXT championship" NXT Championship: Pentagon Jr.

Image result for NXT Womens championship"NXT Womens Championship: Bianca Belair

Image result for nxt north american championship"NXT North American Championship: Matt Riddle

Image result for nxt tag team championship"NXT Tag Team Championship: Undisputed Era

Image result for nxt UK championship"NXT United Kingdom Championship: Walter

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Image result for wwe raw logo"

Monday Night RAW

Episode 34  l Green Bay, WI

Image result for The Miz and Andrade"

Miz TV With Andrade 

Monday Night RAW would open up with The Miz, EC3, and Maryse inside of the ring for an edition of Miz TV. As they introduce tonights guest, the captain of Team RAW. Andrade. Who comes to the ring with Zelina Vega by his side, as they answer questions about Team RAW and its two members. Andrade, and Keith Lee. As Andrade announces that he has acquired a new member. The Miz claims it is himself, before Andrade points to the stage. 

Buddy Murphy would come to the stage, revealing himself as the third member of Team RAW. As he steps into the ring, where The Miz would challenge him to a matchup. 


Image result for buddy murphy"

Buddy Murphy vs The Miz

The newest member of Team RAW would be taking on The Miz in one on one action as the two get set for the match. Andrade and Zelina would be watching nearby. 

Buddy Murphy and Miz would take each other to the limit, as Murphy is impressive. Knocking The Miz out multiple times with knee strikes, and a powerbomb onto the apron. As The Miz would attempt to hit many moves but would often be reversed, as Buddy Murphy would hit the 'Murphys Law" and pin The Miz in the center of the ring, celebrating as he puts on the RAW T Shirt.


Image result for luke harper"

The World Of Hurt

Luke Harper would cut a promo in a backstage area, speaking about his time in WWE so far and how much he misses inflicting pain. He says he is done with silly mask, hammers, and theme songs. He just wants to hurt, and he promises to do so.


Image result for dijakovic"

Dijak vs R - Truth

The United States champion, Dijak, would once again come to the ring. As this monster of a man, who is the United States champion, steps into the ring to take on R - Truth. Who looks scared shitless on the other side of the ring.

The match, like most of Dijaks matches, didn't last long. As he quickly lifts Truth up for the "Feast Your Eyes". Hitting it and pinning Truth in the center of the ring, as once again Dijak looks dominant. 

However, he would be interrupted by a returning Sheamus. Who comes to the ring and begins to take down Dijak, nearly hitting a brogue kick before Dijak would escape through the ropes. Choosing his prey wisely.


Image result for Randy Orton"

Randy Orton vs Shinsuke Nakamura

One of the best members of RAW, Randy Orton would come to the ring as he is taking on "The King Of Strong Style", Shinsuke Nakamura who has proven to be a true threat to WWE, as he takes on Orton here tonight. 

Nakamura and Orton would bring all the aggression in the world, throwing each other into the barricades and ring apron, as well as hitting big moves in the ring. As Randy Orton attempts to slow the pace down, Nakmura uses his knees and kicks to speed it out. However, Orton would catch him out at every turn. Including one final RKO as he reverses the kinsasha, pinning the former Rumble winner as he walks away the winner. 

Randy Orton had a strong showing tonight, as the veteran was able to take out Shinsuke Nakamura, as this may be the run of the "Rookie Killer" just beginning.


Image result for ELIAS"

Ladies And Gentleman, Lars Sullivan

Elias would once again come to the ring, the crowd welcoming him with cheers as Elias is still adjusting to being back. However, before he could begin to speak. Eric Young would appear on stage, announcing that his experiment is now complete. He explains that over the past few months, he has been kidnapping various superstars to convince them to work for him, and finally, he has found the cult he needs, he has found, the monster.

That is when Lars Sullivans music would hit, as Lars returns to ring and attacks Elias. Shrugging off a guitar hit as he hits a nasty running head butt before hitting the "Freak Accident", leaving Elias laid out in the center of the ring. As Eric Youngs cult has begun.


Image result for Zelina Vega"

Team RAW Drafts Its Fourth Member

Andrade, Keith Lee, and Buddy Murphy. What a starting 3, as Zelina Vega hypes up the three men backstage, she begins to introduce the newest member of the team. Cesaro, Cesaro and Keith Lee stare down, as they have had problems in the past. But Cesaro ends up shaking the hand of Lee, as the rivalry is put aside for now.

Team RAW now only needs one member, with just two weeks to go until Survivor Series.


Image result for Seth Rollins"

Seth Rollins vs Rey Mysterio

Following an announcement that Seth Rollins will be a RAW Representative in a 1v1 match at Survivor Series, he host an open challenge. In which the masked legend, Rey Mysterio would answer the call. 

Rey Mysterio takes the fight to Rollins, proving he still can go in the ring as he hits many diving attacks and big kicks, but the determined Rollins is more dangerous then ever as he tries to work his way back to the top, eventually hitting the Curb Stomp on Mysterio and pinning him in the center of the ring.

No better man can represent RAW as the show closes with Seth Rollins taking center stage, celebrating his victory as we inch closer to Survivor Series.



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Image result for WWE Smackdown"

Friday Night SmackDown

Episode 34 l Phenix, AZ

Image result for daniel bryan"

Daniel Bryan Returns To Smackdown

As Smackdown begins, we would be greeted by a returning Daniel Bryan. Who comes to the ring with a lot more of a positive look then normal, as the crowd gives him a mixed reaction as its been a long time since Daniel Bryan has been on top. 

He enters the ring and says that he will not be pushed aside again, and he says he is the best star that Smackdown has so he will take on Seth Rollins in the Brand Representative match. Erick Rowan stands by Bryans side, as Bryan says that this will be the start of his comeback.


Image result for Kassius Ohno"

Pro Wrestling Elite vs Glorious Ten

Two of Smackdowns tag teams that are looking for a title shot, PWE and the Glorious Ten, would go at it. As Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews have become one of the most aggressive teams on Smackdown, as they would take on Bobby Roode and Tye Dillinger. 

Dillinger and Crews would start things off as the two men showcase their in ring talents, as Crews would hit his high flying move set and even nearly put the match away before Dillinger would have to make a comeback, tagging in Roode as Roode takes out Ohno. The match continues on, and would only come to an end when Ohno would hit the KO Elbow and pin Roode for the win. 

PWE would cut a promo after the match, as they are interviewed, they would say that they are finally finding their footing and will become a top team in just a few weeks. They leave the ring with high intentions of becoming tag team champions, will it happen?


Image result for Cody Rhodes"

Cody Rhodes vs Rusev

The former Intercontinental Champion, Cody Rhodes, would burst into Eric Bischoffs office. Demanding a match to be able to prove himself, Bischoff compliments Rhodes on his title reign. Before saying that tonight is all booked up, that is when Rusev would follow closely behind. As both men ask for positions on Team Smackdown, as Eric Bischoff makes the match.

The two would go to the ring and have a excellent match as both Rhodes and Rusev take the fight to each other. Cody Rhodes hitting various kicks and moonsaults, while Rusev works on the power game. Nearly locking in the accolade before Rhodes would slip out of it and roll up Rusev for the pinfall victory.

Rhodes impressed here tonight, and won his spot on Team Smackdown as he is greeted by Balor at the top of the stage.


Image result for roman reigns"

The War Continues

A promo would air featuring Roman Reigns standing with his family, Jimmy and Jey Uso. In a backstage area, he begins to speak about both The Club, and Undisputed Era. The war that has been happening on the grounds of Smackdown have been going on for months, and Roman Reigns promises to stop it, soon.


Image result for The Fiend"

The Doll

We would cut to the now infamous circus area, where the happy go lucky Bray Wyatt stays with a smile on his face. Until he begins to speak about "Him", and that "He", has recruited a new force. The same pink baseball bat that has been seen for weeks now appears behind Bray, as Bray turns into The Fiend, and appearing behind, holding the pink baseball bat covered in barb wire. Is non other than Liv Morgan.


Image result for Tomasso Cimapa"

Tomasso Ciampa vs Fandango

Tomasso Ciampa would come to the ring ready for war against Fandango, as Fandango has been attempting to get back on his winning ways here in WWE and tonight, he has a true test against Tomasso Ciampa. Who comes to the ring determined to get a victory here tonight. 

Fandango would fight off Ciampa for some time, but it would end up like most Ciampa matches. As he hits the "Project Ciampa' on Fandango, winning the matchup and celebrating his victory as Ciampa continues to be a major threat here on Smackdown.

After the match, a former NXT friend in Finn Balor would come to the ring. Offering Ciampa an armband, Ciampa would accept. Meaning Tomasso Ciampa has joined team blue.


Image result for Finn Balor"

Finn Balor vs Daniel Bryan

In the main event, it would be the Smackdown Team Captain vs the Smackdown Representative, as both men collide here tonight in what is a dream match to many. As both men make their entrance, you know they mean business. 

The match would kick off with, kicks. As both men bring everything they have towards each other, locking in various submissions. Wrestling moves, and more as Finn Balor nearly beats Daniel Bryan on multiple occasions. 

However, the match would be interrupted by the appearance of Seth Rollins on stage! Along with the War Raiders, Keith Lee, Andrade, and many RAW stars as RAW invades Smackdown! Its a full on brawl, RAW vs Smackdown as the brand war is in full effect and we still have 2 weeks to go till Survivor Series!!!

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Image result for wwe raw logo"

Monday Night RAW

Episode 35  l Cincinnati, Ohio

Image result for daniel bryan"

Daniel Bryan Invades Monday Night RAW

Before Monday Night RAW could come to a beginning, we would be interrupted by a man wearing jeans and a blue Smackdown T Shirt coming in through the crowd. He hops the barricade and enters the ring, revealing himself as the Smackdown Representative, Daniel Bryan. Who grabs a microphone and begins to speak about the "disgusting" attacking RAW committed on Smackdown last week. Saying that he promises Smackdown will get revenge, but for now, it is just him, and he means no harm. Security Guards would come down to the ring before Bryan would hop over the barricade and sit down in one of the chairs, revealing he bought a ticket, and is allowed to stay at the show. So there he sits, in the front row, observing the RAW roster. 


Image result for Authors Of Pain"

Authors Of Pain vs Local Competitors

As RAW rolls on, one of the most dominant tag teams on the roster would make its return to the ring. As the Authors Of Pain, who now work for an unnamed bidder. Come to the ring to take out two local competitors by the name of Eli Smith and Bart Hoogveld, who carry around two cardboard tag team titles. As the bell rings, they would make quick work of the two. Bringing both men into the ring and hitting the double powerbomb move that has put away so many, the Authors Of Pain have new motive, and it may be the scariest version of the two yet. As they leave the ring, ready for what is next.


Image result for Lars Sullivan"

Lars Sullivan vs Elias

Following the Authors Of Pain, we would get a backstage vignette featuring Lars Sullivan and his leader, Eric Young. As Eric Young has started his Charlie Manson esq cult. After the promo, we would cut to the ring where Elias would be ready for action against "The Freak". Who comes to the ring looking more dominant then ever, in the matchup. Elias would be able to hold his own against Sullivan, showing off some of the strength that many fans forgot he has as he even hits a powerbomb on Lars. However, the power of Lars would be far to strong as Elias would be laid out with the "Freak Accident" as Lars Sullivan walks away the winner. Proving his worth tonight as he leaves without saying a word, the thought of Eric Young controlling this monster sending a chill down the rosters spine.


Image result for Sheamus" 

Sheamus Is Coming For Dominik Dijak

Last week, we would see the return of "The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus, as he would attack the United States champion. This week, we see him in Ireland. Sitting on a hill and looking out over the land before talking about the fights he got into in grade school, and the old underground fights he use to participate in. Sheamus is back on RAW and he has targeted one of the biggest men on the roster, Dominik Dijak. 


Image result for Keith Lee"

Keith Lee vs Gran Metalik

It would be one on one action up next as Team RAW member Keith Lee would go up against the former United States champion in Gran Metalik, who is trying to get back on his winning ways against one of the best RAW members in Keith Lee. Despite his size, Lee would match Metaliks speed perfectly. As he hits various high risk moves, and shows off his power as he would have a one-up on Metalik. However, Metalik would battle back with heavy kicks as well as an outside dive that would be shared across all social media. The match would come to an end when Keith Lee would hit the "Glory Bomb" on Metalik, allowing himself to pin and defeat Metalik as the Team RAW member looks impressive here tonight, and Daniel Bryan watches closely from the front row.


Image result for asuka wwe"

The Empress Attacks

The cameras would rush backstage as we get a look at Asuka attacking the womens champion, Becky Lynch. EMTs and superstars attempt to pull Asuka off of Lynch as she continues the brawl, even going as far as hitting her with a steel pipe before leaving the area, Asuka would leave the area and head to the ring, where she has a number one contenders match awaiting her.


Image result for asuka vs ember moon"

Asuka vs Ember Moon

After the brutal attack on Lynch, it would be main event time, as Asuka and Ember Moon would go to war in a number one contenders matchup. As the ultra-violent Asuka would make her entrance and await Ember Moon, who comes to the ring to a huge reaction. These two have been feuding for some time now and it comes to an end tonight. Ember Moon would be able to get the upper hand on Asuka early on, as she hits multiple powerslams and suplexes, including a nasty arm trap suplex. However, Asuka would come back with a outside brawl. Sending Ember Moon into the barricade before bringing her into the ring, Moon attempts to fight back. Going for the "Eclipse" only to be caught out in the Asuka Lock. Ember Moon would tap out, as Asuka is the winner, and if she performs like she has tonight at the PPV, we may be looking at our next WWE Womens Champion.


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Kevin Owens Is Laid Out

To end the show, Kevin Owens would come out to the ring to speak about his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar, even calling out the Universal Champion as the "King Of The Ring" is looking for a fight. He would get a fight however, in the form of Authors Of Pain. Who return to the ring from their match earlier in the night and begin to beat down on Owens, as Owens is picked apart and it is revealed who the 'Highest Bidder', as Ric Flair, the head of PWE, appears on stage. Handing the team a wad of cash, but why did they attack Owens? The show ends with the number one contender down and out, and more questions filling the minds than answers.

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