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Image result for NXT gif

NXT: January 16th, 2019 

We bring you the most exciting hour in all of Sports Entertainment, this is NXT! Tonight we have a great show for you all, headlined by our Main Event of the evening where Bobby Fish will take on The Limitless Keith Lee for a spot in the Royal Rumble Match, but before we get there lets send it to your commentary team Nigel McGuinness, Percy Watson and Mauro Ranallo

Kassius Ohno vs Aleister Black 

Image result for Kassius Ohno entrance gif Image result for Aleister Black entrance gif

We open the show with two of the most toughest superstars in NXT today "The Knockout Artist" Kassius Ohno and "The Dutch Destroyer" Aleister Black. Both men put on a great hard-hitting contest in which Aleister Black won after countering an attempted Rolling Elbow from Ohno into a Black Mass. Post-Match as Aleister was seated in the ring Tomasso Ciampa would attack him from behind with his crutch. Kassius Ohno would aid Ciampa in the attack which brought out Matt Riddle to even the odds. Riddle cleared the ring before black delivered yet another Black Mass to Kassius Ohno

The EST of NXT in Action next week 

Image result for bianca belair gif

The Un-de-fea-ted Bianca Belair makes he return to singles action next week right here on NXT!

What's Next for Gargano?

Related image

Johnny Gargano was interviewed by NXT interviewer Cathy Kelley. He was asked about what the future holds for Johnny Gargano? He said he would be paying very close attention to Aleister Black and Tomasso Ciampa's NXT Championship match at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. He ended by saying that 2019 would be the year of Johnny Wrestling 

Grizzled Young Veterans vs Mark Andrews and Flash Morgan Webster 

Image result for grizzled young veterans entrance gif  Image result for Flash Morgan Webster entrance gifRelated image

After very successful NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool event, the stars of NXT UK were given a chance to shine on NXT TV in a "Showcase" match as labelled by GM William Regal. The NXT UK Tag-Champs, James Drake and Zack Gibson put on a good showing against Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews with Liverpool's Number One Zack Gibson picking up the victory 

Bobby Fish vs Keith Lee

Image result for undisputed era entrance gif Image result for Keith Lee entrance gif

The Undisputed ERA were in Bobby Fish's corner, prompting Keith Lee to get his own help in the form of The War Raiders. The Match was great with both men putting everything on the line for a spot at the Royal Rumble. After many near falls and exciting spots, Keith Lee made Bobby Fish bask in his glory hitting the Supernova for the three count 

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Animated GIF
205 Live - January 18th, 2019
205 Live's exciting new year continues as we are now only two weeks away from WWE's Royal Rumble PPV. With the contenders to the WWE Cruiserweight Championship decided, we look to see which of the four competitors in the fatal 4-way build up the most monetum heading into their match whilst other roster members look to prove why they should be the next to challenge for the title after the Royal Rumble.
The Power Of Love Is Back
Animated GIF

The show would begin with Mike Kanellis and his wife, Maria, making their entrance. They would hold a microphone each and let the WWE Universe know that this year will be the year of love. The two would then share a kiss in front of all the fans in attendance.

Christian Gives Murphy A Choice
Image result for christian wwe gif
We are then brought to the general manager, Christian, in his office. Murphy walks in as requested by Christian as he has a choice for the champion to make. He tells Murphy that he will be competing tonight in a tag team match alongside the rest of the competitors who will be in the fatal 4-way WWE Cruiserweight Championship match at the Royal Rumble. Christian then tells Murphy that he will be able to choose which of his three future opponents will be his partner tonight but Murphy just sniggers before leaving without giving an answer.
TJ Perkins vs Tyler Breeze
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
TJ Perkins is given another chance on his road to redemption as he faces the debuting Tyler Breeze. Unfortunately, Perkins is unable to beat Breeze and is clearly upset after the match. Breeze shows no sympathy and begins to taunt Perkins after the match. As Breeze turns his back to leave, Perkins looks as though he is about to hit Breeze but once again stops himself as he continues to try to honorably rebuild his prestige within the cruiserweight division.
Tony Nese Has An Awkward Encounter
Animated GIF
Tony Nese is seen in the locker room by himself. He is about to leave when Drew Gulak walks in. Gulak attempts to talk to his former partner but Nese ignores him completely and leaves. It's clear that Nese no longer wants anything to do with Gulak but it's unclear why.
Buddy Murphy & Lio Rush vs Akira Tozawa & Cedric Alexander
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
The main event of the night once again sees the WWE Cruiserweight Champion in action but this time, in tag team action with the fellow competitors of the fatal 4-way set to take place at the Royal Rumble. Before the match, Murphy makes his choice of tag team partner and picks Lio Rush, stating that he's clearly the only one anywhere near the level of Murphy.
During the match, the referee gets knocked down and seemingly out of nowhere, Hideo Itami slides into the ring. As Itami's former partner, Tozawa, is climbing to his feet, Hideo sizes him up before connecting with his signature Busaiki Knee Kick. Itami then picks Tozawa up and hits him the GTS before hitting him with another, and another, until Tozawa is completely motionless. Itami climbs out the ring as Rush makes the cover and picks up the pinfall for his team. As soon as the bell rings, medics rush into the ring and tend to Tozawa who is bleeding from his head after that merciless attack by Itami. Hideo stands at the top of the ramp with a terrifying sincere smile on his face as this week's 205 Live comes to a horrifying end.

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Monday Night RAW - January 19th, 2019
It is the final episode before the Royal Rumble, tensions have never been higher, Paul Heyman has made a huge main event as Seth Rollins will have a chance to defeat Dean Ambrose in a one on one match that could change the Royal Rumble card. Not only that but John Cena is going to be in one on one action against Lars Sullivan.
Image result for Braun Strowman gif
Braun Strowman Calls Out The Beast
Braun Strowman, who takes on Brock Lesnar, is in the building and takes to the ring to call out Brock Lesnar. Stowman would cut a great promo, one of his best before Brock Lesnar would come out on stage. He would force Paul Heyman to the back before making his way to the ring, and RAW would kick off with a brawl. As the Royal Rumble opponents would go full force after each other, Braun Strowman vs Borck Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, RAW is kicking off with a bang! 
Image result for Bayley gif Image result for Natalya gif
Bayley vs Natayla
In the opening match, Natalya would give it to her all against the lovable Bayley, the "Queen Neidhart" would eventually get the upper hand on Bayley despite much effort. Natayla would use the ring post to her advantage and get the pinfall victory after a powerbomb from the middle rope. Ronda Rousey would slide into the ring after the match and hit Natayla over the head with the title. These two are going to go to war!
Image result for Bobby Lashley gifImage result for Kalisto entrance gif
Bobby Lashley vs Kalisto
Bobby Lashley who is one of the favorites in the Royal Rumble match would take on Kalitsto in one on one action, the match would be a dominant one for Lashley who has changed his match style recently to match his size. A more dominant, and upfront Lashley would take out Kalisto in 7 minutes. Looking impressive just 6 days before the Royal Rumble.
Image result for Zack Ryder entrance gifImage result for Curt Hawkins entrance gif
"Major Bros" Are Ready For RAW
In a backstage promo, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins would announce that they are teaming once again, and that they will change the tag division forever. The two would chant "Bro" along with the crowd, could this be the start of something new?
Image result for Authors Of Pain entrance gifImage result for WWE War Raiders gif
Authors Of Pain vs War Raiders
In one of the most violent matches we've seen on RAW in recent memory, the War Raiders would make there debut against Authors Of Pain. Two dominant NXT tag teams would rage war, and eventually, it would be the War Raiders who would pick up the win over the former tag champions. However, don't discredit either team as this war is defiantly not over.
Image result for WWE Seth Rollins gif
Seth Rollins Is Ready 
Seth Rollins would come to the ring and announce that not only is he ready for Dean Ambrose but he is ready to win the Royal Rumble this Sunday, that is when Drew Mcyntire would attack Seth Rollins from behind. Grabbing the microphone and saying that he is now in this match and that he will be privileged to eliminate him this Sunday.
Image result for WWE Seth Rollins gifImage result for WWE Dean Ambrose gifImage result for wwe drew mcintyre gif
Seth Rollins vs Drew Mcyntire vs Dean Ambrose - If Seth or Drew win, they join the Finn Balor vs Dean Ambrose match at Royal Rumble
A match with huge implications, an already hurt Seth Rollins would fight off a teaming Dean and Drew early on before Dean Ambrose and Drew would turn on each other. The "Scottish Terminator" would showcase impressive skills, taking out both former Shield brothers.
The match would continue going nearly 18 minutes before Finn Balors music would hit, distracting Seth Rollins and allowing Dean Ambrose to get the win. Meaning Finn Balor vs Dean Ambrose is official, and Rollins is pissed as he storms to the back. 
But Drew Mcyntire, who showed moves he has never shown before is easily the favorite heading into the Royal Rumble.
Image result for wwe John Cena gifImage result for wwe Lars Sullivan gif
John Cena vs Lars Sullivan
After the attack last week, John Cena would want revenge on the "Freak" Lars Sullivan, both these men need the momentum heading into the Royal Rumble as both men get ready to go to war.
John Cena would put up on hell of a fight, going into overtime for the 2 hour Monday Night RAW before the action would spill to the outside and the match would end in a countout. Lars Sullivan from there would destroy the 16 time world champion, sending him through the barricade and announce table. Once again standing tall as RAW comes to a close.

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Smackdown Live - January 20th, 2019

Its the final Smackdown Live before Royal Rumble, tonight we have one of the best main events in recent memory as Aj Styles will finally be able to get revenge on Andrade "Cien" Almes as he teams with Rey Mysterio to take on Almes and Bryan. Not only that but Nikki Cross will be making her in-ring debut.

Image result for shane mcmahon gif

Shane Mcmahon Changes The WWE Tag Team Divison

Shane Mcmahon along with his dad, Vince Mcmahon would open the show with a huge announcement. That the WWE Tag Team Divison would become one, a strong unit across both brands and a unified champion would be crowned at Wrestlemania. And it all after the Royal Rumble, when a tag team tournament to see who will face the champions at Elimination Chamber, the winner of that match facing the RAW Tag Team Champions. The Miz would come out and announce that him and Shane would be competting in that tournement.

Image result for Sanity gifImage result for The Usos gif

Sanity vs The Usos

Sanity would attempt to pick up much-needed momentum against The Usos, at the Royal Rumble they take on The Bar. Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe would pick apart The Usos, one of the most decorated teams in WWE history. Despite Killian Dain breaking off the group, the two men of Sanity are still dominate. 

The Usos would put up a great fight but by the end of the math, the aggressiveness of Alexander Wolfe would allow the two to pick up the win. Sending a big message to The Bar, The Bar is sure to be watching and they are in trouble this Sunday.

Image result for Samoa Joe gif

"The Destroyer" Lives Up To His Name

Samoa Joe would cut a promo backstage, and it would be one of the best of his career but the frustration of entering the Royal Rumble #1 would get to him and he would attack Sin Cara, who would try to calm him down. Samoa Joe would hit a vicious powerbomb onto the cement, and EMTs would rush to Sin Cara as Samoa Joe gets ready to Rumble.

Image result for Rusev gifImage result for Jeff hardy gif

Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy - Interputu United States Championship Match

Rusev would set out to prove that he deserves the United States championship, and in one of the most shocking turns of events, Jeff Hardy would accept the open challenge. It would be an amazing match between both men but by the end of the match, Rusev wouldn't be able to stop the veteran Jeff Hardy from climbing to the top and hitting the Swanton Bomb and defeating Rusev for the United States championship! Jeff Hardy wins the championship again! 

 Image result for Nikki Cross gifImage result for Carmella gif

Nikki Cross vs Carmella

Nikki Cross would make he long-awaited debut, and her crazy antics would get to the mind of Carmella, who enters the Royal Rumble at #30. But Carmella better wish for better luck at the Rumble, because despite R Truth rooting her on Nikki Cross would pick up the win over Carmella. Looking impressive in her in-ring debut.

Image result for EC3 gif

EC3 Invites The Smackdown Live Camera Crew Into His Mansion

EC3 would show off his wealth inside his multi-million dollar mansion, saying that when the time comes, he will become the greatest superstar to step in the ring. We have seen him defeat the likes of Shelton Benjamin and Rusev, but where will EC3 go next?

Image result for Andrade "cien" almas  gifImage result for Aj Styles gifImage result for Rey Mysterio  gifImage result for Daniel Bryan gif

Aj Styles and Rey Mysterio vs Daniel Bryan and Andrade "Cien" Almes

In explosive tag team action, Aj Styles would be able to get revenge on Andrade "Cien" Almes as the two would battle outside of the ring. The war wouldn't be over inside the ring either as Royal Rumble opponents Bryan and Mysterio would go at it, and with a phenomenal forearm to Bryan Rey Mysterio would be able to get the pinfall victory over the WWE champion!

The Royal Rumble..THIS SUNDAY!


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Image result for NXT gif

NXT: January 23rd, 2019 

We welcome you to another episode of NXT, the hottest hour of Sports-Entertainment you will see anywhere, and we are just 3 days away from the Yellow brands attempt to TakeOver Phoenix when NXT presents NXT TakeOver Phoenix. But tonight we have a stellar show for you all, after the drama of last week, Aleister Black will team with Matt Riddle to take on Tomasso Ciampa and Kassius Ohno. We also get news on who will be Shayna Baszler's challenger this sunday as well as newest NXT signing WALTER signing his official contract 

Io Shirai vs Dakota Kai vs Candice LeRae

Image result for Io Shirai gif Image result for Dakota Kai gif Image result for Candice LeRae gif

A triple-threat number one contenders match was announced for tonights episode of NXT with the winner taking on Shayna Baszler at TakeOver Phoenix. All three women put on a great match with Io Shirai picking up the victory using her incredible moonsault to pin Candice LeRae for the 1..2..3 Post Match, Shayna Baszler and Io Shirai had a stare down before heading to the back. It is official Shayna Baszler will take on Io Shirai at NXT TakeOver Phoenix!

A preview of the North-American Championship Match 

Image result for Ricochet wwe gif

The North-American Champion Ricochet would make his way to the ring ready to preview an exciting Triple-Threat match at this Saturday's NXT TakeOver Phoenix. He spoke about how he was unique, his style and talent have never been witnessed in WWE and that is why he will still remain NXT North-American Champion after Saturday. He was immediately interrupted by The Velveteen Dream who states that Ricochet will experience The Pro-Wrestling Dream and he will take the North-American Championship from the one and only. Adam Cole's music hits as both men look to the entrance ramp but from behind Cole strikes Ricochet and Dream with Steel Chairs before posing with the NXT North-American Championship and stating that the year 2019 is all about Adam Cole Bay Bay 

Aliyah vs Bianca Belair 

Image result for Aliyah gif Image result for Bianca Belair gif

The EST of NXT took on the ever improving Aliyah in the nights second bout. Aliyah took momentum early but the speed and strength of Belair allowed for here to take out Aliyah fairly quickly with the KOB. Belair grabbed the Mic post match and announced she would be challenging any women to step up and face her Next Week right here on NXT TV

Undisputed ERA go to war

Image result for Undisputed ERA interview gif

The Undisputed ERA were backstage being interviewed about their respective matches at TakeOver. They announced that they would clean sweep the competition and come back next week with all the gold. When asked about whether they are scared about the War Raiders, the Undisputed ERA laughed before leaving the interviewer high and dry 

WALTER has arrived

Image result for WALTER wrestler gif

The GM of NXT William Regal welcomes NXT's newest Signing WALTER to the ring to officially sign his contract. The Ring General makes his way down to the ring as the crowd explode. WALTER then signs his contract before being interrupted by The Finest Kona Reeves. Kona says that when he signed to NXT he was never given special treatment so why should WALTER. Kona says he could beat WALTER easily and rips up his contract. Both men stare down before Kona Reeves slaps the Austrian Behemoth. Without even flinching, WALTER delivered a massive chop to Kona Reeves sending him to the ground writhing pain. He then exited the ring leaving William Regal to announce that WALTER will make his in-ring debut at NXT TakeOver Phoenix against Kona Reeves

Aleister Black and Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno and Tomasso Ciampa

Image result for aleister black gif Image result for matt riddle wwe gif

Image result for Kassius Ohno entrance gif Image result for Tommaso Ciampa gif

In a jam packed Main Event between four of NXT's finest superstars, the crowd at Full Sail were able to get a sneak peak of what will go down at this Saturday's TakeOver. Ohno and Riddle went for each other but Ciampa, purposefully never went after Black. Aleister Black struck Ohno with a brutal Black Mass only to be taken out by Johnny Gargano. Gargano would assault all 4 men in the ring before raising the NXT Championship high above his head to close the show 



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Animated GIF
205 Live - January 25th, 2019
Nigel McGuinness welcomes us to 205 Live as he explains that tonight, we will see the in-ring return of Mike Kanellis as he takes Noam Dar one on one. Furthermore, we see the aftermath of Hideo Itami's savage attack on Akira Tozawa as he rushed the ring in the main event of last week's show.
Injury Update On Akira Tozawa
Animated GIF
205 Live begins with Akira Tozawa giving us an update following the attack by Hideo Itami last week. He explains that he has a concussion so won't be cleared to compete in the fatal 4-way at the Royal Rumble. However, he promises that when he is medically cleared, he will get his revenge and then will come after whoever is WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
Mike Kanellis vs Noam Dar
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
Mike Kanellis would return to action on 205 Live after a few weeks absence in a one on one matchup against Noam Dar who recently knocked off TJ Perkins. Noam Dar successfully beats Kanellis with the Nova Roller, once again defeating a superstar in their return match as he continues to gain momentum in the cruiserweight division.
Christian Announces New Qualifier Match
Image result for christian wwe gif
Following the unfortunate news that Akira Tozawa won't be medically cleared for the Royal Rumble after Hideo Itami's ruthless beatdown, Christian would make an announcement on the situation. From his office, Christian would officially call for a triple threat match tonight between the three superstars that were defeated in their previous qualifying matches. Therefore, the main event of the night would see Drew Gulak, Hideo Itami and Kalisto compete in a triple threat match for the vacant spot in the fatal 4-way at the Royal Rumble. 
Buddy Murphy Is Ready
Animated GIF
Buddy Murphy would be joined by an interviewer backstage who would ask him about his championship defense at the Royal Rumble. Murphy would make it clear that he isn't afraid of those that stand in his way and is seemingly certain that he will walk out as champion. He would also go on to say that he is ready for anyone who meets the 205 weight limit and wants to challenge him for his WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Fatal 4-Way Qualifier Match
Drew Gulak vs Hideo Itami vs Kalisto
Animated GIF     Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the main event, the three men who were defeated in their original qualifying matchups would face off in a triple threat to decide who takes the vacant spot in the fatal 4-way for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at the Royal Rumble. Ultimately, Hideo Itami's new-found killer instinct and merciless brutality would give him the edge he needed to come out victorious and secure his spot in the championship bout.

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Related image

Royal Rumble 2019 - Leave Your Predictions Below

Image result for Chad GableImage result for Bobby Roode

Chad Gable vs Bobby Roode - Pre-show

A feud that would be building for months, Chad Gable and Bobby Roode would always try to one up each other in their tag team matches and after Chad Gable wouldn't be able to compete with Bobby Roode in a tag team championship match, Roode would turn on Gable. Now, Gable has promised to get revenge on his former tag partner and the "Glorious" one before he goes to 205 Live. 

Image result for Sanity wweImage result for WWE The Bar

Sanity vs The Bar - Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship

Despite being without the now single Killian Dain, Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe are still one of the most dominant teams on Smackdown Live and they have the chance of a lifetime taking on The Bar in one on one action. The Bar has been one of the best teams in recent memories and they face a there biggest challenge against Sanity. Will they be able to come out on top?

Image result for Naomi wweImage result for Asuka wwe

Naomi vs Asuka - Womens Championship

The new, aggresive Asuka who attacked Smackdown Live GM Paige weeks ago will be defending her title against Naomi. Who has had loads of momentum ever since winning the battle royale to become the number one contender? However, Asuka has been more dominant then she ever has on the main roster and may very well end this match quickly.

 Image result for Dean Ambrose wweImage result for Finn Balor wwe

Dean Ambrose vs Finn Balor - Intercontinental Championship

Dean Ambrose and Finn Balor have been battling for the entire month, going back and forth but it all comes to a close at the Rumble when the leader of "Balor Club" will try to dethrone Dean Ambrose. Finn Balor has shown multiple accounts of aggression in past weeks against the likes of Seth Rollins and Drew Mcytnitre and he may need it to take down Dean Ambrose. But can the "Lunatic" continue his reign, or will Balor finally win the big one?

Image result for Jeff hardy wweImage result for Mustafa ALi wwe

Jeff Hardy vs Mufasa Ali - United States Championship

After winning the United States championship a mere 24 hours ago, Jeff Hardy will have his first defense against Mufasa Ali. And in this crowd favorite vs crowd favorite matchup its hard to choose a winner, Mufasa Ali has been on fire since coming to the main roster putting on amazing matches against Rusev, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Daniel Bryan. But can the veteran Jeff Hardy keep his title? Or will Ali finally achieve his dream?

Image result for Ronda Rousey wweImage result for Natalya wwe

Ronda Rousey vs Natayla - RAW Womens Championship

Ronda Rousey has been dominant, but Natayla has gotten the upperhand on the champion on multiple occasions. Maybe Natalya can be the one who dethrones the champion? But if Ronda Rousey has anything to say about it Natayla will not defeat her and no one will, as a new cockiness and come over the champion. The two women clash at Royal Rumble, but who will come out on top?

Image result for Buddy Murphy wweImage result for Hideo Itami wweImage result for Cedric Alexander wweImage result for Lio Rush wwe

Buddy Murphy vs Hideo Itami vs Cedric Alexander vs LIo Rush - Cruiserweight Championship

In his final weeks as 205 Live general manager, Drake Maverick would announce a series of qualifying matchups that would decide who would take on current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Buddy Murphy, in a fatal 4-way at the Royal Rumble. When WWE legend and sure-fire Hall of Famer, Christian, would be appointed as the new general manager, he would honor Maverick's promise to the roster. Over the following weeks, Lio Rush, Akira Tozawa and Cedric Alexander would win their respective matches but just two weeks before the Royal Rumble, during a tag team match showcasing the four competitors, Hideo Itami would rush the ring and injure Akira Tozawa after hitting numerous GTSs on his former partner. The next week, Itami would go on to win a triple threat to earn his spot in the match at the Royal Rumble where himself, Lio Rush and Cedric Alexander will look to strip Buddy Murphy of his WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Who will walk out victorious? (Written by Smith)

Image result for Daniel Bryan wweImage result for Rey Mysterio wwe

Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio - WWE Championship

After a 4.5 star gauntlet match, Rey Mysterio would win a number one contender match and get the right to face "The New" Daniel Bryan. These two have been exchanging words for weeks, and it is underdog vs underdog. But Daniel Bryan doesn't think of that way, he is no longer an underdog and he is a dominant superstar and he has shown that with multiple attacks. However, Rey Mysterio would get a pinfall victory in a tag team match on Smackdown Live and gain much-needed momentum. Can Rey Mysterio get one last run with the title?

 Image result for Brock Lesnar wweImage result for Braun Strowman wwe

Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman - Universal Championship

"The Monster Among Men" has been more dominant then ever, attacking Triple H backstage and various workers before attacking Brock Lesnar. However, Brock Lesnar has loads of momentum, being on RAW for the past weeks defeating Dolph Ziggler. Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar have brawled for weeks, and we are going to need extra eyes on this match. This is going to get explosive!

Image result for Royal Rumble logo

20 Women Royal Rumble Match

For the second year in a row, the women will be showcased in a Royal Rumble match. And this one is more exciting than ever, with the likes of Nikki Cross,  Sasha Banks, Charlotte, and many more confirmed this is one of the biggest toss-ups for the Rumble PPV. Who is going to walk into Wrestlemania with the chance of the lifetime?

Image result for Royal Rumble logo

30 Men Royal Rumble Match

The most hyped match of the year, the Royal Rumble is right around the corner and this year it is near impossible to predict a winner. On the RAW side of things, you have the favorites such as Finn Balor, Drew Mcytnitre, Seth Rollins, and more and on the Smackdown Live things we have last years winner Shinsuke Nakamura, Aj Styles, and Andrade "Cien" Almes. But that is only 6 superstars, and you NEVER know who is going to be in the Royal Rumble. With Samoa Joe entering #1 and R Truth entering #30, this could get good.

 Image result for NXT Takeover Phoenix

Aleister Black vs Tomasso Ciampa

Shayna Blazer vs Io Shirai 

Undisputed ERA vs War Machine

Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno

Ricochet vs Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream


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Predictions are in bold:

Aleister Black vs Tomasso Ciampa

Shayna Blazer vs Io Shirai 

Undisputed ERA vs War Machine

Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno

Ricochet vs Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream

Chad Gable vs Bobby Roode

Sanity vs The Bar

Naomi vs Asuka

Dean Ambrose vs Finn Balor

Jeff Hardy vs Mustafa Ali

Ronda Rousey vs Natalya

Buddy Murphy vs Hideo Itami vs Cedric Alexander vs Lio Rush

Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio

Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman

Womens Rumble: Charlotte

Mens Rumble: Seth Rollins

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NXT Takeover Phoenix

Aleister Black vs Tomasso Ciampa

Shayna Blazer vs Io Shirai 

Undisputed ERA vs War Machine

Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno

Ricochet vs Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream

Royal Rumble

Chad Gable vs Bobby Roode

Sanity vs The Bar

Naomi vs Asuka

Dean Ambrose vs Finn Balor

Jeff Hardy vs Mustafa Ali

Ronda Rousey vs Natalya

Buddy Murphy vs Hideo Itami vs Cedric Alexander vs Lio Rush

Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio

Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman

Womens Rumble: Becky Lynch

Mens Rumble: Seth Rollins

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Aleister Black vs Tomasso Ciampa

Shayna Blazer vs Io Shirai 

Undisputed ERA vs War Machine

Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno

Ricochet vs Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream

Royal Rumble

Chad Gable vs Bobby Roode

Sanity vs The Bar

Naomi vs Asuka

Dean Ambrose vs Finn Balor

Jeff Hardy vs Mustafa Ali

Ronda Rousey vs Natalya

Buddy Murphy vs Hideo Itami vs Cedric Alexander vs Lio Rush

Daniel Bryan vs Rey Mysterio

Brock Lesnar vs Braun Strowman

Womens Rumble: Becky Lynch

Mens Rumble: Andrade 

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Image result for NXT Takeover Phoenix

We welcome you live to the Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix Arizona as we present NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, where the guys and girls of WWE's Yellow Brand aim to takeOver the wonderful city of Phoenix. We have a stellar card tonight with Aleister Black finally getting his rematch against Tomasso Ciampa, Io Shirai facing Shayna Baszler for the first time and the War Raiders aim to finally take the NXT Tag-Team titles off of the dominant Undisputed ERA. But before we get into those high profile matches we kick off NXT TakeOver: Phoenix with the King of Bro's Matt Riddle

Matt Riddle vs Kassius Ohno 

Image result for matt riddle wwe gif Image result for Kassius Ohno entrance gif

The first NXT TakeOver over 2019 kicks off with a bang as the King of Bro's comes up against the Knockout Artist known as Kassius Ohno. These two have been going back and forth for a number of weeks now and finally they will be able to step in the ring and end it all. Riddle is the first man out and as he is about to enter the ring, Kassius Ohno attacks him from behind. Ohno then starts throwing Riddle around the ringside area before grabbing a steel chair and then smashing it across the back of Riddle as the referee tries to pull him off. Ohno then lines Riddle up for the Rolling Elbow and hits it on the King of Bro's. Ohno rolls Riddle into the ring and demands the referee to start the match. The referee hesistates but finally calls for the bell as Ohno immediately goes for the cover on the King of Bro's. Riddle however kicks out at two much to the dismay of the Knockout Artist

Ohno continues the coverage on Riddle targeting his face and head with kicks and stiff elbows containing Riddle. Ohno would then apply a headlock to try and take the air out of Riddle but Riddle would stand up an get out of the hold only for Ohno to deliver a knee to the mid-section and then one huge big boot sending Riddle to the outside. Ohno then set up for his signature dive to the outside but Riddle moved out of the way sending Ohno crashing into the barricade. The fans would rally behind Riddle who would finally get some offence in nearly 8 minutes into the match with some kicks to the mid-section of Ohno. Riddle would irish whip Ohno into the turnbuckle and would try and kick Ohno but he would move out of the way allowing for Riddle to kick the ringpost. Ohno saw this as an opportunity and started working over the leg of Riddle for the next couple of minutes. Ohno would once again set up for the Rolling Elbow but Riddle would move out of the way before catching Ohno with a jumping knee sending both men down to the mat.

They would both rise to their knees at the same time and would face each other, both men then started unloading chops on each other as the crowd went crazy as both men frantically started chopping the living hell out of each other before Riddle raised Ohno up for another Knee to the head. Riddle would look at Ohno and would lift him up telling him that he deserved everything coming at him before collecting him with a brutal roundhouse kick. Riddle would set up for the three count but because his foot was hurt it took him a while to cover Ohno leading to the kickout. Riddle would set up for the Bromission but Ohno would evade hitting another rolling elbow. He would cover Riddle but at the last second Riddle would put his foot on the rope. Ohno would once again go for the rolling elbow but Riddle would catch his fist before blasting him with a stiff forearm before turning it into the bro mission for the Submission win

Ricochet vs Adam Cole vs Velveteen Dream (North American Championship)

Ricochet North American Champion GIF - Ricochet NorthAmericanChampion Entrance GIFs Adam Cole Flex Bicep GIF - AdamCole FlexBicep ImTheMan GIFs Velveteen Dream Entrance GIF - VelveteenDream Entrance WWE GIFs

After all the entrances and introductions all three men would stand in the middle of the ring staring each other down as the crowd went crazy. The Velveteen Dream would mock both Cole and Ricochet pointing to his tights showing the faces of his opponents. Cole would counter by screaming Adam Cole Bay Bay as the crowd in Phoenix followed along. It was Ricochet's turn to do something so he ran towards the ropes and landed a springboard moonsault on his own two feet. Cole was having none of it as he quickly attacked Ricochet and then Dream before once again chanting Adam Cole Bay Bay as he took control of the match. Cole would work on both men keeping them grounded hitting various combinations of kicks and suplexes before heading to the top Rope looking for a splash only for Ricochet to join him. They would fight on the turnbuckle for a while before Velveteen Dream came across and held Cole in a powerbomb position hitting a Tower of Doom variation with Cole being hit with a powerbomb while suplexing the One and Only Ricochet

Dream would immediately go for the cover but Ricochet would kick out, he would then try his luck on Cole but would attract the same result. All three men would go back and forth for the next couple of minutes until a superkick and dive combination would send both Cole and Dream to the outside. Ricochet would then jump up on the top rope and hit a 450 splash onto both men outside the ring. Ricochet would then send Dream back in the ring looking to finish him off but Dream would pick Ricochet up for the Death Valley Driver for a near fall. Dream would taunt in the corner mocking Ricochet before seeing Cole stirring and head to the top rope. Dream signals for a purple rainmaker Elbow onto the outside but Ricochet would come out of nowhere and hit a frankensteiner onto Dream who would land on Cole while landing on the apron and taunting to the crowd who reciprocate with holy shit chants to the one and only. Eventually all three men would get back into the ring and continue to fight but Cole would hit a Canadian Destroyer onto Ricochet before following with the last shot onto the North-American Champ. Cole would once again celebrate but would get freaked out by Dreams antics. Dream and Cole would stare down and go back and forth before Cole would miss a superkick allowing for Dream to hit a dropckick and then a Falcon Arrow combination. As Dream celebrated once again Ricochet hit him with a beautiful springboard dropkick before heading to the top rope and looking for the 450 splash. As Ricochet was about to land Cole would hit him with a superkick, similar to their match at TakeOver Brooklyn IV. Cole would go for the cover but Ricochet would kick out once again

All three men would once again rise to their feet like the beginning of the match and show the intensity needed to capture the North-American championship before exploding into a three way all out brawl. Dream, the more powerful man would gain the advantage knocking both men down and once again channelling his inner Hulk Hogan and hitting a leg drop on Ricochet. He would then try and hip toss Cole to the outside but Cole would hang on and stand on the ring apron. He himself would try and suplex Dream to the outside but he would also join him on the apron. Cole would look for a superkick but Dream would immediately counter hitting a Swinging Spike DDT to the outside. Dream would then enter the ring and be hit by a Ricochet Superkick. Ricochet would once again head to the top and look for the 450 but Dream would catch it and deliver a death Valley Driver. Dream would then head to the top and deliver the Purple Rainmaker elbow for the 1..2..3 The Velveteen Dream is you new North-American Champion. Post-Match Dream would celebrate finally winning his first title her on the Yellow Brand 

Image result for rey fenix Image result for Mercedes Martinez NXT

We head to the crowd to see two of NXT's newest signees. The aerial specialist and one of the best Luchadores in the world today Fenix and the two time Mae Young Classic competitor Mercedes Martinez arriving in NXT Soon 

Kona Reeves vs WALTER

Image result for Kona Reeves entrance gif Image result for WALTER wrestler gif

NXT's "Finest" Kona Reeves would make his way down to the ring wearing a flashy flamboyant leather jacket, flanked by a beautiful valet as he made his way to the ring getting ready for his first ever TakeOver appearance. The Ring General WALTER would be out next to thunderous applause from the crowd. As WALTER entered the ring he stared down Kona Reeves before getting ready for the match. After Kona interrupted WALTER's contract signing WALTER will be looking to make a statement. Reeves and WALTER would stand face to face before once again slapping the Austrian behemoth. WALTER would then grab Kona and send him into the corner. He would unload with extraordinarily stiff Knife Edge chops before delivering his patent Powerbomb for the quick victory. WALTER would stand over Kona Reeves looking disgusted before heading to the back. The dominant WALTER sends a statement to the rest of the NXT roster

Shayna Baszler vs Io Shirai (NXT Women's Championship)

Shayna Baszler WWE GIF - ShaynaBaszler WWE Entrance GIFs Io Shirai WWE GIF - IoShirai WWE NXT GIFs

After defeating Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler would take on the newest member of the NXT Women's division, arguably Japan's greatest Women's Wrestler and Mae Young Classic finalist Io Shirai. Io would help Kairi even the odds against Baszler, Duke and Shafir and as she revealed in an interview beforehand she would be doing this in Kairi's name. She wants to put down Shayna Baszler in order to help Kairi Sane. Baszler would arrogantly ignore Shirai during the introductions as the referee called for the bell for this Women's Championship bout to begin 

Shayna immediately starts to bully Io, slapping her across the face and then taking her down to the ground with a judo throw before kicking her in the head and urging her to come on. Shayna then lifts up Kairi and sends her into the corner. She slowly backs away as the referee reaches the count of 4 before once again slapping Shirai across the face. Shayna starts to laugh as the referee goes to check on her but this only further enraged the Japanese star who blasted out of the corner and took Shayna down with a Lou Thesz press before wailing on the former MMA Specialist. Shayna screams for the referee to take Io off of her but Io wouldn't let go continuing to attack Baszler with right hands to the face nearly getting disqualified in the process. As Io went to the corner to cool down Baszler made it back to her feet and continued to taunt Shirai. Shirai would then run at Baszler once again but Baszler would counter it tripping Shirai into the corner and then hitting a running knees into the corner for a near fall. Baszler then locked in a heel hook which Shirai powered out of only for Baszler to apply an arm-bar just like her fellow Four-Horsewomen stablemate the RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey. After some back and forth with Shirai powering out of Baszler's various submission attempts the pace started to quicken as Shirai looked like she was getting back on top. She hit various dropkicks and enziguri's which grounded the Champ before hitting a blue thunder bomb for an excruciatingly close near fall. Shirai looked to end things quickly going up top and looking for the Moonsault but Baszler and her perfect ring awareness rolled to the outside

Just like what happened at TakeOver War Games, Shirai decided to hit a moonsault to the outside which got the crowd onto their feet. Shirai then perched herself on the apron and once again went for a moonsault but Baszler moved out of the way allowing for Shirai to crash land on the outside. Baszler then immediately picked her up and started throwing her around the ringside area. She then lifted Shirai into a German Suplex position and delivered a brutal German Suplex on the entrance ramp. At the count of 9 Baszler rolled Shirai back into the ring and looked to end it with the Kirafuda Clutch but Shirai reversed it into a pinning predicament. As soon as Baszler kicked out Shirai landed a double foot-stomp. Io Shirai would then head to the top rope looking to end it with the Moonsault but Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir made their way down to the ring to help Shayna. Shirai however just hit another Moonsault onto Duke and Shafir before heading up top and delivering a Moonsault to Baszler. It looked like Shirai had done it but Duke pulled the referee out of the ring before he could slap his down for three. The referee went to eject Duke and Shafir but Kairi Sane came out of nowhere and attacked both Women. Sane then told Shirai to head to the top rope and hit the Moonsault again. Sane then went on to the ring apron to cheer on Shirai which temporarily distracted her allowing Shayna to hit a top rope German before locking in the Kirafuda Clutch for the victory 

Post-Match Baszler, Duke and Shafir celebrated up the ramp realising that they had dodged a bullet. In the ring however, Sane was attempting to console her friend but Shirai was having none of it pushing her away and walking to the back by herself as Sane looked perplexed in the ring 

War Raiders vs Undisputed ERA (NXT Tag Team Championships)

War Raiders Ray Rowe GIF - WarRaiders RayRowe Hanson GIFs Wwe Undisputed GIF - Wwe Undisputed Nxt GIFs 

In a match that has been brewing for a while now, The Undisputed ERA face the biggest challenge to their title reign thus far as the most dominant team in NXT right now War Raiders challenge for the NXT Tag Team Championships. This all started before TakeOver War Games where War Raiders were screwed in their title match leading to the infamous War Games match. Now there is no hiding for Roderick Strong and Kyle O'Reilly as the have to stand face to face with the unstoppable War Raiders 

Roderick Strong and Hanson would start the match with Roderick Strong immediately targeting the leg of Hanson looking to cut the giant down to size. For the first 5 minutes of the match, The Undisputed Era used their frequent tags and expertise in Tag-Team wrestling to isolate Hanson and work over his leg taking away any strength it may have had. The UE went for the Total Elimination early but Hanson's knee gave away meaning Strong and O'Reilly collided with each other. It looked like Hanson would finally make a tag to the powerhouse Ray Rowe but Bobby Fish pulled him off the apron so that Hanson couldn't get to him. Strong then regathered himself and once again went after the leg of Hanson, locking in a knee bar as O'Reilly ascended the top rope and hit an elbow drop onto the knee of Hanson. A few more minutes of the Undisputed Era dominating the match and isolating Hanson before a missed elbow drop from Roderick Strong allowed Hanson to make a Hot Tag to the Powerhouse Ray Rowe. Rowe came into the ring with a full head of steam taking out Strong with a spinebuster before throwing O'Reilly into the ring and hitting a spinebuster again. He then ran to the outside of the ring and attacked Bobby Fish spearing him through the steel barricade. Rowe then started the War chant which got the Talking Stick Resort Arena to their feet. Rowe then came back into the ring and lifted Strong into a World Strongest Slam position. Hanson then lifted O'Reilly and placed him on Rowe's shoulders in a powerbomb position. Rowe then hit an amazing powerbomb and slam to both members of the UE as the crowd once again went absolutely insane. Hanson's knee was giving him trouble disabling him to hit any high-flying maneouvers. The War Raiders continued to use their power to their advantage hitting various powerful moves on the Tag Champs before looking for the Fallout but O'Reilly dragged Strong out of the ring. Hanson then hit a suicide dive onto Strong but hurt his leg in the process. Seeing this as an advantage Strong would distract the ref allowing O'Reilly to hit the leg of Hanson with a steel chair sending him writhing in pain. Seeing this Rowe would make his way to the outside and once again dominate the Undisputed ERA hitting a power-bomb onto the steel barricade. Rowe then threw Strong around the ringside area and once again grabbed Bobby Fish and this time power-bombed him through the announce table. As Rowe was walking back to the ring he was chop blocked by Strong who then started slamming his leg against the ring post. With Rowe down on the outside it left Hanson vulnerable in the ring giving the Undisputed Era a chance to hit Total Elimination for the victory

Once the Undisputed Era left the ring and walked to the back, Rowe and Hanson sat in the middle of the ring absorbing the "Thank you" chants from the audience. They then rose to their feet and thanked the NXT Universe before leaving their War masks in the centre of the ring. It looks like the era of War in NXT may have come to its end 

Aleister Black vs Tomasso Ciampa (NXT Championship)

Aleister Black Entrance GIF - AleisterBlack Entrance WWE GIFs Tommaso Ciampa Entrance GIF - TommasoCiampa Entrance WWE GIFs

We are now down to our Main Event of the evening between two bitter rivals, the psychopath and black heart of NXT, Tomasso Ciampa and the mysterious yet dangerous Dutch Destroyer Aleister Black. This rivalry started when Tomasso Ciampa defeated Aleister Black for the NXT Championship. Black was then attacked by Johnny Gargano disabling him from competing for the title but now Black finally has his chance at reclaiming his NXT Championship

The beginning of this match was dominated by Black trying to get his hands on Ciampa, but Ciampa would continue to exit the ring playing mind games with Black. Black finally got his hands on Ciampa and hit a flurry of knees and forearms sending the champ over the top rope before delivering a picture perfect suicide dive to gain early momentum. As Black looked like he had complete control in the match, Ciampa would poke Black in the eye and start his offence through that hitting a spike DDT on the ring apron for a near fall which Ciampa couldn't believe. Ciampa then continues to mock black saying that he would remove Black's sins and pave way for the era of Ciampa in NXT. Black however overcame Ciampa's antics and continues his fast paced offence hitting a bicycle knee which looked to have Ciampa knocked out. The referee wouldn't let Black pin Ciampa as he would need to receive Medical attention. Black would go to check on Ciampa but would get surprised with a pinfall attempt for an extremely close near fall. As Ciampa rose back to his feet Black started to became enraged forcing Ciampa to apologise to Black and plead for Black to take it easy on him. Black however would not hold back absolutely unloading on him with kicks before looking for the Black Mass but missing allowing for Ciampa to hit a Fisherman's Suplex and then bridge into a cover which Black once again kicked out of. Ciampa would continue on offence hitting a Psycho Kutter before looking to lock in the Bridging Fujiwara Armbar. Black however reached the ropes as Ciampa once again couldn't believe what was happening. Black then restarted his offence hitting an insan deadlift German Suplex before holding on and delivering and exploder suplex into the corner. Black would then deliver a running knee into the corner connecting with Ciampa's head and then finally connecting on a double foot stomp. Black covered Ciampa but would be unsuccessful with Ciampa kicking out 

Black would then hit a springboard moonsault, before holding Ciampa's head with his foot and screaming "Ciampa, you will fade to Black" Black would look for the Black Mass once again but Ciampa would duck and then deliver a knee to the head of Black with the brace sending Black crashing to the floor. Ciampa would then lock in the fujiwara armbar and screamed for Black to tap. Just as Black was about to tap, the crowd urged him on and he made it to the ropes. Ciampa sat in the corner of the ring and wondered what else he may have to do. Ciampa then exited the ring and removed the padding on the outside and looked for a DDT onto the exposed Surface but Black countered hitting a German Suplex onto the exposed Surface. Black then delivered a powerbomb onto the ring apron and rolled Ciampa into the ring. As the referee checked on Ciampa a hooded man grabbed Ciampa's title belt and whacked Black across the head with it. He would then hit a superkick before rolling Black into the ring. Shocked by what had happened Ciampa hit Black with the Project Ciampa before securing the three fall

The hooded man would then enter the ring and revealed himself to be none other than Johnny Gargano. Ciampa was surprised before smiling and leaving his hand out for a shake which Johnny accepted to loud boo's from the crowd. Just as it looked like they would exit the ring Johnny would low blow Ciampa before sitting next to him and continuously slapping him across the face. Johnny would then deliver a couple of superkicks before attacking Ciampa with his kneebrace and strangling him with it. The show ended with Gargano holding the NXT Title above his head 





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WWE Signs John Morrison 

John Morrison, a former tag team and Intercointel champion is finally making his return to WWE. John Morrison left the company in 2012 and has really made the indy scene his own in various companies. WWE would announce after the Royal Rumble that John Morrison has been signed to a contract and will be debuting on the main roster sometime in the coming weeks. What does Morrison have in store for WWE? 


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I thought having Becky Lynch win the Rumble was the right choice, but I wish Nikki Cross would've won because.... I love Nikki Cross and her gimmick, I think she should be a Women's Champ soon, but the right decision there. Only other thing I didn't like about that match, is R-Truth, give Alicia Fox her damn Royal Rumble slot, don't give it to R-Truth.

Now that I'm done with that let's move on, I thought Gable should have won because I think someone needs to be big enough to be a viable contender to Murphy, and with a win over Roode I think Gable could've been that, but this is okay I guess if Roode can follow up.

Up next, the fourway, Murphy winning was the right choice, I think we all can see that. But my only qualm is I don't want to see Murphy get to that level where it seems there's no realistic person for him to lose to. I mean right now I don't see anyone, not Gable, not anyone in that fourway, no one currently on 205 Live looks good enough to beat Murphy. He seems too good and that's bad. So I'd like to see more people come to his level.

Then we have the Asuka vs Naomi match. I though this was great, it really brings back for me the Asuka of old, and if you can bring her back, oh my god the women's matches at Mania will be amazing. Give her that swagger and cockiness with a mean streak. "No one is ready for Asuka." Make her the Goldberg of the women's division like in NXT, it will be great. Asuka getting stripped of her title is intruiging but I don't get it, seems like a bit much for a post match beatdown. I feel like this is leading to Asuka vs Paige which... I guess sounds good, I mean I'd rather Charlotte or Nikki Cross but, the storyline is intriguing, and that's me assuming Asuka will have the SD Women's title match at mania so hey, maybe this will all turn out great and I hope it does but for now, I just want Paige to let Asuka be Asuka. Because Asuka being Asuka is amazing.

Bar vs SAnitY is uninspiring, just feels like a meh match to me. I feel like The Bar need to drop the belts, split up, or something, I feel like it's ran its course, that may only be me but that's how I feel. I think the tag division needs a revamp, and you are doing that which I commend you for so, let's hope this gets better.

Ambrose retaining feels wrong, because I feel like he's stuck with IC and he's going nowhere with it, but I feel everyone would be like that with that belt. It feels like a curse to be IC champ which sucks because it should be great. I think Ambrose winning was sadly the right choice but I don't feel like with this match there was a right choice. I hope you can start building up IC more because it just feels like it sucks right now, and with all these great wrestlers fighting for it, it shouldn't, but it does. Now I don't want to tell you what to do because you know better than me how to book your show but I feel like someone more gimmicky should have IC. Give the belt a little more fringe, a little more pizazz to it, if that makes sense. Or change up Ambrose's gimmick a bit, make him grittier, make him more hardcore or something like that. Do something different with IC is what I think should happen, because right now I don't like it.

No matter how much I love Rey Mysterio, I love Daniel Bryan more, and him winning was correct. Bryan is brilliant and his reign should continue for a long while, I don't see anyone that should take that belt off of him, not even the winner of the Rumble. Great match too, it really brought out the fighting spirit of Mysterio but Bryan being too much forcing him to tap. I would've liked to see Rey actually pass out though since you don't see that much in wrestling anymore, and it'd truly bring out the fighting spirit of Rey more, and also how devastating the LeBell lock can be. But overall, great match, great winner, great.... everything about that match.

I think Ali would be a great US champ, but I do like Hardy and I think he can do great things with the belt, and he did win it on the last Smackdown Live but I don't think he should've won it in the first place. I think Rusev or Ali would've been better with the belt and could play the same fan favorite role as Hardy, but if Rusev and Ali have other things you have in mind for them, or the story you have planned is fitted for Jeff specifically, I'm okay with this.

Perfection, Ronda murdering Natalya is perfection. More of this. (Until Becky/someone that I can take seriously comes, then Becky/someone I can take seriously vs Ronda should be a long match with Ronda possibly losing).

I don't understand the booking here, I agree with the result of Lesnar winning, I believe his reign is suited only for losing at Mania. BUT the manner in which he lost it confuses me. I get that the Mania match will be Triple H vs Strowman but... why would Triple H want Braun to lose/Lesnar to win, what's his motive. It's just confusing right now and I want answers dammit. Now I have watch Raw to find out, you cheeky booker you.

Finally the Rumble, Almas winning is.... an interesting choice to say the least. I think it could be done right but I don't think Almas is better than either of the current champs. I think a face like Rollins or Balor should've won, or one of the surprise returns in Owens and Zayn. I think those four could have had better stories to tell in a Mania main event, I'm currently talking myself into how great Face Zayn vs Heel Bryan at Mania this year would be and I can't get it out of my head now, because damn that would be good. But Almas winning is alright, I can get on board with it, but maybe you should've given it to someone else...... like Sami Zayn.

Overall, very good show, though with some interesting booking decisions, some I do agree with, and some I do not. But overall I give it an F for Fantastic. I will definitely be looking out for more. Keep up the great work.

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Image result for wwe logoImage result for wwe png logo
Monday Night RAW - January 28th, 2019
We are 24 hours removed from the Royal Rumble PPV and what a show we have for you on Monday Night RAW with Seth Rollins, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Owens, and Dolph Ziggler would have opportunities to enter the Elimination Chamber match at the PPV,  as well as Stephanie Mcmahon making an announcement that would could change the women division for ever. As we move closer to Wrestlemania 35, every win matters
Image result for Stephanie Mcmahon entrance gif
Stephanie McMahons Announcement 
Paige and Stephanie McMahon would take to the ring at the start of the show, these two run the womens division in WWE and they are here to make a huge announcement regarding the championships.
Paige would address the Asuka situation, saying that she stripped Asuka by orders of Stephanie Mcmahon due to increased aggression from Asuka and her being a danger, and with that Paige would make a huge match for the Elimination Chamber PPV. Asuka vs Becky Lynch, the winner faces Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania. 
But for what exactly, thats when Stephanie would announce that the two womens division will be merging, all women will be able to appear on both shows and there will be one main title, with another title coming after Wrestlemania. 
But the main event of Wrestlemania is set, it's either Asuka or Becky Lynch taking on Ronda Rousey for the Womens Championship. As Paige and Stephanie walk up the ramp, we get set for a huge night of action.
Image result for Pete Dunne entrance gifImage result for Curtis Axel entrance gif
Pete Dunne vs Curtis Axel
Pete Dunne, who made his debut in the Royal Rumble match last night would be in one on one action with Curtis Axel, the crowd would be fully behind "The Bruiserweight" throughout the match as Dunne shows off his multiple skills.
Although Axel would put up a fight, he wouldn't stand a chance as Dunne would hit the "Bitter End" and walk away from the match the victor, walking up the ramp looking dominate. 
Image result for Bobby Roode entrance gif
"The Glorious One" Stands Tall
A highlight reel of Bobby Roode vs Chad Gable from last nights Royal Rumble event would play and we would fade into a bright room, in the center of it is Bobby Roode.
Roode would go on to explain how he is done playing in the mid-card and that he is going straight to the top. And that Brock Lesnar better watch his back, Bobby Roode has the chance to get into the Elimination Chamber match next week
Image result for Nikki Cross entrance gifImage result for Ember Moon entrance gif
Nikki Cross vs Ember Moon
In last nights Royal Rumble, Nikki Cross and Ember Moon were in the final four and Ember Moon would end up getting the elimination. And with the two brands merging after Wrestlemania, every win matters.
Nikki Cross would use her crazy tactics, showing extreme and stiff wrestling we haven't seen since Lita. It seems Cross is looking to become the next big star as her match with Ember would go on for 15 mintues and would be one of the best of the night, but by the end of it Cross would hit a swinging fisherman neckbreaker she calls the "Cross Infection" and pick up the win. With this and her Rumble performance last night, Cross is looking impressive. 
Image result for Dean Ambrose entrance gif
Dean Ambrose Relieves His Childhood
We would switch to a home in downtown Cincinnati, and the scene would be Dean Ambrose sitting in a worn down armchair, his title on the floor behind him. Dean Ambrose would go off on a tangent, talking about his childhood and how he just wants to hurt people anyway possible. He would show signs of his indy days, getting very descriptive in his promo. Dean Ambrose retained his title last night, and he is looking to do that for a while.
Image result for Seth Rollins entrance gifImage result for Bobby Lashley entrance gif
Seth Rollins vs Bobby Lashley - Winner Enters The Elimination Chamber
At the Elimination Chamber PPV, it will be 6 RAW superstars entering the chamber and the winner will be facing Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.
The two superstars who would get the first shot at this are Bobby Lashley and Seth Rollins, and they would go to war. Bobby Lashley would show off insane amounts of strength but it wouldn't be enough as the quicker Seth Rollins would end up getting the win after hitting a curbstomp. But Bobby Lashley would walk away looking impressive, possibly getting an IC title chance in the future?
 Image result for John Morrison entrance gif
John Morrison Returns Next Week
John Morrison who was announced as returning has a promo played for his WWE career before it would announced that he would return in ring action next week.
Image result for Kevin Owens entrance gif Image result for Dolph Ziggler entrance gif
Kevin Owens vs Dolph Ziggler - Winner Enters The Chamber
In the main event and the second qualifying match of the night, Kevin Owens would make his in-ring RAW return, taking on Dolph Ziggler in one on one action.
Despite coming up short in the Royal Rumble last night Kevin Owens would pick up the victory against Dolph Ziggler in a close back and forth match. By the end of the match, Owens would hit the pop up a powerbomb on Ziggler and get the pinfall victory, earning his chance to enter the Chamber.
Image result for Triple H entrance gif
Triple H Explains His Actions
Last night Triple H cost Braun Strowman the Universal Championship, he would explain himself in the ring saying that it was revenge for Survivor Series 2017 and that Braun Strowman went soft. That he wants the old Braun back and if he has to kick the shit out of him to do so he will. Thats when Braun would come out and attack the CEO of WWE. But a dozen security guards and superstars would hold Braun back as RAW goes off the air.

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WWE NXT: January 30th, 2019 

After an amazing NXT TakeOver Phoenix, we return to you here at the home of NXT Full Sail University  where we bring you all the action and fallout from the first TakeOver of the year. Tonight we have a huge Main Event where The Velveteen Dream will defend his newly won North American Championship against former Champion Ricochet 

Gargano Explains all 

Image result for Johnny Gargano entrance gif

Johnny Wrestling would open this weeks edition of NXT, coming to the ring to a mixture of boos and cheers after his involvement in the TakeOver Main Event between Tomasso Ciampa and Aleister Black. As Johnny began to speak a warring chant of "Let's go Johnny" and "You sold out" began to ring loud in Full Sail. Johnny would then smile and begin to speak. He spoke about how his war with Ciampa has made him realise that being successful is all that matters. He stated that he hates Tomasso Ciampa so much that he needs to be the one to defeat him and rid him of NXT and that's why he interfered in the TakeOver Main Event. Tomasso Ciampa would then make his arrival and applauded Johnny for finally embracing his dark side. Before anything could get physical, William Regal came out to the ring and announced that because Johnny interfered in the TakeOver Main Event he would be suspended for 30 days. Ciampa would wave goodbye to Johnny while he was being taken away from security 

Bianca Belair open challenge

Image result for bianca belair entrance gif Image result for Natalya entrance gif

Bianca Belair announced last week that she would host an open challenge for any Woman in all of WWE. She cut a quick promo about how she would easily defeat her competition and remain Un-De-Fea-Ted. Just as she finished her sentence, Natalya's iconic theme hit and Full Sail exploded into cheers for the Queen of Hearts making her return to NXT after 4 years. Belair looked shocked to see Natalya and started off the match but trying to get a cheap shot but the veteran Natalya scouted it and started her offence on Belair. In a great back and forth match, Natalya applied her sharpshooter but Belair would use her hair as whip and attack Natalya before hitting the KOB to win the match, proving that she is in fact the real deal. Natalya went for a handshake post-match but Belair ignored it and walked to the back 

Street Talk with the Street Profits 

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The official return of "Street Talk" would return on this weeks episode of NXT. The Street Profits would say that they have been of TV because they have been scouting the NXT Tag-Team Divison. With the War Raiders gone they said they would step up and defeat any team that steps in their way. They called out the Undisputed Era and stated that they would have a match next week on NXT

The Phenomenon that is Fenix 

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A video package would play hyping the in-ring debut of Fenix. It focused on his high-flying arsenal and how he had made himself known in Mexico and Japan for his in-ring work

The Velveteen Dream vs Ricochet (North-American Championship)

Velveteen Dream Entrance GIF - VelveteenDream Entrance WWE GIFs Ricochet North American Champion GIF - Ricochet NorthAmericanChampion Entrance GIFs

In an amazing Main Event match, the Velveteen and Ricochet would put on an absolute show with the crowd being electrified throughout the entirety of the match. The Velveteen Dream won the match after a Death Valley Driver, Purple Rainmaker elbow combination for the second time. Post-Match Velveteen Dream and Ricochet shook hands and Ricochet told him to carry on his legacy. Ricochet then thanked everyone for supporting him before heading to the back 





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