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205 Live - March 22nd, 2019
After a United Kingdom special event taking place last Sunday, Nigel McGuinness introduces us to 205 Live and explains that Buddy Murphy will be celebrating after yet another impressive title defense as WWE Cruiserweight Champion. However, after earning Kofi Kingston earned a championship shot last night on SmackDown Live, Christian is set to explain how the title picture will pan out heading into WrestleMania 35. In the main event, Cedric Alexander and Hideo Itami finally go one on one after tearing each other apart since the start of the new year.
Buddy Murphy's Celebration Is Cut Short
Animated GIF
Buddy Murphy would begin the show in the ring, celebrating his successful title defense at the One Night Only: United Kingdom event. However, one by one, competitors wanting a title shot would interrupt the champion including Lio Rush, Chad Gable, Tyler Breeze, Tony Nese and even TJ Perkins followed by his newest ally, Noam Dar. Eventually, Christian would come out and make sense of all the chaos, announcing that at WrestleMania 35, Buddy Murphy will defend his title against five other men in a ladder match!
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Qualifier Match
Lio Rush vs Tony Nese
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
Following Christian's announcement, Lio Rush and Tony Nese would face off to decide who the first member of 205 Live to be confirmed as a participant in the ladder match at WrestleMania will be. Tony Nese puts on an incredible performance but Lio Rush continues to prove why he's one of the biggest stars in the division by picking up the victory when it matters.
Hideo Itami Reveals Heart-Breaking News
Hideo Itami is backstage with a WWE interviewer who asks Itami about his matchup later tonight against Cedric. When most would expect Itami to reply with a cold and calculated answer, Itami instead responds with emotion and a whole-hearted announcement. Itami explains that he doesn't like the man he has become and will be returning to his roots in Japan following WrestleMania in order to reform himself. Therefore, tonight may be the last time we see Itami on 205 Live.
SmackDown Qualifying Match Recap
Image result for Kofi kingston entrance gif     Image result for Aiden English entrance gif
Yesterday, Kofi Kingston beat Aiden English to earn a shot at the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania 35 which originally seemed odd since the cruiserweights usually belong to RAW. However, with the six-man ladder match being announced, Christian explains that the winner of the match, Kofi Kingston, will be apart of the ladder match at Mania as a recap of the qualifying match is shown.
Cedric Alexander vs Hideo Itami
Animated GIF     giphy.webp
In the main event, two men who have gone to war over the last couple of months are set to face off one on one. Before tonight, it seemed like these two would be going after each other's throats but after Itami's announcement earlier in the night, the atmosphere has shifted to a much more sentimental feeling. Nevertheless, Alexander doesn't seem bothered at all by Itami's announcement and is fully focused on the match. Throughout, Alexander grows more and more aggressive and shows no remorse to a man who earlier apologized for his past actions and announced he will be leaving.
Alexander picks up the victory but the fans don't seem to be cheering the man who was once the fan favorite of the cruiserweight division. They are instead chanting for Itami, letting him know how thankful they are for his hard work. However, it becomes clear that Alexander is somewhat less thankful as he attacks Itami after the match and claims that now is his time, turning his back on the moral values he used to compete by.
After the show, after the crowd gives Hideo one last send off, a touching and thoughtful video package overviewing Hideo Itami's career in the WWE is played as the legendary Japanese wrestler continues on his journey as a professional wrestler.
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Monday Night RAW - March 26th, 2019
Image result for Braun Strowman entrance gif
Ready For The Game
Braun Strowman would open the show with a promo, calling out "The Game' Triple H, for the past month or so they have been at war and Braun wants him at Wrestlemania, so a No Holds Barred match would be made as Triple H would accept the challenge. 
Image result for Pete Dunne entrance gifImage result for Jinder Mahal entrance gif
Pete Dunne vs Jinder Mahal 
Pete Dunne, the man who faces Tyler Bate at Wrestlemania 35 would get a warm up match against the former WWE champion Jinder Mahal, and as both men are in the ring set for there match, the crowd is in full force. 
The match wouldn't last long, as in just 6 minutes Pete Dunne would hit the bitter end and pin Jinder Mahal, raising his championship in the air before bringing a mic into the ring. Saying that when he defeats Johnny Gargano at Wrestlemania, it will be history made. 
Image result for becky Lynch 2019 entrance gifImage result for Mickie James entrance gif
Becky Lynch vs Mickie James
Becky Lynch has been on top of the WWE for months, and it seems nothing has changed as she comes to the ring to one of the largest reactions this year. Tonight she will be taken on Mickie James, and as Mickie James makes her way to the ring the veteran star can boost her career once again if she is able to defeat the number one contender. 
Ronda Rousey would come to the announce table as the bell rings and both Mickie James and Lynch would give it there all, but by the end of the match it would be Lynch picking up the win over James, as Lynch is celebrating. The champion Rousey would stand on the announce table, raising her title in the air. 
Image result for Kevin Owens entrance gifImage result for Sami Zayn entrance gif
Kevin Owens, The Revival vs Sami Zayn, The Club
Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens will be taking on eachother at Wrestlemania, along with The Revival and The Club who face for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Its a 6 man tag team match, and it begins now! 
As the match begins, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens would brawl along with The Club and The Revival, and after a back and fourth 6 man tag team match, it would come down to Scott Dawson pinning Karl Anderson in the center of the ring, giving the 3 bad guys the win over Sami Zayn, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. And with only 2 weeks until Mania these wins may mean everything. 
Image result for WWE Ronda Rousey gif
Rousey Backstage
Ronda Rousey would be approaced for a backsatge interview, being asked about the momentum Becky Lynch has had for the past months inside WWE, the champion would reply simply with "I don't give a damn about momentum" 
Image result for WWE Brock Lesnar backstage gif
The Beast Strikes 
Seth Rollins would be found struggling to stand in the hallway, when approaced by EMTs, Brock Lesnar would run out of knowhere and attack Seth, hitting an F5 on the concerete. Lesnar stands above the lifeless Rollins, a bandage still on his head from being put through the car window weeks ago. 
Image result for wwe Tyler Bate gifImage result for wwe Dolph Ziggler gif
Tyler Bate vs Dolph Ziggler
Dolph Ziggler would make his return, taking on the young and talented Tyler Bate, earlier tonight we saw Pete Dunne defeat Jinder Mahal and the same story would play out, as the number one contender would go back and fourth with Ziggler in the main event. But by the end of the match, Tyler Bate would hit the Tyler Driver 98, pinning Ziggler in the ring and celebrating. 
As Tyler Bate is celebrating, Pete Dunne would step out on stage, nodding at his former enemy.
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NXT: March 27th 2019 

We are now only just two weeks away until the stars of the future head to the Barclays center in Brooklyn New York to takeover. We have a stacked card already announced but tonight, plates continue to spin and things continue to roll as we present you the hottest hour in professional wrestling, this is NXT!

Queen of spades delivers a warning 

Image result for Shayna Baszler gif

To kick off this week's episode of NXT, the Queen of Spades and NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler flanked by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir made her way out to the ring to continue the build to her title defense against Bianca Belair. Baszler spoke about how she is the most dominant woman this company has ever seen and Belair doesn't even present a challenge to her. This then brought out the EST and the both of them went back and forth on the mic. Belair stated that she could beat all three of them at the same time, prompting Shayna to issue the challenge to Belair a 2 v 1 handicap match next week. Belair looked unsure but eventually accepted the challenge

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch vs The Forgotten Sons 

Image result for Lorcan and burch entrance gif Image result for Forgotten Sons entrance gif

In the first Semi-Final of the Dusty Rhodes tag-team classic the brawlers of Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch took on the in-form Forgotten Sons. These two teams have had issues with each other in the past and it showed in the hard-nosed brutal nature of the contest. Lorcan and Burch had the crowd on their side but they were unfortunately no match for The Forgotten Sons who once again picked up another impressive victory moving them to the finals of the tournament 

The Rebel Heart Johnny Gargano 

Related image

The show transitions to a video package showing Johnny Gargano's training and preparation for his match at TakeOver New York. He puts over the importance of a Hell in a Cell match and how this is do or die. His last chance to defeat Ciampa and take the NXT Championship into his grasp. Johnny then recaps his friendship with Ciampa and talks about the moment he turned on him. The package then ends with Gargano promising to end Ciampa at TakeOver New York 

The Undisputed ERA vs Grizzled Young Veterans 

Image result for undisputed era entrance gif Image result for Grizzled Young Veterans gif

Our second Semi-Final match featured the Tag champs from both NXT and NXT UK with The Undisputed ERA up against The Grizzled Young Veterans. In an extremely intense back and forth match, The Undisputed once again showed that they are the best team on the planet picking up a great victory over Drake and Gibson with the High Low to James Drake. After the match the Undisputed ERA had a face to face staredown with their opponents at TakeOver The Forgotten Sons 

Dream is watching 

Image result for Velveteen dream gif

Before we get set for the night's Fatal Five Way match, Cathy Kelley caught up with the NXT North-American champion himself  The Velveteen Dream. Dream stated that he would be keeping a close eye on this contest watching to see who will emerge as his next challenger for TakeOver 

Matt Riddle vs Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic vs Adam Cole vs Fenix (NA Championship NOC)

Related image

The Main Event of the night pitted 5 of NXT's greatest performers in one match with the chance to earn a spot on the TakeOver New York card. Before the referee could ring the bell all 5 men started to brawl with the entirety of the match being fought all over the Full Sail arena. The action quickly spilled to the entrance ramp where Fenix once again took out all his opponents with a tope suicida getting those in attendance on their feet. However there was no clear winner as the show was cut off the air with all 5 men still brawling around the arena, the commentators confused as to what just happened 



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Thursday Night Smackdown - March 29th , 2019
Image result for Aj Styles entrance gif
Aj Styles Will Make Smackdown His Home Once Again
Aj Styles, who has been on Smackdown Live since the brand split 3 years ago, promises to once again be on top of the brand after Wrestlemania 35, and if not, he will go to RAW in the superstar shakeup. Aj Styles would get ready to the leave the ring, before the music of champion Daniel Bryan would hit and one of the best feuds of later 2018 in Bryan and Aj would be relieved. As the two would exchange words, Andrade "Cien" Almas would interrupt and Zelina Vega would speak for Andrade, this would lead to a match being made, where the 3 men would face in a mini gauntlet, starting with Andrade and Daniel Bryan.
Image result for Daniel Bryan 2019 entrance gifImage result for Andrade Cien Almas entrance gif
Daniel Bryan vs Andrade "Cien"  Almas
In what should of been the Wrestlemania 35 match, the royal rumble winner would take on Daniel Byran in one on one action, and whoever wins goes on to face Aj Styles, but the two wouldn't wrestle for long, as Daniel Bryan would run around the ring before diving in and the two would go full force at eachother, Bryan would eventually hit a running knee, but Byran wouldn't get the cover and by the time Bryan got Andrade back into the ring, he was able to roll him up, Bryan goes to ringside pissed as Andrade readies to face Styles. 
Image result for Aj Styles entrance gifImage result for Andrade entrance gif
Aj Styles vs Andrade "Cien" Almas
As Andrade waits for Styles, the challenger walks down the ramp and enters the ring and soon enough both men go at it, the match wouldn't last long, as Daniel Bryan would enter the ring and hit a running knee on Aj and then Andrade, and pose in the ring standing over his Wrestlemania 35 opponents. 
Image result for The New Day promo gif
Kofi Prepares For Wrestlemania
In a backstage segment with The New Day, they would speak about Kofi Kingston and his chance at Wresltemania inside the Cruiserweight Championship ladder match, they would talk about how long its been since Kofi has had a single title, and would promise he will walk away champion!
Image result for WWE Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson Entrance gifImage result for WWE Luke Harper and Erick Rowan gif
The Club vs Luke Haprer and Erik Rowan
The Club, who take on The Revival at Wrestlemania would take on the monsters that are Luke Harper and Erik Rowan, and Gallows and Anderson would continue there momentum, as despite the size of Harper and Rowan, the No. 1 contenders would take out Harper and Rowan, Harper and Rowan would walk up the ramp, talking about how they are going to a new chapter, as The Club points to the Wrestlemania sign.
Image result for BEcky Lynch 2019 entrance gif
"The Man"
A promo package for the top star in WWE for the past few months, Becky Lynch, would play, and once it would finish Lynch would be in the ring, surrounded by cheers. Becky Lynch would cut a promo, before being interupted by Charlotte. 
Charlotte would talk about how Becky doesn't deserve to face Ronda, but before Lynch could inteurpt, Toni Storm would come out, at Wrestlemania 35, Charlotte and Toni Storm face off, and Toni Storm would tacke down Charlotte and the two would beging brawling on top of the stage as Becky laughs in approval, thats when Ronda Rousey would come out behind Becky and attack her, and eventually Shane Mcmahon would appear on stage, making a tag match. 
In the tag match, it would end with Becky Lynch and Toni Storm picking up the win as Becky Lynch would pin Charlotte in the center of the ring, and Toni Storm and Becky Lynch would pose in the ring as the show ends.
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205 Live - March 29th, 2019
205 Live begins with Nigel McGuinness introducing the fans in attendance and the viewers at home as we continue through the most exciting weeks of the year in wrestling, as we are only two weeks away from the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 35. Tonight, the two final qualifying matches for the six-man ladder match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania 35 will take place as Chad Gable takes on TJ Perkins and Cedric Alexander takes on Tyler Breeze.
Lio Rush Is Ready For His WrestleMania Moment
Animated GIF
To begin the show, Lio Rush makes his way to the ring but clearly isn't here to compete as he carries a microphone in hand and is donning a casual outfit. Rush talks about his upcoming match at WrestleMania 35 where he will compete for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a six-man ladder match. Rush lets everyone know that he will be winning the title and his crowning moment will also be his WrestleMania moment.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Qualifier Match
Chad Gable vs TJ Perkins
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the first match of the night, the qualifying matchups for the six-man ladder match at WrestleMania continue as a considerably new and valuable addition to 205 Live, Chad Gable, takes on the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Champion, TJ Perkins. With Noam Dar by his side, Perkins puts on his best performance of the year but it still isn't enough to defeat Chad Gable. As Gable celebrates his victory and heads towards WrestleMania, Perkins is left to contemplate his future in the cruiserweight division.
Cedric Alexander Is The Best He Ever Has Been
clear.gifAnimated GIF
Cedric Alexander is backstage where an interviewer stands next to him, asking him about his match later tonight and the possibility of competing for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania. Cedric responds by pointing out that he is main eventing two consequtive 205 Live shows and will certify himself as the main attraction of the cruiserweight division by capturing the title on the grandest stage of them all. He then puts the entire division on notice by pointing out that now that he isn't concerned about the fans, about the show, but only himself, he is more dangerous and more clinical than ever before.
Christian Gives Noam Dar A Championship Shot
Animated GIF
Following TJ Perkins' match moments ago, Dar and Perkins would be backstage in the locker room as Perkins would recover from his loss in the qualifying match. All of a sudden, Christian, the General Manager of 205 Live, would enter and approach the pair. At first, he talks to Perkins about his match but then moves on to Dar, telling him that he has a WWE Cruiserweight Championship match next week when he goes one on one with Buddy Murphy for the title.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Qualifier Match
Cedric Alexander vs Tyler Breeze
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the main event, Cedric Alexander and Tyler Breeze compete in the second qualifying matchup of the night and the final of the series in order to determine which one of them will take the last remaining spot in the WrestleMania match. In an extremely competitive matchup, it's Tyler Breeze's need to put on a show whilst he wrestles that cost him as a laser-focused Cedric picks up the victory and secures his place in the six-man ladder match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
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Image result for WWE Japan

WWE Announces Second "One Night Only" WWE Network Special 

After the huge success of One Night Only: UK, WWE has branched out and connected with many countries, and they held a press conference in order to announce there next "One Night Only" special which is set for mid-June, and will take place in the Tokyo Dome in Japan, while the card is not released it, it will be more focused on Smackdown Live superstars, and its expected to be an amazing show just like One Night Only: UK

What other countries would you like to see One Night Onlys take place in

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Image result for wwe logoImage result for wwe png logo
Monday Night RAW - April 1st, 2019
Image result for Roman Reigns entrance clothes gif
The Big Dog Returns
As the show would open, the crowd would pop as the music of Roman Reigns, a man who hasn't been seen in nearly 6 months, Roman would come to the ring with a microphone and address why he is here, he would invite Seth Rollins to the ring and he would tell Rollins to defeat "The Beast", and that when Reigns is back to 100% he will be coming for the title, Rollins leaves and Reigns announces he has beat cancer, and will be returning to the ring as soon as he can. But thats when Brock Lesnar would slide in from behind the ring, turning Roman around and hitting him with an F5, before Rollins can run down the ramp, Lesnar is gone through the crowd as they boo at the champion. 
Image result for Rhyno entrance gifImage result for Bobby Lashley entrance gif
Rhyno vs Bobby Lashley
"The Manbeast" would make his return taking on Bobby Lashley in our first match on RAW, it would be a hard hitting battle and the ECW original would get a couple good shots in, but when it came down to it, it would be Bobby Lashley who would hit a nasty spear to win the match and pin Rhyno, Lashley has been picking up momentum, and may be a contender for a title soon. 
Image result for Triple H backstage gif
"The King Of Kings"
A montage of Triple H would play, showing his career highlight and everything he has done in and out of the ring for the WWE, whether you hate him or not, it's impossible not to respect Triple H. He faces Braun Strowman at Wrestlemania 35 in a street fight.
Image result for Ronda Rousey entrance gifImage result for Sarah Logan entrance gif
Ronda Rousey vs Sarah Logan
The WWE womens champion Ronda Rousey would come to the ring, calling out a squad that has been a thorn in her side recently, the Riott Squad, Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan would come to the ring and thats when we would get Rousey vs Logan, and it wouldn't be long until Ronda would lock in the arm bar and make Sarah tap, as Ronda is standing in the ring, Becky Lynchs music hits and she comes out, challenging Liv Morgan to a match.
Image result for Becky Lynch entrance gifImage result for Liv Morgan entrance gif
Becky Lynch vs Liv Morgan
Becky Lynch would also put away Liv Morgan quickly, causing her to tap but as Lynch stands up, Ronda Rousey dives into the ring and attacks Lynch, throwing her into the barricade and announce table, these two women outright hate each other and it all ends at Wrestlemania!!
Image result for Tyler Bate vs Pete Dunne gif
Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate Contract Signing
Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate have had wars in the past and those wars would be shown in a highlight package, and when it would end, the challenger and champion would make there respective entrances, the crowd would be split down the middle as each men would cut a promo before signing the contract, making it official. As tensions begin to rise, The Revival would come to the ring, and would cut a promo on the two British stars, leading to a tag team match. 
Image result for The Revival entrance gifImage result for Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne entrance gif
The Revival vs Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate
In an amazing match, The Revival would take on Dunne and Bate, but nearly 15 minutes in, Pete Dunne would hit a bitter end on Tyler Bate after an exchange of words, allowing The Revival to win, Dunne stands over Bate as The Revival leave the ring, The Revival faces The Club for the WWE Tag Team Championship, and its heating up. As well as Pete Dunne vs Tyler Bate, finally at the grandest stage of them all.
Image result for Braun Strowman entrance gifImage result for drew mcintyre entrance gif
Braun Strowman vs Drew Mcyntire 
Braun Strowman and Drew Mcynitre would face in the main event but before the match could get going, Triple H would walk out, distracting Braun, allowing Drew to pick up the win, however, Braun would attack Drew after the match and send him through the barricade, but a sledgehammer weilding Triple H would bust open Strowman, causing blood to poor out, Triple H taunts on the announce table, blood on his fist, with the Wrestlemania 35 sign in the background, as RAW ends.
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Image result for NXT gif

NXT: April 3rd 2019 

We are now just around the corner from Wrestlemania weekend where the stars of NXT will takeover New York City and the Barclays center to present NXT TakeOver New York. We will see what tonight has in-store for our superstars on the last stop before NXT TakeOver New York 

Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic Contract signing 

Related image Image result for Forgotten Sons entrance gif

We kick off this weeks episode with William Regal stationed in the ring getting ready to conduct a contract signing between the two team vying for the Dusty Rhodes Tag-Team Classic trophy. Regal then welcomes out both teams before announcing that not only will the Dusty Rhodes Trophy be on the line but the NXT Tag-Team Championships will also be up for grabs. Both teams then go back and forth on the mic before each signing on the dotted line. Things then start to get tense between the competitors until Wesley Blake cheap shots Kyle O'Reilly and a brawl starts to erupt. The Forgotten Sons have the numbers advantage with Jaxson Ryker putting Bobby Fish through the table. The Forgotten Sons have all the momentum heading into TakeOver, determined to be forgotten no more

Bianca Belair vs Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir 

Image result for bianca belair entrance gif Related image

Following on from last weeks events, Bianca Belair took on 2 of the MMA Horsewomen in Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir in a handicap match. Duke and Shafir dominated early but as soon as Belair looked like she was getting set to make a comeback, Shayna Baszler ran interference causing the DQ finish. All three women then proceeded to beat the hell out of Bianca Belair sending a statement before their takeover match. The numbers advantage was too much for Bianca Belair tonight and come TakeOver they might be a problem once again. Will Belair be able to overcome the numbers advantage and stay Un-De-Fea-Ted?

North American Championship Announcement 

Related image

We then head backstage where The North American Champion The Velveteen Dream is seen exiting the office of William Regal. Regal was then asked about what the confrontation was about. Regal spoke about how last year the inaugural North American Champion was decided in a 6-man ladder match. Regal then stated that this years event will follow the same pattern when The Velveteen Dream defends his Championship in a Ladder Match against Adam Cole, Dominik Dijakovic, Matt Riddle, Keith Lee and Fenix 

Io Shirai vs Mercedes Martinez

Image result for Io Shirai entrance gif Image result for Mercedes Martinez entrance gif

In an unsuspecting turn of events, former best friends Io Shirai and Kairi Sane will do battle at NXT TakeOver New York after weeks of mishaps and attacks. Shirai took on the dangerous Mercedes Martinez tonight as a warmup for her match at TakeOver. Shirai looked great in the bout picking up the victory with a moonsault sending a message to her opponent at TakeOver 

Oney Lorcan vs Fenix vs Roderick Strong vs Mark Andrews 

Image result for Oney Lorcan entrance gif Image result for Roderick Strong entrance gif

Image result for Fenix entrance gif Image result for Mark Andrews entrance gif'

A major opportunity was handed to one member of the NXT roster to represent the brand and challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship at the grandest stage of them all Wrestlemania 35. All 4 of these men looked intent to pick up the victory and qualify for the Cruiserweight Championship ladder match making this match a very important one. Fenix looked like he had the win when his opponent at TakeOver New York, Adam Cole attacked him from behind and took him out of the ring. Cole then delivered the Last Shot to both Oney Lorcan and Mark Andrews and then placing the body of Roderick Strong over Mark Andrews for the pin and the win. Strong and Cole celebrated the victory on the ramp as Fenix looked on in disgust 

Ciampa and Gargano: One final confrontation

Image result for Gargano and Ciampa brawl gif

In the final segment of the show, Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano came face to face one final time before their Hell in a Cell match at TakeOver. Not many words were said before both these men started to brawl all over the arena. Security rushed out from the back separating the two with the final images showing Ciampa and Gargano being restrained screaming at each other before their brutal war at NXT TakeOver: New York




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Thursday Night Smackdown - April 4th, 2019
Image result for Charlotte promo gif
The Queen
Charlotte would open the show with a promo against her Wrestlemania opponent, Toni Storm. Charlotte and Storm have had a war as of late and it all ends at the showdown of the immortals. Charlotte would insult Storm, but Toni Storm would interrupt and would skip talking, walking down to the ring with a straight face and punching Charlotte in the face. 
Charlotte and Toni Storm would brawl and it would take multiple roster members and officials to separate the two, the brawl would go on for several minutes, even to the parking lot where Charlotte would throw Toni Storm onto the hood of a car.
Image result for WWE Gallows and Anderson entrance gifImage result for WWE The Colons entrance gif
The Club vs The Colons
The Club would take on The Colons in two v two action and it would be dominance, as Karl Anderson would take Primo Colon to the outside and tear him apart, as The Club would show dominance they have never shown before as they would defeat The Colons with ease, and finally The Revival would step out on stage, staring down The Club from affair. These two teams are going to face off at Wrestlemania for the WWE Tag Team titles and its split down the middle on momentum!
Image result for Killian Dain entrance gif
Killian Dain Speaks
Dain would cut a promo in the backstage area, speaking about the Wrestlemania Battle Royal, and that when he wins it he will go on to defeat the WWE Champion, and be the best star he can.
Image result for Jeff Hardy entrance gifImage result for Sheamus entrance gif
Jeff Hardy vs Sheamus
Jeff Hardy would take on Sheamus, Sheamus has had problems with Ricochet in the past few weeks and now he takes on the United States champion. Jeff Hardy and Sheamus would battle it out for nearly 10 minutes and by the end of it, Sheamus would get hit by a Swanton bomb and be pinned in the middle of the ring. 
The true story would come after the ring when Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardys opponent at Wrestlemania, would come down the ring and once again attack Jeff Hardy, locking in the Coquina Clutch, standing tall before the big event.  
Image result for WWE Ronda Rousey vs Becky Lynch gif
"The Man' vs "The Baddest Women On The Planet"
A preview for the Wrestlemania 35 main event would play, featuring highlights of both womens careers and there feuds up to this point, including Beckys war at the Royal Rumble, and Rondas dominance since winning the title.
Image result for WWE DANIEL BRYAN ENTRAnce 2019 gifImage result for WWE Ricochet gif
Daniel Bryan vs Ricochet
In a dream match of sorts, the main event of Smackdown Live would see Daniel Bryan taking on Ricochet. With Aj Styles and Andrade "Cien" Almas at the announce table, this is going to be an exciting one. The two stars would put on a show and go for 15 minutes as Ricochet would show just why he is the "One and Only" Daniel Bryan would catch Ricochet with a running knee when Ricochet would go for a springboard moonsault and that would allow the champion to win heading into Wrestlemania 35. 
After the match, Andrade would run in and attacks Bryan and that would start yet another brawl, and as it settles down, it would be Aj Styles standing over his two Wrestlemania opponents. 
Image result for WWE Shane Mcmahon gif
Shane McMahon Hypes Up Wrestlemania
To close the show, Shane McMahon would come out and run down the Wrestlemania 35 Card, hyping it up until he gets interrupted by The Miz. Who would come out and ask why he isn't in a Wrestlemania 35 match, Shane would give The Miz a match. Adding him into the Wrestlemania Battle Royal, The Miz would thank him. The Miz would look at the Wrestlemania 35 sign, before being interrupted. 
Image result for WWE Ronda ROusey gif
Rousey Is Here
Ronda Rousey would walk out, staring down Shane Mcmahon and The Miz before ignoring them, raising her title in the air, proving that Becky isn't the only one who can invade, the final image is Ronda raising her title in the air.
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Animated GIF
205 Live - April 5th, 2019
As we are now only two nights away from WrestleMania 35, an ecstatic Nigel McGuinness introduces the fans in attendance and the viewers at home to a momentous show of 205 Live as tonight we will bear witness to not only a WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match between the champion, Buddy Murphy, and Noam Dar. Furthermore, in the main event, the five qualifying competitors for the title match at WrestleMania will compete in a gauntlet match.we are only two weeks away from the biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 35. Tonight, the two final qualifying matches for the six-man ladder match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania 35 will take place as Chad Gable takes on TJ Perkins and Cedric Alexander takes on Tyler Breeze.
The Story Of Chad Gable
Animated GIF
The show begins with a video package exhibiting the story of Chad Gable's career from his struggle in NXT, to his rise as apart of American Alpha to his recent adventures as a superstar on the main roster since splitting up with long-time partner Jason Jordan. It ends by displaying what a talented technical specialist Gable truly is as he heads into the six-man ladder match at WrestleMania for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Buddy Murphy vs Noam Dar
Animated GIFclear.gif     Animated GIF
The first matchup of the night would be a WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match as Noam Dar would challenge the champion, Buddy Murphy. Noam Dar would put on a stellar performance, proving why he's been one of the constant highlights of 205 Live since it's the origin, but Murphy would slip away with the win, retaining his title and his position at WrestleMania 35.
NXT Qualifier Match Recap
Related image     Animated GIF     Animated GIF     Animated GIF
The qualifying matchup from only two days ago on NXT between Fenix, Mark Andrews, Oney Lorcan, and Roderick Strong to decide who gets the final spot at WrestleMania 35 in the six-man ladder match for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship would be showcased through a video package. It would end with Roderick Strong standing tall as he would secure his first-ever appearance on the grandest stage of them all.
Christian Is Caught Having An Important Phone Call
Animated GIF
In the backstage area, a cameraman would be with Charly Caruso in the corridor just outside Christian's office as she would explain to us that the General Manager of 205 Live is in the middle of an important phone call with a recent signee that could shift the landscape of the cruiserweight division soon enough. Caruso finishes off by saying that more will be revealed on the subject later on as Christian can still be heard in the background on the phone.
Five-Way Gauntlet Match
Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong vs Cedric Alexander
Animated GIF     Animated GIF     Image result for Kofi kingston entrance gif
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
The main event of the night is a momentous competition as five of the best cruiserweights in the world will compete in a gauntlet match only days before they will all meet in a ladder match at WrestleMania. It begins with Chad Gable and Lio Rush who have an extremely competitive matchup but it's a surprise roll-up by Gable that gets him the victory. Gable then continues to beat Kofi Kingston and Roderick Strong, making it to the final two and proving himself as the ironman. However, the damage done by 'The Messiah of The Backbreaker' Roderick Strong would line up perfectly as Cedric Alexander would swoop in and finish Gable off with a Lumbar Check. Cedric would then plant Gable with another Lumbar Check after the match, making a statement to his competitors heading into WrestleMania as the look on Cedric's face reads 'nothing but business'.
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Image result for NXT TakeOver New York

It's now time for the Black and Gold brand to TakeOver New York City here in the Barclays center for NXT TakeOver: New York. Tonight a 3 year rivalry comes to an end when Johnny Gargano takes on Tomasso Ciampa inside Hell in a Cell for the NXT Championship. Also tonight Bianca Belair puts her Undefeated streak on the line on a quest to take the NXT Women's Championship out of Shayna Baszler's grasp. A 6-man ladder match will take place for the NXT North American Championship while best-friends, now turned bitter enemies do battle to show who really is the best, all that and more when NXT Takes over New York City 

NXT North American Championship Ladder Match: Matt Riddle vs The Velveteen Dream vs Dominik Dijakovic vs Keith Lee vs Adam Cole vs Fenix 

Image result for north american championship

In similar fashion to last year, the 6-man North American Championship Ladder match opens proceedings here at NXT TakeOver New York. As the bell sounds all 6 man immediately rush to the outside with each man grabbing a ladder. All 6 men then have a stare off before rushing back into the ring and immediately going after each other with their respective ladders. Through all the carnage it is Dijakovic who is able to stand tall over the competitors using the ladder to his advantage and taking out all 5 other men. Dijakovic and Fenix start to battle atop the ladder to get things started with Dijakovic knocking Fenix off of the ladder with a stiff right hand. Dijakovic tries to reach for the title but realises that the 4 other men on the outside are slowly getting to their feet. Dijakovic races down the ladder, picks it up and launches it to the outside taking everyone out. Fenix then rises to his feet and starts using his pace to get the better of Dijakovic. Fenix then tries for a springboard stunner but is caught by Dijakovic who Gorilla presses him to the outside of the ring taking everyone out

All 6 men start to brawl around the ring when the action finally spills back inside with The Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole fighting to set up a ladder in the middle of the ring. Dream and Cole fight against each other until Dijakovic makes an appearance and both men take down the much bigger Dijakovic sending him to the outside of the ring. Dream goes for a handshake to Adam Cole but Cole refuses and instead lands Dream with a superkick. Cole then see's this as an opportunity to climb the ladder but is quickly stopped by Keith Lee who pulls Cole off and hits a Spirit Bomb before telling The Velvteen Dream who was watching along to bask in his glory. Lee then rushes towards Dream but Dream evades and sends Lee to the outside. Dream then heads to the top rope and hits a double axe handle to the outside. They all continue to fight on the outside when Fenix climbs atop the ladder and hits an amazing moonsault to the outside taking everyone out. Seeing everyone laid out Riddle and Dijakovic faceoff in the middle of the ring and immediately start throwing it down. It's Riddle who gets the upper hand sending Dijakovic crashing into the ladder before hitting a running dropkick in the corner. Riddle then climbs the ladder but is stopped by a recovered Adam Cole. Cole and Riddle then begin to fight and before you know it all 6 men are in the ring brawling it out. As soon as Dijakovic begins to stir the rest of the field turn their attention towards him and immediately rush towards him and start beating him down. Cole sets up a ladder on the outside as he tells the rest of the men to get Dijakovic into a powerbomb position. Lee and Riddle lift Dijakovic and sending him flying over the top rope and crashing through the ladder as medical crew immediately rush to the fallen Dijakovic 

As we head into the business end of the match the action has once again spilled to the outside, Dream and Cole continue to fight with Dream hitting a spinebuster onto the announce table however it wouldn't break. Dream heads to the top rope and shouts "Velveteen Dream BAY BAY" before hitting the purple rainmaker elbow through the announce table. Lee, Fenix and Riddle fight in the middle of the ring with Lee and Riddle teaming up to takedown Fenix. As Riddle climbs up the ladder he is met by Lee as the two friends stare each other down. Before they can begin to fight Fenix gets back to his feet and jumps onto Lee's back. Riddle pushes Lee off the ladder and the both men go crashing to the mat. Dream then enters the ring and pulls Riddle off the ladder and the two start going back and forth. Dream looks to hit the Dream Valley Driver but Riddle counters and delivers a brutal roundhouse kick. With all the other men down and out Riddle realises that this is his opportunity. To ensure victory Riddle traps the Velveteen Dream by placing a ladder around his neck and climbing it before grabbing the championship and picking up the victory. Matt Riddle is your new North American Champion 

Kairi Sane vs Io Shirai 

Image result for kairi sane entrance gif   Image result for io shirai entrance gif

A match that has been brewing over the last couple of weeks finally comes to a payoff when Io Shirai and Kairi Sane square off one on one. Sane offers up a handshake to shirai to start the match but Shirai rejects, adamant to keep herself composed and focused on the task at hand. To start the match both Women go back and forth exchanging strikes with one another but neither performer can seem to gain the upper hand. These two know each other too well leading to various reversals and counters. After Sane caught a kick from Shirai she threw her leg to the ground and once again offered up a handshake to the shocked Shirai. Shirai once again ignored Sane and went on to slap the taste out of the pirate princess' mouth. This however only enraged Sane who launched at Shirai and started laying into her with forearm strikes. Shirai quickly tried to escape to the outside of the ring but Sane caught her out hitting a magnificent Tope Suicida!

Sane showed a more aggressive style throughout the next portion of the match throwing Shirai around the ring before rolling her in the ring and setting up for the insane elbow. Shirai however smartly rolled to the outside once again forcing Sane to follow. This time however Shirai got the better of her former friend dodging a suicide dive attempt and sending her crashing into the announce table. Shirai then started to control the match using her fast-striking offence to gain an advantage. Shirai looked to win the match after hitting Sane with an enziguri, she ascended to the top rope to hit the Asai moonsault but Sane moved out of the way. As Shirai got back to her feet, Sane delivered a brutal elbow which flattened Shirai. Sane herself then rose to the top rope and looked to have delivered an insane elbow but Shirai rolled through for a near fall however Sane just got her shoulders up

Both Women then rose to their feet and started arguing in Japanese before engaging in an all out brawl. Both women then delivered brutal punches to each other sending them crashing to the mat. As the crowd willed them on they both rose to their knees and started chopping the living hell out of each other. Sane finally caught one of Shirai's chops and pulled her up to her feet. She ran the ropes looking for a discuss elbow but Shirai caught her with a beautiful reverse spike huricanrana. Shirai then went to the top and hit the Asai Moonsault for the pin and the win

After the match as Shirai was celebrating, Sane interrupted and left her hand out one last time for Shirai. This time she accepted and both women embraced in the middle of the ring to end the segment 

The Undisputed ERA vs The Forgotten Sons (NXT Tag-Team Championships)

Image result for undisputed era entrance gif Image result for Forgotten Sons entrance gif

The Dusty Rhodes tag-team classic alongside the NXT Tag-Team Championships were contested between The Forgotten Sons and The Undisputed Era in the third match of the night. The Undisputed Era took control of the match from the very beginning using their technical prowess and experience as a team to their advantage. The forgotten sons were able to wrestle momentum back after Jaxson Ryker got involved and took out Kyle O'Reilly 

The Forgotten Sons the applied their slow methodical pace in order to ware down and frustrate the tag champs but once O'Reilly made the tag to Bobby Fish things started to heat up once again and the Era wrestled back control in this match. Ryker once again tried to halt the momentum but Roderick Strong made his way out to the ring and started brawling with Ryker. While everyone was brawling on the outside O'Reilly hit a beautiful running senton to the outside taking everyone out. Seeing this the Era capitalized and hit the High Low on Wesley Blake but just as the referee was to count three Ryker pulled him out of the ring. The referee was having none of Ryker's tactics and ejected him from the contest alongside Roderick Strong. Seeing this the forgotten sons panicked and tried to end the match there and then but The experience of Fish and O'Reilly allowed them to catch the Forgotten Sons unawares and hit the High Low for the second time for the pin and the win 

ACH Signs with NXT


As has become tradition on the Black and Gold brand the next signing to the roster was revealed to be the high-flying ACH. ACH is known for his aerial prowess and presents a major threat to anyone who steps in his way 

Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair (NXT Women's Championship)

Image result for Shayna Baszler gif Image result for Bianca Belair  gif

One of the more anticipated matches of the night was up next with the current NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler defending her belt against the Undefeated EST of NXT Bianca Belair. Things immediately got heated between the two with Baszler showing little to no respect for her opponent slapping her across the face and telling her that she wasn't ready for prime time. Every time Belair would try and go on the attack, Baszler would be there to stop it showing the inexperience Belair has in these types of situations. Baszler continued to dominate the beginning of the match looking for a top rope German Suplex but Belair launched out of it and hit a running clothesline in the corner to regain some momentum

Belair however became caught up in the moment and rose to the top rope to hit a frog splash but it was caught by Baszler into the deadly Kirifuda clutch. Belair struggled at first but almost immediately reached the ropes to cause the break. Baszler began to smirk realising that she was oh so close to breaking the undefeated streak of Bianca Belair. Belair and Baszler once again went back and forth with Baszler using her MMA brawling prowess to once again overpower Belair. Baszler sent Belair into the corner and starting bashing her skull with her fists until the referee called for a release. As the referee was dragging Shayna away from Belair, Belair poked Shayna in the eye before hitting a sit-out powerbomb for a close two count. Belair then realised that this was her opportunity and continued to attack Baszler using her athleticism to deliver a flurry of dropkick and high spot maneuvers to ground the champion. Belair once again rose to the top ropes looking for that frog splash but Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir ran down to the ring to distract Belair only for Belair to launch to the outside and take both Women out

As Belair rolled back into the ring she was met by a suplex from Baszler who then immediately transitioned into the deadly Kirifuda Clutch. Belair looked like she was fading but suddenly powered up and started whipping Baszler with her hair, sending the crowd into a frenzy. Belair then continued the assault and delivered with the KOB. Realising that this wouldn't be enought, Belair dragged Shayna to the top rope and delivered a super KOB for the pin and the win. The era of the EST has just begun on the black and gold brand 

Johnny Gargano vs Tomasso Ciampa (Hell in a Cell NXT Championship)

Image result for Johnny Gargano gif Related image

It was time for the Main Event of the evening with Tomasso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano putting their three year feud to bed inside the most devilish structure of all the Hell in a Cell. One man will walk out the NXT Champion, the other wont walk out at all. Gargano and Ciampa started the match off with a bang as both men immediately started brawling with each other sending the action to the outside of the ring. Gargano took things to the next level however exposing the padding to reveal the concrete floor and completely battering Ciampa with an elevated DDT. Johnny then dominated Ciampa for the next couple of minutes until he reversed a superkick and delivered a V-Trigger right to the face of Gargano. Ciampa then picked up a crowbar from under the ring and started battering Johnny screaming that he would be on top of NXT Forever.

Ciampa then delivered a spear sending both himself and Gargano through the cell wall and to the outside of the ring. This is where Ciampa continued his assault hitting a Fairytale ending on the exposed surface which then followed by sadistic clapping and then a rye smile directed at Johnny's Wife Candice LeRae who was seated in the front row. Ciampa then made the mistake of baiting Johnny because Johnny snapped and started wailing on the NXT Champion using the crowbar to ply at the face of Ciampa and bust him wide open. Ciampa realised that he was in big trouble and tried to plead to Johnny. Realising that this wasn't going to work Ciampa tried to run away climbing up to the top of the cell before Johnny followed and the two engaged in a breathtaking brawl. Johnny got the better of Ciampa hitting a ddt on the top of the cell which made the crowd gasp. Johnny then raised Ciampa to his feet and told him that all of this ends now. He gave Ciampa one last hug before throwing him off the cell and through the announce table. Johnny then sat atop the cell and mocked Ciampa clapping at his actions before climbing down the cage

Johnny then dragged Ciampa into the ring delivered one final springboard DDT before locking in the Gargano Escape for the submission victory. Johnny was immediately brought to tears as he realised he had done it. His wife Candice LeRae joined him in the ring and the two embraced as Johnny TakeOver finally rid the plague that was Tomasso Ciamp. Johnny Wrestling is now Johnny Champion 






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Wrestlemania 35 Preview

Superstars dream of this moment, after working night in and night out, week after week for 365 days a year it's all, for one thing, to make there dream come true. Some, trying to become legends, others bringing the best out of themselves. A beast, lurking across the land taking on a new challenger, a confident champion, trying to keep his title around his waist against two hungry challengers. And a new force, taking on the "Baddest Women On The Planet". Wrestlemania 35 is here, are you ready? 


Image result for Wrestlemania 35 battle royal

Wrestlemania 35 Men and Womens Battle Royal

As we head into Wrestlemania Weekend, every win counts and maybe nothing can compare to winning this year Wrestlemania battle royal. As for the 20 men and 20 women will fight in their respective battle royals if they walk away from the winner they can get a championship shot to any title they choose. For the men, superstars such as Killian Dain, Lars Sullivan, Rey Mysterio, EC3 and more have made their presence known and ever since this morning when the womens battle royal was announced, Nia Jax, Asuka, and more have announced their entrants in the match. Who will make history?! 


Image result for WWE Sami ZaynImage result for WWE Kevin Owens

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - Street Fight 

When it comes to hatred, none do it better then Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens. The former best friends saw turmoil at the Royal Rumble PPV when both men would eliminate each other, and a backstage attack from Sami Zayn would make fans think that the two were officially no longer best friends, but when the Elimination Chamber PPV would roll around it would be a cross, as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens would enter the same pod. But nearly halfway through the match, Kevin Owens would turn on Zayn, and Zayn would go back to being the underdog, attacking Owens on multiple occasions. Now, on the grandest stage of them all, the two men who have had non stop wars in the past are going to face at full force, in a street fight. 


Image result for WWE Toni StormImage result for WWE Charlotte Flair

Toni Storm vs Charlotte Flair - Falls Count Anywhere

When Toni Storm made her debut in the Womens Royal Rumble match and eliminated 11 people, people know she was going to be a threat, and one of those people was Charlotte Flair. Who was one of the people Storm eliminated, in a massive fatal fourway match at WWE Elimination Chamber, Charlotte Flair would once again be costed the championship opportunity due to Toni Storm, this would lead to brawls, attacks, and matches, as Storm tried to fit in on the roster and Charlotte, would stop her at all cost. This sunday, everything is on the line as the cover can happen anywhere in the arena and its a falls count anywhere match between two of the best that Smackdown Live has to offer. 


 Image result for WWE Triple HImage result for wwe braun strowman

Triple H vs Braun Strowman - No Holds Barred

At Survivor Series 2017, Braun Strowman would get revenge on Triple H by choing him out in the corner, and over a year later. Triple H would finally retaliate, costing Braun Strowman the Universal Championship when he had Brock Lesnar beat, Strowman would be furious, and this would lead to a match being made for Wrestlemania 35, but with every Triple H match comes something else. As a certain Scottish psychopath lurks in the background, Braun Strowmans biggest challenge lies ahead of him this Sunday, can he defeat the game!?


Image result for WWE Cruiserweight Championship Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy (C) vs Lio Rush vs Chad Gable vs Cedric Alexander vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong

This Sunday, Buddy Murphy will be defending the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the grandest stage of them all after a six-month reign at the top of the cruiserweight division. Over that time, Buddy Murphy has faced the best talent from 205 Live, SmackDown and RAW, including notable figures such as Finn Balor, Mustafa Ali, Lio Rush and Ricochet. Now, Murphy defends his title at WrestleMania in a six-man ladder match against five of the best cruiserweights from across all of WWE, from 205 Live's Cedric Alexander, Chad Gable, and Lio Rush to SmackDown Live's Kofi Kingston to NXT's Roderick Strong. This match is expected to be one of the most exciting of the night with six world-class athletes clashing heads to earn the right to be crowned the WWE Cruiserweight Champion!


Image result for wwe Samoa JoeImage result for wwe Jeff Hardy

Samoa Joe (C) vs Jeff Hardy - United States Championship

Everything is on the line for Jeff Hardy, as he takes on Samoa Joe one on one this Sunday and if he loses, it will be his final match as if Hardy loses, his in ring career for WWE is over. This all came about at the Elimination Chamber PPV, when a pissed off Samoa Joe would defeat Hardy and become United States champion, and Hardy would do anything to win back the championship. Including put his career on the line, and thats when the match would be made. Samoa Joe vs Jeff Hardy, if Hardy loses, he is forced to retire. 


Image result for wwe Pete DunneImage result for wwe Tyler bate

Pete Dunne (C) vs Tyler Bate - Intercontinental Championship

Two men who have been coined the future of WWE, these men were destained for greatness after there NXT Takover, match of the year worthy battle for the United Kingdom championship, now, at the biggest event WWE puts on. Its Bate and Dunne, once again and the crowd can't be any more hyped as both men are crowd favorites, can Dunne once again retain his title, or will he fall short and Bate become the new champion?


Image result for wwe The RevivalImage result for wwe Gallows and Anderson

The Revival vs The Club - WWE Tag Team Champions

Shane Mcmahon would take to the ring after the Royal Rumble PPV and announce that the tag team titles will now be co branded, and a tournament was held to see who would face current RAW tag team champions, The Revival. Although teams such as Sanity, The Bar, and others would compete, Gallows and Anderson would come out on top and its a dream match of sorts as The Revival and The Club will face for the WWE Tag Team Championships, this Sunday! 


Image result for wwe Daniel BryanImage result for wwe Aj StylesImage result for wwe Andrade

Daniel Bryan (C) vs Aj Styles vs Andrade "Cien" Almas - WWE Championship 

At the 2019 Royal Rumble, while Aj Styles and Daniel Bryan battled it out for the WWE Championship, Andrade "Cien" Almas would win the Royal Rumble and it would be clear who he would go after, as he would announce the next night that he is going to become the WWE Champion at Wrestlemania 35. Daniel Bryan would scrap past the Elimination Chamber PPV, and Aj Styles, after some controversy at the Elimination Chamber PPV, would find his way into the match. So it was set, Daniel Bryan would defend his WWE championship against two men, can he retain? Or will Styles or Andrade get there big Wrestlemania moment. 


Image result for wwe Brock lesnarImage result for wwe seth rollins

Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins - Universal Championship

Ever since his return in 2012, no one has dominated WWE like Brock Lesnar has. He ended the streak, is a multi time world champion, and has triumphed in every single category. There truly is, and never will, be another man like Brock Lesnar. But with every beast, there is a slayer. And thats where Seth Rollins comes into play, Rollins was the last man eliminated from the Royal Rumble after bineg number 1. but he was able to win the Elimination Chamber match gifting him the championship match and now. Its his time to try and defeat the beast, his Shield brothers couldn't do it, and now on the grandest stage of them all, its Beast vs Beastslayer. 


Image result for wwe Ronda RouseyImage result for wwe Becky Lynch

Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch - WWE Womens Championship

For the first time in the 35 years of Wrestlemania, two women are going to be in the main event and its possibly the two most popular superstars on the roster, as Ronda Rousey has made waves since her WWE debut and Becky Lynch has become the face of WWE. Lynch and Ronda have been going to war, and after an injury sidelined Lynch, she returned to win the Royal Rumble and made her claim to face Ronda Rousey. But after Asuka would be stripped of her title, and the womens would become co branded, Lynch would defeat Storm, Charlotte, and Asuka in a fatal fourway match once again proving herself. Now, at the grandest stage of them all, its Ronda Rousey and Becky Lynch, one on one.


Predictions Sheet

Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch - WWE Womens Championship 

Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins - WWE Universal Championship 

Daniel Bryan (C) vs Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aj Styles - WWE Championship 

Samoa Joe (C) vs Jeff Hardy - United States Championship - If Jeff Hardy Loses, He Retires 

Pete Dunne (C) vs Tyler Bate - Intercontinental Championship

The Revival vs Gallows and Anderson - Tag Team Championship 

Buddy Murphy (C) vs Cedric Alexander vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong - Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - Street Fight 

Toni Storm vs Charlotte - Falls Count Anywhere 

Braun Strowman vs Triple H - No Holds Barred

Wrestlemania Battle Royal 

Wrestlemania Womens Battle Royal

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Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch - WWE Womens Championship 

Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins - WWE Universal Championship 

Daniel Bryan (C) vs Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aj Styles - WWE Championship 

Samoa Joe (C) vs Jeff Hardy - United States Championship - If Jeff Hardy Loses, He Retires 

Pete Dunne (C) vs Tyler Bate - Intercontinental Championship

The Revival vs Gallows and Anderson - Tag Team Championship 

Buddy Murphy (C) vs Cedric Alexander vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong - Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - Street Fight 

Toni Storm vs Charlotte - Falls Count Anywhere 

Braun Strowman vs Triple H - No Holds Barred

Wrestlemania Battle Royal - Lars Sullivan

Wrestlemania Womens Battle Royal - Asuka? Idk

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Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch - WWE Womens Championship 

Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins - WWE Universal Championship 

Daniel Bryan (C) vs Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aj Styles - WWE Championship 

Samoa Joe (C) vs Jeff Hardy - United States Championship - If Jeff Hardy Loses, He Retires 

Pete Dunne (C) vs Tyler Bate - Intercontinental Championship

The Revival vs Gallows and Anderson - Tag Team Championship 

Buddy Murphy (C) vs Cedric Alexander vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong - Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - Street Fight 

Toni Storm vs Charlotte - Falls Count Anywhere 

Braun Strowman vs Triple H - No Holds Barred

Wrestlemania Battle Royal Lars Sullivan

Wrestlemania Womens Battle Royal Asuka

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Ronda Rousey (C) vs Becky Lynch - WWE Womens Championship 

Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins - WWE Universal Championship 

Daniel Bryan (C) vs Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aj Styles - WWE Championship 

Samoa Joe (C) vs Jeff Hardy - United States Championship - If Jeff Hardy Loses, He Retires 

Pete Dunne (C) vs Tyler Bate - Intercontinental Championship

The Revival vs Gallows and Anderson - Tag Team Championship 

Buddy Murphy (C) vs Cedric Alexander vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong - Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - Street Fight 

Toni Storm vs Charlotte - Falls Count Anywhere 

Braun Strowman vs Triple H - No Holds Barred

Wrestlemania Battle Royal - EC3

Wrestlemania Womens Battle Royal - Asuka

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