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WWE Universe Mode: #32 is now available to view on BrendenPlayz Youtube! Roman Reigns will meet one of his toughest opponents to date, Randy Orton in our main event. Can Randy avenge himself for his Elimination Chamber loss?
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NJPW G1 Climax 30

The G1 Climax is arguably the most prestigious pro-wrestling tournament in the world. The 30th edition of G1 is filled with stacked entrant list with Will Ospreay, KENTA, Jay White, Jeff Cobb, and Juice Robinson finally returning to Japan for the first time since the start of the year. What are your tournament picks? Discuss it here!
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Brock Lesnar (C) vs Seth Rollins - WWE Universal Championship 

Daniel Bryan (C) vs Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Aj Styles - WWE Championship 

Samoa Joe (C) vs Jeff Hardy - United States Championship - If Jeff Hardy Loses, He Retires 

Pete Dunne (C) vs Tyler Bate - Intercontinental Championship

The Revival vs Gallows and Anderson - Tag Team Championship 

Buddy Murphy (C) vs Cedric Alexander vs Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Kofi Kingston vs Roderick Strong - Cruiserweight Championship Ladder Match

Sami Zayn vs Kevin Owens - Street Fight 

Toni Storm vs Charlotte - Falls Count Anywhere 

Braun Strowman vs Triple H - No Holds Barred

Wrestlemania Battle Royal EC3

Wrestlemania Womens Battle Royal Asuka

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WWE Reborn ⎜Wrestlemania 36 Night One   It is time for the biggest show of the year, what everything has lead up to and here in Hollywood, California. The WWE Superstars have never been more p

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WWE Reborn Presents.... Royal Rumble 2020 Kevin Owens (C) vs AJ Styles - WWE Universal Championship After the Royal Rumble intro, t

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Image result for Seth Rollins Universal Champion

WWE Updates

Superstar Shakeup

On the RAW and Smackdown episodes after Wrestlemania 35, it has been confirmed that WWE will be hosting yet another Superstar Shakeup, and with the tag team division and women divisions now combined as one, each brand will be acquiring 3 superstars from the opposite brand and one superstar from NXT, both RAW and Smackdown are ready for the next season of WWE, and with new world champions across the board its time.

Tag Team and Womens Divison 

Due to the tag team and womens divisions being merged across both, both divisions will be getting a separate manager, and as announced at Wrestlemania, Edge will be taking control of the tag team division, and former Divas champion Paige will be managing the womens side of things, this also means that both Smackdown and RAW will be given new managers and those are to be announced at a later date.


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Monday Night RAW - April 8th, 2019
Monday Night Rollins
Seth Rollins, who defeated Brock Lesnar would open the show with the Universal Championship on his shoulder, in the ring he would cut a promo. In the promo, he would speak about the long journey he went through and how he is not close to 100% 
As Rollins is ready to finish his words, he is cut off by Stephanie Mcmahon, who announces the first Smackdown Live superstar who is moving to RAW. Aj Styles, who would come to the RAW ring for the first time since the brand split and would stare down Seth Rollins, Stephanie would announce that tonight a fatal four way would take place between Kevin Owens, New RAW stars Randy Orton and Aj Styles, and John Morrison, the winner would face Seth Rollins at Backlash. 
Image result for Buddy Murphy entrance gifImage result for Tyler Bate entrance gif
Buddy Murphy vs Tyler Bate
In his RAW debut, the former Cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy would come out to take on Tyler Bate, both men lost at Wrestlemania and are looking to restart on the main roster, and it would show as both men would hit big moves such as a german suplex off the top rope, and various moves on the outside. The match would continue on and would only come to an end when Buddy Murphy would hit the Murphys Law and pin Bate in the center of the ring, earning his first win on the main roster in his debut match! Murphy taunts, as we go to commercial break.
Image result for Oney Lorcan entrance gif
Oney Lorcan Is Coming Soon
A video package for one of the hardest hittings and toughest men on the NXT roster would play, showcasing the skills of Oney Lorcan. Oney Lorcan is debuting soon on Monday Nights, and he may very well be the future. 
Image result for Ric Flair 2019 entrance gif
P.W.E Gets A New Manager
P.W.E would walk down the ramp with a microphone in hand, ready to take on Lucha House Party, but before the match would begin. Apollo Crews and Kassius Ohno would attack Lucha House Party, saying they are sick of being treated poorly, and they enlisted the help of a manager. Thats when Ric Flair would make his return, and would cut a classic promo on what P.W.E will do for WWE, and that they will increase ratings and superstars. 
Image result for Lars Sullivan entrance gifImage result for Fandango entrance gif
Lars Sullivan vs Fandango
To the surprise of the audience, Fandango would set out an open challenge, saying he wants to get back to his winning ways he once was at, but the challenge would be answered by Lars Sullivan, the winner of the Wrestlemania battle royale. 
Lars Sullivan would easily put away Fandango, hitting the freak accident after only a few punches by Fandango, Sullivan is dominant, and he shows it tonight. Walking up the ramp as the victor, the thought of what title is he going to go after in everyones mind. 
Image result for Aleister Black entrance gif
The Mystery
Elias would host a concert, and just like last night would be interrupted, this time however the crowd would pop out of there seats as the man we haven't seen since the Royal Rumble, Aleister Black would make his return and attack Elias, hitting the Black Mass and leaving. Making his presence known on RAW.
Image result for Pete Dunne entrance gif
Pete Dunnes Open Challenge
Pete Dunne, the Intercontinental champion would come to the ring with his title still in his hand after a war with Tyler Bate last night at Wrestlemania, he would come to the ring and thank the crowd before thanking William Regel. Then, he would host an open challenge for his championship at Backlash. 
After a moment of silence, the challenge would be answered by The Velveteen Dream, who would make his RAW debut and would challenge Pete Dunne. Pete Dunne, Velveteen Dream, a dream match! 
Image result for Karl Anderson entrance gif
Locked and Loaded
A backstage interviewer would catch up with one of RAWs newest stars in Karl Anderson, who is now a singles competitor and will be trying to make it as a big star on RAW. Karl Anderson says that now that he is free from his tag partner on Smackdown Live, he will be moving through RAW like a machine gun.
Image result for Kevin Owens entrance gifImage result for Randy Orton entrance gif
Image result for Aj Styles entrance gifImage result for John Morrison entrance gif
Kevin Owens vs Randy Orton vs Aj Styles vs John Morrison 
In a number one contender's match, it would be two brand new RAW stars in Aj Styles and Randy Orton taking on John Morrison and Kevin Owens in a fatal fourway match. All 4 men would make their entrances and it would be time to figure out who will face Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship. 
It would be a fast paced matchup, featuring many big moves, as Kevin Owens would hit various large moves despite his injuries from last nights match. When it would come down to the end of the match however, Aj Styles would nail a 450 splash to the outside, but this would allow Kevin Owens to hit the pop up powerbomb on John Morrison and become number one contender, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens stare at eachother as this blood rivarly is not over yet
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Image result for Nxt intro gif

NXT: Wednesday April 10th 2019 

We are now one week removed from the historic NXT TakeOver: New York Event in the Barclays center and now we present to you back here in Full Sail University another episode of NXT. On tonight's agenda we have a huge Main Event where Dominik Dijakovic will take on Keith Lee as well as Bianca Belair making her first title defence against the former American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro. We will also hear from both Matt Riddle and Johnny Gargano as they celebrate their championship wins 

Johnny Champion is here!

Image result for Johnny Gargano NXT Championship gif

We kick off tonight's NXT episode with the new NXT Champion Johnny Gargano, flanked by his beautiful wife Candice LeRae. Johnny soaks in all the cheers from those at Full Sail University as a "Johnny Champion" chant rings out throughout Full Sail. Johnny thanks the fans and tells them all that Tomasso Ciampa is finally GONE. As Johnny is thanking the fans for supporting him and unfamiliar theme song hits and out steps Punishment Martinez from the back alongside what seems to be his new manager Paul Ellering. Johnny tells Candace to exit the ring as Ellering and Martinez enter the squared circle. Ellering congratulates Johnny on his win but warns him that he shouldn't celebrate for too long because his client is coming for his NXT Championship. Martinez then blindsides Johnny and takes him out with a devastating big boot. Martinez then raises the NXT Championship in the air as the segment ends 

Eric Bugenhagen vs Cezar Bononi 

Image result for Eric Bugenhagen nxt gif Image result for Cezar Bononi gif

To kick off the night's in-ring action we are graced by the NXT debut of Eric Bugenhagen. Immediately Bugenhagen gains cheers from the fans as he struts to the ring playing his air drums and air guitar. His opponent on the night is one member of the new faction Brazilia consisting of Adrian Jaoude, Cezar Bononi and Taynara Conti. Bugenhagen makes fun of Bononi early but it costs him dearly as the Brazilian beast absolutely destroys Bugenhagen early. However Bugenhagen shows a more aggressive side and takes out Bononi and surprisingly picks up the victory. Before Bugenhagen can celebrate Jaoude jumps into the ring and takes out Bugenhagen and a 2 on 1 assault amasses. Brazilia show that they are not a force to be messed with 

ACH debuts next week!

Related image

The charismatic aerial expert known as ACH will be making his NXT Debut next week!

Bianca Belair vs Kacy Catanzaro 

Image result for Bianca Belair gif Image result for Kacy Cantanzaro gif

After defeating Shayna Baszler for the NXT Women's Championship at TakeOver New York, Bianca Belair now defends her newly won Championship against former American Ninja Warrior and NXT Debutant Kacy Catanzaro. Both Women started the match out hot using their agility to one up each other after every move. As Cantanzaro went to the top rope she was pushed down by an interfering Jessamyn Duke who alongside Marina Shafir entered the ring and beat down both women. Suddenly Shayna Baszler's Music hit and she made her way down to the ring destroying both women. She locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on Catanzaro before turning her attention to Belair. She then brutally assaulted the champ before raising the Women's Championship in the air showing that this battle is far from over 

Matt Riddle's Bro Party

Image result for Matt Riddle gif

The new North-American Champion Matt Riddle came out to greet the Full Sail faithful for what he was calling a Bro Party. He spoke about how he won the North-American Championship in a grueling ladder match before stating that he would take the title to the next level. He was then interrupted by Fenix who demanded stated that Riddle had gotten lucky and that next time they face he will be the one walking out with the championship. Both men then had a faceoff before Riddle raised the NXT North-American Championship in the face of Fenix before exiting the ring 

Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic 

Image result for keith lee gif nxt Image result for dijakovic gif

A match that has been brewing for the last couple of weeks finally came to a head when two behemoths in Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic did battle in the night's Main Event. Both men put on a phenomenal performance and the finish came when Keith Lee hit a Tope Suicida to the outside resulting in a double count out. Both men continued to brawl after the match but security and members of the NXT locker room came out to separate these two. Something is telling me that this is far from over 




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Thursday Night Smackdown - April 11 , 2019
Image result for Becky Lynch promo gif
The Man Celebrates
To kick off Smackdown Live, the current WWE Womens Champion would introduce herself to a crazy amount of cheers, Becky Lynch would celebrate her championship win and say that she is going to go on to do bigger and better things within the WWE, and that whenever Ronnie wanta to come back and challenge for her title, feel free to do so.
Image result for Braun Strowman entrance gifImage result for Samoa Joe entrance gif
Braun Strowman vs Samoa Joe - United States Champion
Samoa Joe, the man who ended the career of Jeff Hardy last night would come to the ring with his United States championship in hand, he would come to the ring and cut a quick promo before giving the opportunity to anyone in the back to face him in a number one contenders match, and thats when Braun Strowmans music would hit and we would be treated to Braun Strowman being shaken up to Smackdown. 
The match would be hard hitting, yet fast paced, as both large men would showcase there talent and would fight for the championship. Braun Strowman would send Samoa Joe through the barricade, and Samoa Joe would nearly put the Monster to sleep. But the man who defeated Triple H at Wrestlemania would also defeat Samoa Joe, gaining the United States championship and his first singles title win in his career. 
Image result for Kairi Sane gif
The Pirate Princess Sails Soon
A promo package featuring gold, pirates, and ships would play and Smackdown Live would be treated to a message introducing the former NXT Womens champion, she has a hard hitting style and uses an impressive elbow drop to put away her opponents, Kairi Sane is coming soon!
Image result for War Raiders entrance gifImage result for The Usos entrance gif
War Raiders vs The Usos
The dominate War Raiders would make there Smackdown Live debut, taking on possibly the greatest tag team in WWE, The Usos. War Raiders have been running the ropes on RAW, and now with the tag team divison fighting over one main title, every win counts, now these two teams know this and give everything in this ring. Hanson and Rowe would pick apart The Usos late in the match and win, proving that they are a force to watch for inside the WWE ring. 
Image result for Baron Corbin gif
The Lone Wolf Returns 
Baron Corbin, who really made a name for himself on Smackdown Live, would return to the blue brand and would do so in a big way, cutting a backstage promo and then attacking superstars such as Tye Dillinger and Sin Cara, throwing them into the cement walls and hitting the end of days. Corbin may be the next big thing on Smackdown Live. 
Image result for Finn Balor entrance gifImage result for Cesaro entrance gif
Finn Balor vs Cesaro
In yet another shock, Finn Balor would join Smackdown Live and would take on Cesaro, and what a match it would be as both pure athletes would give it there all, fighting for nearly 15 minutes and tearing the house down. But by the end of the match, the new Smackdown Live member Finn Balor would defeat Cesaro and would walk away the winner, can Balor turn his career around on Smackdown Live? 
Image result for Toni Storm entrance gif
Smackdown Is Still Storms Home
Toni Storm would be caught backstage, warming up for an upcoming match, bandages still around her waist. Toni Storm would say that Charlotte took her to the limit, and the dive off of the stage is one of her favorite moments in her career, but its time to move on and she will be holding the Womens Championship anytime soon. 
Image result for Toni Storm entrance gifImage result for Nia Jax entrance gif
Toni Storm vs Nia Jax
The not 100% Toni Storm would have the fight of her life, taking on Nia Jax, Storm and Jax would go to war and Storm would hit hard hitting chops, but the fight wouldn't be enough and Nia Jax would dominate. However, Toni Storm would make an impressive comeback and defeat Nia Jax, but after the match, Storm couldn't stand. 
Charlotte would come to the ring and cut a promo, saying Storm is weak, and that she didn't deserve the win. Charlotte wouldn't attack Storm, but would spit on her before leaving the ring and walking up the ramp. 
Image result for Johnny Gargano entrance gif
Johnny Smackdown
A video package for quite possibly the greatest in NXT, the current NXT champion, Johnny Gargano would play and we would see Johnnys biggest highlights, and now with Kairi Sane and Johnny Gargano, Smackdown Live is going to be a huge market!
Image result for Andrade entrance gif
The Celebration
The WWE Champion Andrade "Cien" Almas would come to the ring followed by Zelina Vega, both would celebrate Andrades big win last night. Pictures of the triple threat match would come onto screen and we would see the ending of the triple threat match. 
Andrade would announce his plans for the WWE Championship, and Zelina would begin to speak before being interrupted by Daniel Bryan, who would come out and demand a rematch. However, Shane Mcmahon would come onto the screen, and announce that inside WWE rematch clause are no longer a thing, but, since Bryan was not the one who got pinned last night, he will compete in a number one contenders match against another man who has had a lot of momentum, Ricochet. 
Image result for Ricochet entrance gifImage result for Daniel Bryan 2019 entrance gif
Ricochet vs Daniel Bryan - Number One Contenders Match
The shocks keep on coming as now we have a number one contenders match on our hands, and this number one conteders match consist of two of the best on Smackdown Live and we see it in there match, as Daniel Bryan does his best to ground Ricochet and keep his high flying moves to a minimum, but everything Ricochet does would be cut off. However, by the end of the match, it would be the upset of the century as Ricochet would defeat Daniel Bryan, earning himself a WWE Championship match at Backlash, and what an impressive way to do so!
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Animated GIF
205 Live - April 12th, 2019
Following the hectic past few days in WWE after the biggest show of the year, WrestleMania, the week is capped off with cruiserweight action. Nigel McGuinness introduces us to 205 Live as we are set to hear from the newly crowned WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Evan Bourne. He also warns us that we will be seeing the introduction of some new cruiserweights on the purple brand with respect to the tradition of the post-WrestleMania shows.
Evan Bourne Celebrates His Momentous Return
Animated GIF
After returning to WWE at WrestleMania 35 and winning the WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a seven-man ladder match, Evan Bourne would make his first appearance here on 205 Live, receiving a loud ovation from the fans. Bourne talks about how he hasn't been in WWE for almost five years but now stands within a WWE ring as the WWE Cruiserweight Champion and how he's thankful that the fans are enjoying this moment with him. However, the celebrations are interrupted by Buddy Murphy who demands a rematch for his title and perhaps to his surprise, the returning noble star accepts, saying that he'll defend his title tonight!
Lio Rush vs Shane Thorne
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the first match of the night, the man that came so close to becoming champion at the weekend, Lio Rush, takes on "Black Swan" Shane Thorne, who is making his debut on 205 Live here tonight. Thorne puts up a good fight, almost hitting his Black Swan Splash, but Lio Rush ultimately comes out victorious.
Trevor Lee Caddell Is Coming To 205 Live
Animated GIF
After a captivating series of clips showcasing the talent of the newest member of 205 Live, Trevor Lee Caddell, it would be announced that he will be debuting in a one on one match against Mike Kanellis next week as the purple brand continues to heat up.
Chad Gable Still Has Hope
Animated GIF
Despite missing out on capturing the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania in the cruiserweight ladder match, Chad Gable answers the questions of a WWE interviewer with hope still radiating from his usual eager self. Gable doesn't seem too phased about his missed opportunity but instead focuses on the future as he continues his pursuit of conquering the cruiserweight division.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Evan Bourne (c) vs Buddy Murphy
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the main event, the returning Evan Bourne defends his newly won WWE Cruiserweight Championship in one on one competition against the former champion, Buddy Murphy. The two put on a stellar of a matchup, going at it for over twenty minutes before Evan Bourne manages to hit the Air Bourne and pick up the victory. Evan Bourne celebrates as he continues his reign as WWE Cruiserweight Champion whilst Murphy exits the ring, possibly for the last time on 205 Live.
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Image result for Superstar Shakeup

WWE Superstar Shakeup Results 

- Superstars Joining The Red Brand -

Aj Styles

Randy Orton

Karl Anderson

Aleister Black

Oney Lorcan

Tomasso Ciampa

Buddy Murphy

- Superstars Joining The Smackdown Brand -

Braun Strowman

Finn Balor


Baron Corbin

Johnny Gargano

Kairi Sane

Jason Jordan

Free Agents

John Cena

Adam Cole

Roman Reigns (Inactive)

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Image result for wwe logoImage result for wwe png logo
Monday Night RAW - April 15th, 2019
Image result for alexa bliss entrance gif
Bliss Challenges Lynch
To kick off Monday Night RAW, the winner of the Womens Battle Royal, Alexa Bliss would come to the ring and cut a promo, challenging the current WWE Womens Champion, Becky Lynch. Bliss is a former Womens Champion in her own right and she is challenged Lynch at Backlash, the womens GM Paige would come out and make it official, Alexa Bliss vs Becky Lynch at Backlash!
Image result for aleister black entrance gifImage result for Jinder Mahal Entrance gif
Aleister Black vs Jinder Mahal
In his RAW debut matchup, Aleister Black would take on former WWE champion Jinder Mahal, and while the crowd was in awe with Aleister Blacks entrance, they would be even more impressed with his in ring work as he quickly finishes of Jinder Mahal hitting various signature moves, but it would be a Black Mass that would put away Jinder Mahal and Black would walk away the winner, with loads of talent being shown through his debut. 
Image result for Apollo Crews Promo gif
PWE Is Here To Stay
Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews with there new cocky attitudes would be caught backstage, and would cut a promo with there manager Ric Flair by them, both men would announce that their contracts now belong with Ric Flairs brand, PWE, Pure Wrestling Entertainment. Crews and Ohno may be the future! 
Image result for Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews gifImage result for Lucha House Party gif
PWE vs Lucha House Party
Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews would come to the ring and take on Lucha House Party, Kalisto and Lince Dorado would put up a good fight, hitting various diving moves on the two cocky stars, but with Ric Flair at ringside. Apollo Crews would take out Kalisto, which use to be his good friend, and that would allow Kassius Ohno to pin and defeat Lince Dorado in the ring. Kassius Ohno and Apollo Crews taunt in the center of the ring with Ric Flair, looking dominant here on RAW.
Image result for The Velveteen Dream gif
The Experience
A promo would play, highlighting the skills and the feeling that Velveteen Dream brings to the ring and to WWE, The Velveteen Dream will make his in ring debut at Backlash when he takes on Pete Dunne for the Intercontinental Championship, and the crowd can not be anymore ready!
Image result for Lars Sullivan gif
Lars Sullivan Wants The Championship
Paul Heyman would be walking around backstage, and would be interrupted by a pissed of Lars Sullivan, who demands a championship match, and due to his Wrestlemania Battle Royal win, he would be granted it, and just like that. He would be added to the Backlash triple threat match!!! 
Image result for Tommaso Ciampa gif
Tomasso Ciampa Is Here
A small promo for Tomasso Ciampa, the former NXT champion would play and when it would end, Ciampa would be walking through the backstage area and come face to face with Randy Orton, Ciampa and Orton would exchange words before brawling, sending eachother over a railing and having the entire roster have to break them up. These two hate eachother already and it shows as they spit at eachother, and Ciampa laughs at Orton. Tomassa Ciampa has made an impact!
Image result for Lars Sullivan entrance gifImage result for Seth Rollins entrance gif
Lars Sullivan vs Seth Rollins
Sullivan and Rollins would compete in the nights main event and would put on a showcase, with the recent news at Lars Sullivan will be joining the Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins match at Backlash, this is a huge chance for Lars to get momentum.
It would be Lars toughest match to date, as Rollins would use his speed to take down Sullivan and really work down the big man, but the insane Lars Sullivan would defeat Rollins, pinning the Universal Champion clean in the center of the ring using the freak accident, and at Backlash in 2 weeks, Seth Rollins may be in trouble.
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Image result for Nxt intro gif

NXT: April 17th 2019

The landscape of WWE's black and yellow brand has truly been shaken up and we are well and truly on our way to the next NXT TakeOver Special. Tonight after the shocking reveal of Paul Ellering as his Manager the seemingly unstoppable force that is Punishment Martinez will square up against the Brittish Brawler Danny Burch, we will also see The Street Profits in action as well as the NXT in-ring debut of ACH

ACH vs Marcel Barthel 

Entrance%2B1.gif Image result for marcel barthel entrance gif

Making his in-ring debut here in NXT was the high-flying always charismatic ACH who would take on the powerful German Brawler Marcel Barthel. ACH tried to have some fun early in the match but Barthel wasn't having any of it as he immediately started chopping away at the chest of ACH. ACH responded however using his aerial ability to out maneuver his opponent and set up for "The best 450 ever" with a 450 from the second rope for the pin and the win. ACH then celebrated with the crowd to end the segment, a great start to his tenure on the Yellow and Black brand 

This War is only getting started 

Image result for Lee vs Dijakovic gif

We were shown a small highlight video from last weeks intense war between Dominik Dijakovic and Keith Lee. It then cuts to Cathy Kelley who is in the trainers room looking for words from the Limitless One. Lee stated that both men went to war in that ring but there was no direct outcome. He said that this War is only getting started and he would do whatever it takes to ensure that at the end of the day he would walk out on top

Coffey Brothers vs Street Profits 

Image result for Coffey Brothers gif Related image

We then had some Tag-Team action with The Street Profit's taking on NXT UK's The Coffey Brothers, Mark and Joe Coffey. Both teams put on a very entertaining matchup but it was a Montez Ford hot-tag which ignited things for the Profit's leading to a picturesque Frog-Splash from Ford for the Pin and the win. After the match The Street Profits didn't celebrate with the Full Sail fans, but instead grabbed the microphones and called out The Undisputed Era. The Street Profits stated that for too long they have been looked over but now is there time to shine. They called out William Regal and asked for a match against the ERA and they want an answer next week!

Shayna Baszler is not here to play 

Image result for Shayna Baszler gif

A video package showcasing the Queen of Spades herself aired next reminding the NXT Universe of her dominance. During the video, Shayna warned Belair that she would strike with Vengeance and she would do whatever it takes to reclaim her rightful NXT Women's Championship. It was then announced that next week, Bianca Belair would team up with Kacy Catanzaro to take on Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir 

Johnny Champion isn't scared of Punishment Martinez

Image result for Johnny Gargano interview gif

Before our Main Event of the evening, the current NXT Champion Johnny Gargano was asked about the looming threat that is Punishment Martinez. Johnny said that he had faced much worse in his career and that there is no way he could be scared of someone like Punishment Martinez. Just as Johnny was about to finish the interview, Punishment Martinez attacked him from behind and then said that Johnny should be scared for his life 

Punishment Martinez vs Danny Burch

Image result for Punishment Martinez gif Image result for Danny Burch gif

Two of NXT's most fiercest Brawlers went into battle in the night's Main Event. Danny Burch put up a fight but he was no match for the much larger Punishment Martinez who hit a running curb stomp for the win. Ellering applauded his clients prowess and ordered him to continue the beatdown to which he did. As he was preparing to hit Burch with another running curb stomp, Johnny Gargano made his way out for the save however it was all in Vain as Punishment Martinez laid him out and himself it a running curb stomp on the champ. For the second week in a row, Punishment Martinez would raise the NXT Championship above his head 




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Thursday Night Smackdown - April 18th, 2019
Image result for Daniel Bryan 2019 promo gif
Daniel Bryan would come to the ring more upset than ever, last week he lost his only chance at gaining the WWE Championship back, and he is livid. He cuts a promo on how "Fickle" the WWE Universe is, before saying he is going to change WWE forever. 
Thats when Johnny Gargano would make his debut to a huge ovation, he would come to the ring with his NXT Championship on his shoulder and would cut a promo on Bryan, Bryan and Gargano would stare down, and Bryan would challenge Gargano to a match, a dream match here on Smackdown Live and its happening right now!
Image result for Daniel Bryan 2019 promo gifImage result for Johnny Gargano entrance gif
Daniel Bryan vs Johnny Gargano
The crowd would be hyped up, as Bryan and Gargano would get set to face off in 1 v 1 action, but as the bell rings and the two lock up, Bryan breaks free and quickly rolls out of the ring, jumping the barricade as he laughs, mouthing that he doesn't want to impress the fans anymore. 
Johnny Gargano would win by count out, and would shake his head as his first match in WWE, although going down as a win, is disappointed and so are the fans as we switch gears.
Image result for Shelton Benjamin entrance gifImage result for The Revival entrance gif
The All Americans vs The Revival
Shetlon Benjamin would come to the ring, and would announce that he has found himself a new tag team partner, and his name is Jason Jordan, who returns to action to team up with Shelton Benjiman, before being interrupted by the tag team champions, The Revival.
In yet another great match, The All Americans would be able to defeat the tag team champions in one of the most impressive finisher moves in WWE, The Revival would walk up the ramp with there titles, defeated here on Smackdown Live as Jason Jordan and Shelton celebrate in the ring to cheers. 
Image result for Becky Lynch backstage promo gif
Becky Lynch Has It All
In a backstage interview, the current WWE Womens Champion, Becky Lynch, would cut a promo on Alexa Bliss, calling her a "Petty Rich Girl", and saying she has taken down many girls just like her and it won't be any different at Backlash, Lynch leaves, showing just how much power she has in the Womens Roster. 
Image result for Braun Strowman entrance gifImage result for Luke Harper entrance gif
Braun Strowman vs Luke Harper 
Braun Strowman, who last week won the United States championship would take on his former Wyatt Family brother in Luke Harper, Harper would come out as a single competitor from now on, and is ready to bring his career to new heights with Braun Strowman. 
The match would turn into a brawl, and despite multiple big moves, would end in a double count out when Braun Strowman would hit a running powerslam through the announce table and both men would be counted out, the crowd would chant "This Is Awesome' as Braun grabs his United States championship and walks up the ramp. 
Image result for Mustafa Ali promo gif
Mufasa Ali Is The Future
Mufasa Ali, since his debut, has been nothing but impressive. His matches with Daniel Bryan, Jeff Hardy, and more have gathered him fans all around the world and his career is only going to go up, and once he finally gets the title, he will hold onto it for a long time!
Image result for Rusev entrance gifImage result for Rey Mysterio 2018 entrance gif
Rusev vs Rey Mysterio
Rusev would make his return to TV, taking on the one and only Rey Mysterio. Rusev is a former United States champion and shows of his skills against Rey Mysterio, who would attempt to use his speed to take down the big man. 
By the end of the match, Rey Mysterio would hit a 619 and would pin Rusev after an impressive match. Rey Mysterio would taunt, walking up the ramp before getting cut off by the music of Shinsuke Nakamura, who walks down the ramp and attacks Rey Mysterio, throwing him into the barricade before entering the ring and shaking Rusevs hand. 
Image result for Ricochet entrance gif
One. And. Only.
The number one contender for the WWE Championship, Ricochet, would come to the ring and would cut a promo on the current champion, Andrade "Cien" Almas. It wouldn't be long until Zelina Vega would come to the ring, dissing Ricochet, saying that Andrade couldn't make it tonight but will be ready to face Ricochet at Backlash. Vega would wish Ricochet goodluck, and the fans would chant "Ricochet" 
Image result for Charlotte entrance gifImage result for toni Storm entrance gif
Charlotte vs Toni Storm 
Charlotte and Toni Storm would face off once again, and as Charlotte makes her in ring return, she would look more impressive than ever, taking down Toni Storm multiple times. However, Toni Storm would be able to hit the Storm Zero once again and pin Charlotte, meaning Toni Storm has defeated Charlotte nearly 3 times. And Smackdown Live ends with Toni Storm raising her arms high in the air, a large smile on her face.
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Animated GIF
205 Live - April 19th, 2019
As the WWE Universe would be cooling down from the WrestleMania season, 205 Live would continue with the exciting shows with a special announcement from the CEO of WWE, Triple H, scheduled as well as the debut of a new cruiserweight who was trained by the legendary Hardyz themselves, Trevor Lee Caddell. Nigel McGuinness would welcome us to the purple brand before handing over to the General Manager of 205 Live, Christian.
The WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Divison Is Formed
Image result for wwe championship reveal gif
205 Live would have an extraordinary beginning tonight as we would begin with Christian in the ring. Christian would then announce the arrival of the CEO of WWE, Triple H! Hunter would share his admiration for the cruiserweights before announcing a brand new division for 205 Live as he would reveal the brand new WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships! Christian would then announce that four teams will compete in two separate two on two qualifying matchups with the winners of each match competing for the titles at Backlash.
Trevor Lee Caddell vs Tyler Breeze
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the first match of the night, as advertised last week, Trevor Lee Caddell would make his debut in a match against 'Prince Pretty' Tyler Breeze. With Breeze missing out on recent opportunities, he would be somewhat more aggressive in this matchup but the debuting star would make an imposing first impression, coming out as the victor after a competitive matchup.
Drew Gulak Asks Tony Nese To Be His Partner
Animated GIF
Tony Nese is backstage in the locker room when Drew Gulak approaches him. Nese doesn't seem pleased at all but Gulak interests him when he says that he managed to get one of the spots in the tag team qualifying matches. Now with Nese's undivided attention, Gulak asks Nese to forgive him and join him in becoming the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. He then extends his hand and Nese reluctantly shakes it as the opportunity is too big to pass up.
Chad Gable vs Mike Kanellis
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the second match of the night, Chad Gable would take on Mike Kanellis. Both of these men would benefit for a momentum boost here tonight heading towards Backlash. Kanellis would almost get the victory after interference from Maria but Gable's undisputed will power would allow him to survive and eventually get the victory.
WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match
Noam Dar & TJ Perkins vs Drew Gulak & Tony Nese
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the main event, recently new-found friends Noam Dar and TJ Perkins would team up against former friends Drew Gulak and Tony Nese in the first qualifying match for the WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships. Both teams would struggle with communication and coordination between themselves at first, but as the match would heat up, the teams would begin to work better together. Nevertheless, Dar would end up getting the pin over Gulak. After Dar and Perkins would finish celebrating, Nese would help Gulak to his feet before striking him back down and continuing to beat his former friend to a pulp. It's clear that Nese hasn't forgiven Gulak, especially after costing them the opportunity to make history here tonight.
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Image result for wwe logoImage result for wwe png logo
Monday Night RAW - April 22nd, 2019
Universal Rollins
Seth Rollins would open the show in his home state of Iowa to a huge reaction, he would enter the ring and cut a promo on the RAW roster, and his Backlash opponents, but as Seth Rollins would soak in the "You Deserve It" chants, Tomasso Ciampa would interrupt the Universal Championship, and would come to the ring with a microphone. Saying he is on RAW to rid it of its old talent, and Rollins is almost on his hitlist. Seth Rollins would challenge Ciampa to a match and Paul Heyman would make it official, Tomasso Ciampa vs Seth Rollins as tonights main event!
Image result for Alexa Bliss entrance gifImage result for Sasha Banks entrance gif
Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks
The women who will take on Becky Lynch at Backlash would come to the ring ready to take on another one of WWEs regulars. Sasha Banks, Banks and Bliss have met before in the ring and it shows, as it would be a match full of reversals. Alexa Bliss would look better then ever however, reversing a top rope move and then hitting the Twisted Bliss for the win. Alexa Bliss just 2 weeks away from her match with "The Man", is gaining a lot of momentum!
Image result for Jason Jordan entrance gifImage result for Authors Of Pain entrance gif
All Americans vs Authors Of Pain - Number One Contenders
The team that has been in the works backstage for month would finally get their chance, taking on the Authors Of Pain in a number one contender's match. Jason Jordan and Shelton Benjiman would make there entrance and would use there wrestling ablity to take down Authors Of Pain and even showcase some of the most impressive strength in the tag team division.
Despite an impressive match and fight from Authors Of Pain, Shelton Benjiman would be able to hit a huge powerbomb, proving that they deserve it as he pins Rezar in the center of the ring, meaning that at Backlash it will be Jason Jordan and Shelton Benjimans vs The Revival, for the WWE Tag Team Championships!
Image result for Aj Styles backstage promo gif
Aj Styles Is Here
Aj Styles would come to the ring and would introduce himself, as two weeks ago, he did end up losing. But he is here on RAW to do one thing and that is to takeover the brand, and he will do anything to be on top. Aj Styles would hold an open challenge, and it would result in 
Image result for Karl Anderson entrance gifImage result for Kalisto entrance gif
Karl Anderson vs Kalisto
Karl Anderson would make his RAW in ring debut, taking on one of the best high flyers in WWE in Kalisto, and it would be a great match as both men would bring there A game and the crowd would be interested throughout.
Karl Anderson and Kalisto would bring there match to the next level, proving that they both deserve this shot and that they deserve to be on RAW. Karl Anderson would eventually defeat Kalisto after catching him in a mid air brain buster and pinning him. Karl Anderson would walk up the ramp, his first match going down as a W.
Image result for Pete Dunne attack gif
The Bruiserweight Snaps
In a backstage segment, Pete Dunne would be walking around backstage with his championship on his shoulder, and he would come across Tyler Bate, one of his biggest rivals and his Wrestlemania opponent. Tyler Bate would offer to shake his hand, and say good luck at Backlash. But, suddenly Dunne would attack Bate, throwing him into a moving crate before hitting the Bitter End on the concrete floor, what the hell has gotten into Pete Dunne?!
Image result for Tommaso Ciampa entrance gifImage result for Seth Rollins entrance gif
Tomasso Ciampa vs Seth Rollins
The man who opened the show, Tomasso Ciampa would come out to a chorrus of boos, and of course the champion Seth Rollins would come out to an amazing reaction once again, but the main event worthy match these two would put on would get the crowd excited.
Ciampa and Rollins would both hit huge moves, including a buckle bomb to the barricade, a brain buster on the apron, and much more but it would continue on to the point where Kevin Owens theme song would play, and distract Seth Rollins enough to allow Ciampa to roll up Rollins and get the win! A huge upset on Monda Night RAW as Ciampa has defeated the Universal Champion!! 
RAW comes to a close with Ciampa laughing, and Seth Rollins pissed off in the ring.
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Image result for Nxt intro gif

NXT: April 24th 2019 

We present you another episode of NXT here tonight from Full Sail University in Orlando Florida, we have another jam-packed show for you once again tonight with the General Manager of NXT William Regal in attendance tonight to make a major announcement for the future of NXT. We also have a huge Main Event set for the night where the NXT North-American Champion Matt Riddle will take on the Undisputed Era's Roderick Strong. Lets take it to the ring to hear from William Regal

NXT TakeOver: Homecoming announced 


The GM of NXT opened up this weeks show announcing that the next TakeOver special will take place right here in Full Sail University, calling it NXT TakeOver homecoming on the 25th of May. Regal announced that the NXT Championship will be up for grabs when Punishment Martinez takes on Johnny Gargano as well as announcing Shayna Baszler's rematch against Bianca Belair for the NXT Women's Championship. The Street Profits interrupt Regal and ask for their match against the Undisputed Era but Regal says that he hasn't see enough from the Profits to warrant a shot leaving Dawkins and Ford for once speechless 

Bianca Belair and Kacy Catanzaro vs Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir 

Image result for Bianca Belair gif Image result for Kacy Cantanzaro gif Image result for Duke and shafir gif

In a match that was made official last week, Bianca Belair teamed with former American Ninja Warrior Kacy Catanzaro to take on the menacing duo of Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke. Belair and Catanzaro worked well together but Duke and Shafir were just too powerful taking most of the match before a spirited comeback by the Women's Champion fell short because of a Shayna Baszler attack. The trio then beat down their opponents before standing tall with Baszler once again raising the NXT Women's Championship above her head 

Forgotten No More 

Image result for Forgotten Sons gif

As NXT returns from commercial break we are shown a video package of NXT TakeOver: New York where the Forgotten Sons took on the Undisputed Era in an unsuccessful attempt to win the NXT Tag-Team Championships. They then spoke about how they won't let this loss deter them, they won't be a flash in the pan and will continue to prove to the world that they aren't forgettable and will be in action next week 

Eric Bugenhagen vs Adrian Jaoude 

Image result for eric bugenhagen nxt gif image.jpeg

Once again the NXT Universe were treated to the charismatic machine that is Eric Bugenhagen. After defeating Cezar Bononi two weeks ago, Bugenhagen now challenges the other half of Brazilia, Adrian Jaoude. Both men had an average match with Bugenhagen once again picking up the victory over his Brazilian foe. Post-Match once again Cezar Bononi and Joaude started to attack Bugenhagen only for No Way Jose to make his triumphant return to NXT and save Bugenhagen from further beatdown. Jose and Bugenhagen danced in the ring to end the segment 

The Ultimate Athlete is coming 

Image result for Denzel dejournette gif 

A video package played hyping the debut of "The Ultimate Athlete" Denzel Dejournette. It showed the former Amateur Wrestling athlete training in the gym showcasing his athletic prowess. It then ended with Dejournette stating that he will be on his way soon 

Matt Riddle vs Roderick Strong 

Image result for Matt Riddle nxt gif Image result for Roderick strong gif

In our Main Event of the evening, The King of Bro's Matt Riddle took on the Messiah of the back-breaker, Roderick Strong. Both men put on a great contest with Riddle picking up the victory with the bro-mission. O'Reilly and Fish then jumped Riddle and proceeded to beat him down leading to the Street Profits making their way out to the ring and taking out the Undisputed Era. Ford and Dawkins then called out William Regal and demanded a shot at the Undisputed Era. Regal once again never appeared leading to the Street Profits to viciously attack Matt Riddle sending a message to the Undisputed Era and William Regal especially 








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Thursday Night Smackdown - April 18th, 2019
Image result for Shane Mcmahon entrance gif
New Smackdown Live GM
Shane Mcmahon, the current CEO of the Smackdown brand would announce that he needs a new man to take some of the weight off of his shoulders, and he will be looking all around the world to find a brand new GM for the blue brand, this gm will be announced at Backlash in two weeks. Who will Shane Mcmahon choose as GM??
Image result for Nia Jax entrance gifImage result for Asuka entrance gif
Nia Jax vs Asuka
Nia Jax would come to the ring with evil intentions on her mind, as she goes one on one with the former Smackdown live womens champion, Asuka. Ever since being stripped of the title, Asuka has been yet to get back to her winning ways and tonight may be her tonight. 
The dominant force that is Nia Jax would do her best against Asuka, and it would be a class matchup as both women would do everything in their power to defeat one another, attempting everything to gain momentum including a sick looking powerbomb from Nia Jax. However, Asuka would pick up the win nearly 10 minutes into the matchup, pinning Nia Jax in the center of the ring as the winner. 
Image result for The New Day backstage promo gif
New Day Turmoil 
JoJo would be backstage with the 3 members of the new day, and would be having fun with some of the backstage workers throwing pancakes at them. JoJo would ask the trio about there recent losses, and if they are going to get back to there winning ways. 
When asked however, the trio would get silent and would struggle to answer, and Big E would walk away as Kofi and Xavier struggle to get him back. The two chase him down and the struggles for the New Day continue. 
Image result for Braun Strowman entrance gif
Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman Ends In Brawl
Braun Strowman would once again hold his open challenge, attempting to prove he is the monster among men, and when Samoa Joe would answer the crowd know would it be a brawl, and before the match could even begin, Braun and Joe would brawl around the ringside area before two men would come out to join the brawl, those two men being Killian Dain and Luke Harper. As the dust is cleared, Shane Mcmahon would come on screen, reading a text message saying he has found himself a GM, and he has made the first match. At Backlash, Killian Dain vs Luke Harper vs Samoa Joe vs Braun Strowman for the United States championship!!!
Image result for Shelton Benjamin entrance gifImage result for Sanity entrance gif
All Americans vs Sanity
Shelton Benjamin and Jason Jordan would come to the ring, in just two weeks they take on The Revival in a tag team match, but right now they take on maybe a bigger challenge in Alexander Wolfe and Eric Young, two criminals who have been attacking various roster members throughout the past few weeks. 
In an intense and back and fourth tag team match, both teams would show insane skill, including a moonsault from Shelton Benjamin and Jason Jordan, and it would come to an end when Eric Young would be down on the outside, allowing Benjamin and Jordan to pin Wolfe and pick up the win,  increasing there momentum heading into Backlash. 
Image result for Johnny Gargano entrance gif
Gargano Challenges Bryan
Johnny Gargano would come out to a large reaction with a microphone in hand, last week he faced Daniel Bryan, and Bryan would walk out before the match could even get going, and tonight he challenges Bryan to a match at Backlash. 
The former WWE champion would come out and would refuse to face Gargano, calling him an over hyped NXT piece of garbage, and that anyone who sees hints of Bryan in Gargano is "Fickle", Gargano would beg Bryan to face him, wanting to prove he is the best. But Bryan would refuse.
Image result for Becky Lynch 2019 entrance gifImage result for Tamina entrance gif
Becky Lynch vs Tamina
The womens champion would begin to cut a promo before being cut off by Alexa Bliss on screen, Becky Lynch would be annoyed and would insult Bliss, before getting ready for her match against Tamina. 
It wouldn't take long for Lynch to put away Tamina, and Tamina would walk away defeated after a disarmer would force her to tap out. Becky Lynch takes on Alexa Bliss at Backlash, and she could never be more ready.
Image result for Johnny Gargano attack gif
Johnny Gargano would be filmed backstage, hurt and dazed on the ground, when asked who attacked him, he couldn't bring himself to an answer and thats when Daniel Bryan would come into view. Bryan would kneel down and accept Garganos Backlash challenge, saying he is tired of Gargano being cocky, Smackdown live would come to an end with Daniel Bryan standing over Johnny Gargano, with a large man in a mask standing next to him.
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Animated GIF
205 Live - April 26th, 2019
This weeks episode of 205 Live begins as per usual, with Nigel McGuinness introducing us to the purple brand. He explains that tonight we will see the second WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match as well as a #1 Contendership Match to decide who will be the next challenger to face the current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Evan Bourne, in a one on one matchup at Backlash. However, Nigel is suddenly cut off...
Brawl Breaks Out Between Former Friends
Animated GIF
The show's feed cuts backstage where a cameraman is capturing a brawl between two former friends, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese, who failed to come out victorious in the first qualifying match for the newly announced WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships last week. It's unclear how this brawl began but it's been pretty clear over the past few weeks that the tension between these two has only grown greater. It takes numerous backstage personnel to break the two up as we continue back with regular broadcasting.
WWE Cruiserweight #1 Contendership Match
Chad Gable vs Lio Rush vs Trevor Lee Caddell
Animated GIF     Animated GIF     Animated GIF
The first match of the night is a triple threat match between Chad Gable, Lio Rush, and Trevor Lee Caddell to decide who will challenge Evan Bourne for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship at Backlash. All three of these men have been gathering momentum as of late but it's Lio Rush that gets the better of the other two here tonight, making the championship match at Backlash, Evan Bourne vs Lio Rush.
Christian Announces A Match For Next Week
Animated GIF
We go backstage to the General Manager's office where Christian is seen talking to an unexpected superstar in Finn Balor! The two seem to be concluding a discussion and it becomes clear that Finn will be competing in the qualifying match for the WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championships later tonight as he thanks Christian for the opportunity. After Finn has left, Christian announces that next week, Drew Gulak and Tony Nese will be given the chance to settle their differences in the ring when they go head to head.
Evan Bourne Wants To Be A Great Champion
Animated GIF
In another location backstage, Charly Caruso is interviewing Evan Bourne. She asks about his opinion on his next challenger, Lio Rush, who won the #1 Contendership Match earlier in the show. Bourne makes it clear that he respects the talented athletes that 205 Live has to offer and that he plans on defending the championship with honor. Bourne even goes as far as to say that he will put his title on the line next week against anyone in the locker room. That's when "The King Of The Ropes", Gran Metalik approaches. He and the champion share a look that more or less confirms that the two will compete next week with the WWE Cruiserweight Championship on the line.
WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match
Moustache Mountain vs The Balor Club
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
The second WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match is the main event of the night as Moustache Mountain, Tyler Bate & Trent Seven, takes on Finn Balor and an unannounced partner. To the fans excitement, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows make their way out as tonight we see the reformation of The Balor Club, with Finn Balor and Karl Anderson competing as a tag team. The two teams put on a phenomenal match but it's The Balor Club that prevails victoriously and will go on to Backlash to fight for the right to be named the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions.
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Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) Post Mysterious Video On Twitter

Its been a few months since Dean Ambrose walked out of the WWE back in March and this is the first word he has given on social media about the issue, Moxley left the company and has had no issues thus far, but this video has had social media and wrestling fans steaming with theories, ideas, doing anything to try and figure out what the video means. 

Where will Jon Moxley land?

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