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WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 2



David Starr | The Product | Israel | 203 lbs

Despite his Israelean descent, David Starr was raised in the states and almost became an all-American athlete in amateur wrestling, losing only one match before receiving such honor. After this disappointing loss, Starr would take an interest in professional wrestling and would join the Wild Samoan Training Center, owned by the Hall Of Famer, Afa. In just one month, Starr would become the fastest ever graduate of the wrestling school before going on to prove himself as one of the best in-ring competitors in the world, making himself a top figure in the USA and European independent scenes. Starr takes pride in being an independent wrestler and is here in the Cruiserweight Classic to show you can succeed on your own.



DJ Z | The Filipino Flex Factory | Philippines | 175 lbs

After making bursting out as an up-and-coming star in TNA because of his ability to excite a crowd with buoyant energy both inside and outside of the ring. From his lively personality to his thrilling maneuvers, DJ Z takes great pride in entertaining the fans. However, last year, a career-threatening injury sustained in Mexico would question his future in wrestling. Nevertheless, DJ Z would make his return to wrestling and would be better than ever before. Now, he continues to prove that you should never give up on your dreams as he enters the same tournament that the man who inspired him to wrestle, Tajiri, took part in last time around.



Dragón Lee | The Wonder Boy | Mexico | 165 lbs

After his older brother would take on the mask of Místico following the original's departure to WWE where he would become Sin Cara, the mask of Dragón Lee would be left for the man who owns it today. As apart of a celebrated family within the luchador culture, Lee and his two brothers are currently three of the top stars in Mexico. In CMLL, Lee would quickly rise to success, becoming the youngest ever CMLL World Lightweight Champion at the age of nineteen. Furthermore, Lee has also found success in Japan, capturing the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship at the young age of twenty-three. Now, Dragón Lee looks to continue his meteoric rise in the states, in the Cruiserweight Classic.



El Hijo del Fantasma | The King Of The Hunt | Mexico | 200 lbs

When you step in the ring with El Hijo del Fantasma, you become his prey as he goes on the hunt. Ever since his mask was removed after his loss to LA Parka in a Lucha de Apuesta, Fantasma hasn't been quite the same. He has struggled to find his footing but is now entering the Cruiserweight Classic with an extra something to prove, to prove that he does deserve to be considered one of the greatest luchadores of his generation. Furthermore, as the son of the legendary Fantasma, he was born to do this and definitely has no intention of letting his father down by giving up because he lost his mask. It's the man underneath that spent years putting on top performances and has no intention on stopping now.



El Phantasmo | ELP | Canada | 183 lbs

Originally making his name in Canadian promotion, ECCW, El Phantasmo would capture their world championship on three different occasions. He would also venture across the border and into the USA, sometimes teaming with the aforementioned Angélico. Later, ELP would go on to make his name known worldwide, winning both the RevPro British J Cup Tournament and GWF Light Heavyweight World Cup Tournament in consecutive years, as well as aligning with the infamous Bullet Club in NJPW, a stable that previously included WWE superstars Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows. Now, El Phantasmo looks to follow in their footsteps and find success in WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic.



Emil Sitoci | Smash-Mouth | Netherlands | 204 lbs

Emil Sitoci began wrestling in Europe but moved to the USA as an exchange student where he would find tutorage under NXT superstar, Kassius Ohno. Upon returning to Europe, Sitoci would achieve success in German promotion, wXw, capturing the wXw World Lightweight Championship and defending it against the likes of Evan Bourne, Sami Zayn and Neville. In addition, Sitoci's master's degree in media studies would lead him to feature in numerous Dutch television programs. However, despite his success in both wrestling and television, Sitoci would be constantly overlooked, causing him to grow cold, hungry for a feeling, a feeling that he can only experience by tearing through his opponents. There's no doubt that he is a danger to anyone and everyone in the Cruiserweight Classic.



Flamita | Fireball | Mexico | 165 lbs

Flamita is a third-generation luchador and at the young age of twenty-four has already been dubbed one of the best high-flyers in the world. In addition to finding success in his native country of Mexico, Flamita would claim championships abroad, most notably in Japan's Dragon Gate and the United Kingdom's PROGRESS. Flamita isn't a luchador that has fully proven himself yet but critics have claimed that he has all the potential in the world and has even been compared to the likes of the most historic luchador in wrestling history, Rey Mysterio, and the Cruiserweight Classic could be the platform that Flamita needs to prove he's worthy of such an honorable claim.



Fred Yehi | Daredevil | United States | 180 lbs

Fred Yehi is best known for his time in EVOLVE Wrestling where he would face the likes of current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, current NXT North-American Champion, Matt Riddle, current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champion, TJ Perkins as well as Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. In fact, Gulak would be so impressed with Yehi during their match that he would offer him a position in his stable at the time named Catch Point. With his innovative offense and numerous clashes with WWE superstars, it seems as though Yehi would be a perfect fit for the WWE's cruiserweight division but he has to make it through thirty-one other men in the Cruiserweight Classic to make it there.


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Image result for NXT Intro gif

NXT: May 15th 2019

We are just 10 days away from the next installment in the NXT TakeOver series, the 25th edition of TakeOver and it comes to live from Full-Sail University. We have yet another big show in-store for you tonight including a big Tag-Team Main Event where The Undisputed Era will take on Heavy Machinery, as they look to fine tune themselves before their Tag-Title defence at TakeOver Homecoming. Also in action tonight we have the return of Io Shirai who will take on the Brazilia's own Taynara Conti

Io Shirai vs Taynara Conti 

Related image Image result for Taynara Conti gif

Io Shirai made her return to NXT TV where the last time we saw her she defeated Kairi Sane in an epic TakeOver affair. Tonight she comes up against the feisty Brazilian Taynara Conti. Conti would be aided by her Brazilia stablemates Cezar Bononi and Adrian Jaoude who throughout the match saved Conti from defeat before Io Shirai took both of them out with a moonsault to the outside. With Jaoude and Conti taken care of Shirai was able to shift her focus entirely on Conti hitting the Asai Moonsault for the win 

Feast your Eyes 

Image result for Dominik Dijakovic gif

NXT's own Cathy Kelley caught up with Dominik Dijakovic after his gym session to get his thoughts on the announcement of his match against Keith Lee at TakeOver Homecoming. Dijakovic stated that this is an opportunity for him to show the world how dominant he is, to show that he is the next big thing in WWE. He said that Keith Lee would be his next poor victim and challenged Lee to be at Full-Sail next week for a final face to face confrontation before TakeOver 

Babatunde vs Raul Mendoza 

Image result for Babatunde NXT  Image result for Raul Mendoza entrance gif

After immediately making his presence felt in the Cruiserweight Championship match at WWE Backlash, the half Nigerian, half polish Monster Babatunde made his arrival to NXT. His not so lucky opponent was Raul Mendoza who was flattened by Babatunde with ease. Babatunde took mere seconds to finish off the Mexican Native before brutally beating him down post-match 

David vs Goliath: Gargano vs Martinez 

Image result for Johnny Gargano gif Image result for Punishment Martinez gif

A video package plays recapping the feud between Johnny Gargano and Punishment Martinez for the NXT Championship, with the sole focus of showing the brutality exerted by Martinez. It shows his impressive victories over Danny Burch and then most recently The Big Show before transitioning to the many beatdowns of Johnny Gargano. The video ends revealing that on next weeks show Martinez and Gargano will come face to face for a contract signing before their match 

The Ultimate Athlete arrives soon 

Image result for Denzel Dejournette gif

Before our Main Event of the evening another Vignette plays for "The Ultimate Athlete" Denzel Dejournette. It once again focuses on his intense workout regiment before transitioning to his success as an amateur wrestler. To end the Vignette, Dejournette states that he will make his arrival to NXT in two weeks

Undisputed ERA vs Heavy Machinery 

Image result for undisputed era entrance gif Related image

The Main Event of the night, pitted NXT Tag-Team Champions Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish against the qwerky duo of Tucker Knight and Otiz Dozovic, Heavy Machinery. The crowd were enormously behind Tucker and Otis but that wouldn't be enough as the Undisputed Era pulled out a victory in a very exciting match with the Total Elimination on Tucker Knight

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Thursday Night Smackdown
The King Of Strong Style
Before the opening intro would play, Smackdown would open up with a cold open, showing Smackdown superstar Rey Mysterio walking backstage, but as the camera follows his movements, he is soon cut off by a knee to the guy.
The knee came from nonother then Shinsuke Nakamura, who attacks Rey Mysterio and throws him back first into a car before hitting a Kinsasha. Shinsuke Nakamura laughs at his Under The Dome opponent, as he walks out of camera view, leaving Mysterio knocked out cold. 
Braun Strowman vs Rusev - United States Championship
Braun Strowman would kick off the show officially as he is going to be taking on yet another superstar on his "Monster Tour", where he will defend the United States championship every week on Smackdown Live and the whole roster wants a shot at the monster.
This time around, it would be Rusev who would walk out from the back and attempt to take down Braun. The match would be fast paced and brutal, as Rusev would nearly kick the head off of Braun multiple times and even get a near fall. But the raw power of Braun Strowman would be too much for Rusev to handle, and he would be hit with a running powerslam before being pinned.
Braun Strowman taunts, as he beats his chest and raises his title in the air. He walks up the ramp, nearly unstoppable as he may be United States champion forever.
Becky In The Bank
Kairi Sane would come to the ring with a microphone in hand, and would cut a very to the point promo, saying she is hear to take championships and last week she had to make an impact. That is when Toni Storm would interrupt her, and come to the ring, challenging her to a match, saying that this is her brand to conquer. 
But before she could answer, the music of Becky Lynch would play, and out would come "The Man" to a large number of chants and cheers. She would also come to the ring, and begin to cut a promo on how none of these women will be walking away with her title in the future. 
Nia Jax would come out next, followed by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. Each woman cut their respective promos, and that's when the final entrant would be made, which would be the general manager of the womens division, Paige. Announcing that she loves the talent in the ring, and she wants to see a good fight. So in 9 weeks at Money In The Bank, Becky Lynch will be defending her womens championship in a ladder match. Against the 5 other women in the ring .Paige would also make a 3 v 3 womens tag match tonight.
Ali vs Finn Balor
In a match simply to see who is better, Finn Balor and Ali would have a stellar 20-minute matchup which showcased everything both men had, Ali would hit moves never before seeing and Finn Balor would be on the top of his game as the two go back and forth and the crowd gets into it.
Both fan favorites would hit everything, but it would be the coup de grace that would put away the young Ali, but take nothing away from either men as Finn Balor shakes the hand of Ali, and Balor walks away with a huge victory.
Elias Concert
Elias would return to Smackdown Live for the first time since the night after Wrestlemania and would throw a huge concert, including flashing lights and an entire set up stage. Elias would begin to sing his song, before he would be interrupted by the word "TEN" and the crowd would erupt into cheers, as Tye Dillinger would make his Smackdown return since the Royal Rumble and would come to the ring to confront Elias, challenging him to a match.
Elias vs Tye Dillinger
With the crowd in full force "TEN" chants, Tye Dillinger would take the fight to Elias and vice versa, as both men would attempt to make there returns worth while, and we would even see Tye Dillinger hit a new springboard moonsault move for a nearfall. Dillinger would look impressive, but a hidde low blow from Elias would allow him to ruin Tye Dillinger returns.
As Elias walks up the ramp, as tonights winner, you can only imagine that this feud is not close to over.
Shinsuke Nakamura Speaks
Shinsuke Nakamura would be interviewed, where Renee Young ask him why he attacked Rey Mysterio earlier in the night. Nakamura would simply reply "Because I can", Nakamura and Mysterio face off at Under The Dome, and it may very well be Nakamuras biggest match yet.
Inside The Office
We would be taken inside Ethan Carters office once again, where he would be on the phone, talking about how it is great to have you signed and that he can not wait for him to join the Smackdown Live roster, the fans are left to wonder who it is as Carter hangs up the phone and speaks to the crowd, announcing that next week is going to be "Viewer Choice" Smackdown, where you will be able to decide on match types, opponents, and more! All, NEXT WEEK!
Becky Lynch, Toni Storm, And Kairi Sane vs Mandy Rose, Soyna Deville, and Nia Jax.
After the announcement that Becky Lynch will have to defend her womens title in a 6 women ladder match at Money In The Bank, a 6 womens tag match was made for our main event and it would be a fast paced one. As the 6 women would all hit there finishing moves, and even brawl on the outside. The ending pinfall would come when Toni Storm would hit the Storm Zero on Mandy Rose, and pin her in the center of the ring.
As the ring clears out and Nia Jax is laid out on the outside, while Soyna Deville tends to Mandy Rose, Becky Lynch would come into the ring, only to get hit by a Storm Zero of her own. Becky Lynch would roll out of the ring as Toni Storm and Kairi Sane stare down, two of WWEs top women rookies, standing tall on Thursday Nights.
Andrade "CIen" Almas, the reigning WWE champion would come to the ring with Zelina Vega and cut a brilliant promo, as Vega would explain how he is going to be WWE champion. Andrade would call out anyone that think they can beat him, and when the music of 16x world champion John Cena hit, Andrade would be in shock.
John Cena returns for the first time since One Night Only: UK, and would stare down Andrade. The show would come to a close, with John Cena starring down Andrade. The WWE championship on the mind of both men. 

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Animated GIF
205 Live - May 17th, 2019
The high-impact, thrill-full, exhibition of the most impressive cruiserweights in the world, 205 Live, continues its momentum tonight with two exciting singles matches, beginning with Drew Gulak vs Trevor Lee Caddell. Nigel McGuinness introduces us to the show before the theme of the WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, hits and the excitement begins.
Lio Rush Continues His Celebrations
Animated GIF
Last week, the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, celebrated his championship victory backstage but tonight, he kicks off the show by continuing his celebrations in the ring, directly in front of the WWE Universe. After being carried to the ring on Babatunde's shoulders, Rush stands in the ring with his title proudly dressed around his waist. However, after numerous brags from the champion, the former champion, Evan Bourne, interrupts and just like last week, requests that Rush gives him a rematch after the controversial ending to their match at Backlash. Nevertheless, Rush ignores his request and instead, announces that he will be defending his title tonight but against a 'more worthy' opponent.
Drew Gulak vs Trevor Lee Caddell
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
As Drew Gulak is making his entrance, Tony Nese runs up behind him and attacks, sparking yet another brawl between the two. With Trevor Lee Caddell left without an opponent, Akira Tozawa would make his return! After being out because of injury after Hideo Itami's severe attack, Tozawa makes his return against a budding new 205 Live superstar in Trevor Lee and is able to carry the momentum through to a victory.
Tyler Promises To Make 205 Live Prettier
Animated GIF
In an undisclosed yet luxurious, stylish, elegant location, 'Prince Pretty', Tyler Breeze is sat on a pink throne, evidently in bliss. He talks softly but with meaning and with an alluring essence. He mentions how he is dissatisfied with 205 Live's present state and how it needs to be improved. To conclude, he promises that he will make the purple brand unimaginably prettier.
Dar & Perkins Want More Challengers
Animated GIF
The inaugural and current WWE Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions, Noam Dar and TJ Perkins, are joined backstage by Charly Caruso. She asks the pair how they are feeling coming out of their win at Backlash as well as their defense last week. The champions seem clearly ecstatic and grateful for the opportunity to be making history but they also are still hungry. After struggling in the cruiserweight division for months, TJP wants to give other superstars as much opportunities as possible. The two put out a statement, telling the whole locker room of WWE that they want more challengers and that they will be defending their titles once again next week in an open challenge.
WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match
Lio Rush (c) vs Mike Kanellis
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
As promised earlier tonight, Lio Rush puts up his WWE Cruiserweight Championship in a match and it's against Mike Kanellis, notably not against Bourne. After Maria Kanellis tries to get involved, Babatunde steps to the wife of Mike, sending fear down her spine and freezing her still. Mike panics and runs out the ring, hitting Babatunde before realizing the mistake he just made. Nevertheless, it's Lio Rush who strikes Mike and gets him back in the ring to hit him with The Final Hour for the victory.

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Monday Night RAW
Oney Lorcan vs Sami Zayn
As the RAW intro ends, we're treated to the return of Sami Zayn, who comes to the ring and cuts a promo on the fight of a WWE superstar, and that although he came up short against Kevin Owens at Wrestlemania. He believes he can still become champion in WWE, Oney Lorcan would come out and challenge Sami Zayn to a match, and the two would face to kickoff Monday night RAW. 
Sami Zayn would excite the crowd with his impressive dives and reversals, but Lorcan would hold him back with the hardest and loudest slaps in the company. Even resorting to headbutts to try and defeat Sami Zayn, with the crowd fully behind it and social media going wild. Oney Lorcan would eventually defeat Sami Zayn, hitting his finisher move before pinning him to kick off Monday Night RAW.
Paul Heyman Makes An Announcement 
As Oney Lorcan and Sami Zayn leave the ring, the music of Paul Heyman would hit and he would come down to the ring with a microphone in hand. As Heyman normally does, he would cut an amazing promo on what RAW is going to be for the next few weeks. Announcing that next week there will be a "RAW Roulette" event held, and that coming up next, the War Raiders will be taking on the former tag team champions, The Revival in a number one contender match.
The Big Dog Is Back
A video package showcasing Roman Reigns biggest career moments would play, such as defeating the Undertaker and winning multiple titles. It would end with a short word from Roman Reigns, saying that he is coming back next week to take back his yard.
War Raiders vs The Revival - Number One Contenders Match
As Paul Heyman announced, the War Raiders and The Revival would once again go against each other and this time, its for a number one contenders match. Hanson and Rowe would continue to impress thousands around the world as they take down The Revival early on and hit many diving moves. But the amazing teamwork by Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder, Hanson would eventually send Dash Wilder through the announce table, and Rowe would spear Scott Dawson through the barricade.
The referee counts to 10 and its a draw, with the crowd confused and the brawl continuing. The All Americans would come on top of the stage and announce that they will proudly defend there titles against either team, and at the same time, at One Night Only: Japan. 
The Phenomenal One Knows Who Attacked Him
Aj Styles would be caught in the trainers' room and would stand up, prepared for an interview when he would say that he knows who attacked him. Thats when Kevin Owens would come into frame, and stare down Aj Styles before Styles would say who attacked him. Kevin Owens shakes his head at Aj Styles before kicking his injured leg and throwing him into a pile of equipment. Kevin Owens walks out of frame, leaving Aj Styles once again laid out.
Lacey Evans vs Nikki Cross
Lacey Evans would quickly defeat Nikki Cross, pinning her in just 30 seconds.
PWE Sends A Message
Seth Rollins, the current Universal Champion would come to the ring and cut a promo on is brother Roman Reigns returning, and PWE. But before he could finish, the two men and there manager would come to the ring and have a brawl with Rollins. Rollins would be able to hold the two back for the most part but eventually the two athletes would take down Rollins. Posing over the champion, what does this mean for the future of RAW?
Randy Orton vs Tomasso Ciampa - Steel Cage Match
In the main event of the night, it would be Orton and Ciampa going against each other one on one inside a steel cage. As both men make there entrances and prepare to enter, you know its going to be war. But as soon as Orton and Ciampa begin to fight, blood is drawn and the steel cage is used as a weapon. 
As the match continues, moves such as an RKO, top rope brain buster, suplerplex and more would be hit and it would come down to both men on top of the cage, and as both men fall back into the ring it would be Orton who would cover Ciampa and get the pinfall victory. 
After the match, when the Steel Cage would be raised and both men would be knocked out. The masked man would come into the ring and stand over the lifeless bodies before taking off the mask, revealing himself to be Eric Young?!?! Young laughs at the crowd reaction before picking up Randy Orton and hitting one of the most vicious pile drivers we have ever seen, Ciampa stumbles to his feet and shakes Eric Youngs hand before Eric Young nails Ciampa as well!!!! What the hell?! Monday Night RAW ends with Eric Young, standing over two bloody men. 
Image result for Eric Young gif

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WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 3



Humberto Carrillo | The Latino Sky-Walker | Mexico | 198 lbs

As the newest generation of Mexico's illustrious Garza dynasty, Humberto Carrillo made an early entry into lucha libre, building his foundations in Mexico, debuting at the age of seventeen. In August of last year, Humberto began training in the WWE Performance Center under an official contract and is now pouncing on the opportunity to claim a WWE Cruiserweight Championship match by winning the second Cruiserweight Classic. The Mexican prodigy is already an acclaimed high-flyer at the young age of twenty-three and could use this to catapult his career.



Ilja Dragunov | Unbesiegbar | Russia | 187 lbs

The story of Ilja is especially heartwarming because of his upbringing which brought many struggles to his life. Nevertheless, he scratched and clawed his way through his younger years much like his he does in the ring now against every opponent. Whether it be growing up poor as the son of an immigrant or in the squared circle, all the pain doesn't matter because he believes he is unbesiegbar, German for invincible. As the current star of wXw, the German promotion that saw the rise of wrestlers such as Aleister Black, Zack Sabre Jr, Walter, Sami Zayn, and even former WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan, there is a clear path beckoning Ilja Dragunov for sports entertainment greatness and the next step is the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic.



Jonathan Gresham | The Octopus | United States | 161 lbs

Jonathan would begin training in the WWA4 Wrestling School but would eventually win championships across the globe. He has experience in the ring against the likes of Kyle O'Reilly, Roderick Strong, Cedric Alexander, Justin Gabriel, Zack Sabre Jr, and current WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Lio Rush, as well as in tag team matches alongside close friend and previously announced contestant, Chris Brookes. With an arsenal of hundreds of submission moves, including his signature Octopus Strech, Gresham has proved himself to be one of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world and looks to continue proving himself in the WWE's Cruiserweight Classic.



Jordan Devlin | The Irish Ace | Ireland | 180 lbs

Starting at the impressively youthful age of twelve, Jordan Devlin was trained by Paul Tracey and former WWE Universal Champion, Finn Bálor, spending a short stint in Japan to work on his striking after originally specializing in amateur wrestling. As a pioneer in Irish independent wrestling, Devlin proved that he is more than just Bálor's protege by becoming the inaugural Over The Top Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion, which he would go on to hold for almost a year, shaping it into the most prestigious championship in Ireland and earning the monarch of Ireland's ace. In addition, Devlin was apart of both the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournaments but is now making the flight to the United States to compete in the Cruiserweight Classic.



Justin Gabriel | The Darewolf | South Africa | 203 lbs

The face of Justin Gabriel shouldn't be unfamiliar to fans of recent wrestling. He made an impactful debut on RAW as apart of the infamous Nexus stable who tore apart any superstar the defied the young superstars. Since then, Justin Gabriel has enhanced his abilities, matured as a person, and broadened his knowledge, wrestling for promotions such as TNA, EVOLVE, Lucha Underground and Ring Of Honor. Furthermore, Gabriel is more invested in his career than ever before, cutting over ten pounds to qualify for the tournament as well as constantly putting his health on the line to optimize his capabilities. It could be argued that Justin is currently in his prime as an athlete and therefore, is a legitimately mighty threat to the Cruiserweight Classic.



Low Ki | The Professional | Puerto Rico | 174 lbs

From the rough, tough, gritty streets of Brooklyn to the most popular business in sports entertainment, Low Ki spent days on end improving his strikes to perfection, perfectly balancing precision and ferocity. Beginning in New Jersey, Low Ki would venture through the independent circuit before signing a contract to compete in the original NXT as 'The Warrior' Kaval. Now, almost ten years after last appearing in NXT, Low Ki has only become even more lethal, winning championships across the globe and truly mastering his craft. With tamed aggression that allows Low Ki to go from calm to savage within milliseconds, Low Ki is an extremely dangerous wrestler but only hurts in order to get the job done, retaining his proud, professional, attitude.



Marius Al-Ani | The Ninja | Germany | 198 lbs

A man of mystery, Marius Al-Ani is an extremely dangerous competitor. His intimidating physique partnered with his enigmatic eerieness is sure to put any opponent off their game and Al-Ani has the vicious, savage mentality to take full advantage of that. He has found success in Europe's biggest promotion, wXw, becoming one of their main-stays and proving that he is championship material by holding the wXw Shotgun Championship for a total of 238 days, the title's longest reign since 2014. Al-Ani claims to have come from the darkness, from the shadows where the greatest warriors hide, but he is now looking to step into the light by winning the Cruiserweight Classic.



Mike Bailey | Speedball | Canada | 175 lbs

No one has been around the independent scene like Mike Bailey, who has been in several different companies around the world and has shined in every single one, finding success in both America and Japan. As a black belt in taekwondo, he brings a unique feel of offense to the Cruiserweight Classic and has earned the nickname "Speedball" because of his quick strikes. When you add some of his various other very impressive moves such as his shooting star press, it becomes clear that Mike Bailey is the real deal.


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(Thanks to Kirk for the design)

NXT: May 22nd 2019

We are now just three days away from the next TakeOver installment and on tonight's show we have a jam packed hour of action. We have the faceoff between The Street Profits and The Undisputed Era, the contract signing between the NXT Champion Johnny Gargano and his opponent Punishment Martinez as well as Shayna Baszler giving herself a warm up match against the pocket rocket Kacy Catanzaro 

Tag-Title Faceoff 

Related image

The Undisputed Era and The Street Profits opened the go home show of this weeks NXT with a scheduled faceoff hosted by Cathy Kelley. Kelley asked both teams some questions before things quickly got out of hand with the Undisputed Era mocking how The Street Profits have never achieved success in their careers. They then listed off their achievements, winning the Tag-Team Championships many times, picking up victories inside War Games and Main Eventing countless NXT TakeOver's throughout the Journey. The Street Profits answered back by saying that now it was their time to shine, and now its their time to sit atop the mountain. The promised that the era of Undisputed will come to the end and the reign of the profits will live on forever 

Godzilla vs King Kong

Image result for Keith Lee vs Dijakovic gif

After hearing the words of Dijakovic last week it was time for Keith Lee to respond sitting backstage and cutting a promo on his opponent this Saturday at TakeOver. He spoke about how he has been waiting for this rematch for weeks now and its itching to get into the ring and get into an absolute brawl with Dijakovic. As Lee is speaking, Dijakovic crashes the party and attacks Keith from behind. Both men begin to brawl as the NXT locker room immediately clear out to hold these two behemoths apart. They may be restrained for now, but once they get into that ring at TakeOver the chains are loose and the war will begin 

Matt Riddle vs Kona Reeves 

Image result for Matt riddle gif Image result for Kona Reeves gif

The NXT North-American Champion was in action tonight against "NXT's Finest" Kona Reeves. To start the match Kona was very unimpressed with The King of Bro's antics and decided to show off how fine he is. Matt Riddle laughed at Kona's attempts before taking him down with a roundhouse kick and quickly locking in the Bro-Mission for the victory. Is this the fate that awaits Fenix at TakeOver?

Eric Bugenhagen and No Way Jose vs Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss

Related imageRelated image

Related image

The now permanent duo of No Way Jose and Eric Bugenhagen returned to tag-team action looking to continue their run of good form. After dispatching of Adrian Jaoude and Cezar Bononi a couple of weeks ago, it was time for Tino Sabbatelli and Riddick Moss to step to the plate and take out the Party Animals. In the end it was Bugenhagen and Jose who once again picked up the win with No Way Jose delivering his pop-up elbow shot for the pin. After the match Bugenhagen and Jose celebrated with the crowd and danced all the way up the ramp when they were attacked by the Forgotten Sons. The Ryker, Cutler and Blake brutally dismantles Jose and Bugenhagen, sending a statement to the NXT Universe 

Kacy Cantanzaro vs Shayna Baszler 

Image result for kacy catanzaro gif Related image

Just 3 days before her title clash against Bianca Belair inside a steel cage, Shayna Baszler took on former American Ninja Warrior Kacy Cantanzaro. Catanzaro has been featured heavily on NXT TV in the last couple of months and now has the chance of a lifetime to defeat NXT's most dangerous woman. Catanzaro fought valiantly but in the end she was no match for Shayna Baszler who emphatically picked up the victory. Baszler then called out Bianca Belair to have one final faceoff before their match, but this was all just a trap as Shafir and Duke attacked Belair and made her watch as Baszler destroyed Catanzaro in the ring 

One last chance 

Image result for Johnny Gargano gif nxt champion

To end the show we had the much anticipated NXT Championship Contract Signing between Punishment Martinez and Johnny Gargano. Both men went back and forth on the mic before a brawl broke out with Martinez once again cheap shotting Gargano. However this time Gargano got the upper hand and hit Martinez with a superkick before hitting a springboard splash putting Martinez through the table. Gargano signed the contract and threw it on Martinez's downed body before walking off

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Thursday Night "Viewers Choice" Smackdown
Image result for WWE Andrade promo gif
Andrade Can't Be Beaten 
The show would open up with the man who returned last week, John Cena, coming to the ring to a huge reaction as once again the WWE crowd is behind him as he has set his sights on the current WWE champion, Andrade.
John Cena cuts a promo on Smackdown, and how he made his debut here, and that he wants to finally win that 17th world championship. But as he continues his promo, he is cut off by the music of "The Lone Wolf" Baron Corbin. Corbin comes to the ring wearing a new attire and stands in the ring with a man who cost him a WWE championship nearly 3 years ago. After a war of words, Andrade would come onto the screen cocky as ever, and say that Baron Corbin and John Cena can next week and whoever wins will face him at Money In The Bank. Later that night, Ethan Carter III would confirm this on Twitter.
Image result for WWE Finn Balor gifImage result for WWE Ricochet gif
Finn Balor vs Ricochet - Best 2 Ouf Of 3 Falls Matchup
A match, simply made for the fans, Finn Balor and Ricochet would make there entrances and the crowd would chant both mens names. As they bell is about to ring, the match stipulation chose by you the readers would be revealed as the best 2 out of 3 falls match and it would begin. 
Finn Balor and Ricochet would put on an absolute spectacle as the first fall would come 15 minutes in, both men would hit signature moves and amazing dives as they would prove they are the best in ring competitors on the Smackdown roster, but the first fall would go to Ricochet after he would hit an impressive powerbomb and get the shocking pinfall. 
Finn Balor would make a comeback however, as he would battle back quickly and hit the coup de grace to pin Ricochet and get the the 2nd pinfall just a few minutes after Ricochets pinfall. The 3rd fall wouldn't come for another 6 minutes, as the two would continue there back and fourth and would get a standing ovation as chants of "WWE" as the two would continue on, and eventually Ricochet would miss a 630 attempt and Balor would hit a nasty Bloody Sunday, and pin Ricochet for the victory. 
The two men would shake hands after the match, but as the two stand in the ring and take in the cheers, Samoa Joe would dive into the ring and take out both men. Hitting a Muscle Buster on either men and standing tall over both of them. 
Image result for WWE Johnny Gargano promo gif
Do It Yourself
Johnny Gargano would be backstage and would be ready to cut a promo, saying that while he feels like he has a lot to prove here on Smackdown. He is focused on his NXT Championship defense against Punishment Martinez and promises to come back with his championship, as he says this, however. The camera would get pushed down and you would hear Gargano get taken down, by the time the camera recovers. All we see is Gargano laid out on the ground.
Image result for WWE Rey Mysterio 2019 gifImage result for WWE Rusev 2019 gif
Rey Mysterio and Ali vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev
The second viewers choice match of the night, Rey Mysterio would be taking on Nakamura and Rusev with a various amount of available partners. But as the voting is revealed, Ali is the one who is Mysterios partner. But before Ali can get to the ring, Nakamura and Rusev begin taking down Rey Mysterio. 
Ali would have to take on Nakamura and Rusev in a 2 on 1 as Rey Mysterio would be down on the outside and Ali would do his best to take down the dominant team, but the strength of Rusev would be to much and Ali would get put in the Accolade, being forced to tap out. After the match, Nakamura would put Mysterio into the ring and hit a Kinsasha on the veteran. At WWE: Under The Dome, these two go one on one and Rusev may very well be a factor.
Image result for WWE Adam Cole gif
Shocking The System.
Ethan Carter III, the Smackdown GM would be seen once again on the cell phone talking to whoever his recent signing is. He says that he is glad to have him here and ask where he is, he hangs up and smiles and as the camera pans over its revealed to be Adam Cole. The former NXT North American champion is now on Smackdown Live, and what a signing for Smackdown!!!
Image result for WWE Kairi Sane gifImage result for WWE Sonya Deville gif
Kairi Sane vs Sonya Deville - Submission Match
Once again the fans would be able to decide the match stipulation as Kairi Sane makes her in ring debut as she takes on Sonya Deville. The stipulation would be revealed as a submission and the battle would begin as Sonya leaves bruises on Sane with her big punches and spinebusters. Sane would attempt to use her speed and lock in various submissions, including a headlock variant that would leave the crowd wondering how Sonya got out.
Sane would also show fight, as she would not tap out despite the near dozen different submissions she would be put in. For 18 minutes these two women would take on each other at a full extent and it would be a arm bar by Kairi Sane that would end the match, and Sane would be the winner.
Toni Storm, maybe the best women wrestler in WWE, would come to the ring and would stare down the beaten Sane and grab a mic, challenging her to match at "Under The Dome", Sane would accept, and the show just got bigger!!!
Image result for WWE Cesaro gifImage result for WWE Braun Strowman gif
Cesaro vs Braun Strowman - United States Championship
When Cesaro would be revealed as the winner of the voting, the crowd would pop louder than ever as Cesaro and Braun make their entrances and begin trading huge shots. Cesaro would take down Braun early on and the possiblity would be higher than ever as Cesaro would hit a neutrilizer and get a 2 count, but before Braun can even gather his thoughts, Cesaro would hit it again!!! CESARO WINS! Cesaro is the US Champion!!! Cesaro celebrates with the crowd as he shocked the world tonight with his win. The show comes to a close as Cesaro holds his championship high in the air with the crowd, and Braun Strowman looks pissed off at him. 

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205 Live - May 24th, 2019
The new branding of WWE provided by Kirk continues as the new 205 Live logo is shown, similar to the previous but significantly cleaner. Nevertheless, Nigel McGuinness introduces us to the show as per usual, announcing that there will be tag team action including Moustache Mountain as well as a singles matchup between Chad Gable and Lince Dorado as the main event. The show then comes to an abrupt start as we head backstage.
Evan Bourne Asks Christian For A Chance
Animated GIF
McGuinness' introduction is interrupted by Evan Bourne backstage who is with a cameraman, heading towards the General Manager's office. He knocks and Christian lets him in, asking what he wants. In response, Bourne asks for a rematch against Lio Rush but Christian seems hesitant. Although Bourne pleads further, he is interrupted by Maria Kanellis, manager of Mike Kanellis who faced Lio Rush last week. She also complains about the result of his match and demands for a rematch. However, before Christian can respond, Evan calls Mike out to a match next week which catches the couple off-guard. With a smile on his face, Christian confirms the matchup as next week's main event.
Magic Edge vs Moustache Mountain
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the first match of the night, we see cruiserweight tag team action as the brand new division continues to grow. A team that has been training in the Performance Center for some time now, the team of Jeff Parker and Matt Lee named Magic Edge, takes on the well-established, United Kingdom wrestling pioneers, Moustache Mountain. Both teams perform well with them each getting to show their talents but Moustache Mountain are the clear and decisive winners as most would predict.
Breeze Wants To Make Trevor Lee Gorgeous
Animated GIF
In an interview backstage, Trevor Lee Caddell is talking about his match last week and the beginning to his run here on 205 Live that has ensued over the past few weeks. However, he is cut off by Tyler Breeze who walks straight into the shot, stealing the spotlight. Lowering his glasses, Tyler looks at Trevor in disgust before insulting him and naming him as the first beneficiary of Breeze's gorgeous makeover of 205 Live.
The Brian Kendrick Is Returning Soon
Animated GIF
In a video package, the veteran cruiserweight, The Brian Kendrick, is shown with his experienced talents and versatile arsenal on display. As a member of 205 Live since it's inception, The Brian Kendrick is familiar to face to the purple brand and looks to further his success in the cruiserweight division, possibly capturing gold once again.
Chad Gable vs Lince Dorado
Animated GIF     Animated GIF
In the main event, the technical specialist with the heart of a lion, Chad Gable, takes on 'The Golden Lynx Of Lucha Libre'. The Puerto Rican luchador catches Gable off-guard, to begin with, surprising the classic American-styled wrestler with unorthodox maneuvers in rapid succession. However, the 'Ready, Willing and Gable' attitude of the Olympian prevails and he manages to pick up the victory after a Chaos Theory.

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Matt Riddle vs Fenix (North-American Championship)

Image result for Matt Riddle gif Image result for Rey Fenix Gif

We kick off the night's TakeOver proceedings with action from the North-American Championship division where the Undefeated in SIngles Action Matt Riddle takes on the dangerous High-Flyer from across the Wall Fenix. From the beginning of this opening contest both men immediately skipped the feeling out process and immediately turned up the pace. Fenix would send Riddle to the outside with a superkick before launching into the air and delivering an awe-inspiring Springboard Moonsault to the outside

Both men would continue to brawl on the outside of the ring with Riddle being able to take control, countering an attempted Sunset flip powerbomb into a powerbomb onto the ring apron. Riddle then used his MMA skills to his advantage wearing down the Masked Phenomenon with brutal knee and elbow strikes. For the rest of the match both men continued to go back and forth on the offence with no clear cut advantage being given. Fenix looked to have had it won when he hit a top-rope Spanish Fly but Riddle was able to kick out at the last millisecond

The finish came as Fenix went to the top rope looking for a 450 splash to end the match but Riddle moved out of the way and locked in the Bro-Mission. Fenix was able to power out of the submission something no one else has done in NXT but Riddle answered back with a flurry of exposed elbow strikes to the mask of his opponent before once again locking in the Bro-Mission leaving Fenix with no choice but to tap

Riddle continues his undefeated streak in NXT as he celebrates his title defence in the ring when the lights proceed to dim. Riddle along with the thousands in attendance look very much confused as to what was happening into the Velveteen Dream's theme song hit sending the place into uproar

Image result for velveteen dream gif

The Dream returns to Full Sail for the first time in a couple of months and he immediately makes his way to the ring to confront the North-American Champion. Dream and Riddle faceoff as the crowd go ballistic before Dream points at the North-American championship and snaps his fingers as a sole spotlight shines on him. Riddle nods his head in approval as Dream walks to the back his future intentions being known 

The Street Profits vs The Undisputed ERA (NXT Tag-Team Championships)

Image result for Street Profits NXT gif Related image

A match that has been brewing for weeks now finally comes to a head as the dominant NXT Tag-Team Champions The Undisputed Era took on the Street Profits. Over the last couple of Months, the Street Profits have presented a new look attitude filled with aggression and desire to become the next Tag Team Champions

The Undisputed Era started the match trying to taunt their relatively inexperienced opponents however it never worked as Ford and Dawkins immediately brought the aggression and focus required as soon as the bell rang. Dawkins and Ford worked miraculously together to start the match with a near fall coming off the back of an electric chair blockbuster giving the crowd some belief that the Profits may actually get it done. The Undisputed Era were able to wrestle back control in the match when Montez Ford got too overconfident and tried to end it early missing with a frog-splash allowing O'Reilly to tag out to Bobby Fish 

The Era then isolated Ford to their side of the ring and worked away at the left-leg of Ford looking to eliminate the Profits most powerful weapon, speed. Fish and O'Reilly worked a technical masterclass and mocked Dawkins in the process as he urged his tag-partner to make it back to their corner of the ring. With Fish locking in a Heel Hook, O'Reilly went to the top rope looking to hit a devastating leg-drop but Ford twisted his body therefore making O'Reilly land on his Tag-Partner. Seeing this Dawkins screamed at his Partner to get to the corner and the crowd went absolutely ballistic as Ford made the hot-tag to Dawkins. 

Dawkins ran wild on the era delivering multiple suplexes to both Fish and O'Reilly before hitting a Spear sending Fish out of the ring. Dawkins sensed the opportunity in-front of him as he called upon Ford to head to the top rope. Dawkins hit the pop-up spinebuster before Ford launched for the Frog Splash looking for the victory, but at the last second Bobby Fish put O'Reilly's leg on the ropes causing the break. The crowd groaned in synchronised disappointment with the Profits as they realised their opportunity may have faded. Dawkins then went to the outside to deal with Fish as Ford stayed in the ring with O'Reilly. Dawkins launched Fish into the barricade and looked to hit a spear sending him through it but Fish moved out of the way. This left Dawkins out and the Era with a 2 on 1 advantage. O'Reilly halted Ford's offence and tagged in his partner Bobby Fish to hit Total Elimination for the victory

The Era celebrated atop the ramp with Roderick Strong making his way out to congratulate his buddy's as the posed with their Titles before heading to the back. In the ring Ford looked distraught as Dawkins came back to his senses. Both men looked at each other before embracing with a hug and raising each others hands in the air. What an amazing performance by the Profits and this isn't the last time they will have their chance on a grand stage such as this

Keith Lee vs Dominik Dijakovic 

Image result for Keith Lee gif Image result for Dijakovic gif

Godzilla vs King Kong, Hulk vs Hulk-buster, the irresistible force vs the immovable object. All big time matchups and this is the next chapter in that book as Keith Lee and Dominik Dijakovic go to war here at NXT TakeOver Homecoming. Ever since their first encounter these two have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on one another with multiple backstage attacks and all out brawls consuming NXT TV over the last couple of weeks. Now they have their chance to go to war

There was no time to waste for Dijakovic as during Lee's entrance Dijakovic attacked him from behind and immediately started the beatdown. He brawled with Lee atop the entrance ramp before power-bombing him into one of the LED boards. Dijakovic then took the action to the announcers table where he cleared the way and once again delivered a power-bomb sending Lee crashing through much to the crowd horror. Dijakovic then dragged Lee into the ring and forced the referee to ring the bell. The referee checked to see if Lee was willing to fight to which the limitless one responded with a resounding yes before kicking off the match. Dijakovic took control straight away hammering away at his opponent at launching him across the ring

Dijakovic looked to hit the Feast your eyes early but Lee collapsed due to exhaustion before Dijakovic could even make the connection. Dijakovic then laughed at Lee's effort before starting to slap him across the face multiple times calling him pathetic. This however was a very bad decision as he awoke a sleeping giant in Keith Lee who powered up much to the shock of Dijakovic and took the fight to the 6'7 behemoth. Lee took over hitting powerslam after powerslam before ascending the top rope and hitting an incredible moonsault. The crowd were on his side completely as he continued to lay waste to Dijakovic. Lee went for a pounce but Dijakovic stood strong and both men fell to the floor as the crowd showed their approval standing to their feet and chanting this is awesome. Both men rose to their knees at the same time before they engaged in a slugging match, clubbing each other with stiff forearms to the face. Dijakovic then broke sequence picking up Lee and hitting a chokeslam backbreaker for a near fall

Dijakovic once again looked to end it with the Feast your Eyes but just as he was going to make connection with his knee, Lee caught it and threw his knee to the ground. Dijakovic looked like he had just seen a ghost before eating a stiff discuss forearm. With Dijakovic down Lee once again powered up and hit an amazing Spirit Bomb which shook the ring before pinning Dijakovic and winning the match

As soon as the bell rung Lee collapsed to his knees and roared in victory as his hands were raised. The noise was deafening in the arena as Lee walked to the back. A new star has been born

Shayna Baszler vs Bianca Belair (NXT Women's Championship

)Image result for Shayna Baszler gif Image result for Bianca Belair gif

For the first time in the history of the Black and Yellow brand, the NXT Women's Championship was defended inside the demonic structure known as the Steel Cage. Ever since Baszler lost the Women's Championship to Belair at TakeOver: New York she has gone unhinged laying waste to everyone in her path as she seeks revenge on the woman who took her prized possession away from her, Bianca Belair. The Undefeated EST looks to keep that streak alive and maintain her spot as the Alpha Female by surviving the cage and surviving Baszler

Belair made her entrance first being escorted by a crowd of VIP Security down to the ring as she stepped into the steel cage awaiting her challenger. As Baszler's theme hit out walked Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir before the Queen of Spades made her appearance felt carrying two kendo sticks in each hand as she walked to the ring. Immediately Belair felt horror seeing the most dangerous woman in NXT wielding a Kendo Stick. As the match began, Shayna tried to blast Belair with the Kendo Stick, but the athleticism of the EST allowed her to escape the grasps of the challenger. Belair immediately ran for the cage wall and leaped about half-way up and started to climb but Baszler halted all of that with a cracking shot to the back of Belair with the Kendo Stick. Belair crashed to the mat and Baszler continued the attack with the Kendo Stick, welts already forming on the back of the champ

As Baszler continued to batter away at Belair, the Kendo Sticks broke before Shayna tried to impale her opponent with one side of the stick although Belair was able to stop that from happening. Shayna then proceed to choke Belair with the Kendo Stick as Belair headed for the ropes. She finally made it there but the referee couldn't break the hold because all holds are legal in a steel cage match. Belair now with tears streaming down her face stood up and fell backwards finally breaking the hold. Belair went into a coughing fit forcing the referee to check up on her as Baszler stalked her downed opponent. Baszler then continued to take control of the match before realising that she had finished tormenting her opponent, telling the referee to open the door so she could walk out. Shayna mocked Belair as she strolled towards the door before Belair launched at her and locked in a sleeper hold

Baszler scrambled to get out of it before Belair hit her with a wicked Superkick and then transitioning to the K.O.D. Belair then walked over to the cage door and asked for it to be opened but she was cornered by Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. Duke and Shafir entered the cage and started beating down Belair before from the back Kacy Catanzaro and Io Shirai ran out to help even the odds with Kacy Climbing up the cage before letting Io in

It turned to a wild 6 woman brawl before Shirai and Catanzaro dispatched of Duke and Shafir turning their attention to Baszler. Baszler was left alone in the corner of the ring facing Belair, Catanzaro and Shirai. The three woman then started battering Baszler, hitting all their finishing manoeuvre's before Belair pinned Baszler for the win

All 3 women stood in the middle of the ring to celebrate as Belair kept her undefeated streak alive and more importantly retained her championship 

Punishment Martinez vs Johnny Gargano (NXT Championship)

Related image Related image

Our Main Event of the evening was kicked off with a Video Package highlighting the resurgence of Punishment Martinez in his arrival at NXT. It highlighted the vicious beatdowns of Danny Burch and Johnny Gargano before focusing on the Mastermind that is Paul Ellering. It then showed their contract signing with Gargano standing tall giving those in attendance hope that Johnny could walk away with the win

As the match began, Paul Ellering immediately ran strategy with his client on the outside, baiting Johnny into taking a suicide dive to which Martinez caught and then bodyslammed into the barricade. From then on Martinez dominated proceeding using his immense physical advantage to wear down the NXT Champ and snap any hope or belief the crowd had. Martinez hit an insane chokeslam in the ring for a close two fall before once again being called over by Paul Ellering to talk strategy

Ellering told Martinez to end it immediately so Martinez ran to the corner of the ring and looked to hit the Running Curb Stomp but Johnny was able to roll out of the way and start getting his offence moving however Martinez shut it down immediately with another chokeslam. Martinez continued to take control before once again making a costly mistake by posting himself allowing Johnny to regather steam. Gargano then went full throttle just like we have seen many times before throwing everything at Martinez. Gargano then hit his larger opponent with a swinging reverse STO for a pinfall to which Ellering pulled the referee out of the ring. The crowd urged the referee to eject Ellering and that's exactly what he did tossing Martinez's manager out and leaving Punishment all by himself. Martinez looked flustered by Ellerings removal allowing Johnny to resume control of the match and pick up the victory by locking in the Gargano escape where Punishment had no choice but to tap out

Johnny celebrated his victory, he had done it, he had overcome all the odds and defeated one of the toughest men on the NXT roster. The crowd paraded him with cheers for an outstanding performance as Gargano looked to exit the ring. However before leaving he walked right back into the ring and continued to pose the win finally sinking in as the fans urged him on. Suddenly the lights in the arena cut out with a loud gasp overcoming full sail. When the lights turned on, Johnny was still standing in the corner of the ring but the crowd gasped in shock as behind him was none other than PENTAGON JR. Gargano turned around and nearly stumbled to the floor as he came face to face with the devil. Pentagon then attacked Gargano hitting the Fear Factor in the center of the ring to the shock of the wrestling world. Pentagon Jr then held the NXT Championship in the air the era of zero fear has now begun 

Related image



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Monday Night RAW
Image result for mick foley
Mick Foley Reveals The Rules For The RAW Roulette; IC Championship Number One Contenders Match Made.
 Image result for Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns Cuts A Promo On PWE And Ric Flair, Ric Flair Interupts
Image result for Aj Styles
AJ Styles Defeats Kevin Owens In A Table Match, Is Attacked By Karl Anderson
Image result for Lacey Evans
Lacey Evans Defeats Nikki Cross In A Kendo Stick Match
Image result for Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes Wins A Number One Contender Battle Royal
Image result for Apollo Crews
Apollo Crews Defeats Seth Rollins In A Las Vegas Street Fight W/ Help From Kassius Ohno

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WWE Cruiserweight Classic II | Bracketology | Part 4



Nick Lenders | The Fuoriclasse | Italy | 176 lbs

Coming from a family dedicated to European football, Lenders spent a lot of his youth kicking a ball but at eighteen-years-old, he took to kicking heads. Now, Nick has held championships across all of Italy such as the most prestigious, Italian Wrestling Championship, proving to be one of the best that the nation has to offer but has rarely ventured abroad. However, initially inspired to become a sports entertainer at the age of six by WWE, Nick Lenders now looks to make his own impact, on the company that originally instilled wrestling glory into his dreams, through means of the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.



Robbie Eagles | The Sniper Of The Skies | Australia | 176 lbs

As an Australian native, Robbie Eagles made his start in wrestling alongside his brother and his sister-in-law, in Australia's Professional Wrestling Alliance, becoming one of the best in the country. His name became a global attraction when he joined Bullet Club, the same faction that saw the likes of AJ Styles, Finn Balor, Karl Anderson, and Luke Gallows. As a part of the group, Eagles has competed in the most prestigious Japanese cruiserweight tournaments to exist so he certainly has experience in these kinds of competitions. Plus, that does also mean that Eagles is here alongside his stablemate, El Phantasmo, but at the end of it all, only one man can become WWE Cruiserweight Classic, and the sniper has his sights set on doing just that.



Sean Maluta | The Samoan Dragon | American Samoa | 191 lbs

After losing in the first round of the original Cruiserweight Classic, Sean Maluta has appeared on 205 Live and NXT on occasion but hasn't become the star that some had hoped. As the nephew and student of WWE Hall Of Famer, Afa Anoa'i, the strong Samoan blood is within Sean, coming from the same family as current top tier talents in The Usos and Roman Reigns. He's proven that he is championship material in Afa's North-Eastern based promotion, World Xtreme Wrestling, but is looking to prove it on the big stage with his second opportunity in winning the WWE Cruiserweight Classic.



Shane Strickland | King Of Swerve | United States | 191 lbs

As one of the top talents on the independent scene since 2017, Shane Strickland has been wrestling since eighteen-years-old after originally following his father's footsteps as apart of the United States' military by serving in the United States Army Reserve. He would balance the two careers for eight years before really kicking off his wrestling career in Combat Zone Wrestling. Strickland has already measured up against NXT wrestlers, such as Adam Cole, Fabian Aichner and Kassius Ohno, as apart of EVOLVE. Strickland would also win championships in Lucha Underground, Major League Wrestling and Westside Xtreme Wrestling. Earlier this year, Strickland signed a WWE contract but looks to make his first impression here in the Cruiserweight Classic.



Sonjay Dutt | The Guru | India | 185 lbs

As an almost twenty-year veteran of the American independent wrestling scene, Sonjay Dutt has plenty of experience between the squared circle against superstars like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Evan Bourne, Drew Galloway, Justin Gabriel and many more. With valuable experience and treasured knowledge in sports entertainment, Dutt would be signed to a WWE contract as a producer earlier this year. However, he is tying the laces on his boots one more time to prove why he was a renowned independent wrestler, and to prove he can perform in the big leagues both backstage and in the ring.



Stacey Ervin Jr | The New Wave | United States | 180 lbs

From the age of eight, Stacey Ervin Jr would train in gymnastics and would win the 2013 NCAA Men's Gymnastics Championships. Last year, mid-2018, Stacey signed a contract with WWE as a superstar and has been training the Performance Center ever since. With plenty of time to develop, his background has been a huge help in allowing Stacey to bring an excitingly athletic dynamic to his arsenal of moves, even competing with the incredible abilities of the likes of Ricochet. With a place in the upcoming Cruiserweight Classic, Stacey Ervin Jr is looking to make his debut matches in sports entertainment add up to a tournament win at the young age of twenty-five with just over a year of training.



Teddy Hart | The Loose Cannon | Canada | 200 lbs

In 1998, Teddy Hart became the youngest ever WWE superstar but a young-brash attitude would result in Teddy being released. Since then, his relationship with WWE has fainted but as apart of the legendary Hart family, his relationship with cousins Natalya Neidhart and David Hart Smith has remained prominent. As a prosperous product of the illustrious Hart Dungeon, Teddy has proved himself as a formidable single and tag team competitor. An innovator between the ropes and an outspoken personality has earned Teddy the nickname of 'The Black Hart' but his incredible ability has proven him as a favorable member of the new-era Hart Foundation. Now, Teddy returns to WWE in the form of the Cruiserweight Classic and surely is set on winning.



Zumbi | The Capoeira Luchador | Brazil | 167 lbs

This luchador uniquely combines the Brazilia martial arts of Capoeira and Jiu-Jitzu to form an arsenal of unorthodox maneuvers. With a touch of flare in every strike and masterclass abilities on the ground, Zumbi adds a splash of unprecedented flavor to the traditional Mexican lucha libre. After missing the original because of legality issues, Zumbi heads to the second rendition of the Cruiserweight Classic and as part of the top flight of Brazilian wrestling, he intends on claiming the trophy.


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NXT: May 29th 2019 

After the monumental even that was NXT TakeOver: Homecoming we come to you once again from Full Sail University for another episode of NXT TV. On tonight's show, after the chaos at the end of TakeOver, Johnny Gargano will address the arrival of Pentagon Jr and the attack he dished out. We will also see Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir take on Kacy Catanzaro and Io Shirai as well as the debut of The Ultimate Athlete Denzel Dejournette 

The Velveteen Dream vs Fabian Aichner 

Image result for Velveteen Dream entrance gif Image result for Fabian Aichner gif

To kick off the show we had the return of The Velveteen Dream to in-ring action here on NXT. His opponent on the night is one half of NXT UK's European Union alongside Marcel Barthel the intimidating Italian Fabian Aichner. This match was a showcase of Dream using his charismatic offence to get in the head of his opponent before using his absolute strength and quickness to keep Aichner down with the Dream Valley Driver/ Purple Rainmaker combination. After the match Dream called for a microphone as a spotlight shone on him. He claimed that he never was pinned for the North American Champion. He challenges Matt Riddle to a match at the Next TakeOver event before exiting the ring. Will the King of Bro's accept?

WALTER returns to NXT next week 

Image result for WALTER NXT UK gif

A video package showing WALTER's dominating reign as NXT UK Champion is played showing how dangerous the Austrian is. The package ends with the message that WALTER will return to NXT next week!

Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir vs Io Shirai and Kacy Catanzaro 

Image result for Duke and Shafir nxt gif

 Related imageRelated image

Our next match of the night saw, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir take on the make-shift duo of Kacy Catanzaro and Io Shirai. After last weeks NXT TakeOver: Homecoming where Shirai and Catanzaro ran off the horsewomen, tonight they get their chance to settle their differences. It was a good hard-fought match between the two but in the end Shirai and Catanzaro had their hands raised as the victors 

"The Ultimate Athlete" Denzel Dejournette vs Kona Reeves 

Image result for Denzel Dejournette gif Image result for kona reeves gif

After about a month of on-air hype videos for Denzel Dejournette, "The Ultimate Athlete" made his debut on NXT TV facing off against NXT's Finest Kona Reeves. The match was all one way traffic, as Dejournette used his speed and strength to overpower Reeves before picking up the victory with a deadlift German Suplex 

They will not be forgotten 

Image result for forgotten sons gif

We cut backstage where Jaxson Ryker, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake are seated in a room. They begin talking about how since their failures at TakeOver New York, they haven't been given the opportunity to shine so now they have to take that opportunity themselves. They talk about how embarrassing it was seeing Eric Bugenhagen and No Way Jose being put on TV week after week and they wanted to put a stop to it. They said they will be remembered by the devastating actions they will lay upon Jose and Bugenhagen when they eventually meet 

Gargano wants Answers

Image result for Johnny Gargano gif

In our final segment of the night, the Full-Sail faithful were greeted by their NXT Champion, Johnny Gargano. Gargano started off by saying that he proved that size advantages don't matter when it comes to wrestling, speaking about how he did the impossible and defeated Punishment Martinez. Gargano then shifted his attention to Pentagon Jr. He spoke about how Pentagon is a star all over the world, but NXT is Johnny Gargano's playground. He demanded answers from Pentagon who then showed up on the titantron. Pentagon refused to give away an explanation and said only two words. "NXT Title". Johnny furious by Pentagon in-admission, accepted this supposed Challenge. Has Johnny Gargano just set up a date with the devil

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It was in late 2018 when WWE Reborn started, it was nothing more then a typcial WWE diary but it exploded into one of the most liked and popular diaries on the sight. We quickly got through PPVs such as Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, and Backlash and were on a high course until different plans came up and the writers. Smith, Julius, and myself went separate ways. While talk of bringing the diary back has been given a look, I will be taking the wheel of the diary once again and bringing it back bigger and possibly better then ever, once again booking Paul Heymans RAW and Ethan Carters Smackdown Live. As I bring it back, we're going to be diving straight into the PPV we left off of, Money In The Bank. I will go over the card at a later date but right now, lets officially....get Reborn.


Image result for Seth Rollins gif

Monday Night RAW

Monday Night RAW came off to a fast start when this new era came about, as superstars such as Seth Rollins, Apollo Crews, Brock Lesnar, and more truly came into the spotlight. At the first pay per view, Braun Strowman and Brock Lesnar would face off for the Universal Championship only for Triple H to cost Braun the match. The Revival, Dean Ambrose, and Rounda Rousey would also walk out of the building as there respective champions and in the Royal Rumble match Seth Rollins would be the last man eliminated. 

As the weeks progressed and more stories began to unfold, Apollo Crews and Kassius Ohno would team up with the managment of Ric Flair and begin attacking various superstars while competing in the tag team division. Meanwhile in the tag division, the division would be merging between both brands and would have one major title to contend after and the two teams fighting for those would be The Club and The Revival. With Becky Lynch defeating 19 other women in the Royal Rumble match she would go on to face Ronda Rousey at Wrestlemania while Seth Rollins would also take on "The Beast" Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and not only slay the beast but become the Universal champion and no one has been able to defeat him yet. With Pete Dunne still Intercontinental Champion, and the newly returned Cody Rhodes challenging him at Money In The Bank and Seth Rollins taking on Apollo Crews, this is sure to be one hell of a show. 


Image result for Andrade Cien Almas gif

Smackdown Live

Smackdown Live would go through some major changes, while Monday Night RAW would be moved to 2 hours, Smackdown would be moved to Thursday Nights and the dynamic would never be the same, as Daniel Bryan would defeat every comer for his WWE Championship untill the Royal Rumble winner, Andrade "Cien" Almas, would best him at Wrestlemania 36. While Ethan Carter is newly in charge and his commands will be taking place after Money In The Bank, he is sure to bring in some major talent, and along with Paul Heyman has announced that there is going to be an announcement at Money In The Bank regarding the brands. 

The united states championship has seen a few holders, ranging from Jeff Hardy to Cesaro. Samoa Joe was the most dominant of the bunch, retiring Jeff Hardy at Wrestlemania before losing the title to Braun Strowman who would eventually drop the title to Cesaro. As for the tag team division, Edge has taken the hold of the GM, making a tournament to see who will face The Revival at Money In The Bank. Paige, the retired former womens champion is at the head of the womens division and the current Womens champion Becky Lynch will be taking on a friend in Toni Storm, who made he debut at Wrestlemania when she defeated Charlotte in a Falls Count Anywhere match. It is sure to be a great show, and there will be more news on the match card going forward!  



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Reborn Era is officially back and we are kicking things off with none other then the Money In The Bank PPV, its been a long road coming but its time for our superstars from both RAW and Smackdown Live to come together in Chicago, Illinois and make this the best pay per view yet. 


Money In The Bank Ladder Match 

Johnny Gargano vs Daniel Bryan vs Ricochet vs Lars Sullivan vs Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley vs Adam Cole

WWE Championship Match

Andrade Cien Almas (C) vs John Cena

WWE Universal Championship Match

Seth Rollins (C) vs Apollo Crews

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Pete Dunne (C) vs Cody Rhodes

WWE United States Championship Match 

Cesaro (C) vs Braun Strowman

WWE Womens Championship Ladder Match

Becky Lynch (C) vs Toni Storm

WWE Tag Team Championship 

The RevivalI (C) vs War Raiders

Singles Match // Roman Reigns Return To The Ring

Kassius Ohno vs Roman Reigns





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Money In The Bank Ladder Match 

Johnny Gargano vs Daniel Bryan vs Ricochet vs Lars Sullivan vs Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley vs Adam Cole

WWE Championship Match

Andrade Cien Almas (C) vs John Cena

WWE Universal Championship Match

Seth Rollins (C) vs Apollo Crews

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Pete Dunne (C) vs Cody Rhodes

WWE United States Championship Match 

Cesaro (C) vs Braun Strowman

WWE Womens Championship Ladder Match

Becky Lynch (C) vs Toni Storm

WWE Tag Team Championship 

The RevivalI (C) vs War Raiders

Singles Match // Roman Reigns Return To The Ring

Kassius Ohno vs Roman Reigns

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Johnny Gargano vs Daniel Bryan vs Ricochet vs Lars Sullivan vs Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley vs Adam Cole

Andrade Cien Almas (C) vs John Cena

Seth Rollins (C) vs Apollo Crews

Pete Dunne (C) vs Cody Rhodes

Cesaro (C) vs Braun Strowman

Becky Lynch (C) vs Toni Storm

The Revival (C) vs War Raiders

Kassius Ohno vs Roman Reigns

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Johnny Gargano vs Daniel Bryan vs Ricochet vs Lars Sullivan vs Sheamus vs Bobby Lashley vs Adam Cole

WWE Championship Match

Andrade Cien Almas (C) vs John Cena

WWE Universal Championship Match

Seth Rollins (C) vs Apollo Crews

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Pete Dunne (C) vs Cody Rhodes

WWE United States Championship Match 

Cesaro (C) vs Braun Strowman

WWE Womens Championship Ladder Match

Becky Lynch (C) vs Toni Storm

WWE Tag Team Championship 

The Revival (C) vs War Raiders

Singles Match // Roman Reigns Return To The Ring

Kassius Ohno vs Roman Reigns


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