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Open Challenge

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"Young and Bitter" hits as The "Kiwi Buzzsaw" Ropati appears for the first time since he and Julius fell short to The Big Ballers Brenden and Sameer. Before he walks into the ring he grabs and steel chair and a mic and sits down on the steel chair in the center of the ring.

Following my loss in the Tag Team Tournament with Julius, I didn't know what was next. I knew I had to have a match at Night Of Legends to prove myself and show that I can go toe to toe with any man in this ring. 

But yet again I came back to the same problem I didn't know what to do, I didn't know who to face, but then it clicked I was sure I wasn't the only person on the roster that wanted a match so what if I came out and challenged someone out in the back to a match at Night Of Legends. Which is exactly what I am going to do so everyone in the back if you want some of me and Night Of Legends then come out and make yourself known. 

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Ropati looks pissed off by Prince's song before he calms himself and starts speaking into the mic

You know what Prince you're actually not bad at singing, it actually would've been a better idea if you stayed in the studio than answering my open challenge but it's to late backout now Princy boy now your just ansking to get your ass kicked live at Night of Legends. 

I know you think your sick because you've come out here sung a few lyrics with some crappy attemps at roasts to try and get under my skin but if I was you I wouldn't try to get under my skin because all that does is fuel me, it fuels me to want to beat my oppentents to a bleeding pulp but if you want to be beaten to s bleeding pulp be my guess and while I'm at it I'll kick you right back to your home of irrelevancy.

But you want to know the reason I know I will win is because anytime you look like your going to become a big star you fail, in 2016 you had the euro title it was meant to be your big moment but you failed and lost it SummerSlam 2017 you vs me for US Title and you lost and yet again failed and at the King of the Ring Semi Finals last year you vs Nate it was your moment to become a star and you failed. All you do it fail and at Night of Legends the story will be no different as I will destroy you and yet again you will fail. 

Ropati then lays the mic on the ground before walking out of the ring as "Young and Bitter" plays as Ropati heads to the back his message to Prince made.

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