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Total Drama: BPZ

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Name: Sasuke Uchiha

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Bodybuild: Skinny but kinda built? Idk

Personality: A stoic sadboi who's severed all relationships with his friends in order to find his brother and obtain higher power. Easily irritable.

Skills: Can use firestyle, waterstyle and most famously lightning style ninjutsu attacks such as the Uchiha clan's famous Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu and the Lightning Blade: Chidori, which engulfs the entirety of his hand in lightning and pierces his opponents. He's also able to use an Ocular Jutsu known as the Sharingan which grants him the power to increase speed, read the flow of an opponents' attacks and copy all bodily movements. His evolved eye, the Mangekyou Sharingan which is awakened after the loss of someone special, can summon a giant indestructable barrier shield known as the Susanno, use Genjutsu (Illusions) to paralyze an opponent and the Amateurasu, which are inextinguishable black flames even stronger than firestyle.

Weaknesses: The inability to recognize that his goals shouldn't involve ultimately leaving and hurting those close to him as well as acquaintances, easily irritable and far too much pride.

Reason to sign up:  He plans on using the prize money to pay an informant in hopes of gathering the whereabouts on his homicidal brother.

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Name: Jemma Stevens

Gender:  Female

Age:  21

Bodybuild: slim

Personality: Secretive, Quite smart as well

Skills: Charm and Beauty. Smarts

Weaknesses:  think she can control everyone

Reason for signing up:  Wants the money for something (you can decide what that is if it helps you with the story)


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