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Death Notorious Angel

WWE 2019 Women's Royal Rumble Match

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Thirty female Superstars from Raw and SmackDown LIVE will fight for the opportunity at sports-entertainment immortality when the 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble Match invades the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, Jan. 27, at 7 ET/4 PT. The winner of the massive melee will go on to challenge for a World Championship at WrestleMania 35.

History was made history last year when Asuka won the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble Match. The high-stakes free-for-all will start with two competitors, and Superstars enter the ring at equal intervals. This continues until all 30 Superstars have entered the bout. Elimination occurs when a Superstar is thrown over the top rope, and both feet hit the floor. The last Superstar in the ring will be declared the victor.



Sasha Banks

Ember Moon

Ruby Riott

Sarah Logan

Liv Morgan 

Carmella (earned the coveted No. 30 spot by winning WWE Mixed Match Challenge with R-Truth.)

Don’t miss the wildly unpredictable Women’s Royal Rumble Match, Sunday, Jan. 27, at 7 ET/4 PT, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.


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Last years rumble match was fun, very nostalgic and hopefully this year the women on the Main Roster have a chance to shine instead of being overshadowed by the returning women. The winner itself should be Becky Lynch in my opinion regardless if she ends up facing Asuka for the SD Womens title. Thats th e only logical way we can get Becky vs Ronda at Mania. Just please dont have charlotte win the rumble 

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Lynch is probably gonna win, been the best on the mic, best performer and funny on Twitter, over the last couple of months she has transformed herself into something WWE would never had thought of, but Becky did something, no other women could possibly do. Become one of the most person in WWE. 

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Ladies and Genetleman, there is only one person who should win this match:

And that person is "The Man" Becky Lynch. She has been the best part of much of WWE TV since last August and has grown tremendously as a competitor as well in her mic game and even on social media. She is honestly the only person who I can see right now realistically having a chance of beating Ronda Rousey cleanly (Although there is another one who with some buildup could probably beat her too). The two are by far the most over Women on the entire WWE roster (Heck I even argue they are both over most of the male roster and Becky alone is more over than anyone not named AJ Styles).

So she is my pick and honestly any result that isn't her winning will leave my slightly upset. However I do leave a Dark Horse option for this Rumble and to me that option is the "Shenom" (I guess that's her new nickname? Honestly I liked the "War Goddess" moniker better) Ember Moon. She is the only person on the current Raw roster who honestly could have a good shot at knocking Rousey off the pedestral, however I could see her doing the reverse to Becky and jumping to Smackdown to fight her arch-rival Asuka in a rematch from there nXt days.

For Ironwomen I think this year my prediction goes to Bayley. I figure she will go the distance and start at number 1 and be one of the final four. Most Eliminations I will go with the safe bet and say Nia Jax eliminates like 7 women before being dumped by Becky as the final elimination in the match.

Therefore I would have Becky, Nia, Ember and Bayley as final four.

You now ask where is Charlotte? Considering the match just announced for Smackdown I think she is chelleging Asuka for the Smackdown Women's belt at Royal Rumble.


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Becky Lynch, who else? Since her heel turn at SummerSlam, she became top three most over star in the WWE, and she continues to get better and better going down the road. If anything, I see Charlotte being runner up, which gets her Ronda at Elimination Chamber which leads to Becky getting either just Ronda at the ppv or going as far as to say a triple threat match between the three at WrestleMania 35. 

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I hope that this year they instead utilise their NXT female talent rather than bring in the same women's legends like the previous year. I'm happy for some spots to be filled by them but when you are filling a 30 participants match should be your current stars.
With the news of Victoria ending her career after 2019 i hope she is able to gain one of those surprise spots.

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Anyone But Becky Charlotte Asuka Ronda Or Sasha Banks My Top 2 Picks are

Alexa Bliss and Ember Moon

To be honest i dont think you guys actually care about the Royal Rumble or the prestige of it because you are helping WWE Ruin the prestige of the rumble by forcing the winner to be Becky Lynch

If anyone but Becky Lynch wins it The rumble will be ruined because the fans will cry and moan about it Like i'm doing HOWEVER i'm taking the Roman Logic and Applying it to Becky Lynch

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What would be great (if WWE actually wanted to do this correctly) is have Charlotte cost Becky the title earlier in the night, then have Becky show up in the Rumble and eliminate Charlotte in retribution. 

That being said, I'm all for Becky winning the Rumble, but there's a bad feeling in me that WWE pulls some stupid stunt and puts Charlotte or anyone else over, choosing to make Becky vs. Ronda happen in a different way. 

Quick side note, how crazy would it be if they put Sasha over Ronda so that we could have Becky vs. Ronda with no title on the line, then have Bayley win the Rumble to set up a Mania match between the two of them? Random thought I know, but still.

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2017 Roman Reigns had a World title match with Kevin Owens Braun Strowman screwed him out of the title and then Roman Reigns Went on to compete in the royal rumble and roman got booed and criticized for it


Fast forward to 2019 And you guys want WWE to do the same thing for Becky Lynch

If you're going to complain about Roman being in that royal rumble then you guys should rip apart becky lynch

but because its becky lynch and she's "Over" and "liked" That Rule doesn't apply

Favortism at its finest

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Again like the Men's match I will mention what I liked and didn't like:


  • Lacey Evans and Natalya being the first two. A great way to star off the Rumble. Especially as this was Lacey's first match on the Main Roster, having her square up with Natalya was great. Speaking of the Queen of Harts...
  • Natalya being the Ironwomen. A great prize for a veteran like Natalya. She will probably never win the match but I feel she deserved this accolade for all the work she has down for WWE over the years.
  • The NXT Entrances. They kinda needed to fill up but all of them served there role well. Kacy and Xia for two women we haven't seen much off (Or I personally haven't) really did well. Candice, Io, Kairi and Rhea all looked like the big names they are in there brands. I was really stocked for Rhea's entrance as I didn't expect it.
  • Seeing Maria compete. As someone who started watching back in 2003/04 I did see Maria's earlier career. Yes she wasn't the best in ring but she was always one of my favorites. Seeing her inside a WWE ring made me feel nostalgic. I hope we get to see her more to be honest.
  • There were not any legends at all. Apart from Maria Kanellis and I guess Mickie James we didn't see any of the earlier names that we saw a lot of last year. It really felt fresh.
  • Becky and Charlotte being the final 2 and Becky winning. These 2 alongside Ronda are the very best right now. It only makes sense they would be the final 2. I actually thought we would have a Double Winner but then Becky managed to despite that injured leg (What amazing selling by Becky and good psychology by Charlotte) win the match. It was great.

Didn't Like

  • The fact they had Becky not immediatly come out after Lana was not cleared. I think they dragged that out a lot just to troll the fans.
  • Alexa not being in the final 4. I know Alexa has had a lot of accomplishments, but this was her in-ring return from injury. I hoped she would have at least made the final 4. I did like the fact she was eliminated by Bayley and Carmella who renewed there On Screen/Off Screen Friendship for us to see.

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