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It's all or nothing for Sameer and I, the Big Ballers are Night of Legends. We have worked incredibly hard to reach the position we are in over the last couple of months and we couldn't be more proud to be your tag team champions. Winning the titles at December to Dismember was the highlight of my career. It showed that I can still compete on a high level and it was a friendly reminder to everyone about how good Sameer truly is. I'm very lucky to have a fantastic partner by my side and we have loved being champions so far.

So this is where we get down to business. We want these titles. Buddy Ace came out and said that we don't care about this match? We don't care who we face Buddy, whether it is you and Marker, Jason and Marker The New Bloods, Heel and Monda we don't care who it is. We just want competition. If you think you're the right competition for us, then bring it on. Our focus isn't on any team in particular, it's on the titles themselves. You think I would be that naive to not pay attention to every team in the division? Maybe that's why The Flock failed to retain their titles to begin with. You don't have the awareness of your surroundings, you're two steps behind everyone else. Get with the times, there are new teams here. We're still relatively new as a duo and we already kicked The Flock's ass!

Buddy you're in no position to ever criticize anyone around here. To be honest, I forgot you even worked here. We've never even considered putting your name on a billboard, hell you don't even have a T-Shirt. Why? Because you're nobody. But what you are to me is an opponent. An opponent, no matter who, I won't take lightly. Yes I will be ready to fight, we both will be. You can underestimate Sameer all you want, but he's beaten Julius, Ropati and your two buddies along the way to be champion. I think that says it all doesn't it? 

Also Buddy, why weren't you the original duo for The Flock? So Jason Ryan bails on the group and Necce has to call upon his "B Team" to challenge us? If you're "A-Team" can't get the job done, what in the world makes you think that YOU can beat us? Seriously, take a look around you. Not even your own group values you and you're trying to tell Sameer how poorly his career is? Maybe you should look in the mirror before you speak. Sameer has done more in a day than you will ever accomplish. If you want proof? You'll get it when you're staring up at the lights for the 123 at Night of Legends. 

Face it the facts, we have the chemistry, we have the momentum and we have the ability to win at Night of Legends. You two are just two psychos who are so deranged that you've begun to believe your own lies. You have convinced yourselves that you are more deserving and would make better champions than The Big Ballers. Let's get back to reality here, there will be no showing off. It will be nothing but business as usual for us and our business is simply all about winning.

We're ready, let's do this.

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Oh, Brenden. If only we could face you. Me and Wall would gladly take your titles from you. But we already have a scheduled a**-kicking to take care of, but we’re perfectly free at the Rumble, or if you want to pull some strings, before then. And I’ll take this as a chance to say something about our opponents. Kyle, you’ve been too scared to say something back these past few weeks, which I thought was weird. I mean you are the “baddest mofo on the planet”, aren’t you? And James, look dude, I respect you, I mean it has to take some willpower to not punch your tag partner in the face if he was talking thst much crap about you that way. But man, how have you not said a word since this match was announced? I mean come on! I don’t know what’s going on with you, but at least say something! And I thought I’d give you guys a warning. Believe me, one of you will leave the arena with blood spilling from your face, and may not even leave on your own two feet. If you didn’t understand, Blood. Will. Be. Spilled.

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