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Meet the Cast

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Ark's entrance music cues and he walks out to roaring applause. He walks around and gets a mic and a chair form the timekeeper before sliding in the ring. He smiles and sets the chair up to face the entrance ramp and sits down. 

Happy new year to everyone watching. Haven't seen you all since last year!

good-hearted boos and laughs come from the crowd.

Listen, and old joke it might be, but you can't go wrong with the classics. I know most of you are curious, as to why the chair, and why facing the ramp like I am waiting for someone. Well, I am about to say something that I know might irk some ego's backstage and they would want to come out. If there is one thing I learned in my childhood its manners, so I might as well get ready to greet them. What is it I am about to say? Well, I feel that the Night of Legends scramble hasn't gotten any attention since it was announced. So I have decided to be the host for what I have dubbed the Mania Scramble Meet the Cast!

First up, you all know, and love him, Ark Universe. 

A slideshow begins to play showcasing Ark's high flying ability. 

It won't be a stretch to say Ark is one of the best, if not the best. BPZ superstar in terms of the pure show. He has gone by meaning monikers of flight, and recently, it won't be too hard to call him the Founding Father of Flight. He's entering this fight with the drive he's best known for, that familiar never get up attitude, and with the determination to start the year off like he has every year, with a win. Oddly enough this will be the first time Ark enters January without a title match lined up. In 2017 he won the Carnage Championship, and in 2018 he cashed in his TTT and won the Global Championship. He looks to instead make it a chance at either of those titles instead. Ark is the clear favorite of the fans here to be the winner, and he looks forward to trying his hardest to not let them down.  

The fans cheer for Ark, and Ark waves to quiet them down.

Let us now look at the other contestants, shall we?

A slideshow for Yelich begins

Our least favorite clown, Yelich, or whatever he goes by these days, also has a spot in this match. A traitor who threw away his career when he hit Ark with that wrench, he has a target on his back to this day. Ark has told me personally that in this match, and I quote, "It's on site." Strong words from Yelich's former brother in arms. Yelich himself has been rather silent on the matter. He came out, parading around like a peacock, making declarations. What he fails to release is, like a peacock, he is all flair, all sparkle, no substance. 

"Now, wait just a minute Ark," you might all be thinking, "what is this? I thought you were all friendly and peaceful?" Well, only to those who deserve it. Those who won't even meet me half-way, who look me in the eye as I offer a handshake, but spit venomous words in my face? They don't deserve my respect. I'll still give them a fair fight, and if they do win, ill give credit where credits due, but that doesn't mean I will give them unearned respect. Now enough about Gotham's Ronald Mcdonald. 

Ark nods and waves as the slideshow changes from Yelich to Angelo. 

Another old friend of mine, Angelo Caito. He beat me, that is true. He has quite the resume on him, it is undeniable that he is coming off what may be his hottest year yet, and he has a chance soon to finally obtain the World championship, a title that he has dogged after for the entirety of his career. It should be said that all his focus is on that title, and this match is still a threat, however, and it, or rather I, maybe here as a stumbling block on his road to the crown of BPZ. 

The titantron continues to change, this time from Angelo to Hollow. 

I actually do like Hollow, however, it should still be said that if Yelich wants to be Joker, Joker wants to be Hollow. This man is deranged and is a wild card in whatever match he is in. I have to be honest here people, and as I said, give credit where it is due, Hollow is the biggest threat to me. He's unpredictable and dangerous. If I'm not careful here, he could easily still the win from me. So I'm going to be careful. I'm going to make sure my mind keeps track of BPZ's resident lunatic, and make sure he doesn't be more of threat. I'm not gonna knock his game, but I'm not going to be scared to tango with him. 

Finally, the titantron changes to Jonathan

This guy is M.I.A  at the moment, however, rest assured, if he does decided to make an appearance, i will give him his intro. 

Ark claps his hands

That is the segment folks. That is who I will share the stage with at Night of Legends, who I must overcome to lock my spot in at BPZ Mania. I am going to do what I always do, and bring 100% like always. I expect my opponents to do the same, the only question is, who wants it more, and what are you willing to risk for it? Me, im risking it all like I always do, to Fight even harder, and Fly even higher. 

Ark walks back and gives the mic back to the timekeeper before turning around and walking back up the ramp as the fans cheer for him. They want him to win this coming Sunday, and Ark plans to not let them down.






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