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Most Anticipated Films of 2019?

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Another year of films, another year of desperately finding the time to watch the ones you want to. The beginging of a new film year is just as exciting as looking back on the year past and so with that i thought i'd ask the question of what are your most anticipated films? For me. 

 1- Avengers End Game
It's hard for this film to not be my most anticipated with how the last film ended. I completely missed Iron Man being released when it first came out. It wasn't until it had come out on DVD (Video Store still standing at the time) that i saw it and then of course the rest is history. Speculation about what is going to happen in the next film is rampant but at least Ant Man somehow made it out of the quantum realm. 
2- John Wick: Chapter 3 
If it wasn't for Avengers: End Game being released a year later this would be my number one pick. To put it simply John Wick was so badass. It was directed by a choreographer and stunt double (for Keanu Reeves) in the Matrix trilogy and it really shows. A brief introduction to the titular character, as is typical of revenge thrillers, quickly gives way to the action and damn is it good. Fantastic and stylish action sequences make up 90% of the franchise and when it looks this incredible, I'm definitely okay with that.
He is on a horse for goodness sake!
3 - How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World 
Talking about successful trilogies. The emotional toll of animated franchise as of late has been high and How to Train Your Dragon 2 was no different. If this sequel is able to live up to the high standard the previous films have set then i'll be okay in saying it can be in the discussion for best trilogies, at least animated.
4 - Pokémon: Detective Pikachu
The mad men did it. They somehow actually made a world where Pokemon exists not look ridiculous or at worst atrocious but instead actually inviting, a world you would want to travel to if the universe allowed it. That being said Mr Mime still looked quite freak in the trailer but i say one out of dozen is a good score. 
The one negative is that i can't help but hear Deadpool while watching the trailer but when you hire Ryan Reynolds to voice Pikachu that is inevitable. 

5 - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Director. Cast. That is all.
Part of me wonders if we will get some historical rewriting similar to 'Inglourious Basterds'

6 - Knives Out
Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Michael Shannon in a murder mystery. Deal
7 - Joker
I was sceptical at the creation of this movie with the pretty bad recent adaption of 'Killing Joke' and with them trying to push a Joker film with Jarred Leto at the same time, it felt desperate. But now that the Jared Leto project has gone quiet and more has been revealed from this Joker film i can't help but be more optimistic. The promotional teaser released with Laughing by The Guess Who played was what hooked my attention, giving a sadness that I haven't felt with any previous Joker actors.
I don't know what they want to accomplish with this, but if it gives us a good movie and another great performance from Joaquin Phoenix, then I'm all for it. Standalone films might be the way forward for DC.

8 -  Godzilla: King of the Monsters
I liked the first Godzilla but didn't love it. Most of the same complaints you would here from other film goes would be mine as well but this taking my number 8 spot is because of the trailers alone. That comic-con trailer i think is my favourite of the year. The lighting and colours surrounding the monsters were breathtaking accompanied by the score.
9 - Ad Astra
No promotional material has been released for this film as of yet so i'm basing this on plot description, the cast of Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones and the fact that i like a good Sc-Fi film. 
10 - The Lighthouse

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8 hours ago, The Marker said:

I'm definitely looking forward to Avengers End Game, it probably the most hype movie of 2019 and it will finally end the Saga, but I still hope they make movies still afterwards. 

Do you think that this will be a passing of the torch in a way? With the old guard passing off the spotlight to more of the newer heroes in the universe like Marvel, Strange ect. New stories but the same universe. 

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On 4/2/2019 at 3:28 AM, Apex said:

I am hyped for this joker movie and endgame obviously. But more joker i have always been a huge fan of the joker even wanted to do a gimmick as him. I always felt like he deserved his own movie. 

Do you think they will follow The Killing Joke with certain plot points or forge their own story path? A movie watching a man becoming the villain more or less is is rare, first film that comes to mind is The Talented Mr. Ripley 

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8 hours ago, Arius said:

Do you think they will follow The Killing Joke with certain plot points or forge their own story path? A movie watching a man becoming the villain more or less is is rare, first film that comes to mind is The Talented Mr. Ripley 

From the looks of the trailer they did a little of both. I will say though after the trailer I am even more hyped to see this movie. It looks visually stunning and i am a joker fanboy so to finally see a true origin story is going to be so awesome. I do believe this movie will be up for oscars. 

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