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Scramble of Fate: Pt 4

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"Is today the day?  Or will it happen tomorrow or the day after that, or the day after that'

The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

Hollow appears on the screen looking at a calendar.

Hollow, "Do, we do it today.  Do we make use our opportunity and cash it in today?  Or do we wait until our original date,  or do we wait for the date that the higher powers want and follow through with the challenge at Saint Valentines day Massacre?  Oh when, oh when.  Hollow gets to choose he gets to choose.  When he does it doesn't matter the end result will be the same.  Hollow will be the champion soon enough.    See Hollow has nothing to worry about because he has the control of fate."

Hollow pulls out a single coin and looks at it.

Hollow, "So champ!  Are you feeling lucky?  Your fate is in control by the madman.  Is today the day you give Hollow his championship?  Let's find out!  Heads and Hollow will do the challenge right here and right now.  Tail and you and your title reign gets saved for another day.   You should like your chances champ!  You have a fifty, fifty shot of whether or not your title reign ends today or does it get to go on longer.  You might believe maybe you have a chance in defeating Hollow and somehow surviving with the your championship reign in tack.  But look at the scramble, those men thought they had a chance in stopping Hollow and they failed.   Many are changing their faces now just after that lost.  So Champ!  You think you are any different.    You can lie to yourself, you can lie to the fans, you can lie to everyone else in the world and universe combined!  But Hollow knows the truth and that is you  aren't different from them.  The only thing you have is that you got ahead of them and took a prize that should be Hollow's.  Anyhow....So champ!  Are you feeling lucky?   Time for chance to decide"

Hollow flips the coin in the air then catches it and puts it  covered up on his wrist.

Hollow, "Oh now everyone is wondering.  Is it heads or is it tails.  Will the challenge be today or will it not.  The tension is real isn't it.  This could be the day.  The day of Fate.  Oh this could be it, this could be the moment that changes Carnage, that changes the landscape of BPZ forever.  Oh this is it!   And..."

Hollow moves his hand and it is


Hollow, "Well champ it is your lucky day.   Today isn't the day.  But that day that challenge is coming.  So thank Hollow and chance today, because your title reign just went one day further because Hollow allowed it to.   We'll see you all soon enough when the day comes whether it be tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow, or at Saint Valentines day Massacre.  The reign of the champ will come to an end.  Stay tuned for the next message Bart.  Or is this for Necce?  Keep watching because it could all end in and instant."

Then the screen goes dark ending Hollow's first message.

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"Scramble of Fate, a chance to change everything. To take that brass ring and change its future for good"

The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

A camp fire appears on the screen in a middle of a dark nightly scene.  Hollow walks in view of the light then sits down in front of the camera.

Hollow, "Did you all have a nice royal rumble?  Did you all enjoy the action there? Some captivating stuff the first stop one the road to BPZ mania four has came.  People won and people lost.  The rumble is gone now and its time to prepare for a massacre."

Hollow throws the rumble poster into the fire and begins to burn it.

Hollow, "So this is what is going to happen.  Hollow will be using his scramble winnings to face Bart at Saint Valentines day Massacre.   No riddles, no webs being spun here.  For once Hollow saying as it is.  The battle for the universal championship begins now!  Picking our fate taking control over our own path.  This is something Hollow controlled.  Picking when this time Hollow deciding what he will do and he will do it.  He will beat the universal champion and finally hold the title as he goes to BPZ mania four as the champion that the scramble will make!"

Hollow looks at the fire and puts more stuff into the fire.

Hollow, "The scramble will make this happen oh yes it will.  People are making plans and plotting for the perfect and preferred path to BPZ mania.   Hollow sees these plots, sees these predictions and not one do they believe that Hollow will even stand a chance against  either Champions.   Even the one Hollow has picked that holds the prize he seeks.  People believe  Hollow has no chance to defeat Bart.   They don't take Hollow seriously when we won the scramble Hollow played around with the fates of both champions and neither one cared.   Nobody cared they don't see Hollow as a threat.  That arrogance! So nobody believes that Hollow will defeat Bart, but guess what we don't care what anyone believes.  You can believe what you want but when the Massacre comes you can believe that Hollow will face but what you will end up seeing the thing the disbelief of the great champion himself as he remains there after he hears the words that will shatter the glass ceiling that everyone creates with this so called belief of the certainty they thought would come.  First the count.




Those three numbers then the sound of the bell ringing the end then the silence will fall upon the destined arena then everyone will hear

Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow!

Those words will shatter everything as Carnage the last true brand get the champion it has been waiting for.  Someone who can live up to brands name.  A champion that can deliver carnage to Carnage.  The massacre that comes at Saint Valentines day Massacre isn't a man being destroyed, it is something more.   What will be part of the massacre that Hollow will end of Mad King Hollow himself."

Hollow laughs hand looks at the camera

Hollow, "Yep no more normal Hollow.  But what will be left?  Oh that answer is obviously simple.  When normal Hollow is gone what returns is Universal Champion Hollow!"

Hollow picks up pictures of past people he faced and defeated and throws them into the fire and watching them burn away.

Hollow, "Kieron Black, Angelo Caito, Roptai, BIC, Yelich, Prince, and Ark Universe.  Those from the past the stepped in Hollow's way.   Stepped in his way of his chance to finally grab that brass ring to obtain the grail one the top of the mountain and they were all pushed aside and defeated.  Now Bart you are in our way. The last person in our way from winning the championship.   And that's what you will be, the very last person in our way because after the Saint's Valentines Day Massacre there wont be anyone in the way because we will have beaten you Bart and finally take the Universal championship and our spot on the top of the mountain where Hollow belongs.  This will end and your reign as champion will turn to ash.   And as we said with the universe will hear at the end.

Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow!"

Hollow throws a picture of Bart into the fire and watches it burn turning to ash as Hollow plans to do to Bart's Universal Championship reign.

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"Who is the BPZ Universal Champion and who is the challenger for the title?"

he following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

The camera cuts to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania  the venue for BPZ's ST. Valentines Day Massacre.  In side the arena empty arena is Hollow before it is even set up for the event.

Hollow, "Here is where the challenge will take place on February 17th, 2019.   The battle for the Universal Championship.   But who are the two involved in this match?  Everyone knows their names.   Bart and Hollow, but who are they.  Everyone knows what they are called, The villain and the madman.  But who are they still? Who is the villain?  Who is the madman in the whole grand scheme of things here in BPZ heading into this bout."

Hollow gets a chair and sits down in the chair

Hollow, "Lets start with the Universal Champion Bart the villain.  2018 he road the coat tails of his partners within the Kingdom and rose up at the start of 2019 and took the title when he rose above the Kingdom.  The Intercontinental champion wins the Universal title at Night of Legends.  And became the company's golden calf.  Everyone looks at him with awe and praises because the company sees him as their champion.    He is popular, he is strong a good face to put up at the top of Carnage, at the top of BPZ's ladder.  To say hay look that is our Universal Champion and they are proud to say it because that is the champion the company wants.   The man that road his way to the top of the mountain on the back of his friends and took that brass ring when he was brought to the top with them. 

Then we have the challenger Hollow a completely different person.  He didn't jump onto any stable to bring him to the top, no he has been on his own.  Rising up on his own merits.  Day in and Day out Hollow working towards building himself up to get to where he is.  Biting, clawing and scratching to get to where he has gotten to.  Hollow isn't the golden boy, by far from it.  Hollow knows what the company thinks about him, that he is a joke an easy stepping stone for their champion to get their champ his win.  Hollow isn't the poster boy that anyone wants leading the top of their most prized title.  For Hollow to win the title would mean he would be the face of Carnage and people think Hollow is a joke.  So people don't want their face of their company being a joke.  But what Hollow is quite the contrary, Hollow isn't a joke he isn't a stepping stone for some new golden boy.  Hollow is the first one who shows up and is the last one to leave.  Day in and Day out.  Hollow is the challenger that keeps winning each contender match he is given and now has earned the best opportunity in finally winning the championship for himself.   Hollow isn't using a fallen Kingdom to bring him to this fight.  He got here by fighting and clawing his where to  this challenge his way on his own merits.  

So there we have it, The  champion the perfect company man Bart the big dangerous bad man being challenged by Hollow the madman that is the man that nobody thinks can become the champion. Both are going into this match with very different paths of getting there but at ST Valentines day Massacre those paths or roads all converge into one spot as the company man takes on the anti-company madman.  This should be a great show that nobody will want to miss."

Hollow stands up and gets ready to leave but turns and then leaves turns to the camera one more time

Hollow "Now we must get ready for when these two paths collide.  The preparations that need to be done, just like this place, we need to set it all up for the grand moment.  We need the ring, the lights, the crowds, and camera to record this grand match up.  Because this will be the moment that Hollow has been telling everyone for a long time come true. and that is...."

Hollow then yells loudly

 "Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow!" 

Hollow then walks away leaving those last words in the empty arena.   Maybe a prelude to what is to come should Hollow have his way at BPZ's ST. Valentines Day Massacre


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"Doubt us once and we proved them wrong.  Say that we are a sad loser and we proved them wrong as well.  Looky here another person not believing Hollow can beat them, aren't they in for a surprise..."

The following BPZ Network program has been interrupted to bring you this service announcement...

The camera cuts to the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Pennsylvania where Saint Valentines day Massacre will take in three days.  The ring is set up, people are putting up lights fixing chairs, in the middle of the ring as it is being set up is Hollow with a microphone in his hand

Hollow, "Dreams of a dreamer aren't they a wonderful thing,  For many in our profession dream of that win that will bring them so much glory.  We all want it, we all need these dreams. Hollow isn't any different but his dream is a nightmare for so many others. A nightmare for those who don't believe in Hollow, a nightmare for those who have an order of doing things.  A nightmare for a champion who has proved that even though he holds the big prize means nothing as he is just like everyone else that has come up against Hollow in the past.   But what is this dream?  what is this nightmare?  Oh if you all don't  know already, as the scramble of fate has made clear that nightmare is Hollow winning the BPZ Universal Championship."

Hollow taps the microphone twice. Then resumed speaking

Hollow, "That is how this whole thing started Hollow going out onto a Carnage ring and tapped the microphone then demanded his shot.  All those months ago all the work leading to this moment,  and one thing remains the same there is someone taking about Hollow like they think they figured him out.  Calling him ignorant, calling him a sad mess, and thinking that he can just easily over come Hollow because for some reason he doesn't consider Hollow a threat.  These things the Universal Champion Bartholomew you have said is very funny to Hollow.   You say Hollow is ignorant of the past but you have made a grievous mistake of who is looking at the past wrong.  Look at the list of victims, look at the path that has brought Hollow here.   Everyone of the past has said nearly the same words as you have and look how they fell.  You better be careful champ or someone might mistake you for being Angelo with  those words you spat out against Hollow.  You will see Hollow in this ring very soon Bartholomew, then you will learn even though you held  onto and won one of the most prestigious titles in BPZ, you are still just like everyone else that has came before Hollow on his path to the title.  You will be nothing more then a victim."

Hollow gets up then rolls out of the ring and goes to the ring bell.

Hollow, "Bartholomew, this next part listen to it carefully because you will hear it very soon."

Hollow then raises the microphone up.  Then goes to tap the microphone







Hollow picks up the ring bell hammer then hits the bell


 "Your Winner and NEW BPZ Universal Champion the madman Hollow!" 

Hollow drops the microphone then proceeds to go back into the ring then sits in the middle of the ring where he started the camera fades to black with Hollow sitting there and waiting for the champion to arrive when Saint Valentines Day Massacre begins.

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