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'1ofthekind' Brett Storm

Getting Ready To Rumble

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Brett Storm comes out to 'Broken Dreams' by Shaman's Harvest and points to the Titantron and says:

Brett: "Does that look like an "indy" show? Haha."

Before continuing to walk down the isle. He goes into the ring and grabs a mic.

Brett: "January 27th, a night that will be forever etched in history as it is the ROYAL RUMBLE! I've had experience in Rumbles. Not only here in BPZ but outside of BPZ as well where I wrestled all over the globe and no, it is not the "indies". I've already announced my participation in the Rumble and what I'm gonna do if someone somehow throws me over the top rope, so now I think it's time just to prepare myself for the Rumble. So I decided to have a look at the Rumble Participants that have been announced. There's a few guys there that I took a closer look at. First up is Odyssey Sellers. Now I doubt we'll see each other in the match unless I get a number lower than yours so when I get the shot Odyssey, I'll toss your a$$ over the top rope and get revenge for my loss at Night of Legends. Next guy I want to talk about is none other than the BPZ Universal Champion Bart. Who seemingly is too lazy to defend his Title like an actual Champion as where is a Universal Championship match on the Rumble card? Can't see it. And no, don't say the IC Title match is the reason as look at Julius, he's defending both of his Championships. So I can easily take one look at Bart and be able to figure out my strategy. Wait until he gets lazy, then toss his sorry a$$ over the top rope. Next we have the......oh, loser. As he is the FORMER Global Champion Jason Ryan. Now I respect the fact that he did face Necce in that match where he lost his Championship so it's not gonna be easy. Someone like Necce is gonna give you a hard match. But unlike me, Jason was pinned. Jason was actually beaten in his match at Night of Legends. So....Jason, get ready for a case of Deja vu. As once again, you'll be on the losing side. Whereas I will win. I'll win a Royal Rumble for the first time in my career. Now I'll talk about Mikey. A guy that refused a fight with some guy called Maasa. Who's Maasa I hear you ask? Don't ask me I've got no clue. But Mikey refused a fight with him which tells me that he's gonna be no problem for me at the Royal Rumble. Finally I want to talk about Legends simply because I have no clue who he is and why he's in the Rumble. I only think he's there to fill the numbers. Which is all he will be as he will be one of many people eliminated by yours truly. Am I being narcissistic? Maybe, you can say I am. I won't care. I have an ego. Everyone has an ego. But I'll be the only one to back it up in the Royal Rumble Match. 29 losers. And a 1 of a kind winner."

Shaman's Harvest's 'Broken Dreams' plays again as Brett Storm walks to the back.

Brett: "Broken Dreams. What a suitable name."

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As Brett walks up the ramp, "One True Villain" begins to play in the arena. Brett looks shocked, not expecting to hear a response from the Villian tonight.  As Bart walks out, he stares at Brett and walks towards him with a rapid pace. 

Oh, how unfortunate. A young career, only just beginning. Promising. He can have a part in the rumble, what could be a huge break for his career. Maybe he would last a while, make a name for himself. But no, no, he had to make a crucial mistake. I don't know you Brett, I know that you were here for awhile but couldn't handle the spotlight and left before you could accomplish anything of worth. Now, I am not here to say anything about how you question me. I couldn't care less for what the fans are, and that's all that you are really, an observer that has gotten a chance to step inside the ring. You have proven before that all that you have store. I was gonna leave you for some ego tripping star who wants a lot of eliminations, but now, I have to learn you who you can chat about in this business. As soon as the both of us are in this match, I wil throw you out and destroy all the hope that has gotten inside that head of yours somehow. I am granting you this life lesson for free, so I hope that you are thankful and use it to it's full potential. 

Bart then procees to tap Brett on his back. Brett is furious about this, but before he can do anything about it, Bart has made his way back to the backstage area as the camera fades to black.



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