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Gunner Flynn

Institute of Brooklyn

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Name: Arius

Age: 29

Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Past criminal records: Embezzlement‎, Fraud, Torture. Known to have kidnapped people and use them in his mind games, using his amassed wealth as a cloak. Each murder is a new story being told by him.

Hobbies: Piano, Theatre, Design 

Strengths: Adaptability, Persuasive, tolerance for stress,

Weaknesses: Heights, Unorganised Areas.

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Sheriff: Welcome to the 2nd day of the Institute of Brooklyn. It is 5 am, GET UP!

Ropati: God this place is so boring, you took my knife last night, you know i cant sleep without some blood.

Sheriff: If you behave today, you can sleep with your knive tonight, now shut up.

Angelo: Woah, woah, almost fell there, sorry im very clumsy.

Ropati: Hey, watch it, you bang it to me again and youll be sleeping with your eyes open.

Leeson: Can yall just shut up, sick of this shit, your like an old married couple.

Johnathan: This is why i like being alone, shit.

Sheriff: Alright, just calm down, wheres Sasuke?

Sasuke: No Speak Gay.

Sheriff: Alright then...

Harold: Excuse me you irrational fools, cant a man read in peace without all this rucus?


Jack:Oh my god, i cant with any of you, you all are so annoying, shit.

Leeson: Well last night Ropati started some shit and im here to end this pussy.

Ropati: Leeson, listen, listen...

Sheriff: Shut up you two, we have to get some challenges started.

Leeson: Aight, we will settle this later Ropati.

Ropati: Shit

As all of the prisoners seperate, Sheriff presents a round circle for multiple fights.

Sheriff: Now as you see there is a circle and this will decide who will be the first to be eliminated. First up is Leeson vs Aaron.

Leeson: You gonna get fucked up kid.

Aaron: Help me please.

Both of them square off, Leeson hits a forearm, taking Aaron straight down to the floor, but gets back to his feet releatively early, and Leeson strikes him with a right arm, knocking out aaron cold. 
Aaron has been eliminated, bye bitch.

Until next time, hope yall liked this episode.



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Name: "Death's Messenger" Lance Way

Age: 26

Hometown: Gold Coast, Australia

Past criminal records: 13 counts of murder, aggravated assault. (was named such because he only kills people he says Death told him to)

Hobbies: knife cleaning, knife throwing, he drinks but not heavy at all, normally one only, marijuana, Reading

Strengths: Agile, can do parkour, skilled in fighting, can endure insane amounts of pain, and tries to make friends/allies a lot and likes peace.

Weaknesses: He gets extremely angry when someone tries to start a fight with him, and often gives into what they want.

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