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As Bailey is celebrating on the Turnbuckle, the music of the current BPZ and United States Champion Julius is heard as "The Executioner" steps out onto the stage looking directly at the 2019 BPZ Royal Rumble winner. After ending the career of Angelo Caito at the Royal Rumble, Julius is more dangerous than he has ever been 

Now it has been set, the Main Event of BPZ Mania. The challenger the 5 time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion, Royal Rumble winner and 2 time Money in the bank briefcase holder, Bailey vs The Champion the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World, "The Executioner" Julius

As we look at your career accolades some people might find them impressive, some people might even call you the Greatest Wrestler to step into the ring, but me I'm not impressed in the slightest. See the whole point of Professional Wrestling is wins and losses. You're a five time BPZ World Heavyweight Champion but you were never good enough to hold that title for more than a minute. My one title reign lasting 7 months has outperformed all five of yours, you can't call yourself the GOAT when you've dropped that title five times in your career, hell I havent even lost five times and you want to call yourself the greatest there ever was. Get over yourself man, you're just a corporate jackass who is so self-absorbed you couldn't stand the sight of someone better, more dominant more entertaining than you ever were and ever will be

If you look around this company you see things are starting to change those who were on top when you ran this company are now starting to fall. I killed Angelo Caito, Necce spit the dummy, Josh gave up and Slim couldn't take another beating at my hands so he crawled away and never came back and Flynn, well he's on his last legs because come St Valentines Day Massacre he you won't need to worry about him anymore. There is a new era coming through this company and I am the forefront of it, I am the face of the future and I will make sure that in the Main Event of BPZ Mania everything that you ever were comes crashing down when I brutalise and embarrass you in front of the thousands upon thousands that worship your name. You're time at the top of the card, you're time overshadowing the future is over. The lasting image will be one of destruction when I have my hand raised, Still the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World standing over, shouting to the world that the legend of Bailey is now dead

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The Bailey looks back and fourth as the Crowd is chanting. 

Shut up for a minute there kid. If you just listen for a moment you can hear them chanting his name......


Bailey looks back at Julius with a grin on his face

SHUT UP! You know how many people before you have tried to come out here and Question The Baileys Legacy. You know how many people have come oit and try to tell the World that they will Destroy The Bailey? The Bailey doesn't give a damn what you are. They Bailey doesn't give a Monkey Crap what you have done or who you have beaten. All you need to Know is that come at Mania you aren't facing a somebody.  You are gonna go One on one with the Great One. You will be Standing across the Most ELECTRIFYING Man in all of Sports Entertainment.  

You need to shut your mouth and know your role. Go back to whatever trailer park trash you came from and train real hard champ. Because come BPZMANIA The Bailey is gonna whoop your ass all over Atlanta Georgia and become a 6 TIME BPZ WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD.  

The Bailey gets it. It can be real intimidating.  Standing across from the Great one.  The Blood is pumping.  Kness shaking. Piss leaking down your leg. But let the Bailey tell you something. You really wanna Beat the bailey? Wells heres what you gotta do. Go back there,  find about 36 Men. Line them up. Shine them all up. Turn them all sideways and stick all them sumbitches STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!


Bailey drops the Microphone as an annoyed Julius looks on Bailey gets on the Turnbuckles celebrating to the crowd when JULIUS ATTACKS Bailey. He goes to hit the F5 but Bailey is able to break free. He comes at Julius with a load of punches.  Hes got the Executioner stumbling.  Julius goes for a Haymaker but Bailey dodges and Transitions into his new move THE GOAT BOTTEM!



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