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The Akki

X-HeelAkki-X Music Discussion

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As some of you may know, I'm a multi platinium rapper.... nah I'm kidding. But yeh I am a rapper, I started back in 2016 when I came out with my first track "Fuck R.O.S.S." Yes! Ross got me into the rap career officially. The track is deleted but I made more and more as time went on. I would say I've improved lyrically and flowly. The quality is a bit shit. 

I host a VC Concert every saturday(8 AM-10 AM[USA TIME] or friday[12 PM-2PM] I do all types of shit, such as covers, request and may hear some of the new tracks in the upcomming eps or mixtapes.


Here's a collection of the Akki tracks. On 16 february my new mixtape will drop "Fuck Enemies". Here's the cover and track list 



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Well my calculations were fucked plus I gave up halfway so I released the Fuck Enemies mixtape early. Not a lot of hype but it's nothing world shaking anyways. 5 new tracks were made and 5 old ones were selected. Please review or put a rating. 

1) Inception(Danilo Diss 1)
2) Danilo(Danilod Diss 2
3) Third Time's The Charm(Danilo Diss 3){also it says 10 in the mixtape tab, dw about it}
4) Demons(Feat. George AK & DJ Gareth)
5) Bogus
6) Enemies
7) Fast Life

8) Skuut Skuut(feat. VS)[Street Diss]
9) Next Level(freestyle)

10) Essential(BPZ diss){Same problem as the number 3, but says 3}



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Inception: 5/10 

It starts off pretty well with Akki dissing his former friend Danilo, Akki goes hard on him as he should, however the things that hold him were the production of the song, but I'll let it slide and the beat was pretty good, but mostly all of the beats were good on this album

Danilo: 6/10

Probably the best Danilo diss song on the album, Akki feels more upbeat and vibrant than the other songs and the production is a bit better aswell as the beat of it, probably one of the best songs on the album 

Third Time's The Charm: 5.5/10

The Last Danilo diss of the track, Akki goes hard for the last act, however the reason why Danilo was a better track than Third Times The Charm is because I feel that Akki put more effort into Danilo than Third Times and it why it as least second best Danilo diss

Demons: 8/10

Definitely the biggest stand out song on the album, Demons really caught your attention the most you listened to it for the first time, George and Gareth really helped out on this track to make it more interesting than the others 

Bogus: 3/10

From the best to the worst song on the track, I really didn't enjoy Bogus whatsoever, especially coming off from Demons, your really thinking that this next one would be great aswell, but it flopped completely, I don't really know why, maybe it the beat or the auto tune but it really killed it for me

Enemies: 5/10

Definitely better than Bogus, I sorta like it while I sorta didn't like it, it kinda a mix bag with Enemies and that why it 5/10 for the most part, beat was decent and production wasn't bad either 

Fast Life: 5.5/10

Now things pick up abit with Fast Life, I really didn't mind this track, however I didn't really feel it that much, but it was getting better than Enemies and the product wasn't bad 

Skuut Skuut: 7/10

Now things get better with Skuut Skuut, the beat was very enjoyable to listen to and VS helped a lot with this track, I enjoyed him so hopefully we get more of him in the future 

Next Level: 6.5/10

Next Level was very different and I enjoyed that it was more of a Freestyle than the others which is one of the reasons why it got a bit higher than the rest 

Essential: 6/10

The Last track of the album, this was a decent diss at the Aussie YouTuber BrendenPlayz and Akki proving his stuff on this and shows that things can get personal 

Overall Rating: 6/10

Best Track: Demons

Worst Track: Bogus 



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  1. Intro: The first song on the Fuck Life and in my opinion, it good for a intro, but if it was a stand out song, I wouldn't enjoy it that much.  4/10

  2. Light Up: This song I enjoy a bit better, it was very good to hear the first time, but after a couple of listens, it starts to get repetitive, so it does lower it down from the rest of the songs. 4.5/10

  3. Strict: This is where Akki starts to pick it up a bit. This is about Akki and his life of poverty and the household he was living, he realized that he is grateful for the things he has right now, also GeorgeAK is always good to have. 5.5/10

  4. Suicidal: The song is good, but I only have one problem with this song and it is the god damn autotune, in my opinion that nearly killed the song for me, not a good look on Akki so far. 5/10

  5. Keep Your Head To The Sky: This song was very good, the choir was very shocking to me and Akki did very well on his part as well, definitely one of his best ones so far. 6.5/10

  6. Rehab: Wow, just wow, this song is very good, I feel it better than Keep Your Head To The Sky, this song shows that Akki has can produce a little bit of storytelling and about that hard times he been through, great stuff.  7/10

  7. Destination Pain: Already listened to that song, It was fine, but doesn't show what Akki truly capable of. 5/10

  8. Demons: This song was good as well, Demons is about the feeling inside that Akki has within him, George also helped as well on this track.  5.5/10

  9. Wear Me Down: It good, I enjoy George's part of the song and Akki's part is good as well and the message is well received.  5.5/10

  10. Black Heart: The song was decent, wasn't the best Akki song I ever heard but it wasn't bad either, however it didn't have that much Akki in it. 5/10

  11. Hell & Back: This song was very good, especially with that MGK feature on it. 7.5/10

  12. Sobbing (Interlude): This is in my opinion the worst song on the mixtape, I feel Akki with the autotune is not good and I kinda switch it off, not really the best. 2/10

  13. Mission: It a good song to comeback from the Interlude and with George to help, it boost the song as well. 5.5/10

  14. Answers & Truth: This also a very good track, Akki speaks about the government and how kids are sended off to the military for 5 years, it sad to hear about that. 6.5/10

  15. Life & Gold: Akki speaks about his life with the riches he has made in the Rap game, he sounds good on this track. 5.5/10

  16. Tech Support: This part was very funny with Nate in it, glad he made it on a track for once. 5/10

  17. Revive: This is the final song on the track and it very good, Akki showing his quick lyrics on this track. 6/10


Best Songs: Hell & Back, Rehab, Keep Your Head To The Sky, Revive and Answer & Truths


Worst Songs: Intro, Sobbing, Light Up

Rating: 10000000/10

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After the huge success of Fuck Life, I bring you Studio Mixtape #2: "Incursion On These Mfs" or just Incursion

(Unofficial Cover)


Title : Incursion 

Release Date : Mid-September 

Tracks Announced: Soundcloud Rapper, Incursion, Rocket Launcher 

Features : NONE

Produced by: D.J. Garrett

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Yeh I thought Id drop the tracklist to get the hype going.

  1. Incursion
  2. Soundcloud Rapper
  3. Hi....... How are you
  4. Eternal
  5. Rocket Launcher
  6. Loud Here
  7. Split Personalities 
  8. Devestating Crossover ft. Fresh9ine
  9. Haze ft. Lab & Renegade
  10. Murder 
  11. Fuck You, Bitch
  12. Hospital
  13. The Dream of a Snake
  14. Visions

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Heel Akki
Heel Akki in the streets of Suriname 
Background information
Birth name Akshay Akki Chadamie

February 24, 2003
 (age 16)
Paramaribo, Suriname

Origin Nickerie, Suriname
  • Rapper
  • Singer
  • Youtuber
  • Songwriter
Instruments Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Years active 2017–present[1]
  • D4Records (2017-2019)
  • Bad Boy Entertainment
Associated acts               
  • George AK
  • AJ Tracey
  • VS
Height  5 ft 6
Children 1
Albums Fuck Life, Incursion

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