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The Rising Action

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Carnage returns from commercial break when an unfamiliar theme tune rings out throughout the Staples Center.

Yelich walks down to the ring with a microphone in one hand and a video camera in the other. Yelich will be in the Global Championship Fatal Fourway match against Echo Wilson, Kieron Black, and FDS, with the winner replacing the recently departing Necce as champion. He is filming the crowd around him as he walks down, the audience jeering as they do not like this personality shift of Yelich. He keeps the video camera on as he gets in the ring and he places it on the top of one of the upper turnbuckle pads. He keeps it pointed at himself and he looks towards the video camera as he speaks.

The Exposition has ended, you've met our cast of characters in this movie, but there have been some changes to the script. For example, I as the director believed Echo Wilson was gonna play the character he had played in so many films before in this one, the Jock. But it seems he's gone ambitious, and he's changing things up just for this, and I believe FDS put it best as to who Echo is playing in our movie, he's "The Rich Kid." He's the boy who thinks he's better than everyone else because the way he was raised made him that cocky. But that is just a minor change to our story, the end result has stayed the same, and the end result is decided by the writer, the director, the producer, to filmmaker, me, and while I won't spoil the ending for everyone, I've dropped many hints as to what will happen, and I'd like to believe the reveal will be very obvious.

But we are not at the end of our story yet, we haven't even reached the climax. We are merely at the beginning of our rising action, and the rising action is where the bulk of our flick takes place. But we need plot, we need something substantial to add to our film. And that means we can't have just monologues, we need more, we need dialogue. So, Rich Kid, Antagonist, Creep, let's advance our story. Let's create dialogue.

Yelich grabs his video camera from the corner where he placed it earlier and begins to film the ramp.

So come on out, and let the Video Nasty make his masterpiece.

Yelich sets down his microphone so he can put all his attention into filming as he waits for one of his "characters" to walk down to the ring.

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{A deafening ring can be heard over the audio system. Strolling from the back, fit with his Burberry scarf and his very clean look. He smirks a bit menacingly as he taps the mic once before beginning. He clears his throat and silences the crowd.}

"Ladies And Gentleman, In Case you are deaf, dumb, blind or by the looks of it bored of this guy's shtick already then.....MY NAME is Echo Wilson. And If you haven't caught on yet. I'm better than you, and you know it."

{A loud arousing boo can be heard from all corners of the arena, as Echo Wilson smiles at the chaos and noise he's caused. He continues his trek to the ring as he talks directly at Yelich now.}

"That applies to you, you little tape pervert. Look, kid, I don't really know where you're going with this and I don't frankly care all that much. All I care about is wrapping this thousand dollar Burberry scarf around your neck and choking you the hell out with it. You've pissed me off Yelich and I'm this close to being completely done with your bullcrap and flipping out on you. How dare you speak my name in that way? I am not just an actor, I am the REAL THING. While you can create a fantasy world for yourself, I'm living in my own dream right now. The fact is, this isn't your movie. Nothing was ever your movie. You've never had the million dollar idea my friend, you've always been the extra. You see, when time after time again I am the guy they push to the top, when month after month and week after week I am the guy that Bailey continues to lend his trust in, I gain a sort of reputation about myself. I gain a reputation for being the Ace in the hole. I gain a reputation for the guy you can always count on. That's me, Mr. Reliable. But tell me Yelich, when have you ever delivered when it matters. You haven't against me, You haven't against Flynn, You Haven't against Julius. There is nothing you can tell me that will prove to me that you are a clutch performer like I am. When the game is on the line, and you have the ball, you let everyone here down. You remind everybody that you're just a let down. The fans, The backstage people who are pushing for you, even your damn parents are disappointed in what you've done with your life. But you've been around the block one too many times, and at Valentines Day Massacre, it's gonna be the end of the road for the Video Nasty. There will be no more adapting, it will only mean perish for you."

{Echo Wilson finally reaches the ring and slips between the top two ropes and gets in the ring. He adjusts the collar on his dress shirt and begins again, looking Yelich more intently in the eye.}

"I am a sucker for a good beating Yelich. So before we get to Valentines Day Massacre, allow me to take the director's chair for you. We all know what's going to happen, people will not stand in the face of me losing. You see, I am still and will always be the future. You are still and will always be the second choice. And I hope I'm hitting a nerve Yelich because this sequel, this spin off will end like all the others. With Echo Wilson standing tall over your broken and battered body. Because the truth is, no one beats up Yelich like I do. It's like I have your number or something because you are one of those guys who always tries to tread on my coattails but never ever manages to keep pace with me. You're always the guy I have to beat to reach glory Yelich, and I'll do it again, just watch me."

{Echo is interrupted by repetitive waves of boos and groans. They all despise Echo Wilson and even though Yelich is not much better, he is a saint in their eyes compared to Echo. Echo addresses the crowd right in front of Yelich's face}

"What's wrong? Have I offended you? GOOD. I deserve better than this. I deserve better than a video tape pervert, a non existent villain and death match garbage. If I wasn't on thin ice already guys, I'd be going to creative and complaining straight to their faces. Because I deserve better as a legitimate athlete and a SUPERSTAR to wrestle 3 little pieces of shit like these guys. I deserve better, in fact, to wrestle in front of white trash garbage like you guys. I deserve better than to play second fiddle to anyone because I'm the main event. But I don't know why you guys are all hating on me, to be honest, if I was in your shoes, I'd be excited. You get to see the triumphant return of the brightest star in BPZ, you get to witness Echo Wilson. I am everywhere and everything to all you fans and I am going to be all that these 3 losers think about by the end of Valentines Day Massacre. In fact, let's wrap this up because I'm not gonna waste my time with you second class idiots. My name is Echo Wilson, I'm better than you. You Know It. No Ifs, or But's about it."

{Echo Wilson drops the microphone and glares daggers through the eyes of Yelich. He makes a motion to exit the ring, but a very loud and obnoxious theme cuts through the silence and turns the fans reactions upside down. Echo Wilson's face says it all. He is not happy.}

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Psychosocial begins to play throughout the arena, the crowd erupts as the calling card of The Punisher FDS plays, As the lyrics begin The Punisher emerges dressed in his black and red coat and a black mask and the fans cheer as it is clear the psychotic mad man that tormented BPZ is back and the confusion within his mind is no longer apparent. FDS stands at the top of the stage, he looks around and he tells his opponents exactly what he thinks of them.


FDS then makes his way down to the ring as the fans continue to cheer for him, he gets into the ring, an unamused Echo Wilson stands in the ring, FDS looks over at him with his back turned, FDS takes off his mask and throws it at Echo provoking him, Echo tries to get into his face but FDS just invites him to and then pie faces him to the ground. Yelich is laughing as he is filming the whole ordeal, FDS looks at him, he goes over and snatches the video camera from Yelich and throws it out of the ring to the floor, Yelich scrambles out of the ring to go pick up his camera. FDS snatches the mic out of the hand of the cameraman trying to hand it to him.

Oi, Mr Video Nasty just use your phone, you idiot!

The fans cheer FDS and then begin to chant “FD FD FD F’ing S” Echo Wilson stands there looking annoyed at the sight of FDS and the chants, he says “Really?” off mic. FDS is pacing back and forth in the ring with venom and intensity, FDS turns to Echo and looks at his enraged face.

Aww, is the little rich kid mad? Do we need to go get your butler to feed you some applesauce you spoilt brat? Trust me these… people I guess annoy me too but hey you’re rich aren’t you? Why don’t you just go back to your yacht or whatever and just leave the rest of us to actually do our god damn jobs? I mean seriously what are you so annoyed about? I thought you were rich and yet the sound of other peoples voices annoy you? Pathetic.  Also superstar? Yeah, buddy, you’re a superstar… a superstar at failing drug tests and screwing up pay-per-view main events.

Now moving on to you Mr Porn Director. Seriously why are you so god damn perverted? I mean I get that you have multiple personalities and all that but seriously just be regular insane, not creepy, perverted, filming everything insane.  

FDS drops the mic for a minute and then looks at the other two men, both seething from FDS’ previous insults, he slides out of the ring suddenly, the two men confused, when suddenly FDS starts throwing chairs into the ring, both men look ready for a fight, after FDS has thrown the fourth chair in, he slides back into the ring, he then begins to set up the chairs as if they are going to have a meeting of some kind, FDS picks up the mic and then takes a seat.

Alright, down to business now. At saint valentines day massacre, I am going to tear your faces off and wear them like masks… but before that, I’d like to have a little bit of group therapy considering we are all considerably mentally unwell…

Echo then looks at FDS offended.

You have delusions of grandeur and possible daddy issues, you need the most help out of all us. Now both of you take a seat and if the god damn cult leader could get out here… let's have a little group therapy.

FDS lowers the mic as Yelich and Echo sit down reluctantly looking angry at FDS as they await the arrival of Kieron black.

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No one comes out, this makes the three very antsy as Kieron Black has been notably absent from television since the match was announced, eventually it seems Yelich has had enough and begins to speak.

What a statement Kieron, I couldn't have said it better myself. But there's a few points where you and our fellow friends in the ring with us are incorrect.

Kieron isn't in the ring, Yelich must be hallucinating things again. Dammit, I thought he finally got over that, oh well.

Ah this is going badly, CUT!

Yelich shuts his video camera, effectively ending the recording.

I'm done with this shit, I try and I try to prove to people I'm legitimate and I never get anywhere. FD I'm not some pervert, I'm the guy that's gonna be dropping you on your head at Saint Valentines Day Massacre. I'm the guy that's going to torture you in less than a week not just because I want the Global Championship, but because I want to feel something again. FD I'm going to film this match, no this massacre on my video camera as I brutally slaughter you, Kieron Black, and Echo...

Yelich stops in the middle of his sentence and stares a hole into Echo Wilson's eyes. Angered, Yelich walks up to the Burberry scarf wearing rich kid and begins talking.

Echo you listen here dammit, I'm going to pry you limb from limb until you bleed to death in the middle of the ring okay? I'm tired of hearing your voice tell me I can't do shit, I can do whatever the hell I please! I'm sick of you always making me the guy you push down, not anymore bud, not anymore. And now you've got this new persona, you think your all that and a bag of chips now. Echo you call yourself the best, "Mr. Reliable" you dubbed yourself, maybe you should've thought about that nickname before you decided to break the wellness policy. Echo you're a fraud, you go against your friends, you go against your family, you go against your company, you go against your country. It never ends with you.

Yelich seethes for a few moments before continuing.

Echo we are polar opposites of each other, I am sick and twisted from my losses that some times have come at your hands and you... you are the epitome of greatness currently. You're rich, you've got your whole getup going swell, you're a recent champion, and you ooze confidence. I want that Echo, I used to be that and I haven't been that in a long... long time. I want to be the it kid again, I want to be the guy. I get a chance at that again, and this has happened over and over, I get a chance and I fail, I get a chance and I fail, I'M TIRED OF FAILING ECHO! I'M TIRED OF FAILING TO YOU, I'M TIRED OF FAILING TO FLYNN, I'M TIRED OF FAILING TO JULIUS, I'M TIRED OF FAILING MYSELF! I HAVE A HOLE IN MY STOMACH THAT HASN'T BEEN FILLED SINCE 2017! AND THAT HOLE NEEDS TO BE PATCHED UP ECHO! AND IT IS FINALLY GOING TO COME AT YOUR EXPENSE!

Yelich has cornered Echo into one of the turnbuckles and Echo is using his scarf as a shield from all of the angered yelling Yelich is was doing on him. Yelich shoves Echo in the head before going back to his video camera and looking at the other two men in the ring.

Now.. let's make a damn movie.. I don't want any more of your guys' shit so make this one count.

Yelich begins to record with his video camera again, continuing his film as FDS and Echo Wilson attempt to digest what just occurred.

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{Echo, the tiniest bit shaken by Yelich's barrage of words, takes a breath. He gathers himself and then grabs hold of Yelich's camera, pointing it towards himself and speaking directly to it.}

"Who's fault is all this Yelich? You do you have to blame for your shortcomings? No one but yourself so no matter how much you push yourself, you'll always be second rate. And No, I don't put you down all the time, I do it cause I speak the truth. All of the time, you put yourself down and you deprecate your own self esteem. That's where you and me are different. It's not I'm great, I mean I am but it's not that I never have my lows. What you failed to mention in that little rundown of my privileges is that I've been labelled here as the druggie. I've been labelled as the guy who failed his wellness policy test. So yes, I've had everything stripped from me, my titles, my reputation. But this is where we go our separate paths Yelich, its that I pick myself off the ground. You lie there getting trampled repeatedly by the feet like mine that step over you. So you cannot say I have everything when you have none. You have chances, opportunities to shine. That's all anyone else can give you and that's all you can work with at the start. I'm gonna make my chance count and I'm gonna maul you, I'm going to murder you, and win the Global Championship. I'm putting my demons to bed, don't let yours rule you."

{Echo Wilson, takes a step back. He looks down to himself and shivers a bit. The fans are confused.}

"Ew, that was almost.....nice. Look bub, I couldn't care less what you do after, as long as I'm the one who destroys your confidence even more following our little bout. And FD, time to dissect you. I'm sick and tired of your disrespect. I am the epitome of greatness and ask Yelich, he knows it. So for you to label me so shallowly as just a spoiled rich brat, it is frankly very disturbing and rude. And I'm not spoiled FD, I just hold myself to standards. Something you can't say for yourself. When I don't achieve the level of mastery that someone of my stature must hold up to, I strive for more, and search for better, always. FD, there is no amount of chains, no amount of whips, no amount of hurt that will make me quit. I'm resilient and you are just going to surrender. I will Hunt you down just like all of your worst nightmares FD, and I will make....you....sufffer. Both of you need to quit whining and quit the act, the movie is over, I'm the hero, you are all the extras. Let's wrap this one up because even the sight of both of you is making me feel sick. So before I puke, anyone got anything smart to say?"

{Echo Wilson glares across the ring, pausing at both Yelich and FD. He gets up on the turnbuckle, straightens his burberry scarf and leans back, letting someone else take the helm.}

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FDS is looking down now at his feet, he smirks, he stands up revealing his smirk to Yelich and Summer, the two men looking confused before FDS’ smirk drops and he kicks the chairs over, Yelich and Echo look over at the look FDS’ face as the uncomparable rage comes over the punisher as he prepares to speak. FDS looks at Summer.


FDS turns to Yelich and gets in the face of Mr Video Nasty.

And You… You’re gonna massacre me? You’re gonna redeem yourself? Please. Redemption is nothing but a lie. There is nothing and I mean nothing in the world that you can do to redeem yourself, Instead of trying to redeem yourself you pathetic piece of shit, why don’t you just move forward and try to get better? Oh, that’s right, there’s no such thing as “getting better”, trust me I know. I will tell you something though: You won’t be the one massacring us, you’ll be the one getting massacred. I will cut your skin, I will break your bones, I will burn your flesh, I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER!

FDS turns to Echo, who is particularly disturbed, FDS corners him.

What’s wrong little boy? Haven’t seen someone like me before now have you? You say you’re going to hunt me down like my worst nightmares… Echo my dreams are your worst nightmares and my nightmares… oh boy, do I love how exhilarating they are. You can act like you’re this hard man who’s able to hurt the most psychotic person in this company… but at saint valentines massacre you better hope your health insurance covers maulings because I will break you, i will disfigure you and I will make you my bitch.

FDS steps back, Echo looking particularly disturbed

Now allow me to leave you two and well Kieron as well with this: There is nothing I won’t do to myself if it means I can hurt you. If I die in the ring, I’ll take you with me, if I burn we all burn, If I Suffer… WE ALL SUFFER. And trust me when I say, you will receive due punishment. See you children at Saint Valentine's Day Massacre.

FDS throws the mic at Yelich, He leaves the ring as his theme music plays throughout the arena while the fans chant “FD FD FD F***** S” Ending the segment.

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