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No Small Parts: Wrestling

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Hello everyone who decide to read this. Sometimes when i'm just browsing at my computer i find myself looking through a train of articles on certain wrestlers. Sometimes i'm curious as to what happened to them or i find out about them for the first time and i find the urge to look into their career briefly. I thought if i found out some interesting antidotes or if i just wanted to reflect on a wrestler who didn't make much of an impact but all the same was someone who interested me during their brief time in the spot light, i might do it here.

Johnny Emminger aka Lucky Cannon
Image result for Lucky Cannon wwe

One of my guilty pleasures in wrestling, or someone who could classify as one the reserves on my 'Boy' list would be Lucky Cannon. Growing up i got the game show version of NXT airing on television and luckily (heh) for me i was introduced to the rookie known as Lucky Cannon who had future Hall of Fame inductee Mark Henry as his mentor.
Weird to those who have heard me say this before but his look and attitude in his last season of NXT made me wish he at least gotten a trial run on one of the main roster brands (especially Smackdown to see him attempt to "Slapping the taste out of Randy Orton's mouth") after enduring two separate seasons of the failed game show concept. In a world where most of the other participants found their way on to either show one way or another.
It might of also been his resemblance in look and attitude of Randy from That 70's Show. 
WWE NXT: Meet NXT Rookie Lucky Cannon
For now we are going to look past his time on the NXT game show and his failed relationship with Maryse. Though i'll admit the reveal of him buying her a fake diamond ring was perfect after his elimination.

Getting Started
As explained in his NXT introduction Lucky was struck in the head with a lead pipe and put in a coma for a few weeks, losing memories and basic functions for a period of time but that was also the start of his road to joining WWE. The former college football player signed with the company in 2008 with shorter hair, much less cocky and could probably double the quantity of singlets owned by everyone here on the forums.
vs Micheal Tarver: FCW: 2008

Under the name Johnny Prime one of his most prominent feuds for the Pride of New Port Richey, Florida was against the dorm room living Alex Riley. Accompanied by his valet Beverly, Riley made is his goal in FCW to make the happy go-lucky Prime's career heel week to week. A feud that later crossed over on to NXT the game show though not directly referenced.
vs Alex Riley: FCW: 05/24/2009
Johnny Prime and Angela vs. Alex Riley and Beverly: FCW: 31/6/2009
vs Alex Riley II: FCW: 2009 - This match had the honour of being the first ever Last Man Standing match in FCW history.
Their feud would later faze out as Alex Riley went on to win the FCW Heavyweight Championship in 2010, even defending against Johnny Prime on two occasions before a fresh start for the young wrestler came around the corner.

Joe Hennig vs. Johnny Curtis vs. Johnny Prime: 10/18/2009 -  An evolution to his look being shown.after taking some time off for some "soul searching"

The Career Highlight
As mentioned before i wasn't introduced to Lucky Cannon until NXT but that lead me to looking into what was going on down in FCW through what i could on Youtube and other websites at the time. Around 2011, An improved Lucky Cannon emerged.
In February of that year, FCW General Manager Maxine came to the ringside flanked by her security guard Buck Dixon and Lucky Cannon after Bo Rotundo had just defeated Mason Ryan for the FCW Heavyweight Championship.
She congratulated Rotundo on becoming the youngest champion in FCW history, and stated that she was curious to find out how long he can keep the championship. She then said his first title defence will be RIGHT NOW against Cannon. She told Smiley to leave the ring as Brett DiBiase (in a surprise heel turn) ran into the ring with a referee shirt on and started the match. He ignored pin attempts by Rotundo, then gave a quick three count for Cannon’s first pin attempt and declared Cannon the 12th FCW Heavyweight Champion. Cannon and Maxine kissed passionately during his victory celebration as the show ended.

Bo Rotundo wins FCW Championship [30 secs]
Maxine: "The newest and youngest ever FCW Champion. I bet you're real proud aren't you Bo? You know what Bo. I'm curious as to how long you can keep this championship. Because you have a match and yes..it is right now Bo. And your opponent is Lucky Cannon!"
Lucky Cannon re-debuts with Maxine and faces a battered Bo Rotundo: FCW Championship

Dropping the name Johnny Prime, the former babyfaced babyface had sold his soul for the FCW Championship and a new entourage in General Manager Maxine, Brett DiBiase and later joined by Damien Sandow & 'Queen of FCW' Aksana to back up his newly claimed position at the top of the mountain. But it wouldn't be a comfortable seat as Seth Rollins, Richie Steamboat and the former champion Bo Rotundo would all be trying to usurp Lucky from his seat.
"Mr Steal Your Girl" Lucky Cannon cuts a promo about himself in the FCW Superstar of the Week after his championship victory
Lucky Cannon: "Walk we me as we look at the hallways of Florida Championship Wrestling, as we look at the former, the past, the old. Well you know what they say, out with the old and in with the new....It's all about me! It always has been"
Lucky Cannon & Brett Dibiase vs Bo Rotundo
Seth Rollins & Richie Steamboat vs Lucky Cannon & Brett DiBiase

vs Bo Rotundo: FCW Heavyweight Championship Rematch
vs Bo Rotundo: FCW Heavyweight Championship Second Rematch [Ending Only]

Where did he go? 
After being eliminated from NXT's Fifth Season he was on FCW a few more times sporadically but after losing his FCW Heavyweight Championship and his entourage Lucky wasn't the same man he once was and so it wasn't long before being released in August
"Former WWE NXT contestant Lucky Cannon has been officially let go from WWE's developmental system."

I guess this would be the old safe tale of former developmental wrestlers for WWE where they quietly and quickly vanish from the wrestling circuit after failing to make it into the company. Lucky made sure to make a small ruckus on the way out. What has been up to since then? Well shortly after leaving WWE he did hint at a possible TNA move but it never came to fruition.


Former WWE NXT talent Lucky Cannon, who was released from WWE back in August, has stated on his Twitter page that he will be speaking with Jeff Jarrett soon, indicating that he may possibly be joining TNA. Below is Cannon's tweet:

"@JeffJarrettTNA..Looking forward to speaking with u"

In a moment of almost imperfect timing,  it was revealed that same year he was arrested for falsely impersonating a police officer. 


The mugshot began to appear in Google images which has brought to light that WWE NXT Redemption contestant Lucky Cannon (real name Jonathan Emminger) was arrested on the morning of February 28, 2011 in Hillsbourgh, Florida. He was charged with falsely personating a law enforcement official. He was booked into the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office at 11:26 a.m. and released on $2,000 bail.

Emminger did previously worked as a deputy sheriff for the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department in Pinellas County, Florida, which could play a factor in how he was able portray himself as police.

Living the Lucky Cannon life with a flawless mug shot.

He continued to wrestle throughout the rest of 2011 for FUW (Florida Underground Wrestling), even facing Michael Tarver on one event after his own release but since then has pretty much vanished from the pro wrestling scene. While not being active on Twitter or Facebook since 2014 he left with a "Thank you for my fans" message.
His last professional match on record would be failing to capture the FUW Heavyweight Championship.

The Cuban Assasin & Ralph Mosca vs Joey Mayo and "Lucky" John Eminger - FUW

Some Minor Notes


WWE.com: What's the significance of your tattoos, namely the Japanese symbol on your rib?
Cannon: The one on my ribs, the top part means "God," and the one under it means "warrior." I guess it's self-explanatory. I put the "God" on top, because in my life, God comes first. The warrior is what I aspire to be.

A jab from Dean Ambrose during an interview after Lucky Cannon had left the company


Ambrose talking about Kenta coming to WWE...But he was the only guy I had even remotely heard of, it was just a bunch of other guys. For instance, to give you perspective, the top guy in developmental when I got there was Lucky Cannon. If you don’t know [him], just Google it. That will show you the difference in the talent that is in developmental now.

The worlds biggest compliment

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