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Full Throttle Wrestling - WWE 2k19 Universe Mode

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Full Throttle Wrestling (FTW) is a wrestling company that it's presented as a fighting sport and not as entertainment. Matches will be determined at random and fighters will be rewarded for their victories.

Fighters or Tag Teams who win three matches earn a championship opportunity against the midcard champion or tag team champions of their divisions (men and women), but if a fighter earns three wins in a row, he or she earns a championship match against the major champion of their division (singles fighters only). Also, If a fighter pins or submits a champion they earn a championship match againts that same champion.

Championships and Champions:

Men's Division:

  • FTW Heavyweight Championship - Daniel Bryan
  • FTW Internet Championship - Randy Orton
  • FTW Tag Team Championships - Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre

Women's Division:

  • FTW World Championship - Sonya Deville
  • FTW National Championship - VACANT
  • FTW Tag Team Championships - VACANT

Match Rules:

  • 20 second count-outs
  • No Rope Breaks
  • Fighters who get DQ get suspended for a Month

* I know I was already doing another UM, but I got side tracked and lost interest for "McMahon sold WWE!". So, I had this idea and kinda worked with it for a while before I actually brought it to you guys. Also, I wish I could show you my championships, but for some reason I can't upload them.

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  • 1st Match: Liv Morgan & Ruby Riott w/ Sarah Logan vs. Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville
  • 2nd Match: Dolph Ziggler & Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Riley (Non-Title)
  • Main Event: FTW Heavyweight Championship - Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kurt Angle

*Results will be posted on a later date.

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FTW #1 - Bryan vs Angle

The comentary team welcomes everyone to the first ever televised Full Throttle Wrestling event. They run down the match card and show the tales of the tape for each one, hyping up all the matches.

In a very interesting tag team match, the Riott Squad's Ruby Riott pinned Mandy Rose, after she got rid of Sonya, throwing her out of the ring, where Morgan attacked her giving Ruby the opportunity to defeat Mandy.

Ruby would get the ring announcer's mic and issue a one on one match against Sonya Deville. Mandy would answer for Deville and accept the match, but it would only be a non-title match.

The FTW management announce for FTW #2 an Internet Championship main event, where the champion Christian defends against the Apex Predator Randy Orton.

In a non-title Tag Team match the champions Ziggler and McIntyre defeat the team of reDragon (Fish & O'Riley) ending the chances for reDragon getting a future Tag Team title match.

In the MAIN EVENT, Daniel Bryan took on Kurt Angle in a technical master class, but the young first ever FTW champion would be out-done by the more experience veteran. Kurt Angle would win via small package, becoming the FTW Heavyweight Champion.

Kurt Angle would extend his hand to Bryan, and Bryan would shake his hand and quickly leave the ring, clearly dissapointed. Angle would pick up the mic and welcome everyone to the new era of FTW, the "true era of pro wrestling".

(Daniel Bryan's championship reign - 72 days - 3 defences)

Match Card picture:


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