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WWE Intercontinental Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) & Lio Rush VS Finn Balor

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At WWE Elimination Chamber, Finn Bálor will get his opportunity to accomplish an extraordinary feat: to lay claim to the Intercontinental Championship by way of overcoming the nefarious team of Bobby Lashley and Lio Rush in a Handicap Match.

Weeks ago, Bálor suffered two brutal back-to-back beatdowns in a 24-hour period, first at the hands of Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at Royal Rumble after an unsuccessful bid to dethrone The Beast, and then the following night on Raw courtesy of Lashley, who hit three consecutive spinebusters on his unfortunate rival during an in-ring confrontation.

The Extraordinary Man Who Can Do Extraordinary Things picked himself back up one week later and prepared to take on “The All Mighty” one-on-one on Raw in hopes of earning an opportunity to challenge Lashley for his illustrious title.

Shortly after Rush inevitably mocked Bálor prior to the contest, however, Lashley suggested that Finn should face someone “his own size.” That’s when the Intercontinental Champion came up with the idea that his scheduled opponent should instead face Rush, with the caveat that the titleholder would consider giving him a championship match if The Extraordinary Man put on a good show. Once Bálor emerged victorious against the cruiserweight mouthpiece, the wheels were immediately set in motion for a future Intercontinental Championship collision, but perhaps not exactly in the manner that the Irish Superstars had envisioned.

The following week, an exclusive video revealed that Bálor will finally get his Intercontinental Title Match at WWE Elimination Chamber in a Handicap Match against Lashley and the outspoken Rush. And if Finn can pin either Lashley or Rush or make one of them submit, he will capture the championship for the first time in his career.

That highly anticipated title bout will take place this Sunday at WWE Elimination Chamber, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network!


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I like the fact that Lio Rush has increasingly shown that he is able to keep up with Balor to a degree in the ring lately. Since he is also a part of the 205 Live roster you can't completely right him off as a nothing competitor when he steps on to Raw.

It feels safe to say that this match is heavily in favour of Lashley to retain with Rush being able to legally help now rather than illegally distract from ring side. Even then some shenanigans will go down and Balor will need to recoup going into Wrestlemania and claim that gold. I've been enjoying the build to Elimination Chamber more than i expected to.

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This should be a no brainer. Lashley and Rush have the advantage and a loss here to Balor can only kill their credibility. This is the chance to continue building Balor as an underdog with him eventually winning the title at Mania for a feel good moment. Even if the result here isn't clean that hurts Lashley and Rush because they really should be beating Balor easily with a 2-1 advantage 

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It's a shame to see this title, which has already been rapidly losing credibility, be put in this type of match.  It's not going to help anyone, unless Balor wins which is an unlikely result.  If Lashley wins, he just looks like he won cause he had Rush with him, and Balor doesn't even look like more of a underdog or anything.  I think this is being used as a chance for Owens to return and save Balor from a 2vs1 attack after the match, but I could be wrong.  After all, it hasn't been a month since he announced his return date.

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Suprised Balor won the title here as I was expecting it to only happen at Wrestlemania. In the end Balor is the right guy to put as Intercontinental Champion as he can deliver with anyone as this match showcased.

It wasn't the best match for him to win the title though as I found it a bit boring at times. Only a 2 star match for me.

Like Bailey I don't like the decision to split Lashley and Lio Rush as that was the best part of Lashley's character and Lio had a good role there. Dunno what the future now holds for both.

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I'm fine with Balor winning the title here, it made sense and he'll look good going into mania.  But like everyone else, I don't understand why they had Rush and Lashley part.  They were a near perfect combination.  Even with all the garbage about Lashley's ass, Rush was still making him better than he's ever been.  He was so annoying and has actually gotten people to hate him unlike most heels, and that's what Lashley needed most, heat.  I doubt he'll generate it now because he's working his character well, he'll probably just get it from being boring.

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