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Braun Strowman VS Baron Corbin

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Will Baron Corbin get these hands? Or will Braun Strowman learn a thing or two about underestimating the former Raw Acting General Manager? At WWE Elimination Chamber, it’s monster vs. wolf when Braun Strowman gets hands on Baron Corbin.

Following months of aggression, which included Corbin, Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley shattering Strowman’s elbow with a savage assault, the raging war between Strowman and Corbin will combust in singles action at the February 17 pay-per-view. After the events of WWE TLC, there has been no love lost between The Monster Among Men and The Lone Wolf. To start off the year, Corbin cost Strowman his Universal Title Match and left him with a $100,000 fine by way of some nefarious mind games. The rivalry got uglier on the Jan. 28 edition of Raw, when Corbin and McIntyre plopped The Gift of Destruction atop the steel steps with a double chokeslam. However, retribution was served a week later when Strowman fired back with his own steely attack and sent each Superstar crashing onto those same steps.

With months of pent-up aggression, there’s no telling what level of destruction awaits these bitter rivals when they square up at WWE Elimination Chamber. Who will vanquish his longtime foe? Find out this Sunday at 7 ET/4 PT, streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network.


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If this is just a squash for Strowman to gain momentum again, it's completely pointless.  Braun has lost all of his steam in the last few months, and a win over Baron goddamn Corbin is not gonna help him at all.  Can't wait to see the crowd reaction though.

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I was surprised to hear the other day that these two have actually only had only one singles match together in the past though it feels like they have fought for centuries. This is the match that deserves to be on the pre-show instead of the Cruiserweight championship match but hopefully it is just a fun squash match for Braun Strowman and then Corbin can refocus elsewhere.

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I mean seriously why the hell are we getting this again. This has been one of the worst feuds of 2019 and hopefully this all ends this Sunday because I sure as hell don't want to see this happen ever again. What was the point of TLC if we are just having this match all over again. Strowman should win comfortably and then erase Corbin from his existence so that he can move on to something meaningful at Wrestlemania 

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Incredible how they have killed a lot of Braun Strowmans momentum since his return.
I agree with most sentiments that the ending was stupid and aligning these three together where they were doing fine on their own, especially McIntyre. Even worse is that they gave Strowman the victory back on Raw anyway the next night.
At least it looked cool? Triple powerbomb through two-tables. I'm all for it.

But i am also guilty for i wholeheartedly enjoying the three of them together for some reason and i don't know why. Those few weeks when they were terrorising Raw when Corbin was in charge got some genuine laughs from me even if it hurt the show. So a part of me popped to see them on the same page again but i hope this alliance dies quick. (And it seems that sentiment has come true)

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