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WWE Women's Tag Team Championship Elimination Chamber: Nia Jax & Tamina VS The Riott Squad VS Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville VS The IIconics VS Bayley & Sasha Banks VS Naomi & Carmella

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As first announced by five-time Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss during her Raw talk show “A Moment of Bliss,” the inaugural WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions will be determined inside the dreaded Elimination Chamber at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view on Sunday, Feb. 17.

The contest will feature three teams from Raw and three teams from SmackDown LIVE. Nia Jax & Tamina earned their way into the match with a victory over Bliss & Mickie James on Raw the night after the Royal Rumble event. Later that night, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan joined them in the contest by taking down Natalya & Dana Brooke. 

The following night on SmackDown LIVE, Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville became the first blue brand team to be officially accepted into the Elimination Chamber. Over the following weekend, The IIconics' Billie Kay & Peyton Royce tweeted that they had also been accepted into the match. 

Despite a pre-match ambush from Alicia Fox & Nikki Cross that sidelined Sasha Banks, Bayley almost single-handedly made sure that she and The Boss overcame their unhinged opponents to become the third and final Raw tandem to earn its way into the nightmarish structure, leaving just one SmackDown spot to be filled.

Prior to SmackDown the following night, Carmella & Naomi announced that they had been accepted as the final tag team to participate in the history-making championship bout.  

Get your tickets for the WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in Houston’s Toyota Center at www.HoustonToyotaCenter.com.

It was extremely fitting that the announcement was made by The Goddess of WWE, as Bliss won the first-ever Women’s Elimination Chamber Match in 2018, toppling five other Superstars and successfully defending the Raw Women’s Championship inside the career-altering combat zone that debuted in 2002.

This time around, Sasha Banks & Bayley and Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville will start the bout, while the remaining four duos remain enclosed in pods. At specified intervals, a pod will open at random, enabling a new team to enter the match. This will continue until all six pairs have joined the bout. If one member of a team gets eliminated at any time via pinfall or submission, both members of the team are eliminated and must leave the contest. The last tag team standing will be declared the winner and the first-ever Women’s Tag Teams Champions.

Who will make history? Find out at WWE Elimination Chamber, Sunday, Feb. 17, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on WWE Network

Source: WWE.com

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 This is gonna be interesting because you don't know who is gonna win this, but if I had to pick I would probably go for a team that has been together for a bit and I feel that Boss N Hug Connection are winning this, they are right choice here as they are former Champs and hopefully this can start up the revival of Sasha and Bayley

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Sasha and Bayley probably win here setting up a future match with Trish and Lita at Mania. This match is going to be all about History and how great WWE is. I honestly don't really care for this match because some of the teams in it are just charisma vacuums and jobbers (IIconics, Naomi and Carmella, Tamina and Nia)

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I think Sasha and Bailey will win mostly because they are 2 popular womens wrestlers and are a decent tag team but if the win it they will probably face some big tag team like Trish and Lita at Mania or something like that.

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I think the safe bet here is obviously either Banks & Bayley or Nia & Tamina, so RAW is taking home the championships this PPV. But i hope to see Mandy Rose & Sony Deville have a good showing this year to follow up their surprisingly great showing in last years Elimination Chamber match.
The two of them as a team have good chemistry that keep them at the top of the teams for me even without the same success because they act like a unit.

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Now each Horsewomen member has a claim at being 'first' with Bayley and Sasha being the first WWE Women's Tag Team Champions (at least to WWE, who recognise it as separate to the WWF variant)

One of the highlights from the Smackdown Women's Championship Elimination Chamber last year was Absolution showing great team work against the other competitors during the match and this match was no different. Sonya and Mandy have come a long way from Tough Enough. Sonya Deville has some of most believable offence in the entire women’s division.

All teams had their moment to shine during the match, even the IIconics with that beautiful teamed school-boy pin on Naomi to gain the first elimination. It gives me quite a lot of hope for the WWE Women's Tag Team division going forward seeing the team work on display.


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