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BPZ Hunger Games Sim 2

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BPZ Hunger Games 3 

Season 3 Episode 7

The third time for the Third Night

The third night of the hunger games begin and....Epic has died...he starved together.  Well that is no good.   Guess he didnt each anything for a while. Sucks for Epic this season.  At least he made it to the third night.
A large group forms for this day, Arius, Nate, BIC, Kansheek, Gwyn, FDS, Suby, Brenden, Hans, Slim,  Sheridan, Alyx , Alex Zack, Smith, and Mave.   Arius and Nate are telling stories to the group to lighten up the mood.  While Han's and Slim are the first two on guard duty waiting for their turns to sleep.

BIC and Kansheek start telling some jokes, Slim goes and wakes up Sheridan, Alyx and Alex then goes to sleep.  Han's follows Slim as now he can get some rest for this day. Zack, Smith, and Mave  decided to sing a little song for the group to keep the mood cheerful on this third night of the hunger games.  Next it is Gwyn, FDS, Suby, and Brenden taking their shift to watch over the party.

Echo who didnt get invited to this big group gathering is alone looking at the night sky this night.  With no cares in the world just looking at the night sky while other people are partying or getting killed by the other tributes in the games.  Maasa who also didnt go to the big group makes a fire and stays near it.  Not wanting to freeze to death on this night.
Keeley on this night is seen trying to stay awake this night.  With the trident she stabbed Ropati  in the back with.  It looks like she wants to get another kill and wants it soon.

We have a single sponsor for this night and they have given medical stuff to Odd, now he can fix his injuries or look very strange if he bleeds out or something in the next day or so.  Apex is seen making a fire, much like Maasa was so he can stay warm this night.  Yelich is seen trying to stay awake this night, not wanting to close his eyes and get killed in his sleep.

Cpe goes to sleep alone in a nice area to hide this day.  We now see Sameer, and Bart running into Gill and George outside of the cave Sameer called the beast's cave.  Each person draws the weapons and then fight.  Soon going into the cave, the sounds of fighting is heard when they run into the cave.    Bailey is seen near the cave but passes out from exhaustion and falls into some nearby bush.  There is the sound of someone yelling coming from the cave and we see Gill leaving covered in blood with a knife and a spear in hand.  Was he the only survivor?  Then George walks out carrying Sameer's head.  George and Gill killed Bart and Sameer!   George throws the head back into the cave and they leave.

Arrow is off in the distance talking to himself talking about winning this whole thing.  After seeing this new dominate team of George and Gill.  They took out a powerhouse team of Bart and Sameer.  Arrow thinking about winning might be a bit of a stretch.  We will have to see if Arrow is right or wrong about thinking he is going to win this season.
Next day is approaching as which means that it is the end of this episode.  What will happen on the fourth day?  Find out in the next episode!  Stay Tuned!

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BPZ Hunger Games 2 

Season 3 Episode 8

The third fourth Day

We are now onto day four of season three of the hunger games with the the forty eight tributes.  To day we have a few sponsors wanting to giving out to others to give them an edge over their competition, so they can completely forget about what they have.   Mave one of the new rookies gets a hatchet!   Sweet now he can't axe people questions.  Keeley got something to from the sponsors it is a hatchet.  Seems like the sponsors from the last night and today like to give the same things out at the same time.  And that is all from the sponsors!

On this day of the hunger games a quite a few people are starting to question their sanity and places in these games.  We have, Gwyn the season two winner, Arius, George,  and Bailey. Four days and three nights into the games with forty eight other people in these games all trying to be the last one left alive to win the games is enough to make anyone question their sanity.  It maybe even cost their sanity for days to come should they last that long.

There are a quite a few people working together this day.  Maasa and Apex working together together resources together.  Seen often enough splitting up to gather even more.  Gill and Echo are also teamed up on this day doing the same as the last group. Gathering resources.  Splitting up to gather more.   Slim and Suby another group also working together but they arent gathering stuff no they are working together to hunt the other tributes.  Hopefully Suby doesnt get hunted down like he did in the last season that might be bad for Slim.
We see Hans and he is...picking flowers...why? How does that help?  Who knows maybe it will help his morale.  Maybe picking flowers will give him a little pick me up in the morale since he isnt one of the large group of people questioning his sanity.  Or maybe the lost his mind and forgot that this is the hunger games and believes this is a pick the flowers game.

FDS is seen stalking around the forest when suddenly Cpe comes out of the Bushes with a knife and tackles FDS.  Stabbing him each time saying something about positivity.  Don't know how positive someone has to be to keep stabbing someone but Cpe keeps going it until FDS is no more. There is another one for Cpe's kill count now.
Nate is seen walking around when a loud click is heard and then he goes boom!  He stepped on a landmine.  The sponsors were wanting more explosives in these games the last few episodes.  Too bad Nate had to be the one that went boom!  People are dropping like flies this episode!

Alex is searching for a water source this episode.  Maybe he will find one of those many rivers from the past episodes or the lakes from the last seasons.  Yelich is traveling to higher ground by climbing the famous cliffs that people like to jump off of.  At least this season people havent been diving off of them.  No this season people keep blowing up by stepping on landmines...

Alyx the wild one attacks Kansheek!  Alyx known for turning on people in season one looking to end Kansheek.  Alyx with a weapon in his hands looks like a spear.  Kansheek just turns and runs away and just is faster then Alyx so he escapes.  Smith is seen inside a tree collecting fruit from a tree. BIC is in a bush picking berries and he gets pricked by the thorns.  BIC isnt the only one as Brenden was also picking berries and gets pricked by the thorns.  Look at Smith people getting fruit without getting pricked.
Arrow goes to Zack and Zack not wanting anything to do with Arrow this day.  He then says, "Hey look over there."  Arrow a bit confused looks and when he turns Zack is running away.  Neat plan by Zack.

Sheirdan for the first time this season is seen without her sword but she does have a trident at a lake trying to spear fish with it.  At least she is taking a break from trying to be the only one left in these games to try and catch some fish. 
Odd we see adding to the mini village of shacks as he starts constructing one himself.  By this rate everyone will have a shack but yet people will somehow forget all about them.  And wonder who built these things in the coming days.

After seeing what Odd is doing the sun is starting to set. This day is ending and so is this episode.   FDS getting murdered by Cpe, and Nate finding a landmine to people have left the games.  There are still a quite a few people left.  What will happen on the next night?  Find out in the next episode of the BPZ Hunger Games.  Stay Tuned!

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BPZ Hunger Games 2 

Season 3 Episode 9

The Third Fourth Night

The forth night of the BPZ Hunger games begins with a few sponsors, Gwyn, gets some fresh food.  Odd gets some medical supplies.  Look at all these bandaids, Odd coud use them.  Maasa also gets some medical supplies.  With the food and medical supplies looks like the sponsors are looking out for the healthy of the Tributes on this night.  Brenden gets a hatchet.  Well looks like some of the sponsors are still keen in giving weapons to people.   Sheridan gets some fresh food.  She doesn't really need weapons when she has that sword that she has been killing people worth. Slim the last person getting something from our sponsors this night and he gets a hatchet.

A very small group forms Apex, Arrow, Suby and Mave.  They all are in one little camp telling ghost stories to lighten each others moods.  That's nice but with such a small team, it looks like so many others are no longer teamed up this night.
Hans is seen out in the forest helping Zack tend to his wounds.  A mini team but they werent with the big one this night.  At least Hans seems like he is out there in the hunger games helping others.

BIC is out on his own seen starting a fire.  This season of the hunger games we havent seen that many people who has been unable to make fires.  Good job BIC you made a fire.  Keeley is seen looking at the night sky this night.  We now see Bailey stalking around the Hunger games arena.  He walks out into a clearing when suddenly a arrow  flies through his forehead dropping him for good.  Who shot that arrow.  Looking over towards the darkened woods we see Gill holding the bow.  Gill killed Bailey!
Alyx is seen wandering around the arena lost as he lost sight where he is.  Alex is seen walking across a frozen lake when suddenly the ice breaks and he falls under and never comes back up...Alex drowned under a frozen lack.  That is a very bad way to go.

Echo is trying to stay awake this night, while George cries himself to sleep this night.  These games seem to be really getting to George on this night.  Kansheek is singing himself to sleep.   Yelich is already sleeping.  Didn't need to sleep or cry  himself to sleep.   Slim sneaks into Yelich's camp instead of trying to kill Yelich.  Slim just start destroying all of Yelich's supplies.  Dumping his fresh water, stomping on his food.  And breaking a wooden spear.  Slim leaves after destroying Yelich's stuff. Well that wasnt nice of him.  We now see Arius climbing a really big tree at the edge of the cliffs.  Might be a good idea could get a nice view over everything.  Then when Arius reaches up to the next branch it breaks and Arius starts falling out of the tree.  He hits the ground and lands on Cpe who was walking nearby.   Arius landed on his neck snapping it and killing himself but he also landed on Cpe, and crushed him to death...

The sun is starting to rise after the death of Arius and Cpe, signally the end of the fourth night.  This episode is coming to an end.   Quite a few people left this night brutally, what will happen on the Fifth day? Find out in the next episode.  Stay Tuned.

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BPZ Hunger Games 2 

Season 3 Episode 10

The Fifth Day Is Here!

It is now day five, we have a group of people hunting for tributes on this day looking for someone to eliminate from the BPZ Hunger Games for Good.  We have Gwyn searching, Yelich, Echo,and Brenden looking for other tributes.   Last but not least we also have Sheridan looking for another  person to add to her list of victims in this season of the forty eight tribute BPZ Hunger Games!

First person we see is the season ones original man who betrayed his friends Alyx Wilde!  He is seeing making a wooden spear.  Maybe he is planning on stabbing someone in the back with the spear.  We see Apex running for his life in the forest, but wait who is chasing him.  It is Maasa!  He has an axe!  Apex doesnt want to be axed any questions today.  He wants to live!

BIC we see with a handful of throwing knives he randomly throws one into the threes, Suddenly Arrow falls out of the tree with the knife sticking in his head.  BIC shrugs and grabs the knife recollects it and goes about on his day after eliminating Arrow from the games.   Mave sees this in the distance and starts questioning his own sanity and his own place in these Hunger Games.
We see in the corner of the Hunger Games arena Gill and George are in a vicious fist fight.  Gill gets several direct shots to George's face hitting him in the nose then in the jaw, George must have a glass jaw because he falls back.  His nose is broken and bleeding and George is knocked for a loop.  Gill could finish George but decides he isnt worth his time and leaves. Sparing Georges life.  Maybe this isnt a very wise decision.  Who knows when the next time someone will get George knocked for a loop like this.  Or maybe he will decide to bring the cliff jumping back again soon.

We now see Smith who was close to the fight but he is sleeping in the bushes.  Sleeping through the fight and tying to sleep through the entire day.  Maybe trying to catch up on some well needed sleep.   We see a small alliance form as Kansheek and Zack Zodiac working together.  Gathering supplies and hunting for tributes while watching each others backs.
Odd is seen making a wooden spear.  A nice plan. Someone must have planned to do what the others have done in the past seasons.  The wooden spear making a comeback!  Keeley is seen making a wooden spear as well.  Lots of spears that can be used to stab people in the back.   Hans isnt making a wooden spear but he is making a slingshot, another popular weapon to make. 

Suby discovers a river.  He found some water this day, hopefully he wont fall in and drown.  The last person we see as the sun starts to set is Slim, he is wandering around the Hunger Games arena exploring.  Taking mental notes, and staying clear from the cliffs that he jumped from during season one.


As said before the sun is setting meaning it is the end of the fifth night on the forty eight man hunger games .  And the end of this episode.  So people are dropping like flies but yet there is still so many Hunger Games Tributes left.  Who will last to the very end and be the winner of the season of the forty eight tributes?  Keep staying tuned and find that out.  Stay tuned for the next episode as BPZ Hunger games once again enters the fifth night.

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BPZ Hunger Games 2 

Season 3 Episode 11

The Fifth Night 3!

Now on the eleventh episode we have some sponsors this night.  BIC recives a hatchet maybe he has some questions that needs axed.  Zack got some fresh food, at least he wont be starving this night.  The last sponsor gives Suby some medical supplies, people think Suby has a chance and they are trying to help!
A very large group forms this night.  Brenden, Keeley, George, Kansheek, Echo, Yelich, Apex, Slim, Mave and Hans this a large group!

Brenden and Keeley are first to keep watch for the group while the others enjoy this first night and while others slept.   Apex is tending to Slim's wounds while the first group of the night watch keeps watch over the group.   It wasnt long until Brenden and Keeley's shift was over and they go and wake up George and Kansheek for the next watch.
During the second watch Echo and Yelich are seen talking about the other tributes that are alive.  Soon Mave and Hans are woken up for the last shift for this group to watch the group while everyone else sleeps.

Odd on his own is suddenly woken up by nightmares, dreaming that he was losing in these hunger games.  Well if he was losing really he would be waking up.   He turns and looks out of the bushes to see Smith who he trying to start a fire, but is unable to start a fire so he is going to have to sleep without warmth.

Alyx is seen talking to himself and thinking about home.  He actually thinks he can win and gone home from the games this year.  We see now two people in two different locations doing the same thing.  Last season winner Gwyn is looking at the night sky and in a completely different location Gill is doing the same thing and is looking at the night sky.  Guess with all there is to worry about in these games the night sky can seem a bit calming.  Maasa in his own camp manages to make a fire.  Unlike Smith he was successful and he gets to have warm from fire this night.

 The last person we see is Sheridan, she sees the sun starting to rise.  She nearly is about to make it to the next day.  She walks suddenly hears a loud click under her feet. Then the ground explodes  consuming  her in the fiery explosion.  The last thing we see is the sword she used to kill so many fly out and stab itself into a tree.  She made her way to the fifth night but couldnt make it to the sixth day.

This is the end of this episode, we only seen one tribute that died this episode.  The odds on favorite judging on what she has done until now.  Sheirdan was eliminated but who will last to the end?  Who will be the next to be eliminated find out in the next episode.  Stay tuned.

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BPZ Hunger Games 2 

Season 3 Episode 12

The Sixth Day 3!

The next episode of the BPZ hunger games starts with the sixth day. The first thing we see is Brenden finding a cave within the hunger games arena.  Another cave, a good play for hiding or keeping out of the elements of weather to keep from getting sick.
We see Maasa go  out to go hunting for food, just as he leaves Echo, Keeley, Hans, and Smith enter Maasa' camp and begin to raid his camp.   Keeley steals Maasa's extra weapons, Echo steals his food, Hans gets some bottles of water and medicine, and Smith he gets a rock.  Poor Massa hopefully he can bounce back from this at least he gets to live and isn't getting killed this episode.

George is trying to kill Odd!  Odd running away from him he pulls out a shiny coin and throws it and it distracts and diverts his attention from Odd so Odd can get away. Where did Odd get a shiny coin at on the sixth day of this season of the hunger games?  Who knows but back to the games.

Apex is seen walking around the arena looking for tributes suddenly out of the bushes is Suby!  He stabs Apex in the back with a spear but hitting him low Apex gets stabbed and falls to the ground holding his wound.   Suby severely injured Apex then decides to finish him off by repeatedly keeps stabbing him with the spear to end it.

Gill is going after Yelich another fight and potentially.  Gill has a club and is trying to bash in Yelich's head.  Yelich does the first thing he throws a rope at Gill that looks like a snake, Gill freaks out and Yelich gets away with Gill's attention isnt on him
Gwyn a former winner of a previous hunger games season is seen exploring the arena.  Learning his surroundings looking for places to sleep when night comes and maybe places to get out of the way of the carnage that this game is bringing in this late season.  Being a veteran trying to keep this arena from getting the better of him.    Alyx is seen fishing off in the distance and Kansheek isn't that far away practicing his archery.  Alyx better be careful or Kansheek will practice his archery skills on him.

A fight has broken out near sun set.  Slim and Mave are in a fight to the death with BIC and Zack.  BIC is trying to stab Mave with a shiv.  What?  BIC made a shiv and is trying to stab Mave in the hunger games.  Zack on the other hand is getting his ass kicked by Slim who is just trying to punch the lights out of him.  Slim eventually pushes Zack into BIC to knock him off Mave and does so.   Mave gets the shiv and when Zack gets back up he gets stabbed repeatedly by Mave.  BIC tackles Slim and they fall down a hill and nearly fall off a cliff.  The place that killed Slim in the first season when he jumped.  Slim kicks forward and flips BIC off the cliff who just falls to his death to the rocks down below.

Mave helps Slim up and they both look down at where BIC landed, they run off quickly and get ready to go into hiding for the sixth night.  As the sun sets it brings an end to this episode of BPZ Hunger games.  A group of people have left this episode and a quite a few are still alive.  Who will be next to be forcefully eliminated from the hunger games in the sixth night? Who all will live.  Find out in the next episode!  Stay Tuned.

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