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Lord Yautja

Looking for an advocate

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The lights go out and the music of "The Northern Star" starts playing.


The lights come back on as North stands in the ring with a piece of paper in his left hand and a microphone in his right hand.

Aaron North: Hello everyone it's me "The Northern Star" Aaron North a man who just recently won his first match in NXT against Arrow Dream. Now i have to say it was quite a glorious win and i feel like i made myself even more relevant than i was before and i feel like i taught Arrow a lesson, but bragging about how i won my first match isn't the main point of why i'm out here.

I'm out here because i'm looking to get myself an advocate, someone that handles all my other businesses and to help me out and to mentor me. I know there are some great managers and some new managers back there like Angelo Caito. I'd love it if Angelo Caito was my manager, since i feel like he could take me to the next level and i could learn a lot from him. If anyone wants to manage me come out here right now or just send me an email or a message after i'm finished.

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Accompanied by no music, Gill strolls down to the ring, with Maasa no where to be seen. He makes his way into the ring.

"Aaron, you and I... we haven't met before, but I only need to look at you. And I can see the raw talent radiating off of you. You have the talent of a star, Aaron. There's no denying that once you're beyond NXT, you will find similar success in the United States, Intercontinental, and eventually, World Heavyweight divisions. But for right now, you need help getting your foot in the door."

"And frankly, there's no one better than me. If you think Angelo Caito is your future, then you don't have one. But with me? You'll go places. Trust me."

Gill holds his hand out to Aaron, motioning for a hand shake.

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{Before Aaron can decide, the theme song of Angelo Caito plays, sending the crowd into a cheering frenzy, leaving the two men in the ring to turn around and watch as Angelo to walk from the back. He walks down the ramp and grabs a microphone off the steps before walking up the steel steps and steps between the ropes.}

"Now Gill, while it's always great to see you, you're not welcomed here, because you proved how bad of a manager you are with your short time with Maasa. Plus, he wants someone who tasted the gold. Not someone who been here for as long as me, and never got past the United States Championship."

{Angelo shrugs before turning to face Aaron.}

"Kid, you do got a choice. You can step back and win the NXT Championship with me, or go fill his ego up before he leaves you like he did Maasa. Your choice, decide."

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Gill turns to Angelo.
"I didn't abandon Maasa, he abandoned me, like you abandoned Bullet-X! Incase you've forgotten, despite the fact that I've never made it past US, I still was a threat to the World Champion at the time, Slim. I can't seem to remember one time you were ever a threat for the WHC."

He turns his attention back to Aaron.

"Angelo doesn't care for you, Aaron. He wants to use you to be successful again. I know I'm not the most gold-littered wrestler of all time, but you don't need gold to prove you're talented in this business. I know my worth, and I know yours, and if you know yours, too, you'll make the right choice here. Join me, Aaron, and light this place on fire from the skies."

Gill once again sticks his hand out to Aaron.

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"The Northern Star" stands in the ring looking confused but happy and than he starts talking.

North: Well well... first Gill and now Angelo, this is gonna be a hard decision because i can only pick one of you but don't worry i'm sure i will make the right decision.

North than looks at Gill.

North: Gill it was nice of you to come out here and offer your services. I'm sure you can take me to the top and above so, welcome to the team.

North shakes Gill's hand but than pulls him in and hits him with The Northern Rule.

North than shakes hands with Angelo and celebrates in the ring.

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"If I can remember Gill the only time that you were considered to be a threat to Slim, yet when it came time to facing him you ran away vacating your title in the process. But me I've beaten former World Champions, one even being a Hall Of Famer, that alone dethrones your almost match with Slim and your Carnage Championship reign."

{Angelo steps back as Aaron speaks and watches him hit Gill with the Northern Rule before shaking Angelo's hand. Angelo then stands in the middle of the ring.}

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, allow me to introduce you to the next NXT Champion. The Star Of NXT, the Northern Star, Arraon North!"

{Angelo drops the mic on Gill before standing back to let Aaron celebrate.}

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