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Jeremiah Flynn


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Boo's rain down on the 3 men in the ring with the hatred for these 3 men is shown as Ropati goes to speak while still sporting that dead serious look.

Do you know what I see when I look in this ring? I see 3 of the best wrestlers in the company right now, 1 of the best wrestlers to ever be in this company, the current BPZ Heavyweight Champion, The man who is going to kick the Bailey's ass at BPZMANIA, The man who will beat Arius for his US Title and the 2 men who will destroy Brenden and Sameer and take their tag team titles. 

Now when Julius and I last faced Brenden and Sameer we were still new as a team and you got a lucky win but you won't get lucky twice as We Will become the Tag Team champions, I Will become the US champion and Flynn Will stay World Champion. 

The 3 men in this ring right now are the 3 men that are going to rule BPZ for years to come. 



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The GOAT plays as the Most ELECTRIFYING Man in all of Sports Entertainment The Bailey makes his presence felt throughout the Arena. He gets in the Ring with his Shades on Standing in front of these 3 Men

FINALLY.... The Bailey has comeback to Denver Colorado! And it seems like these 3 Men have definitely embraced the culture here in Colorado if you know what the Bailey is sayin. 

You all come out here like your the 3 Big bad Wolves,  Talking out of your asses about the Titles you are gonna win. The matches you are gonna win. You all 3 have a serious problem. Shit is supposed to come out your ass not your mouth.

Julius The Bailey didn't know that you and Flynn had a wager that the loser becomes the other ones bitch. The Bailey also didn't know that when losing your title you also lose your balls. 

Bailey looks at Ropati with a confused look.

Who in the Blue Hell are you? 

I'm Rop...... IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAME IS. Hahaha, The Bailey is messing around. The Bailey is just messing with you. The Bailey knows who you are. Yeah Ropati. The Ironwomen of the Royal Rumble. Yeah yeah you last over an hour in the match.  Now could you imagine lasting over an hour in a match and not even win. Man that would suck. But good thing you won Ropati and you're going to the Main event of BPZMANIA 4 in front of the MILLIONS and Millions of Bailey fans. Oh wait, oh no. That's the baileys bad. You have to forgive The Bailey. Bailey completely forgot that you didn't win. Hey, It's alright kid not all of us can be remembered in peoples minds. But hey here you are Ropati Standing In front of the Great One. The Bailey knows you've been Hanging around these Clowns for awhile but now you can see close in person what a Winner looks like. 

Flynn what the hell is going on here. Why are these 2 Jabornies in the Ring. This is between You and The Bailey. At Bpzmania you are going One on One with the Great One.  The Bailey knows you need as much help as you can get. The Bailey did in fact basically hand you that World title at SVM. But come on this is History right here. 80 thousand in one Arena. Seeing Two of the Very Best go at it.. Why are these Jabronies in the Ring.

Because heres what The Bailey thinks about this Little Threesome you got going on here. The Bailey doesn't give a shit. If these Two don't get out of this Ring. The Bailey will have no choice but to take Ropati turn him sideways and shove him up Julius Ass. And then take Julius Turn him sideways and Shove him right up your ass. And Then Take your ass down jabroni lane and check your Candy Ass into the Smackdown Hotel! 

 Flyn listen to the Bailey really closely.  Nothing is stopping The Bailey from walking out of BPZMANIA as the New BPZ World Heavyweight Champion of the world.  Not Dumb and Dumber over here and certainly not you. 


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The nerve... THE AUDACITY! Your ego is almost trifling, it’s.... insulting. You stand so far, yet you talk an unimaginable game. I mean are you really this delusional Bailey? Has your ego truly made you this blind? Well thankfully I have deemed myself as the hero of the masses and like any true hero I will reveal the truth. The blabbering moronic imbecile standing on the stage currently, has won one single match in the past FIVE MONTHS. ONE. This match being the Royal Rumble. Not a match where you must defeat your opponent via pinball nor submission, but a match where multiple men must throw each other over the top rope in order to win. A numbers game and a match based off pure luck. That is the SOLE REASON why this total piece of garbage currently relies in the Main Event of BPZ MANIA. Yet he calls himself a winner. No you are no winner, you are no GOAT. I proved that when I knocked your ass out at Night of Legends and proved to the world WHO THE GOAT IS! 

Flynn throws the BPZ World Championship above his head, an empathic statement sent straight to The Bailey. 

You insulted me, belittled me and made the claim that The New Flynn is no different then the old. You were righteously shut up. What did I do from there Bailey? How did I EARN my spot in the main event of BPZ Mania? I defeated BPZ’s most elite to EARN my shot. Then? I overcame all the odds you set in front of me, I overcame your biased refereeing and I won my FIFTH World Championship. You aren’t a winner, this, this right here is what a winner looks like. 

Amd to answer your question Bailey, these two men are two men YOU have wronged. Two men you have cheated. Ropati should be main eventing BPZ Mania, he EARNED that shot but you robbed him in the Royal Rumble, obviously flexing your power to give yourself a later entrance in the Rumble while making him, the clear favorite come out at number one. And you followed it up by sticking your nose in the main event of Saint Valentines Day Massacre not only because your ego was insulted that Julius and I’s match was overshadowing you, but to screw me over. And you being the imbecile that you are, fell for my trap and aided me into becoming world champion. It is absolutely disgusting. These two men, they will do anything to ensure you no longer abuse your power to steal this World Championship, a title you do not deserve to hold and a championship I have dedicated myself, since December to Dismember to ensure that you do not get ahold of it. You claim nothing wI’ll stop you? Well I’m sorry to disappoint you Bailey, but I am the man who can and will stop you. I am the true GOAT of BPZ, wether any of these idiots in the back or watching around the world want to admit it, I am the greatest and most talented superstar BPZ has ever seen and come BPZ Mania I will walk in and walk out BPZ WORLD CHAMPION! 

If you smell, what The New Flynn is cooking. 

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