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Echo Wilson


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FDS walks out to the surprise of Echo Wilson, he is dressed in his black long coat, a t-shirt and jeans very casual, FDS slips into the ring and looks the confused Wilson in the face, he smiles, the ring crew nervously hands a microphone to FDS, FDS snatches it out of the ring crew members hand terrifying the young man. The fans Chant “FD FD F**** S” enthusiastically. FDS smiles up at Echo before his face suddenly drops.

Did you bring the Hardcore to me? That’s not what I thought happened when you couldn’t even knock me down after cheap shotting me with a light tube. But that’s not why I’m here. After our match at Saint Valentines Day Massacre, you approached me with an offer, I believe your exact words were “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend” very very interesting way to see things, young man… but one thing strikes me very very much that annoys me: You think you’re better than everyone else, at let me tell you something kid… that’s not a problem. You can have a huge ego but the thing is the people backstage and these people are going to hate you for that… so let me give you a little bit of advice: They are all wrong.

The fans looked stunned and chant “WHAT?” FDS looks at all of them with just a look of disgust.

You’re going to what me? Really? Are you kidding me? When I came back you all hated the fact that I was trying to better myself, you hated the fact that I was the sadistic psychopath who tormented people for months and yet… when I was that person you all booed me, you all hated my guts and now that i’m back to being like this… Do you think I care about any of you? You think I care about the little piece of shit wearing my shirt just because he thinks i’m cool now when months ago his parents probably would’ve been teaching him how to say some words I can’t say because the backstage people are afraid to lose any more sponsorships. You people act as you support me but in reality, all you do is try to make yourselves look good, try to make yourselves look like you’re a part of the show. “Oh, let's cheer for FDS because he’s back to being crazy and tearing apart his body for our entertainment!” You’re all so pathetic. I don’t give a damn about what any of these people think of me Echo… and neither do you and I think that’s exactly the kind of person I need watching my Back. I hate these people, I hate this company and most importantly I hate Necce, So my young friend in regards to your offer: I accept.

FDS sticks out his hand awaiting a handshake from the Evolve Global Champion Echo Wilson.

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{Echo Wilson smiles and takes a step back. He looks at the prone hand of FDS and smirks. He looks at the crowd who are booing like mad. Normally an alliance like this would bring about cheers and excitement but this is a partnership for the worst. Echo Wilson looks back at the hand. In one quick motion he shakes it. Much to the dismay of the audience.}

"I always knew you'd come around FD. Now that we are a united front, I believe that we have a mission at hand. Necce, this goes out to you. Watch your back, You've got an army coming for you.  FD, the insane enforcer, the Psycho of Strong Style. And then me, your worst nightmare, the killer of ravens. And believe, me this is only the beginning. On the shows of shows, the biggest stage of them all. I will ostracize you, I will embarass you, and I will Blacklist you."

{Echo Wilson raises the arm of FDS to the shock of the crowd. A new duo of sorts has formed in retaliation against Necce. And the odds are stacked. Echo Wilson is tired of being the sole fighter, he's come with an army. Will Necce be able to withstand the onslaught?}

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