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REVOLT! Against Wrestling - 1987

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uDGCHyG.pngImage result for appetite for destruction
Tuesday, Week 1, May, 1987
Location: GA Savannah Center Promenade (South East)
Attendance: 400 (SELL OUT!)

Welcome to Appetite for Destruction!  Ernie Ladd & Sweet Daddy Siki greet us from the commentary table once again for the second PPV in the companies history. The famed duo run down the card they have in store for the live crowd and audience at home tonight, ending on a lead into a recap of the contenders of tonight's opening match. The six women fighting to become the inaugural Women's Champion here in REVOLT!.

Playing: Lita Ford - Can't Catch Me 
"From Japan..."
Mayumi Ozaki is the first of tonight's contenders to make her way to the ring as she enters the stage with the recently debuting Cutie Suzuki. A chain hanging from her hand, wrapped around it as she raises it to the sky as Cutie jumps and fist bumps the unmoved Ozaki. 
Mayumi known for her association with Lou Albano and the current Heavyweight Champion might not seem like the most obvious choice to have an ally in Suzki but tonight especially she looks to rely on that alliance as the unpredictable of this contest is high and those who might appear unknown.

Playing: Warlock - Hellbound 
"From The Other Side of Darkness.."
Hellbound begins to ring throughout the arena as Luna Vachon and Mad Maxine enter the ring together. Luna leads ahead of Maxine as the both of them head to the ring, The two of them having worked closley these past few weeks will be challenged tonight as only one can become the inaggural Women's Champion here in REVOLT! How long will their partnership last before they invevitably must come face to face? As they near the ring the two come staring face to face with Ozaki and Suzuki as Luna cackles towards the two of them. The referee motion Maxine & Vachon away.

Playing: Cum on Feel the Noize by Quiet Riot
 "From Stone Mountain, Georgia"
Next out is the rising star Selina Majors, she energetically jogs down the ramp, stopping to interact with the fans, high-fiving them before posing on the turnbuckle pointing down and waving towards her opponents in a teasing manner.

Playing: Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day
"From Charlotte, North Carolina"
Coming out just after his close friend and part-time partner Rockin' Robin. A former champion herself outside of the company she is no stranger to knowing what it takes to win championship gold. She joins Selina Majors in the ring as the two acknowledge each other with a nod, Robin herself posing on the turbuckle as everyone awaits the final participant. 

Playing: Katrina & The Waves - Walking On Sunshine 
"From Marco Island, Florida..."
As we switch from classic Rock to the upbeat sounds of Katrina & The Waves, Tina Ferrari kicks her feet up in the air to the beat of the music as she rocks her way on to the stage. She makes her way down to the ring with all other participants,warming up from their respective positions.

In a decent match, Luna Vachon defeated Selina Majors, Tina Ferrari, Mayumi Ozaki, Mad Maxine and Rockin' Robin in 15:12.
Towards the end of the match Mad Maxine showed her true intentions by help Luna Vachon take down the fighting Selina Majors, showing true spirit she fought back but in the end Luna Vacahon was able to hit the Lunar Eclipse for the pinfall while Mad Maxine stopped Mayumi Oazki from breaking up the pinfall.
Luna Vachon wins the REVOLT! Women's title. 

As the victorious Luna Vachon is celebrting in the ring we are taken backstage to inside the private locker room of current National Champion Shawn Micheals, watching the unfolding event so far with Susan Saxton. Tony Rumble enters the room looking for comments from the champion heading into the three-way tonight but is instead met with an undercutting from Saxton, displeased with him entering the room. 
The champion answers happily regardless, commenting
"Desperate times bring desperate men. I don't care what that Tweedledee and Tweedledumb have it out for each other. Tonight, i'm going to go out there and retain my National Championship and make it a hell of a night. Because well...I can and that's what i do."



Playing: Hank Williams Jr.- If The South Would Have One
"Introducing first, collectively from Nashville, Tennessee"
"If the South woulda won, we woulda had it made" echoes through the arena to a chorus of boos from the crowd who see the rebel flag once again being waved by the wild Smothers. Behind him follows both Texas Hangmen who stand by him loyally. Tracy Smothers has for the last few months probably sees himself in the right as he heads into this match. Earlier tonight Tony Rumble looked to get some words from Smothers who just yelled "He's gonna get what's commin' to him"
The trio stand in the ring, the flag placed near the steel steps as they await to see what bright idea Ernie Ladd has up his sleeve.

Playing: The Capitols - Cool Jerk
"Introducing, from New Orleans, Louisiana.."
Commentating alone, Sweet Daddy Siki talks about the in-ring career briefly of Ladd before Ernie Ladd lifts his microphone engaging in a short promo about balancing the life of a businessman and a professional wrestler. Jokes with the crowd about sometimes the easiest solution could be to just clothesline a production manager. Address the issue of Smothers as one he could've seen himself being on the other side of one time but that it won't be any less painful when he slaps the taste from his mouth tonight. The Big Cat is back and to partner with him...Ernie Ladd points his microphone towards the entrance without turning around as... 
The crowd react with surprise but cheer as Sting & The Warrior enter the Savannah Center arena.


In a bout that had good heat and decent wrestling, Ernie Ladd and The Blade Runners defeated The Gallows (Tracy Smothers, Texas Hangman Killer and Texas Hangman Psycho) in 17:08. Towards the end of the match Tracy Smothers had been knocked to the outside of the ring during a confrontation between all the participants in the ring. Texas Hangman Killer was the sole man left in the ring as the combination of Ladd, Sting & Warrior took turns hitting their finish on the resisting Hangman while on the outside

...Tracy Smothers groggily moved up the ramp not looking to continue the fight, watching on as Texas Hangmen Killer was pinned by Ernie Ladd for the victory. 
 Backstage Mick Foley is seen alone on a single chair, speaking directly to the camera about putting his soul into this match tonight. Speaks about riding the wave and high of his victory over the champion just this last week but know not to underestimate anyone, that message goes both ways.

 Before the match a pre-produced video highlights the key moments that lead to this triple-threat for the National Championship 

Playing: Led Zeppelin - Immigrant Song
"Introducing first, from St. Petersburg, Florida..."

The first man making his way to the ring for this triple-threat contest is none other than 'The 'Mad Dog' of American independent wrestling Buzz Sawyer! He isn't wasting any time tonight marching down to the ring as he tosses his bandanna to the ground and threatens the camera man positioned on the ramp to get out of his way. In the ring, he motions towards the stage for his opponents to get their asses out to the ring now so they can get this started. To say Sawyer is determined is an understatement tonight.

Playing: Ratt - Don`t Bite The Hand That Feeds
"From Cincinnati, Ohio..."

Next out is Brian Pillman who purposely takes his time pacing across the stage set up, motion to the crowd and pointing his cane towards the tempered Buzz Sawyer, trying his hardest to get under his skin and from the position of the commentary table it feels to be working. The referee holds Buzz Sawyer away from the ropes and motions for officials as they try their best to keep the two separate before the match begins. Insulted are being sent both ways as Pillman moves around ringside getting as close as he can to the ropes. Sawyer swiping down as...

Playing: Poison - Nothin' But a Good Time 
"From San Antonio, Texas..."
The music changes as Susan Sexton makes her way on the stage accompanying the REVOLT! National Champion, Shawn Micheals  who cockily makes his way to the stage. His arms outstretched he spins around to give the crowd a better look at the National Championship around his waist and the man in posession of it. Gyrating his hips to the crowd as he moves down the ramp and into the ring.

In a good match, Shawn Michaels defeated Buzz Sawyer and Brian Pillman in 19:42. Towards the end of the match Brian Pillman looked to have victory within his grasp after hitting Buzz Sawyer with a sudden Air Pillman. Just as he was going to capitalise Shawn Micheals who had been on the outside dazed after being taken out of the match by Buzz Sawyer entered the ring in a flash, grabbing Pillman bu the tights and throwing him to the outside towards the ramp. Not a second later he went to cover the fallen Sawyer for the victory.
Shawn Michaels makes defence number 1 of his REVOLT! National title. 


As Micheals celebrates up the ramp with his arm around Susan Sexton. Ringside personal are taking a quick look at both Brian Pillman, who had been slightly busted open during the contest and Buzz Sawyer after this long and hard fought match. The two of them look at each other from in and outside the ring, their insults masked by the loud crowd and the exiting music of the successfully defending champion. Suddenly Pillman pushes the personal out of his way as he jumps to his feet, Sawyer follows suit simultaneously as the crowd get hot wondering if this brawl is going to continue. The two try their best to move towards each other but the numbers push Pillman up towards the stage as Ernie Ladd attempts to keep control of his show.

After the heat dies down and a short break the arena lighting dims as Lou Albano walks on to the stage with a microphone. He begins talking about how that this is only the beginging, this is only a beginging chapter of a long -long eulogy for anyone in Omen wanting to shake his grasp of the championship gold. Albano ends on saying that Foley is a fools and in the end fools only hurt themselves.
As finishes his promo the lighting around the arena flickers dark, God's Gonna Cut You Down - Johnny Cash begins to play through the speakers as Mark Calaway appears from behind and stands next to Lou Albano. With a boastful laugh he leads Calaway, as the monster from Houston carries the Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder up the steel steps and into the ring. Tossing his jacket to the ground outside the champion stretches back first against the rope as they await the challenger. 


 Playing: Buffalo Springfield - "Mr Soul" 
"Introducing the challenger, from Long Island, New York..."
The mood in the arena changes as Mick Foley enters the stage with a refreshing energy. With a smirk on his face he embraces the audience who cheer at his presence. The audience are behind him as he high fives the fans who reach out to Foley from the barricades. There has been a lot of buildup in a short time to this match between this two competitors as Mick Foley looks to take his victory over the champion this last week as his own personal omen and become the new Heavyweight Champion.

In a decent match, Mark Calaway defeated Mick Foley in 20:15. Towards the end of the match Mick Foley seemed to have all the fire and momentum on his side as he threw jab after jab in a flowing motion at the dazed World Champion. Finding himself kneeling from the mat Mick Foley threw a final grounding jab as he turned to audience feeding off their energy. Just as Mick Foley looked to lift the champion from the mat, Lou Albano jumped up to the mat wielding a foreign object he retrieved from under the ring. The referee taking notice moves quickly to Albano looking to take it from his grasp and telling him to move to back to the floor or he'll be ejected. In that moment a small commotion could be heard in the outside as a large but agile man makes his way over the barricade and on to the apron, grabbing Foley by the back of the hair and holding on before jumping down back to the ground. In the process winding Foley on the ropes and retreating. In that moment Albano jumps down as he yells at Calaway. The champion gets to his feet as he grabs Foley and hits the Tombstone Piledriver on the challenger for the victory.
Mark Calaway makes defence number 1 of his REVOLT! Heavyweight title. 


After the match TIna Ferrai rushes to ring-side as the referee checks on Mick Foley who is rubbing his throat, catching his breath on the ramp. Mark Calaway snatches the championship from the fearful time keeper who looked to pass it to the victor. Lou Albano slaps the chest of his mountain, laughing to himself as Johnny Cash plays in the background. Albano then motions to the side as the camera pans to notice the interfering man from before rejoining them in the ring. With no introduction to see the three of them stand tall in the dimming light as the event comes to a close. Mick Foley looking angry from the ramp. 

Overall Show Rating: 67 C+

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2 hours ago, bubbajr_ said:

I absolutely love what you do here Arius. The write-ups are excellent, and make me feel as if I am actually watching the match. Keep up the great work

Thanks Bubba, i'm glad that's the way it's coming across for those reading. I enjoy writing it this way because it helps get the direction i want the stories across better than TEW can at times. Also finding music for each wrestler was fun in itself. Especially for the time period which i was mostly unfamiliar with.

18 minutes ago, Hans said:

love the way you write the matches and the segments Arius. Great show overall and one quick question? when are we getting Tom Magee lol.

Lol as soon as WWF decide to let him go from their company i'll make sure to gauge his interest. 

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May, Week 1, 1987
After the surprise debut of both Sting & The Warrior known formerly as The Blade Runners a lot of talk has been surrounding their commitment to REVOLT after helping current owner Ernie Ladd in his match against Tracy Smothers & The Texas Hangmen at the last PPV. Sting having commitments with Universal Wrestling Federation and The Warrior working with Texas All-Star Wrestling though a huge part of their schedules won't interfere with their ambitions in REVOLT and the rumours is they have both signed 3 month deals to test the waters.

News from the latest AJW Tour going on currently in Japan as a big victory for currently loaned superstars Rockin' Rumble, the collective of Rockin' Robin & Selina Majors who were able to get a victory over Aja Kong & Bison Kimura. Both young into their careers. This coincides currently with Mayumi Ozaki working for AJW co-currently with her REVOLT appearances.

Still young into its existence the new Resistance alliance between several international companies looking to rise in the industry against bigger competitors quickly introduced a championship to show unity in their companies which so far has found success in Britain with current champion Neil Sands who won it for All-Star Wrestling in early March. So far he has made a successful tour of Stampede Wrestling defending it twice in the months of April & May

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