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Bad Attitude Bullet

Bray Wyatt - Where did it go Wrong Rise and Fall

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Name: Windham Lawrence Rotunda

In-Ring Name : Husky Harris, Bray Wyatt

Nicknames, The Tank With The V8 Engine And The Eater Of Worlds


Husky Harris Made his WWE Debut during Season 2 Of NXT, But before that He and his brother Bo Dallas won the FCW World Tag Team Championships and then lost it to the dude busters , During NXT Season 2 He called himself The Tank With The V8 engine and his Pro? Was Cody Rhodes.

After Season 2 Of NXT ended he went on To Join Wade Barrett's Nexus Faction.........where he and michael mcguillicutty attacked John Cena at the hell in a cell ppv, after that CM Punk took over The Nexus and called it the New Nexus Unfortunately this was strike one Because They Were fed to Randy Orton where as the previous iteration of the Nexus Was fed to John Cena 

Husky Harris was Sent Back down to FCW Where he reinvented himself as Axel Mulligan but sadly this never saw the light of day, However He would reunite with his brother bo again to win the FCW Tag Team Championships for a Second time, after that he'd reinvent himself this time as Bray Wyatt

The Rise Of The Wyatt Family

Members: Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, Braun Strowman, Daniel Bryan (Storyline)

The Wyatt Family Would Make their Main Roster Debut in July of 2013, They'd have a great run on the main roster Being the first faction to End The Shields 1 Year Undefeated Streak, They would feud with superstars like kane, ryback John Cena and Daniel Bryan.

The Downfall Of The Wyatt Family

At the 2014 Royal Rumble Bray Wyatt would go on to defeat Daniel Bryan, Whilst Daniel Bryan would go on to Win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Bray Wyatt would be fed to John Cena, and in September Of 2014 Wyatt Would Announce That he was setting Harper and Rowan free, this would end the first iteration of the Wyatt Family.

The Reformation and The Break-Up of the Wyatt Family

In May Of 2015 Harper and Rowan Would Reunite and they would reunite with bray wyatt as well but this time the group would get a whole lot stronger this time by adding Braun Strowman to the group, However this wouldn't last long as Rowan went down with injury, Braun Strowman would be drafted to RAW, and randy orton would be added to the group, HOWEVER Harper didn't trust Randy Orton at all But they ended up winning the Smackdown Live Tag Team Championship,After they lost the tag team titles Harper Went on to betray Wyatt and left the group and the last two remaining members of the wyatt family were Rowan and Wyatt until Bray Wyatt was drafted to RAW and Rowan was left on his own until he reunited with Harper HOWEVER This wouldn't last long as both members would get injured, Rowan Made his Return by helping the one man who caused the down fall of the wyatt family Daniel Bryan retain the WWE Championship.


  • Bray Wyatt Defeated Daniel Bryan (Royal Rumble 2014)
  • Daniel Bryan goes on To Win The WWE Championship
  • Bray Wyatt gets fed to John Cena
  • Bray Wyatt Eliminates Daniel Bryan From the 2015 Royal Rumble
  • Daniel Bryan goes on to win the Intercontinental Championship
  • Bray Wyatt Gets fed to The Undertaker
  • The Wyatt Family Splits up Reunites Splits up, Reunites and Splits up again
  • Daniel Bryan is now Teaming with Rowan

So in conclusion Daniel Bryan was the cause of The Wyatt Family's Down Fall Indirectly i mean is harper going to return and team with Daniel Bryan if so that's a kick in the Balls to Bray Wyatt. Will Bray Wyatt form his own Family? to combat Daniel Bryan



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No, Daniel Bryan wasn't, it was just terrible booking by the writers who had no idea what to do at the time and plus there are multiple reasons for these 

Like Undertaker, he needed a win, he wasn't going to lose again after losing his Streak for the first time last year

Another poor part of bad booking was Cena vs Wyatt where Bray should have won but they needed to have a happy story with Cena

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Wyatt is just another example of WWE failing to go the extra step with a character when they're red hot, the win over Cena would of been that extra step to legitmise him. A more recent example of this would be what has happened to Strowman.

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