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Bulldozer hosts a talk show

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*the lights go out and then slowly turn into a dark crimson red as headstrong by trapt starts playing revealing Bulldozer sitting in one of two chairs in the ring with a small monitor set up in the middle*

As you may know I recently challenged kenji to a match at the following ppv after bpz mania as I believe he offers something that no one else here in nxt does and I want to see just how good he truly is.

*the crowd cheer at the mention of kenji and his possible in ring debut*

Well I can tell he’s already quite the fan favorite however before he was able to respond to my challenge I was jumped from behind by none other than a another new comer here to nxt in Resin and I believe I know and understand why he jumped me but I want to hear him say why and I also believe this is a matter that can be settled like civil people so Resin why don’t you come out here and join me in the ring there’s already and chair and mic set up for you.

*the crowd mumbles and looks towards the stage waiting to see if resin will show up or if he was too afraid to show up*

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To fix some spelling errors

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*No one will survive would play and the crowd would cheer and would go crazy* 

Toxik, Toxik I know you want me here. You want me to come and fight you but look, save that fight for mania...

You and the fans may want to know why I beat you up and ambushed you.

Well I will give you a reason why... It is because you ambushed me. You know I don't believe in Karma but coincedences happen.

I had to ambush you back for ambushing me. Now I did not want to hurt you that much because i'm saving that for Mania in the Battle Royale match!

So let me tell you toxik when the bell starts for that Battle Royale match, you will see hell right in front of your face....

*he would leave the ring while the crowd was cheering*

Edited by Resin
got name mixed up

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*bulldozer looks around at the crowd confused for a moment before regaining his composure* 

Well that was certainly interesting and the reason was in deed as I suspected however there’s another person I would like to speak to out here and this is a person i’ve had quite a bit of issues with since joining nxt and that’s Maasa so would you be interested in him coming out here?

*the crowd burst with cheers and starts chanting yes*

Well then that settles it Maasa would you please come out here and join us?

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The Lights Turn Blue/Black as Maasa comes out and not being intimidated by Bulldozer, he walks slow and doesn’t hesitate to get into the ring.

So Bulldozer your a demon now interesting a crazy demon sounds... like a scary character... 

Maasa Laughs

Bulldozer I am the Demon of NXT and don’t ever give yourself that name!

I don’t want to be here but I don’t wanna ruin your happy mond and I don’t want to make you cry. So what did you want to call me out for.

Thinks in his head that his name isn’t toxik it’s bulldozer idiot where did Resin get that from.

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*bulldozer looks around at the crowd and smiles* 

Maasa trust me i’m no demon I just like the color crimson in fact i’m a god. But that’s not why I called you out here it’s no secret we’ve been at each other’s throats since I came here however there’s a reason for that Maasa and that reason is you interest me your not like most of people here in nxt your different your mysterious and to be honest I don’t quite get what your goal is so what is it Maasa what’s your purpose what’s your reason for being here in nxt?

*the crowd starts chanting for both Maasa and Bulldozer*

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Jack Bishop walks out into the arena.

” Okay cut the hocus-pocus bullsh*t. I don’t care whatever you people think you are. Bulldozer, you’re not even close to being a man, how do you see yourself as a god? And Maasa, you’re hardly a demon, you’re just a washed up failure who’s own manager saw that and left him. Seriously, get yourselves together. And I’m not really sure what Resin was trying to say about coincidences, but I’m pretty sure there are a few screws loose in his head. I’ve been in this division a hell of a lot longer than you three, and I’m a hell of a lot better than you three. On the mic, in the ring, period. At the battle royal, you three don’t even stand a chance, so you might as well just resign from the match. I mean, you’ll be eliminated, period, so it doesn’t really matter either way. At BPZ Mania, after all of your broken bodies are on the floor, I will hold up the NXT title, and reform this division into what it was. That’s not a threat...*crowd screams it with him* it’s a promise.”

Jack drops the mic and leaves.

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Before Bishop Leaves... Maasa says

Jack your right my manger left me but he was holding me down I didn't need him to talk for me, Jack when you say I have no chance it's like looking into a mirror, don't worry about me having no chance worry about yourself. You gotta do a lot of work on your skills because you might be a little rusty from not winning for a long time. BPZ is a challenging place I just think you don't have the right mentality to win a title or any match to be exact.

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*bulldozer looks around at the crowd and then looks back at maasa* 

Well Maasa looks like we have a few common enemies at bpz mania however I still very much plan on becoming the new nxt champion but i’m nothing if not generous so i’ll let you eliminate Owen and i’ll eliminate resin and then I’ll eliminate you and whoever else stands in my way of winning the nxt championship. Now with that being said if you want to stay out here or go backstage and brawl with Owen you can do either as I don’t really care either way.

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