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Who is the Best Footballer In the World?

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1. Messi. Simple as. He can do everything to top standards.

2.Neymar. This one is quite debatable as he's gone to A farmers league and anyone can look good there but at Barcelona he was so good.

3.Ronaldo. Before he Left Madrid he was top 2 but he's not doing as good in Juve but still very good.

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1. Messi - Hes the GOAT. Nothing else you can say, he has the ability to turn games around at any point and every defender in the world is scared of facing him.
2. Ronaldo - Amazing, although Juve have been struggling in some peoples eyes, Ronaldo has proven that he carried a team to winning back to back Champions Leagues, before leaving them and maybe doing it with another.
3. Modric - Fully deserved to win the ballon d'or last year. By far the best midfielder in the world and he has proven that he is time and time again.

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1. Messi I shouldn't even need to explain this 

2. Ronaldo despite him not having the best season at Juve he's still the 2nd best player in the world for now 

3. Neymar He might lose this spot soon due to being outperformed by Mbappe quite alot and seeming injury prone but for now Neymar is still the third best player in the world and he just needs to sort his attitude out to really take the next step.

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Lionel Messi is easily the best footballer in the world, it's not even close. He's just on a complete different level to any other footballer ever. Other 2 players I'd put in the top 3 are Ronaldo and Mbappe. Neymar just misses out for me, might be because I despise him as a person so could be biased.

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1 hour ago, MARKER said:

Right now would be the entire Brazil team that won the Copa America 

Lol what, this team was crashing out of the World Cup in the quarter finals last year and is only winning the Copa America because they're easily the best team in that competition (not saying much)

As for the question, I think Messi is still the best with Ronaldo being a very close 2nd.

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