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Lord Yautja

BPZ Brother Season 1

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On 3/20/2019 at 10:56 AM, Aaron North said:

Suddenly BPZ Brother interrupts.

 BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, everyone else has been infected except for Eden Marigold, therefore Eden Marigold wins the Head of Household competition.

Gain an unintentional victory by avoiding people for the day and gain a new alliance to boot at the same time
Image result for thinking black man meme
Eden playing the smart game.
God damn Echo, It's going to interesting to see if the house are able to co-exist with all these heated confrontations. Either someone is going to be eliminated or put into the hospital first. Hopefully BPZ Brother has medics on stand by.

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Episode 5 - Out of the house.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Brendenplayz

This week's episode kicks off inside the house where it has just been revealed that the winner of the HOH competition is Eden Marigold.


4.30 pm


Eden: Well... i guess not talking to other people paid off!


She then starts celebrating.

BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, Eden it's time for you to prepare for the safety ceremony please enter the diary room.

Eden goes to the diary room.


Logan: Welp... that didn't go too well i guess i must have been the last one infected.

Epico: Looks like it, i'm actually glad i didn't win it would have been too hard to decide who's gonna stay safe.

Logan: It wouldn't have been hard for me, because right now i only want 2 people out of here and for very good reasons.


Epicó starts preparing the hamburgers so that they can eat after the safety ceremony is done.


6.00 PM

Eden is finally ready to start the safety ceremony.

BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, house quests please sit down in the living room and begin the safety ceremony.

Everyone goes to the living room and sits down.


Eden: Welcome everyone to the first ever BPZ Brother Safety Ceremony.

The purpose of these ceremonies is for the Head of the household to choose the people who are safe.

The remaining 2 people are nominated for elimination.

Now let's start the ceremony.


Eden picks up all the notes she wrote down.


Number 1 Gina Marie you are safe.

Number 2 Cody Case you are safe

Number 3 Sage Karam you are safe

Number 4 Epico Colon you are safe

Number 5 Emma Wilson you are safe

Number 6 Angelo Caito you are safe

Number 7 Christina Caito you are safe

Number 8 James Hunter you are safe

Number 9 Logan Paul you are safe

Number 10... Nick McKay you are safe


The last 2 people Echo Wilson and Lance Franklin are up for elimination.


Echo looks mad and he quickly storms off.


Epicó: It's time to eat now.

Echo: I'm not hungry.

Epicó: Ok then....


Everyone else starts eating without Echo.

Everyone seems to enjoy their food after eating they all start doing their own stuff before...

BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother it's time for the Fans Nominee.

The fans have nominated Nick McKay

Nick doesn't look suprised or mad.


Nic: Well... i'm not suprised. The people with the greatest looks are usually out first am i right Lance?

Lance: Yup.


Lance & Nic grab a bottle of vodka and go to the courtyard of the house.

Echo finally comes out to the living room and he doesn't look as mad as before.


Echo: So, what did i miss?

Emma: Well, Nic was nominated for elimination by the fans and now him and Lance are drinking.


BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother it's now time for the Power of Veto competition.

The winner of the Power of Veto competition gets to save 1 person from elimination.

The concept of this competition is simple the Head of Household will compete, the nominees will compete and 2 randomly drawn people will compete.

After all the people have been chosen one of the Head of Household will draw a name and the person he draws is the winner.


7.30 pm

After a few hours of watching TV, drinking and just hanging out the house quests start The Power of Veto competition.

BPZ Brother: House quests it's time to start The Power of Veto competition.

Eden please draw the 2 random competitors.


Eden draws 2 names out of her hat.


Eden: Okay, first competitor is... Emma Wilson.

Second competitor is... Sage Karam


BPZ Brother: You will now draw a name again but now it's only going to be Emma's name, Sage's name, Your name, Lance's name and Nick's name in the hat.

Eden draws one name out of the hat.


Eden: The winner of the competition is.... Emma Wilson!


Emma looks very happy and she looks like she already knows who she's going to save.


BPZ Brother: Now it's time for Emma to choose who she's going to use the Power of Veto on, and after that Eden will decide who's going to replace the former nominee.


Emma: This is a very easy decision, i'm going to use the Power of Veto on my brother Echo Wilson.

Eden: I'm going to replace Echo with... Logan


BPZ Brother: Echo Wilson has been saved via the Power of Veto and he has been replaced by Logan Paul.


The cameras cut to the stage area with Aaron North.


North: And this is how Episode 5 ends, see you next week!


To be continued in the next episode

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Episode 6 - Too Far.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Brendenplayz

This week's episode kicks off with a party organized by Echo Wilson.


Echo: I would like to raise my glass to the one who saved me from elimination and to the one who replaced me.

I want to raise my glass to Emma Wilson and Logan Paul.


Everyone raise their glasses and shout: To Emma & Logan.

After that Echo and Emma move aside for a bit.


Echo: Hey thanks sis for saving me. Seriously this means a lot to me.

Emma: No problem bro we're in this together.


Emma walks over to Mudda and Logan goes to Echo.


Logan: Well... i guess it's pretty clear whose out first.

Echo: Yeah... hey, i have been thinking about that putting things to the past stuff and i'd love it if we could do that, since i don't wanna be your enemy i'd really like it if we could be friends.

Logan: I'd like that too, he hey look who's softening up.


Logan pats Echo on the back and they shake hands.

One of the security cameras spot Lance & Nick and Lance is drinking heavily, Lance already drank 2 bottles of Vodka and looks very drunk.


Lance: This is the best party ever man.

Nick: Lance maybe you should take it easy, just remember your family at home they're all probably watching this and if you do something stupid you might not see your family when you get back home.

Lance: You know what Nic? F*** you and f*** my family as well! Today is all about partying, doing stupid shit, having sex and then leaving the house with happy thoughts on my mind.


At that point Lance falls off his chair and Nick drags him on the couch.


Nick: What the hell is wrong with you?! You can't say things like that about your family.

Lance: You're asking what the hell is wrong with me?! What the hell is wrong with you!? Why are you being so cranky all the time? Learn to have some fun and learn to be free Nickie Boy.


Lance gets up from the couch and pushes Nick who falls on the floor, Nick retaliates and pushes Lance.

No one else is there to see the fighting between the two, because everyone else is outside in the courtyard.


Lance: What did you just do? Don't ever do that again!

Nick: Or what you're gonna throw me into something like you did to Maasa?

Lance: You shouldn't have said that, i'll make you regret it!


Lance punches Nick in the face and Nick falls on the ground.

Maasa, Epico, Emma and Angelo hear the commotion and quickly run inside the house and see that Nick.

Lance starts punching Nick's face in but Nick punches back, before anyone can interfere, Lance grabs Nick by the collar of his shirt and pushes Nick who goes through a glass table.

Everyone outside hear the glass table shattering into pieces and they quickly rush back inside the house and they look at Nick and Lance in shock.

Nick is badly injured, he's taken to the hospital by EMT's and Lance is told to go into the diary room.

Lance goes into the diary room and BPZ Brother tells him that he's getting thrown out of the house.

Lance steps out of the diary room, he packs up all his stuff and he gets escorted out by the police and security.


To be continued in the next episode...

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