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Lord Yautja

BPZ Brother Season 1

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Welcome to the BPZ Brother Over The Top Diary.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Big Brother over the top logo

Most people know what Big Brother is at least i'm guessing most people do...

Anyway it's a show where people are put in a house and they have to live under certain rules every week people are nominated and 1 of them gets "evicted" and has to leave the house.

Almost anything can happen in the Big Brother house, alliances can be formed, fights might ensue, friendships can form.


There are competitions for the Power to veto, Head of household and there will also be a Care Package sent by the fans to 1 member of the house.

If you win Power to veto you can save someone from nomination but you don't have to.

If you win and become Head of Household you're safe from nomination and you need to hold a safety ceremony and tell everyone who's safe and who's not.

Head Of Household also gets to choose 2 members who will compete in the Power to veto competition and the Head of Household and the nominees will also compete.

After week 1 The Head of Household can also choose a third nominee if one of them is saved.

If you get a Care Package from the fans you have to make a certain decision like saving another member from nomination or picking what kind of a veto the power of veto winner gets.

The fans will also vote for Have-Nots for the week and A Have-Not is a House Member that has to eat slop in addition to foods voted on by America, sleep in the Have-Not Bedroom, and take cold showers.


After the Power To Veto has been used the members and the fans will vote one of the nominees that they want evicted after that the votes will be counted and the person with the most votes will be eliminated if the votes are even between 2 or 3 of the nominees the head of household will get an extra vote which will decide who will be evicted.

Fans gets to nominate 1 house member for eviction.

In week 6 there will be a double eviction which means two people will be evicted and after week 6 all the members of the house will compete in the power to veto competition.

In week 8 the person that gets the care package will compete in a final four challenge and if she passes she will become immune and will be guaranteed safety to final four.


There are 12 participants and 2 potential returning house guests.

If you're gonna sign up you need to have:




And possibly a picture of what you want to look like (You don't have to post a picture.)

I'd also prefer if it wasn't just a house full of men or women.

Let the sign ups begin...

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Kuvahaun tulos haulle Brendenplayz


The first episode of BPZ Brother kicks off with the BPZ Brother Intro and after that our host welcomes everyone in the audience and watching at home.


Aaron North: Welcome everyone in the audience and watching at home to the first ever BPZ Brother!

You know what this is about you've seen the commercials, you know the rules which means we can go straight to introducing our first quests!



 First are Angelo Caito and Christina Caito!

Angelo is Christina's brother and they were both born in Italy and they moved to America in 1999 with their parents.

Angelo is 34 years old and Christina is 30, Angelo is a retired pro wrestler and now works as a manager in BPZ Wrestling.

Christina is also a retired pro wrestler who now works for Playboy as a model.

They both wanted in the Big Brother house since they thought it could be a fun experience together and of course for the money.



Next up is Epicó Cólon

Epicó is 27 years old, a former bodybuilder from New York, and now a professional wrestler working in the WWE.

Epicó is in a desperate need of money after he was recently a victim of a robbery.



Up Next is James Hunter

James is a 33 year old rapper from Los Angeles, and calls himself Sexy Mudda.

He's looking to gain more fame and recognition and that's why he joined the BPZ Brother competition.



Up next are Echo Wilson and Emma Wilson both of them are 28

Echo owns a Youtube channel with his sister Emma.

They joined BPZ Brother because they could use the money because they're both looking to start their own families.


Related image

Next is Lance Franklin.

He's a 26 year old MMA fighter from Miami, Florida. His nickname was given to him by Dana White who didn't know his real name so he just called him Buddy.

He came to BPZ Brother to get a short break from fighting, to relax and hang out with other people and to win.




Aaron North: Next is Nick McKay

He's 38 and a friend of Lance, he's a former MMA fighter and he trained Lance.

He now works as a professor in Harvard University.



Next is the beautiful and gorgeous, "Earth's Oracle" Eden Marigold.

Eden Marigold is a 23 year old japanese karate trainer she's been through some tough times recently since his mom and dad died in a horrific car accident.


Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania larry zbyszko


Next is Cody "The Lawyer" Case

Cody is a 45 year old lawyer but he's looking to take a break from all the work by joining the BPZ Brother house.

He would also like to win or earn some extra money before retiring from his job.


Kuvahaun tulos haulle eva marie

Next is Gina Marie

She is an 30 year old actress who mostly acts in smaller plays but she's looking to become a bigger star and she was thinking BPZ Brother was the right way to go if she wants recognition and popularity.




And our last house quest is Sage "Maasa" Karam

He's a 26 year old waiter and he wanted to join BPZ Brother because he just wants to take a break to have some fun with some random people and meet his special someone.


Next are our special house quests and the fans will have to choose between one of them to join the BPZ Brother house.




Our first special house quest is Kai Hunter, she's 29 and a bodybuilder who used to play Football in Vince McMahon's XFL before it was shut down.



Image result for Logan Paul

Our second special house quest is a 22 year old youtuber and long time rival of The Wilson Channel, Logan Paul.

Logan has been a youtuber for over 5 years and last year had an incident when visiting Japan when he visited the suicide forest near Tokyo and filmed something horrific.

Since that day Logan's popularity has been dropping and his fans turned to watch a different channel called The Wilson Channel that produces similar content as "The Savage" does.


While we wait for the votes to come in let's take a look at how things went inside the house with our first two house guests.


A tron starts showing footage of what happened after Angelo and Christina entered the house.


Angelo: Wow... just wow

Christina: This house is amazing!

Angelo: Okay before we start exploring any further i'm gonna go take a piss now... where's the bathroom?

Christina: I think it's.. no that's the bedroom.. i think it's this one.

Angelo: Yup, that's the one.


Meanwhile Christina goes over and goes over some of the rules.

After that Gina Marie enters


Gina: Hello!

Christina: Hello!


They hug and Angelo exits the bathroom.

Angelo goes over to Gina, hugs her and welcomes her.


Gina: So did you just get here?

Christina: Yea we haven't even had a chance to explore the house we've only seen the bathroom and the bedrooms but nothing else.

Angelo: Shall we explore then?

Gina & Christina: Sure let's go!


Angelo explores the kitchen and finds four packs of condoms.

Gina finds a plastic bag of party supplies in one of the cabinets in the other bedroom.

Mudda enters the BPZ Brother house, but no-one's at the entrance to the house.


Mudda: Hello? Helloooo?

Angelo: Hey! Wait you look really familiar... i think i've seen you somewhere.

Mudda: I don't think you've seen me anywhere but i think you might have heard me on the radio.

Angelo: Wait... are you Sexy Mudda?

Mudda: Yes i am buy my real name is James Hunter.

Angelo: Wow great to meet you, i'm a big big fan. My name is Angelo Caito and i'm here with my sister Christina.

Anyway, we just started exploring the house if you wanna meet the girls they're exploring the bedrooms.

Mudda: Ok, great it was nice meeting you.


Mudda sits down and opens up a can of water.

He takes a sip and starts rapping, he than goes to meet the girls.


Mudda: Hello my name is James Hunter, i'm a rapper, and my artist name is Sexy Mudda.

Christina: Well hello James, my brother's a big fan of rap i think you two could get along, my name is Christina.

Gina: Hi, my name is Gina and i already recognize you. You're a rapper called Sexy Mudda

Mudda: Wait aren't you an actress or something?

Gina: Why yes i am, have you seen me somewhere?

Mudda: Yea, i think i saw you in was it "Metal SAW"?

Gina: Oh yea i was in that one. Gosh that was like... 3 or 4 years ago, you didn't rap back then did you?

Mudda: I actually did but i wasn't as big as i'm now but i was still rapping.

Gina: Wow that's really weird, a future rap star was watching my play, and now you're here and you're a big star it's so weird.


We hear the crowd cheer as the cameras cut back to the starting area.


North: Alright it's time to reveal our votes, and our special house guest is.....





Logan comes out to the stage and waves to the crowd.


North: Hello, Logan and welcome to BPZ Brother!

Logan: Thank you

North: I have 2 questions before you enter the house.

Logan: Okay, go ahead

North: How do you feel about living under the same roof as your rivals Echo Wilson and Emma Wilson?

Logan: Well it's gonna be very hard to live under the same roof with those two since we've been rivals for years and there's a lot of issues between us but i hope we can put at all to the side for now and just have fun.

North: Ok, second question. Are you ready?

Logan: Yes.

North: Ok, in you go then.


The crowd cheer as Logan enters but before we can see anything else we see the outro as the first episode ends.


To be continued in the next episode... tune in then.

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Kuvahaun tulos haulle Brendenplayz

Tonight's episode kicks off with a recap of yesterday's episode and the intro of BPZ Brother.

The show then continues from where it was left off last time when Logan Paul was about to enter the house.


Logan opens the door and enters the house, he sees Gina.


Logan: Hey!

Gina: Hey, welcome my name is Gina.


They shake hands.


Logan: I'm Logan Paul you might know me from Youtube.

Gina: Oh.. i know you, you're the one who was involved in that scandal.

Logan: I hope we can all put that to the past and move on, i hate talking about it and i hate myself for what i did.

Gina: Ok, i guess we can try.

Logan: Thank you. Hey aren't you that actress lady? Gina Marie or something?

Gina: Yea that's me, and i'm actually suprised at how many people here have recognized me so far.


The next person who enters the house is Eden Marigold.

BPZ Brother: Eden we've prepared some vegan food for you so you don't have to worry about that.


Eden: Oh my god that's so creepy.

Gina: Hey, who are you?

Eden: Oh, hey! My name is Eden.

Gina: My name is Gina and this is Logan.

Logan: Hi... why are you looking at me like that?


Eden looks very shocked when she hears Logan's name.


Logan: Ummm... hey you alright?

Eden: .... What? Oh yea yea i am... where's the bathroom?

Gina: It's right there.


Eden quickly runs to the bathroom, Logan and Gina go to the door and try to listen.

Logan and Gina hear Eden throwing up in the toilet.


Logan: Is she hungover or something?

Gina: I think she's a vegan and i think she recognized your name and it made her sick to her stomach.

Logan: Oh no this is what it's gonna be like all the time isn't it?

Gina: Don't worry i'm sure she'll be fine as long as you stay away from her.


Angelo and Christina walk in to the living room.


Angelo: Hello sir what's your name?

Logan: My name is Logan Paul i think you know who i am.


They shake hands.


Angelo: Wait.. aren't you that "Youtube Star" who got into big trouble in Japan?

Logan: Yea that's me....

Angelo: Well don't worry i'm sure we can put that in the past right?

Logan: Yea that's exactly what i was hoping. Were you the first ones in here?

Angelo: Yea we were this is my sister.

Christina: Hello Logan my name is Christina.

Logan: Hi, Christina.


Eden walks out of the bathroom and into the living room.



Eden: How long was i in there?

Gina: Not for long these guys were the first ones here.

Eden: Oh, hello!

Angelo: Hello, what's your name?

Eden: My name is Eden Marigold, i'm a vegan.

Angelo: Ohhh, interesting.

Christina: Hello Eden my name is Christina.

Angelo: And my name is Angelo i'm Christina's brother.


Our next guests enter the house, it's Echo Wilson and Emma Wilson.


Echo & Emma: Hello everyone!


They hug and shake hands with everyone else except for Logan Paul who Echo notices after hugging Eden.


Echo: What the hell are you doing here?!

Logan: I was voted by the fans to enter.

Echo: You son of a bitch, i'm gonna be keeping my eye on you.

Logan: I was hoping we could put everything behind us and just have fun.

Echo: No, i don't trust you. Not after everything you've done.


Echo goes to sit down and opens up a can of water.


Emma: I'm sorry everyone, my brother can overreact sometimes.

Logan: Don't worry i'm used to being yelled at.

Eden: Well welcome i guess.

Emma: Thanks.


Next house quest who enters is Epicó Cólon.


Angelo: Hello and welcome to the house.

Epicó: Hello to you too, my name is Epicó.

Gina: Hi, my name is Gina.

Epicó: Hello my name is Epicó

Logan: Hello i'm Logan.

Epicó: I'm Epicó

Angelo: So Epicó... where are you from?

Epicó: Well i was born in Puerto Rico and i currently live in New York.

Angelo: Aah so that's why your name is Epicó.


Everyone start drinking and celebrating and after a while a new house quest called: Sage Karam enters.


Karam: Well well well, what a party you all have started, don't mind me i'll join in.

Echo: Hey what's your name?

Karam: Sage Karam but my friends call me Maasa.

Echo: I'm Echo, that over there is my sister Emma.

Maasa: Hello everyone else!


They all shake hands and introduce themselves.

Maasa joins the celebration.


Maasa: So Logan i hear you have a Youtube channel. Are you popular or something?

Logan: Well i used to be... not as much anymore because there was an incident and my fans left me and i can understand why.

Maasa: What happened?

Logan: Well... i was in Japan, we went to this tourist spot called: "Aokigahara" which is apparently a suicide forest.

I filmed someone who had hung himself and well... i laughed at him and filmed him, i didn't think about it at the time and after i had uploaded the video i got comments and tweets and it was all over the news and well i realized what i had done and i immediately regretted it.

Echo: Yea but remember what happened before that? You know when you slept with my girlfriend...


A sudden silence enters the room before two new house quests: Lance Franklin and Nick McKay.


Lance & Nick: Hey, how are ye lads?

Emma: Hello, boys and welcome to the house.

Lance: Thanks, didn't expect to feel so much heat so quickly 


Lance looks at Emma and winks.


Echo: Alright boys you wanna join us?

Lance: Sure

Echo: Okay what's your name?

Lance: My name is Lance Franklin but people call me Buddy, i'm a MMA fighter in the UFC.

 Nic: My name is Nick McKay i'm Buddy's coach and i currently work in Harvard University as a professor.

Echo: Welcome both of you!

Lance & Nic: Thanks


They keep partying and a few moments later our last house quest: Cody Case enters


Cody: Hello everyone!

Lance: Hello sir.. please take a seat and join us

Cody: Ok then

Lance: So what's your name?

Cody: My name is Cody Case, i'm a lawyer.

I came here to take a break from work to just have fun.

Angelo: I think you're the last house quest this should be interesting.


Everyone picks up a glass of champagne or wine and clang them together yelling: CHEERS!

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

The cameras cut back to the stage area with Aaron North.


North: Thank you everyone for joining us today for another episode of BPZ Brother, have a great rest of the evening and see you next time!



To be continued in the next episode... tune in then.


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Episode 3 - First time for many, last time for one.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Brendenplayz

Tonight's show kicks off at the stage area with Aaron North and the live audience.


North: Welcome, everyone here and watching at home to another episode of BPZ Brother.

Yesterday we introduced our house quests to everyone watching, let us see how they're doing now.



7:00 AM


The tron cuts back inside the house where we see Sage and Epico making breakfast for everyone.


Maasa: Can you pass me the eggs?

Epico: Sure, here you go.

Maasa: Thanks. So what do you think of this place so far?

Epico: It's a nice place but some of the people here really bother me, don't worry you're not one of them.

It's that Christina i think her name was, she just seems a little bitchy and annoying, yesterday i saw her talking to that Nick guy and i swear i heard them mention me.

I don't know why they would be talking about me but... i hope it's nothing bad because Nick seems like a great guy.

Maasa: Don't worry i'm not sure they were talking shit about you, i mean it's pretty childish to do that behind someone's back.


Christina wakes up and walks straight to the bathroom.


Maasa: Wow, she doesn't seem to be doing so well herself.

Epico: I'm guessing she's hungover. Oh well that's what you get for drinking too much.


Mudda wakes up as well and walks into the kitchen.

He's looking very happy.


Mudda: Morning, boys.

Maasa: Morning, Mudda. Looks like you didn't drink as much as others did yesterday.

Mudda: Nah i'm not really into drinking until i pass out, it's just stupid.

Anyway, did you hear anything weird from last night?

Sage & Epico: No, why?

Mudda: Good, me neither....

Epico: Well... that's kind of suspicious.

Maasa: Yea what's up with him, he seems suprisingly happy.


Christina finally gets out of the bathroom.

Mudda sits down near the bar.


Christina: Good morning.

Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva

Epico: Morning, drink too much?

Christina: None of your business, how much i drink.


She walks over to the couch and sits down.


Epico: See, i told you, bitchy.

Maasa: I'm starting see what you mean.


Emma Wilson wakes up and goes to the bathroom to take a shower.

She's also looking very happy.


Maasa: First plate of breakfast is ready!

Mudda: What is it?

Maasa: Bacon & Eggs.

Mudda: Sure, i'll have some.

Maasa: Eggs & Bacon a la Sage & Epico

Mudda: Thank you, so i've been meaning to ask why do your friends call you Maasa?

Maasa: If i tell you this you're gonna have to tell me why you're so happy. Deal?

Mudda: Deal.

Maasa: Ok, so... people call me Maasa because once i was visiting Finland and i went to a bar with some of my finnish friends.

We got into a fight with some locals and i was the only one taken down and being on the ground in finnish mean maassa.

So my friends started calling me Maassa but then they changed it Maasa for some reason.

Mudda: Ok, weird story but i'll tell you why i'm so happy.

Last night... well me and Emma got together.

Maasa: Oh wow, no wonder you two are so happy.

So how was she?

Mudda: It was like a dream almost.

So very very great.


Emma gets out of the bathroom and arrives to the kitchen and sits down near the bar just as Mudda finishes eating breakfast.


Emma: Can i eat now?

 Maasa: Yea i just finished the next plate.

Epico: Here you go eggs & bacon a la Maasa and Epico


Buddy wakes up he walks straight to the fridge and bumps into Maasa who drops all the eggs on the ground.


Maasa: What the hell man?!

Buddy: Why'd you get in the way!?

Look at my shoes they're ruined and it's your fault.

Maasa: You should look forward when walking you shit head.


Buddy shoves Maasa at the fridge and Maasa slips and falls on the ground.

He gets up and retaliates by punching Buddy on the stomach.

Nick wakes up and him and Epico quickly break up the argument.


Nick: Lance, stop it! Try to be professional and don't use your martial art skill outside the octagon.

Buddy: This asshole dropped some eggs and they ruined my shoes.

Epico: This asshole wasn't looking forward, bumped into Maasa and ruined breakfast for everyone.

Nick: Shut up this doesn't concern you i wanna hear what Maasa has to say.

Maasa: It happened exactly as Epico said it happened. Buddy also pushed me at the fridge and then i fell and hurt my head.

 Nick: Ok i think both of you need to go and calm down. Maasa i'll get you a bag of ice, go rest.

Maasa: Thanks Nick, i appreciate it.

Nick: No problem.


 Epico takes Maasa to one of the bedrooms so that he can lie down after that Epico goes to the kitchen and starts preparing some new food.

BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, Lance go into the diary room.

Lance goes on a rant in the diary room about Epico and Maasa.


Echo Wilson and Angelo Caito wake up.

Echo goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth but Angelo makes it before him and Echo's trying to hurry Angelo up but Angelo has to take a shit so Echo needs to wait a very long time.

Angelo finally gets out of the bathroom and Echo gets mad at him for taking so long.


Echo: What the hell took you so long?

Angelo: I had to take a shit and i'm also a little hungover so...

Echo: Oh god that smell! I can't go in there now!

Angelo: Oh sorry...

Echo: Hygiene is a very important thing to me. You'll pay for this...

Angelo: I can go get your toothbrush and toothpaste if you'd like.

Echo: Ok that sounds good.


Angelo goes and grabs Echo's toothbrush and toothpaste.


Angelo: Here you go.

Echo: Why thank you that's very kind.


Gina wakes up next to Eden Marigold.

She looks at Eden whose still sleeping and she looks very confused.

She decides to wake up Eden.


Gina: Hey, Eden wake up.


Eden mumbles something in her sleep then she suddenly wakes up.

She turns rights and looks at Gina, she also looks very confused.

They both sit on the bed and put their clothes on and they decide not to tell anyone.


Gina: Good morning everyone!


Everyone one the couch says morning.

Gina goes to the bathroom to take a shower.

Cody wakes up and takes a seat at the dinner table.


Epico: Ok everyone, food is ready.

Salad and Bacon a la Epico


Everyone starts eating, Eden doesn't eat because she's waiting for Gina to get out of the shower.

Gina gets out of the shower and Eden takes a shower next.

Gina takes a seat at the dinner table next to Cody who whispers her something.


Cody: I know what you did last night, don't worry i won't tell anyone.


BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, everyone else take a seat on the couch and Angelo sit in front of the couch and the rules for tonight's competition.


Angelo: In tonight's HoH competition, every house quest will be called to the diary room one by one starting with the reader of the rules Angelo.

One of the people who enter the diary room will be given a bottle of water and it's an "infected" bottle of water and the owner of the bottle and the people the owner of the bottle talks to will be "infected".

The last house quest remaining who doesn't get infected will win the competition.


The house quests stare at each other for a while before Angelo gets up and walks to the diary room.

Gina who's sitting next to Cody whispers something.


Gina: Can i talk to you for a second, in private.


Everyone gets up and Gina & Cody walk in to the other bedroom.


Gina: How do you know you were sleeping in another room.

Cody: I saw you two last night, you were both very drunk and you were kissing each other then at some point you disappeared from the party area.

I decided to go to sleep then i saw the two of you but you didn't see me, i decided to go sleep in another room because i knew i couldn't sleep in the same room when the two of you were well... you know.

Gina: Oh my god... please promise me you won't tell anyone.

Cody: Don't worry i won't tell anyone but i need you to do me a favor.


Before Cody can ask for a favor, BPZ Brother interrupts.

BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, Gina go into the diary room.

Gina leaves and goes into the diary room.


The cameras then cut to the stage area with Aaron North.


Aaron North: Well this is where we leave Episode 3 of the BPZ Brother diary.

Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next time.


The BPZ Brother outro plays.


To be continued in the next episode...


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22 hours ago, Aaron North said:

Gina wakes up next to Eden Marigold.

She looks at Eden whose still sleeping and she looks very confused.

She decides to wake up Eden.

Eden mumbles something in her sleep then she suddenly wakes up.

She turns rights and looks at Gina, she also looks very confused.

They both sit on the bed and put their clothes on and they decide not to tell anyone.

I might of gotten whiplash from the double-take i took reading through the latest episode. This is quite the event taking place within the Big Brother house. I wonder if Cody's intentions are either good or evil when asking Gina for a favour? Maybe just looking for an ally amongst the other house guests. It will be interesting seeing how this all plays out. 

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Episode 4 - Favour for a friend.

Kuvahaun tulos haulle Brendenplayz

Tonight's show kicks off at the stage area with Aaron North.


Aaron: Welcome back everyone here tonight and everyone watching at home to BPZ Brother!


The audience cheers.


Last time we left off just as Gina entered the diary room and that's where we're gonna continue on from.


2.00 pm


The cameras cut back inside the house and the diary room camera shows Gina.

BPZ Brother: Gina, you've been chosen to carry and drink from this bottle and to become infected.

Gina seems mad at first but then takes a sip of water out of the bottle.

She then quickly exits the diary room and puts the bottle of water under her bed.

Then she goes back to Cody.


Gina: Hi again, Cody.

Cody: Hi... ok so remember how i was gonna ask you for a favor?

Gina: Yes i remember

Cody: Well, i have something in mind, maybe we could form an alliance of sorts.

Gina: You mean like, Me, You and Eden?

Cody: Yea.

Gina: Ok that sounds good to me. Oh by the way, i was the one who got the infected bottle of water so now you're infected as well.

Cody: Well i didn't really expect to win so, i don't really care.


Cody & Gina both leave the room, Gina starts watching TV and Cody starts doing something that always draws attention which is drawing.

Lance sees Cody drawing and goes to Cody.


Lance: Cody was it?
Cody: Yea that's me.

Lance: Cool, what are you doing?

Cody: I'm drawing pictures of every house quest.


Cody shows Lance a picture of Mudda.


Aiheeseen liittyvä kuva


Lance: Wow, i have to say you're really good. That's Mudda right?

Cody: Yea, i'm glad you recognized who it is. I think i forgot to tell you but Gina was the one who got the bottle of water that's "infected" and she talked to me and i got "infected" and now you're also "infected".

Lance: Damn, well looks like neither of us is gonna win. Oh well i'm gonna go now, bye.

Cody: Bye.


Lance walks and sits down on the couch.

He starts talking with Echo.


Lance: Hello, Mr. Echo Wilson.

Echo: Hi, Lance.

Lance: So, that sister of yours, she's a real hottie.

Echo: What did you say about my sister?!

Lance: Umm... nothing, but you might wanna ask Mudda about your sister since they both seemed to have a little fun last night.

Oh and i've been infected so... you're as well now.

Echo: Well i guess it's a good time to talk to Mudda then.


Echo walks over to Mudda and they start talking.


Echo: So you had sex with my sister?

Mudda: Look i can explain.

Echo: Uhuh sure go on.

Mudda: Look i understand if you're mad but hear me out.


But before Mudda can say anything else Echo grabs him by the throat lifts him up and says:


Echo: Don't ever do it again! EVER!


Both men walk away and Mudda goes straight to Emma whose talking to Christina.


Mudda: Well, Emma your brother's a nice man.

Emma: Oh no, he found out didn't he?

Mudda: Yes he did.

Christina: Wait, wait, wait found out about what?

Emma: Well... i had sex with Mudda last night.

Christina: Oh, wow...

Emma: We were both very drunk so you can see why that would happen.

Christina: Ok, well this is a shocker. Well i guess i'll see you later.


Christina walks goes to talk to Angelo.


Christina: So what's up bro?

Angelo: I'm doing great i just kinda miss Janine.

Christina: Don't worry she'll be fine, i'm sure whatever it is that happened between the two of you it can be worked out someway.

Angelo: Yea i really hope so... oh well i'm gonna go take a nap see you later.


Angelo bumps into Nick by accident.


Angelo: Oh sorry, Nick didn't mean to bump into you.

Nick: Don't worry about it, it was just an accident.


Nick walks over to Epico.


Nick: Hey, Epico i need to talk to you.

Epico: Ok, about what?

Nick: Well i was thinking maybe we could try and resolve these issues between Lance & Maasa. I don't know how yet but we have to try something i mean i can't stand seeing Lance act like this he's just been whining about Maasa and he never stops, i want it to end because i can't stand it anymore.

Epico: Ok well i was thinking maybe we could have both of them sit down and explain their frustrations to each other and try to make them apologize to each other.

Nick: Well i can't really come up with anything better so i guess we're gonna have to try that then. Okay i'll talk to you later, thanks a lot for helping out.


After the discussion Epico walks over to Maasa.


Maasa: What is it Epic? You seem very excited and nervous.

Epico: Well me and Nick talked a few minutes ago, and we want to resolve these issues between you and Lance. We came up with a good way and i have been tasked with telling you to meet Lance at 9 pm in the kitchen of the BPZ Brother house.

Maasa: Well you can tell those two assholes that yes i will meet Lance at 9 pm in the kitchen because i also want to resolve our issues because he doesn't seem like such a bad guy, a little snobby but he seems okay.

Epico: Great i'll tell Nick.


Logan finally wakes up after 12 hours of sleep and  he goes to Epico because he wants to ask him something.


Logan: Epico, what time is it?

Epico: Well looks like it's 4 pm, did you just wake up?

Logan: Yea, i feel kinda weird after sleeping for 12 hours, i don't feel hungover though which is weird, because i drank a lot of champagne last night. What are we eating today by the way?

Epico: We're gonna have Hamburgers.

Logan: Damn that's some quality food i hope it turns out well.


Suddenly BPZ Brother interrupts.

 BPZ Brother: This is BPZ Brother, everyone else has been infected except for Eden Marigold, therefore Eden Marigold wins the Head of Household competition.


The cameras cut back to the stage area as Eden celebrates in the house.


North: And that's how we end today's episode of BPZ Brother.

See you next time with another exciting episode (episode 5) of BPZ Brother where we promise some big twists and suprises.

Bye bye everybody and good night.


The BPZ Brother outro plays.


To be continued in the next episode...

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