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 Ex military soldier came back to be with his family. His family was murdered in front of him by the government and he killed a ton of people that got in the way of him spending time with his family but not the man the actually killed them and was behind it 

New York 

Any kind of Gun and can fight hand to hand 



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This is looking alright so far Marker, the concept is good and the backstories have been good in giving some characteristics to everyone; personally I would of tried to incorporate the backstories INTO the story instead of the individual posts because it's a bit scrabbled. Julius and Smith look like a good team though if you wanna try bust out of prison so I'm interested to see where that leads. Keep going, this has a lot of potential!

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{We continue on, as we see everyone getting their food, everyone sits down and they all start talking for what they were in for, some for Robbery, some murdering, some of them were rapists, however there are two others that are eyeing up a certain two.}

??? : You see them Bailey, I like those guys, they seem like the guys we need to get out of prison.

Bailey: I'm not sure Sameer, you know what happened last time when we tried to escape with two other people, we nearly died because of their idiotic ways.

Don't worry Bailey, I know what to do this time around.

{Bailey and Sameer goes over to the two people, who were they, well they were Smith and Julius, Bailey and Sameer sit opposite of them, and Sameer starts talking.}

Sup bitches, how your meals?.

Smith: Pretty good until you showed up.

Funny guy you are, anyways enough with the small talk, me and Bailey have a proposition we like to make.

Julius: I don't think we want to…

{But then Smith stops him and let's Sameer continue.}

Thank you, now we would like to ask you both if you want to join us, I know you don't know us, but so doesn't anyone else here. Me and Bailey have been here for 5 years, we know every single escape to go, the only problem, it a four man job and only a four man job, I can tell that you both of you want to get out of here, so let's work together.

Hold on one second…

What wrong with you cutting me off?

Sorry, I just want to hear all they have to say before you would get angry and try to hurt them, listen this could be the best opportunity of a lifetime to get out of here.

Can we even trust them?. They look more sketchy than we are.

There only one way to find out.

OK, it's a deal Sameer.


{Sameer and Smith were about to shake hands until someone screamed loudly, there was food being drop on, the man responsible was a man called God, but who he drop on, was Chris Black and Chris look pissed off}



{Chris punches GOD and a brawl begins, everyone is in a circle as the fight is in Chris favor as he starts forearming him in the head, GOD starts bleeding and finally the guard came and took Chris off of GOD, sending him to solitary, while the rest went straight back their cells, ending the day.}


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Name:Maddrix Delgado


Crime:Attempted Rape


Family Relatives:None

Backstories:he was partying one night in a nightclub when he met a girl, they got to know each other and they had a great time,later that night they decided to go home with Maddrix driving her to her house but while near the car the girl started kissing him everywhere at first he pushed the girl away but after hesitating for a bit he continued kissing until he got on top of her ,but they got caught kissing by her father,immediately he got punched by the father who is a police officer and when the father ask her daughter what's happening she said that he was trying to raped her.The daughter said it because she doesn't want to get punished by her father.He tried to explained what really happened but the father won't listen to reason and he was immediately got cuffed and sent to the precinct and after that there were hearings but since there were no proof that he can present and the only witness was the father of the accuser he was sent to prison.

Weapon of Choice:baseball bat and a gun

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Day 3:

{The next day begins and everyone is in the yard, talking to other people, playing basketball, working out, the usual things a prison has, currently we are in the vision of Brift as he is currently working out, until he is confronted by Gwyn.}

Gwyn: Hello sir, may I ask you something?

{Brift dropped all the weights down and Gwyn gets worried.}

Brift: Whatcha want punk?

Well I have come here to make a deal with you.

I don't make deals with scrawny little rats who have nothing to prove.

But this deal will definitely help both of us in the long term. I am offering you 1 million dollars to become my bodyguard.


Kid, I make more money stealing banks then what your offering, I'm not sorry, but I'm definitely declining.

Please, I beg of you, I'll double it, triple it, quadruple it.

What don't you understand, no means no,now go, before I beat you into next week.

{Gwyn is unsuccessful in gaining Brift, however he sees someone that might be able to do the job for him.}

Hello sir, what is your name?.

??? : The name is Aaron, Aaron North.

Well Aaron, I am here to make an offer to you that you can't refuse. I am offering you to become my bodyguard for a total of 2 million dollars.

{Aaron's eyes light up, for his entire life, he was a beggar on the streets with no food or water, now with this man, he could save him from his previous life and start a new once getting out of prison.}

Done deal, my friend.


{Both men shake hands and that where this part ends.}


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Name: Michael Wagner

Age: 28

Crime: 13 murders, 1 bank theft, 1 Grand Theft Auto, Arson, Resisting Arrest

Country: Canada

Family Relatives: Sister, Mother, Brother who he’s very close to.

Backstories: Michael grew up in Toronto very rich, and he got everything he ever wanted. One night he was drinking with his girlfriend at a bar and a crazy and drunk guy came up and started hitting on her. When she blew him off he became enraged and shot her in the abdomen. Michael hopped over the bar counter, grabbed a gun under the counter, and shot the man in each limb before the chest and the head. He rushed his girlfriend to the hospital, but she died of her injuries. The bartender claimed to be the man who shot the offender, so it was ruled as self defense. Michael decided what he did felt good, so he began kidnapping registered sex offenders and torturing them in a multitude of ways, before brutally murdering them and burning the bodies. One time he took one of the men's car, and that was the beginning of his downfall. He then drove to the bank with the man's bank info, because he was feeling confident, and he withdrew all of the money possible. Then he got even more cocky and decided to rob the place. He got about 20,000 dollars, before torching the place with Molotovs. Only 1 person died in the fire. He was caught in his penthouse, and he was sentenced to 70 years in prison.

Weapon of Choice: Chain, Crowbar, Hatchet, poison/chloroform.

Edited by owendalton

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{Meanwhile, some people are playing Basketball, there are a few people there, two of them are Bailey and Sameer. Sameer passed through two men, Sameer passes to Bailey, Bailey gives it back and Sameer dunks the ball in.}


{Then Sameer sees Julius and Smith walking toward them.}

Yo, what up G's.

Nothing much, playing some basketball, look I have the plan on how to get out of here, I'll tell you later, but let's play basketball first.

Sounds good G

{The game begins and Sameer and Bailey with their teamwork get a couple of points for them, it looks down and out until Julius started attacking, then Julius using his size dunking multiple times on them, it the last shot, Sameer passes through Smith, but Julius is in the way, Sameer passes to Bailey, Bailey looking for Sameer and Julius takes it away and Julius shoots and gets it in.}


Lovely stuff Julius, that was really good.

Thanks Smith, I saw that coming, the difficult part was…..

{While Julius and Smith were talking, Sameer and Bailey were doing some on their own.}

Yeah, that big guy seems very useful Bailey, I feel he more useful then that other guy Smith.

Yeah I see it now, maybe he could join us when we get out of here.

{That is the end of Day 3.}





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Day 4:

{This day begins with Kai in his bed reading a book, inside his cell is another cell mate, that man is GOD, Kai puts his book away and starts talking…}

I hate this man, I want to leave this Prison for good and live a normal life.

Why are you in Prison in the first place?

I killed a women by accident, I was living a normal life after making millions.

How do you accidentally kill a women?

I keep a knife with me at all time, one day I trip and the knife slip through and it went through her.

That's f**king dumb, how did you do that, all you needed to do was to not trip and you did.

Shut up, you changed your name to GOD, that embarrassing enough for you and anyone that with you.

{Both lads get into a brawl and both of them were separated into different cells.}


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𝐶𝑎𝑡𝘩𝑒𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑒 𝑇𝑟𝑎𝑚𝑒𝑙𝑙
Animated GIF

Catherine Tramell
Serial homicide, attempted murder, incrimination, torture, manipulation
California, United States

Not applicable

Catherine Tramell appears as a brilliant and charismatic narcissist who manipulates everyone around her, largely for her own amusement and enjoys killing people. Her parents were killed in a boating accident, leaving her with an inheritance of $108 million. She double-majored in psychology and literature at Berkeley. Openly bisexual, she has many short-lived, empty affairs with people of both sexes, ending when she discards and kills them. She published best-selling crime novels. It is suggested that the modus operandi of her murders includes using her novels as alibis. She also makes a habit of befriending murderers.

Glock G29 I Ice pick

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{The day continues on with prisoners being in different places, the library, the gym, the yard and other places. In the library we see Julius and Smith talking to each other…}


I don't like them Smith, they seem untrustworthy, we see these guys before and they most likely die from it, we shouldn't bother with it. We can find another way out.


Nah Julius, they are the only prisoners that know this place inside out, we want to get out of here, we need their help if we want to get out of prison and plus we want that money.


{The doors open and income Bailey and Sameer walking around the library looking for the cousins, Bailey points to them and both men walk towards them.}







Alright so you ready for the plan, we already have it set up and ready to go.


Yeah, let's hear it…..




{In the corridors, we see Frank and Deco speaking to each other.}


So Frank, how did you get caught? How does the man Frank Cage get caught by the police and sent to this nowhere of a prison?


Do you really want to know?


{Deco nods}


Fine, I'll tell you my story…..


{We cut to a flashback of Frank on the outside of prisoner and in a military gear with a sniper rifle, he proceeds to tell his story.}


I was a young soldier in the military, I was one of the best in my class. They knew I was very good with a sniper and they sent me on missions to assassinate targets, however I was kick out of it due to nearly murdering my general due to a conflict of interest.


I didn't have any money to help my family so I did assassinations for money, I got millions and millions of dollars, but one day everything changed, I went on this heist with a couple of friends I knew back in the day, this could have been my time in the sun until they betrayed me and left me for dead.


Wow, I didn't know…..


It fine, but once I get out, I'll end them for good….


{The Day Ends}


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{Day 5}


{It begins with Chris finally getting out of his imprisonment after beating "GOD" up to near death, Chris looks at his surroundings and notices a man in a suit, that man was the boss of this Prison, Juan Hérnandez…}


So your the Chris Black I've heard so much about, the man who started a fight in my prison.


Yeah, what is it to you?


You see Chris, I am the owner of this Prison and I would like to make a deal with you in exchange of getting out of here.


I'm listening


There are two men in my prison that I am worry about, they seem to be the people that causes the most trouble out of all my prisoners, their names are Sameer and Bailey, when they are together, they are unstoppable and I have a feeling that they will trying and escape my prison…


So what does this have to do with me?


I want you to be a spy, my "friend" with them, you will tell me all their plans and once we do, we will put them down and for your reward, you will be set free….


You have a deal Mr…?




{Both men shake their hands to officially confirmed the deal between them, how will this play out?.}


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{The Day continues as new prisoners arrive, these people are named Michael Wagner, Turner Marshalls and Catherine Tramell, the men begin looking at the prisoners, especially Catherine, the three of them sit down at the table and they begin speaking.}


Well boys, why you in here?


I was caught doing things for the Illuminati.


I was caught because I murdered multiple people in my way.


Hmm, interesting, look boys I'm looking for a way out, do you think you can find a way out, if can I will do "special favors" for both of yous.




Call me Ms. Tramell boys.




{Wagner and Marshalls sit up and start going to the courtyard to see where they're going to find a way out.


What a bunch of idiots….


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