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P.W.E Wrestling - Land Of Prosperity

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Related image
It may not jump right off the page, yet another company breaking off of WWE trying to become the next big thing in pro wrestling. Another company with nothing but a ring thinking it has what it takes before being crushed under its own weight. 
But this, this is different. 
This is Pro Wrestling Entertainment. Paul Heymans simple, yet effective creation. 
Paul Heyman held a press conference, announcing his departure from WWE programming, and along with other backstage workers such as Dean Simon (Dean Malenko), Brian James (Road Dogg), Theodore Wilson (Tyson Kidd), and other behind the scene workers to create a new project. 
"The amount of chaos and disorder inside WWE currently is unforgivable, a company of that size shouldn't be run as bad as it has been run these past few years and I feel now is a better time than ever to capitalize on my dream, and that dream is to resurface a wrestling company that the world hasn't seen" 
P.W.E is going to focus on bringing a fresh, exciting feel to the sport of pro wrestling and is looking to capitalize on the current downfall that WWE is on, a full breakdown of the roster will be revealed soon. And currently, we have no idea who is on the roster besides recent rumors.
Stay tuned for more
: )

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Related image
Pro Wrestling Entertainment - Chapter One "We've Only Just Begun.."
Image result for Paul Heyman entrance gif
The owner and promoter of Pro Wrestling Entertainment, Paul Heyman would be standing in the center of the ring as the live stream clicks on. Heyman cuts a Triple H style promo on PWE and the other wrestling companies and how it is different, Paul Heyman introduces a fatal four-way match, which will be held in two weeks at the Chapter 3 event, and the competitors in that match will be decided in matches spanning over the next two airings. He also introduces some of the talent, two men including Karl Anderson and Oney Lorcan. Who will be going one on one coming up next! Paul Heyman takes time to thank the fans, and promises for this to be the best wrestling company to ever grace the earth. 
Image result for Karl Anderson entrance gif  _  Image result for Oney Lorcan entrance gif
"Machine Gun" Karl Anderson and Oney Lorcan, two WWE alumni who have moved to PWE would go one on one in the first ever match in the fast start of this company, and a fast start it would be as Oney Lorcan hitting his hardest shots, showing just why he deserves to be on this roster. Karl Anderson would perform his heart out as well and both men would fill out their 15-minute time limit with nonstop action. By the end of the match, Oney Lorcan would send himself off of the middle rope and Karl Anderson would catch him out, hitting a wicked powerbomb before lifting him up and hit a sickening cutter and pinning Lorcan in the center of the ring for the 3 counts. Karl Anderson stands up in victory, he has walked away from the first man to pin someone in a PWE ring. 
Image result for Brian Cage entrance gif
A promo package for "The Ironman" Brian Cage would play showing just how to dominate he is, the video package end with Brian Cage posing and the message that he will be "Coming Soon..."
Image result for Dragon Lee entrance gif Image result for Flip Gordon entrance gif
Dragon Lee and Flip Gordon, two of the highest flying men in the sport today would face off one on one inside the PWE ring, The winner would move on to the fatal fourway in two weeks. And these two young guns would give it there all inside that ring, having a fast-paced match that never slowed down. 7 Minutes in, Flip Gordon would catch Dragon Lee in a superkick and hit a flipping piledriver for the pinfall victory. Advancing to the fatal fourway, Flip Gordon taunts in the ring and drops to his knees, nodding at the crowd reaction he receives. 
Image result for Luke Harper gif
As Flip Gordon stands up and begins to high five fans, none other then Brodie Lee would rush down the ramp and hit a nasty looking big boot on Flip, he throws him against the steel steps before hitting a powerbomb on Dragon Lee in the ring. Brodie stands up and slowly taunts, a big smile on his face. 
Image result for Chad Gable gif
In a backstage segment, Chad Gable would be interview by John Julius, he would explain what his plans are here in PWE and that when he makes his in ring debut next week against Keith Lee, he will show why he is the "Superior" in PWE
Image result for Dean Ambrose gif Image result for Kassius Ohno gif
Jon Moxley and Chris Hero would go be apart of the first main event of the first show, Hero and Moxley would hit some of the hardest shots of the night, knocking each other out multiple times and going to the outside and absolutely brawling. The match would come to a close when both men would be on the middle rope and Moxley would show off strength he hasn't shown in a long time as he lifts Hero up for a powerbomb on the middle rope and sends him crashing down. Jon pins Hero in the center of the ring and he will be going to the fatal fourway. Jon Moxley has made his mark on the company

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Related image


More PWE Shows Planned For The Future After First Show ; More Superstars Reported To Be On The Move

As Paul Heyman reported, PWE will soon become a weekly show on Twitch. Talks of striking a TV deal have been rumored but not confirmed, and after the first show reeled in a near million viewers online. With a fatal fourway championship match planned for Chapter 3, the viewership can only be getting better. And with the success of the show, came more people on Twitter praising the show. Such as TNA and ROH star MOOSE, who said he would be interested to work for PWE. Other superstars such as David Starr, Robbie E, Son of Havoc, Primate, and more have been associated with the company in recent weeks, keep in mind these are only rumors and are not confirmed.



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Related image
Pro Wrestling Entertainment - Chapter Two 
Image result for Kevin Owens promo gif
The show would open up with Kevin Owens backstage, cutting a promo in front of a wall with fans asking for his autograph beside him. He insults the fans, before turning to the camera and explaining why PWE needs him. He goes on to speak about his relationship with Paul Heyman, and that if he doesn't get top star treatment in this company he will walk out. Kevin Owens says he will make his in ring debut during Chapter 4, and you can look forward to it. 
Image result for Keith lee entrance gif Image result for Chad Gable entrance gif
Keith Lee and Chad Gable two of PWEs best talent, would face off and the winner would make there way into the fatal fourway match next show. The match would be fast paced and action packed, as Chad Gable would hit moves that you wouldn't think would be possible on a man of Keith Lees size. On the other side the spectrum Keith Lee would hit such moves as a moonsault, dropkick, and other high flying moves. But as the match would continue, Chad Gable would get the endurance factor and use it in his favor to hit a german suplex and trap Lees arm, pinning him in a huge upset. Keith Lee and Chad Gable would shake hands as Chad Gable moves on to the fatal fourway with the crowd behind him. 
Image result for Bray Wyatt promo gif
Bray Wyatt would appear on screen, beginning to speak about the power that hides in the business that is PWE and that the evil will be released. He says that the evil is coming, and that it can't be stopped. As we cut to the ring, Tj Perkins is getting ready for a match when the lights would go out, and Bray Wyatt would attack him. Hitting the Sister Abigal and posing over him, laughing. 
Image result for Mike Kanellis entrance gifImage result for Curtis Axel entrance gifImage result for Fenix entrance gifImage result for Dragon Lee  gif
In a talent showcase fatal fourway match, Mike Kanellis with his wife Maria would come to the ring along with Curtis Axel, Fenix, and a superstar we saw last week Dragon Lee. The match would be great, and we'd see Dragon Lee and Mike Kanellis truly shine hitting many big moves. But when it would come down to the wire, it would be Curtis Axel who would catch Fenix off the middle rope and hit his "Perfection" finisher, pinning Fenix while Dragon Lee and Mike are down on the outside to pick up the win against his three peers. 
Image result for Oney Lorcan gifImage result for Luke Harper entrance gif
In the main event and for the final spot in the fatal fourway, Brodie Lee would take on Oney Lorcan in a hard hitting match that no one saw coming. Brodie Lee would show off his big boot which is one of the deadliest in the sport, as Oney Lorcan would slap Lee multiple times in the face. Which would piss off the large man, but Oney would impress hundreds and almost put away Brodie before Karl Anderson, the man Oney lost to last week would come out with a microphone and say how he got screwed, this would allow Brodie Lee to hit a spinning big boot and pin Oney, earning his shot towards the battle royal.

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Image result for paul heyman

Photo Owened By WWE

P.W.E Purcahes Small Indy Company Known As "BPZ" 

P.W.E, the company the world has been talking about as purchased the contracts and rights to a company by the name of BPZ, this company houses many young talent and it will work as a second show to P.W.E and a possible combination in the future, P.W.E has had two episodes, and is looking forward to its big third chapter event which will see Brodie Lee vs Jon Moxley vs Flip Gordon vs Chad Gable facing off for the PWE World Championship. 

SIGN UP (Use Kayfabe Character Or Other Character)


Representing Superstar: 





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Name: Julius Jones

Representing Superstar: Drew McIntyre 

Bio: Known as the Australian Animal, Julius fought in Australia before being picked up by BPZ in a talent scout. He now looks to make a name for himself in the world of Pro-Wrestling 

Signatures: Discuss Clothesline, Rolling Elbow, Crucifix Powerbomb

Finishers: Vise Grip, End of Days, Claymore Kick 

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Name: Arius

Representing Superstar: Papa Emeritus lll or Sean O'Haire if wrestler is needed 

Bio: Arius can be a man of few words as he moves through the industry with an observant eye. In BPZ  he was found to be a ruthless equaliser in the ring and will gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry even if he must first come down to their level.  
Despite being a menacing presence he has a suspiciously vast social circle though very few appearing without a mask around these events. He has a love for music and the arts which show through.
Accompanied to the ring by Rin Akane (If allowed)

Signatures: Lifted Osaka Street Cutter , "Seeing Red" Bridging full nelson suplex, Kick and Sweep Combination

Finishers:"Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper , "The Sentence" Omega Driver


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Name:Maddrix Delgado

Representing Superstar: TJP

Bio: Maddrix Delgado a young cocky wrestler from the Philippines.He always brags about being the best technical masterpiece in the ring and the best highflyer in the world because he can soar like an eagle

Signatures:frog splash,heel hook,jumping piledriver,bicycle knee and kick,tope suicida,tope con hilo,shooting star press,sharpshooter,crossface,boston crab and superkick

Finishers:Cutter, red arrow,ankle lock,

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Name: Angelo Caito

Representing Superstar: Edge

Bio: Being in BPZ since 2015, Angelo has been with the company four years and he hasn't looked back since. He has wrestled for many many years and looks to add on to his career at Pro Wrestling Entertainment.

Signatures: Fireman Carry Flapjack, Lifting DDT

Finishers: Spear, Cutter (can be jumping all the way to fireman carry into a cutter)

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Name - Charles Lupin 'Son of the Moon'

Representing Superstar - Tyler Bate

Signature(s) - Moonsault, Hammerlock DDT

Finisher(s) - The Howl (Crucifix Powerbomb, into a DDT), Into the Light (Running Single Leg High Knee), Wolf's Claw (Triangle Armbar)

Bio - Charles Lupin, aged 27, was born in Utrecht, Netherlands in 1991. (Asuming, we are starting in March 2019) Growing up, he always loved to visit local wrestling shows, and watching the WWE. At the age of 19, he travelled to Manchester, England where he began to train in the hopes of becoming a wrestling star. He wrestled in many local promotions, two years after arriving. He won his first Championship at the age of 23, against a man known as 'the Terminator'. At that match, a scout for the WWE approached him, and offered a tryout. He went to the performance centre, but was badly injured. In mid 2018, he moved back to the Netherlands and won his second Championship. In early 2019, he heard of an opportunity to wrestle for a promotion known as 'Pro Wrestling Entertainment'. The offer was accepted, and he has left his home country to travel with PWE.

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Aaron North


Representing superstar

Mr. Perfect



Used to be a basketball player before injuring his ankle and quitting. Three years later he turned to professional wrestling because he wanted an interesting sport with tough competition to focus on.



Figure 4 Leg Lock, Diving Elbow Drop, Spinebuster



Perfect Plex, Curtain Call, Diamond Cutter

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Name: Hans Clayton

Representing Superstar: AJ Styles (TNA)

Bio: Hans Clayton is a Canadian high flyer, He's young and arrogant and he's looking to make himself wrestling's next big superstar

Signatures: Lionsault, and 450 Splash

Finishers: Spiral Tap (Rarely), Shooting Hans Press (Shooting Star Press)

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Name: Ropati

Representing Superstar:  Aleister Black

Bio: James Ropati was born into the business down in New Zealand  and after impressing down there he moved to the rest of the world and worked in Japan and Europe but now BPZ could be his chance to shine on the big stage

Signatures: Frog Splash, CrossFace,

Finishers: Kiwi Kick (Black Mass) Death from Above (Coup De Grace to the back of the head)

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Name: FDS 

Representing Superstar:  Jimmy Havoc

Bio: Daniel Stevenson aka FDS is an Australian born professional wrestler most known for his work in BPZ and many smaller Japanese promotions. His in Ring style can be described as vicious, brutal and suicidal as he utilises a combination of shoot style strikes and submissions a long with a large amount of dangerous moves. His specialty is hardcore matches that he has perfected over multiple years of wrestling in them. 

Signatures: Spinning Tombstone piledriver, Running corner Knee to the back of the head on a seated opponent, diving double stomp 

Finishers: Blood Rainmaker (Wrist clutch lariat), Killer Instinct (Rings of Saturn combo'd with Elbows to the side of the end (if you need an idea i can send you a gif)), Lay you to sleep (Burning Hammer) 

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Name: Eli Smith

Representing Superstar: Lio Rush

 Bio: Smith made his name in BPZ, going from the ultimate underdog to having one of the best careers the company has seen, earning himself a place in their Hall Of Fame. However, Smith would be released after conflict with the owner of BPZ. Now, after touring across the globe, making himself known throughout the wrestling world, Smith joins the ranks of PWE which coincidentally, his old home of BPZ has merged with.

 Signatures: Sick Kick, Frog Splash, Omoplata Crossface

Finishers: 8th Sin (Straight-Jacket German Suplex)

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Representing: Pete Dunne

Bio: MARKER worked his days around the United Kingdom and Ireland respectively, until one day, he was offer a contract to BPZ and won championships along the way, now he must continue forwards to PWE

Signatures: Bicycle Knee Strike (God's Burden), Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker (Stairway to Hell) 

Finishers: Ripcord Knee Strike (Nail In The Coffin), Pumphandle Front Face Slam (Twisted Killer) 

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Name: Echo Wilson

Representing Superstar: Noam Dar

 Bio: Echo Wilson is an American Born superstar who has brief success on the American indy scene before this. He came to BPZ to realize his dream and quickly became one of the most well liked characters in the company. But slowly drifting farther and farther away has led to most fans turning on him. Echo sees this step down as a massive blow to his ego, but will the small town lights bring him back to his roots. 

 Signatures: End Game (Kneebar) ,  Crown Jewel (Jumping Corner Knee Strike)

Finishers: Stardust Stomp (Diving Double Foot Stomp)  ,  Blood Sport (Standing Spanish Fly)

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Name: Bart

Representing Superstar: Triple H (2000)

Bio:Bart joined the BP Z after a tenure all over the world, learning to wrestle different styles. Upon arrival in the BPZ, Bart has moved up the ranks quickly and won most of the championships that the company has to offer. He always manges to have the crowd make noise for him, whether it's cheers of pure hatred. 

Signatures : Falcon Arrow (superplex into a Falcon Arrow combo), Tornado DDT

Finishers: "The Last Breath" (Hammerlock DDT), "Cardiac Arrest" (Crossface Chickenwing)

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Related image
Pro Wrestling Entertainment - Chapter Three
Image result for Oney Lorcan gifImage result for Karl Anderson gif
Oney Lorcan and Karl Anderson, who have had bad blood between eachother for the past two chapters of P.W.E, would be kicking off the show with another amazing match. Oney Lorcan makes his entrance to an eruption to cheers, his performances so far have been superb, and the same goes for Karl Anderson. Who comes to the ring with new attire, as the bell rings both men go 100 MPH towards eachother hitting every move in the book as hard as you can hit them. Oney Lorcan and Karl Anderson warm up the crowd well, and pull off some amazing spots, but at the end of the match it would be Oney Lorcan pinning Karl Anderson giving him the win. 
Image result for Paul heyman entrance gif
After Lorcan and Anderson leave the ring, the music of the owner and promoter of PWE would come to the ring, and he would make an announcment for the BPZ Roster. Saying that, while PWE will not be televising the events, 5 of the 13 current members on the roster wil be called up and we will see those in the coming episodes, while a full meet the roster will be posted on the PWE website. After Heymans announcment, he would reveal the PWE World Championship, and with that we're ready for the biggest match in PWE history. 
Image result for Luke Harper entrance gifImage result for Flip Gordon entrance gif
Image result for Chad Gable entrance gifImage result for Dean Ambrose entrance gif
In the main event, 4 of PWEs best, 4 men who won number one contender matches throughout chapter one and two, would face in a one fall fatal fourway match, the winner walking away as the first ever PWE Champion. 
As Brodie Lee, Flip Gordon, Chad Gable, and Jon Moxley make there entrances and this big time matchup is ready to begin. As the bell rings, it is fast paced from the start, as we even see Brodie Lee dive through the ropes joining the craziness. But the stand out of the match would be Jon Moxley, who would take every second he could to inflict pain hitting moves such as a powerbomb on the apron, elbow drop off of the middle rope to the outside and others. Brodie Lee would show of amazing strength as well, throwing around the light Flip Gordon like he is nothing. The first near fall would come when Chad Gable would hit his arm trap german suplex onto Jon Moxley, but Moxley would kick out and that would be the first of many in the amazing 30 minute match. 
The ending would come as Chad Gable would be hit with a springboard 450 from Flip Gordon, who would hit the 450, pop up and hit a cutter on Brodie Lee in one of the highest flying and coolest spots of the match, Gordon would pin Lee in the center of the ring and become the first PWE champion. 
Image result for Neville entrance gif
As Flip Gordon is celebrating his big win, the music of Adrian King would hit, and the former WWE star would walk to the ring to a huge crowd reaction, he would get into the ring and simply stare down Flip Gordon to end off the show after an amazing fatal fourway

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Name: COLD

Representing Superstar: Minoru Tanaka

Bio: COLD (Kozuchika Onikama) wrestled amongst small promotions in Japan, he was happy with his role but in November of 2018 he was approached by BPZ, he signed a contract and was known as one of the most dirtiest fighters, he was known for low-blows, raking his opponents' eyes and kneeing his opponents in the groin. 

Signatures: Enzuigiri, Headache (Brainbuster)

Finishers: Mountain Drop (Sitting Bodyslam from Top Rope), Striking Force (Springboard Dropkick to the knees)

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