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Brotherhood or Business?

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Video start.

Echo Wilson is seen walking through the streets at night, he walks over to a park bench, disgusted feeling unsure of himself as he sits, suddenly the Punisher FDS walks up and takes a seat, both men dressed in formal attire FDS in a full Black suit, Wilson in a grey-blue suit with his scarf.

I know this isn’t usually the type of place you’d like to meet but i prefer the silence of the night… also considering a good amount of people around this time know my reputation… I doubt anyone will bother us. Now Echo, I have to say I’m impressed. You’ve remained focused, You’ve remained unwavering… and Yet I can’t help but feel uneasy… I can’t help but feel that the Villain and… that disgusting rat is getting under your skin and for what? You don’t want those two ruining our plans, do you? Or perhaps this is all a part of the plan and I might be missing something. I have to say you and I have kept this very… shall we see strained when it comes to the details of this plan. Listen Echo, I think we need to establish what we want out of this, how we want to do this and who we want to target. I do believe we both want something, so what is that something? The Blacklist is yet to make a large statement regarding our intentions so why don’t you inform me?

FDS takes out a flask from his jacket, he takes a swig and then places the flask back inside his jacket pocket. He leans back in the bench, neither man looking at each other continuously looking forward, a man suddenly approaches the two men, FDS looks at him with a gaze, the man suddenly stops looking at FDS and Echo both men looking at the man with a gaze of fury, the man slowly staggers away in fear of the two men. Both men continue to look forward as FDS awaits a response from Echo

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"I thought you said we wouldn't be bothered. I'd rather do this in the privacy of my own home but you know how it is. We can't always please everyone."

Echo Wilson looks one last time at the man as he walks away. He straightens his suit collar and begins.

"Honestly, FD. I agree with you. We haven't made that spark yet, we haven't ignited our plans just yet. But let me tell you this, we haven't even begun to tell the story of The Blacklist. If you knew the things I have going on my genius brain than you wouldn't even shed a doubt of worry. But I'm guessing, as my business associate in this, you want to know what I have planned.....I cannot tell you just yet. There are gears spinning and things evolving. A plan will come to fruition in time. Now, what I can tell you is what the purpose of this agreement is. We're here to ruin people's lives. You see, you and me, we have a similar mindset when it comes to these fans, and to our unfortunate compatriots in the locker room. We despise them and pay them absolutely ZERO respect. So what we plan to do with make sure that all of those idiots who try and put themselves at a higher peg than us, we'll make sure they all crash and burn. You see, think of the things we could accomplish. With my mind, with my money, with my athletic ability, with my absolute business IQ, and then with your complete and uttter disregard for the rules of the establishment. We could make something special out of this. You can be my sidekick, and I'll help guide you and save you from making stupid decisions. You can help me by doing the utmost of important jobs and being my trustee when I need advice or assistance."

"Now the real question is.....how are you going to help me? You see, you know and I know, that there's a very crucial match on the horizon for me. Now....I'm all about fairness and I'm all about equality, so you won't be interfering in the match directly. But what I need you to do for me is to make their lives a living hell until then. Bart, the Villain, I know him all too well, but yet so do you. By now, you know his weaknesses and you know where his pressure points are. Then we have Necce, nearly no one knows him like you do. Necce, he is a snake and a disgusting creature from the darkest corners of this planet. But you, you can match his blood thirsty nature and absolute insanity.  You once called Necce you friend FD, you have secrets that he wouldn't dare to tell. Let's expose Necce and bring down their stupid empire once and for all. I've got the mind of a champion now, and I know where the grassroots start on the path to making a successful partnership. I've done this so many times, I've lost track. But you want to know what I want out of this? You want to know what you want out of this yourself? It's simple. We want the same thing. Absolute Chaos. And when we burn this hole in the wall company down to the ground. In the rubble, we'll reveal the truth of the matter. The Blacklist were never going to be stopped. The downfall is inevitable and the revolution is set to ensue."

Echo Wilson pauses for a moment, dusts himself off.

"Now that we know the terms and conditions, Let's make the Blacklist the next world wide sensation, shall we?"

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FDS stands up, he smirks looking down at the ground.

If things go according to plan my friend, you won’t need my help… but if by some divine interference you do, my actions will speak for me. I’ll see you around my blacklisted friend.

FDS stands up and walks away but he stops suddenly

Chaos is an enigma my wealthy friend, it can be beautiful if controlled and used in the right moments… but if remained unmanaged it's like a wildfire, indiscriminately tearing through everything within its path. Control the wildfire my friend. Use it and use it to your advantage.

FDS walks off screen, Echo considers the words FDS leaves him with before making his exit in the opposite direction

Cut to black


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