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The Akki

Akki's Hall of Fame Party

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What a warm night here in California. We are just two weeks away from the biggest Pay-Per-View of the year, BPZMania. In the commentary booth is Cody Cage and his other colleague. The rings is all decorated with red and blue balloons, a big cake and some nice furniture. In the ring stands Dean Kellings, a good friend of Akki, alongside Dean stands WWE234 who came in just for this night. Between them we also have NateLong, Slim, Smith and many friends of Akki, all here to wish him this beautiful title as BPZ's Hall Of Famer


Here's comes the man himself. Some people call him a legend, some people call him a disgrace, but even with all the hate and everything he has been through, Akki always showed up. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that he should deserve the Hall of Fame. The crowd giving out a standing ovation as Akki slowly arrives at the stage. The music stops, the fans fades out their applauding. Akki slowly walks down the ramp, no sound, everything silent. He keeps on walking around the ring, step for step, he arrives all the way to his desired destination but doesn't head to the ring. He walks to the announce table and looks Cody Cage dead in the eye before he enters the ring. 

Left foot in, right foot in. Akki stares at NateLong before giving him a big embrace, same to Dean Kellings, he goes to Smith, Slim and all the others to give them a thoughtful handshake. Akki feels come, a bright smile on his face. We've never seen that in the past few months, usually Akki's always emotional and upset. Tonight there's a different vibe into the Underdog. Akki stands in the middle of the ring, spotlight on him, the crowd silent, the world stops to hear this speech. 

4 years ago I walked into this building and it was for one reason and one reason only, it was to prove to the world that I am the best in this business. But like everywhere in the world there's corruption. And like everyone else in the world I was screwed for my mistakes and I was never given a chance to prove myself right. And because of that, it brought me here, it brought me to a path I'll never forget, to a story that could never be re written. It took me three years to win a championship, it was a struggle, it was a fight. The odds were always against me, but till today I never dared to say, "I QUIT." 

I've known this industry for years and this place was never full of astounding acts, it was never full of chances. It always scoured us into a position we were never ready to take, it pinned us down to the ground and only the bad ones were chosen. I do admit it, the company has changed a lot. In this day and age you don't have to sell your souls anymore to win a major championship. I can't even trust my friends because this company took their souls away. Everyone standing in this ring has sold their souls, EVERYONE! Except for me. And even with all this pinning down and democracy, I never dared to say, "I QUIT."

After three years the light did shine on me, that entire year the light shined on me. Everyone started to think I sold my soul, the media was buzzing, 'Akki is on the main card, Akki is the center of attention on Evolve, will Akki win To The Top.' I was on every wrestling observer. I was the main spot on Evolve, until I fell flat on my stomach. I was mistreated since december, 2018 was the worse year in my entire career. I was pushed away to the dumps, I was never mentioned again. I became irrelevant. I wasn't even at the bottom page of a wrestling observer. My world turned upside down. And even with all the turning and with all the pain, I never dared to say "I QUIT!"

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BPZMania is in two weeks and it will be my second every BPZMania where I will be a happy man. My best friend and bitter enemy WWE234 knows about my first one, we shared on of the greatest moments in BPZMania history, we ended our 3 year rivalry. From the New Forums Order all the way to BPZMania, but we never made it into the real show because we were too good for the game, they never treated as real competitors. We were like circus animals. Talents like George AK, Aidanator, BiC, Bizzy were all kicked to the curb because we never tried to sell our souls. And even with the unfairness, the unsporting, I NEVER DARED TO SAY "I QUIT!!" 

Cody Cage, I know you can hear me. I know I forced you into a tag team, I know I turned my back on you and destroyed your momentum, I'm sorry for everything I've done. But I respect you, please get out of the commentating booth and come inside this ring. Shake my hand and at BPZMania we will take the tag team champions, I promise us! I don't care how strong the other team is, I don't care how big they are. I know they are unstoppable. And even with their strength and overness, I WILL NEVER SAY "I QUIT!!!" 

The crowd gives a warm applause, the wrestlers inside the ring praising Akki for the amazing speech. Cody Cage at ringside looking Akki on. Remember Akki forced Cody into a tag team just to double cross him and destroy his momentum in his NXT run. Cody was demoted to being a commentator just for this exact reason, Akki is now feeling bad and wants to make it up to Cody but the real question is, will Cody forgive. Cody stands up from his chair, he slowly walks up to the ring, he gets up on the apron. Cody goes underneath the rope and enters the ring. Cody and Akki face off in intense fashion. Akki reaches out for Cody's hands until!

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Oh no, it's the boss of BPZ Wrestling. BrendenPlayz himself, we haven't seen him in a while. BrendenPlayz is here, the ground is going nuts, everyone screaming, Akki with a smile on his face thinking Brenden is here to congratulate him. Brenden standing on the stage with a microphone in his hand. The crowd still going insane. Brenden does a gesture to calm down the ground as the crowd lowers down a bit. Brenden hesitates before saying these lines. 

BrendenPlayz: Hello Akki, you dumb idiot. Why are you even here? What's all this, balloons? decorations? Is it your birthday? Lemme see what the cake says. Wait what? You're not in the Hall of Fame and even if you were nominated I wouldn't have put you. Get this out of here. And stop wasting major show time. 

Image result for dolph ziggler gif

Akki looks destroyed down as he looks over at Cody who tries to embrace him in this emotional moment but Cody delivers a clothesline. Cody runs off the ropes and delivers a dropkick to Akki. Akki slides out of the ring as the entire ring's decoration gets torn apart. Everyone in the ring runs out, Dean Kellings tries to help out Akki but Cody dropkicks Dean out of the ring. Akki jumps on the apron though, springboard, Cody ducks as he runs off the ropes, tries to deliver a clothesline, Akki ducks, misses the superkick, Cody with a neckbreaker. Akki down as Cody tries to lift the crowd but gets an output of boos instead. Akki tries to get up as Cody runs to hit a clothesline and drops Akki out of the ring. Cody with a smile on his face leaves the ring to drop a big springboard splash on Akki

Cody brings out a steelchair as he destroys Akki with shots to the back and midsection. Cody grabs Akki's head and spits right into the eye. He screams 'This is what you get.' Cody's referring to the time Akki screwed him. Cody not done as picks up Akki and delivers a massive powerbomb to the outside of the ring. The fans booing, Dean Kellings again tries to save but Cody drops the steelchair on the head of Dean as he turns his attention back to Akki and gives him a punt kick. Cody walks out of the arena with his back turned against the BPZ Universe. It's getting all emotional as Akki's left alone outside of the ring. He stares at the BPZMania sign after sitting up, thinking what he's about to do now. 

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