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BPZ vs Twitch: Kayfabe Thread

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Welcome to the Kayfabe Thread exclusive for the BPZ vs Twitch TEW 2016 series. 


*Sawyer has a mic and looks to the hard camera* 
"Hey people in the truck, you zoom that camera in on me and you make damn sure it is recording because i want the entire world to see this." *Pops his neck* 
"Everyone Knows who i am but you don't know why i am here. everyone knows  that I am the best in the world in Professional wrestling. Everyone knows that I am the biggest star in the history of Professional Wrestling, See when i announced that i was a free agent, I had every professional wrestling company on the planet wanting me to be apart of their roster, but the one that chased me the most was you Keeley. You begged and pleaded for me to come to Twitch Wrestling! You said "Please sign with me, Sign with Twitch wrestling, I need a star. I need You Nathan! I need You to Lead my company, to Be My Star" *Sawyer Smiles* 
"I could have went anywhere Keeley, I could have went to the big leagues, To Indies, But no I came here because I believe in Twitch Wrestling! I believe in this company!  Theres a reason i am the best in the world keeley. Its because i bust my ass everyday in and out of this ring becuase i love wrestling! I could have made more then i am making now but You chased me and I decided to come to you because You needed a star! one that loves this business, one that doesn't give a damn about politics, about what everyone says about me. THERES A REASON WHY I AM THE BEST IN THE WORLD KEELEY, I DON'T CARE IF I HAVE TO GO THROUGH THOSE THE ENTIRE ROSTER, YOU LINE THEN UP AND ONE BY DAMN ONE BY DAMN ONE I WILL KNOCK THEIR ASSES BACK  DOWN THAT PEDESTAL YOU PUT THEM ON!" *Looking at the hard camera once again* "I WILL GO THROUGH EVERYONE KEELEY TILL I GET WHAT I WAS PROMISED, WHAT I EARNED, WHAT I DESERVE! THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! I DON'T CARE WHO I HAVE TO GO THROUGH, I WILL EVEN GO THROUGH YOU. ONE WAY OR ANOTHER LIGHTS OUT NATHAN SAWYER WILL BE THE NEXT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!" *Throws the mic down to the cheers of the fans as they chant best in the world as his music plays* 

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Evolve, after the first commercial break: 

*We see FJA sitting on a chair*

FJA: hello everyone!

*crowd boos due to FJA defeating an hometown wrestler on the pre-show*

FJA: Jesus calm down, i get that you are pissed off due to me defeating a local wrestler, but i'm sorry ok?, i didn't know that i was facing a hometown wrestler on the pre-show!, so let's start again ok, i'm FJA and even though i'm not known in any place besides here, believe me when i say that one day i'll become a Evolve World Champion you can be proud of

*crowd give FJA a decent babyface reaction*

FJA(after they turn the focus of his segment to a match and therefore he's not being listened anymore)😞Heh, those dumbs don't suspect anything about me not caring about who i have to backstab or what i have to do to get to the Evolve world title

*FJA lets out a maniatic laugh*

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Red/Blue/Black Lights Come on and Maasa comes out to the SSW Arena, he does his signature pose and walks into the ring, and does a crawl using tougue, he sits at the center of the ring and begins to talk.

I want to talk about Colton Putman the man I have a friendly rivalry with, we are people who wants to make it to the top with no shortcuts, we are people who want to be greats when it all said and done. We want to World Champs and we want to lead are companies to victory. Me and him meet in a weird place, a church it was a weird time we both new each other from wrestling on TV so after church we talked and we hit it off are personalizes almost perfectly matched we started training together whenever we could get a chance but one day SSW offered me a contract which I would have to travel around the country and it was first big break, so I couldn’t refuse and Colton got one to and before we set off on are two different adventures we would promised to become the best ever.

Thats are story, Colton if your watching this “become the best” 

Maasa drops the mic and leaves

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*short video*

*you see Maddrix Delgado in Manila Bay in the Philippines*

Hey SSW nation,fans,universe or whatever you call yourselves.It's me Maddrix Delgado one half of your SSW tag team champions,one half of Godsent.I'm just here to remind you that after this break we will continue to be the Prophets of tag team wrestling and we will still be the symbols of what tag team wrestling is all about in SSW.Thank you and you're welcome.

*he ends the video with a cocky smile and the beautiful sunset of manila bay*

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*we see FJA walking backatage and finding Stan*

FJA: Hey!

Stan: hi FJA how is it going?

FJA: Fine, i was searching you to ask you something

Stan: ok?, and the question would be?

FJA: what if we form a tag team?, think about it, you and i had our first match as a team against Fireware and it was our best match in the company!, and if we did that without experience as a tag team, imagine how good our matches would be if we were an active tag team and what we would be able to accomplish!

Stan: I think i'll accept your request of forming a tag team with me, it could make us the most interesting thing of the entire tag team division and become tag team champions, now the thing is: which would be our tag team name?

FJA: well, i had thought of Ace of Diamonds as our tag team name, what do you think?

Stan: Fine by me

*Stan and FJA shake hands*

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