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Inaugural Limitless

Maasa vs Lord Wallace vs Marker Andrews 

Maasa makes his way to the ring, the self-proclaimed "Demon" has a poker face on, crouching in the corner of the ring. Next out "Lord" Wallace makes his way out, seeming confident, and when he sees Maasa in the corner he shoos him away, like some peasant. Then the Irishman, Marker Andrews arrives. Most of the crowd pops for Marker, but he doesn't seem to really care. He just gets in the ring, and starts stretching on the ropes.

The bell rings and Wallace walks right up to Andrews, telling him that he has no future, no talent, and says that he should just lay down and let Wallace pin him. In response, Marker forearms Wallace so hard it knocks him flat on the ground, and he seems to be out for the time being. Andrews then turns his attention to Maasa, and they lock up. Maasa takes control of his arm, and wrestles him down to the ground before stomping his arm down, and Marker screams out in pain. Maasa puts him in an armbar, but Wallace comes back in and sentons Maasa, crushing Maasa, and Marker's arm along with it. Wallace picks up Marker for the Executioner, but Marker slips behind and somehow deadlifts the massive man into a Bridging German Suplex. Wallace powers out at two, and this just frustrates Marker. He presses his boot down on Wallace's throat, and screams at him, asking who the peasant is now. Out of nowhere Maasa runs up and hits the Last Words, dropping Marker and falls right onto him, and just before three Wallace uses all the energy he has to yank Maasa off of Marker, breaking up the pin. This enfuriates Maasa, and he starts hammering forearms into Wallace, before popping him with a Roundhouse. Wallace stays standing, so Maasa runs off the rope, looking for something, but Wallace kicks him right below the belt! He then Peasant Slaps him, knocking him to the ground. Wait, Marker from behind! Ripcord Knee! 

1, 2, 3!

The Crowd goes insane! Marker smiles, he has a bit of blood on his lips from the Last Words, but he doesn't seem to notice, or at least care. Marker leaves the ring, looking satisfied, even high-fiving a few lucky people.

Wallace props him self up against the bottom turnbuckle, looking dissapointed. We see his eyes widen before- Maasa runs in with a hesitation dropkick! That's one half of the Demon's Legion! Maasa clearly upset with not coming out on top in his first match in XCPW. Wallace is completely knocked out, and Maasa leaves the ring.


Angelo Caito vs Benjamin Wolf

Benjamin Wolf walks to the ring, to a massive booing. He doesn't care clearly, even flipping off a fan. And now ladies and gentleman, perhaps the biggest signee to Xtroardinary Championship Pro Wrestling, Angelo Caito! The crowd erupts, Angelo gets them into it, and then flips them off with both hands as he walks to the ring. The crowd are clearly behind Angelo, even though he clearly despises them. Angelo starts messing around with Benjamin, letting him put him in a front facelock, before lifting him up off the ground and tossing him into the air, Benjamin hitting the ground face first, and when he tries to get up, Angelo chops him straight in the chest, dropping him back down to his knees. Brad tries to pick him up, but Benjamin throws his hands off of his shoulders, and hits a superkick, but Angelo stays standing. He goes behind, and tries for a tiger suplex, but Angelo counters into a victory roll. he gets a near fall, but Benjamin gets right back up and hits a step-up enziguiri, dropping Angelo. Angelo gets up really fast though, while Benjamin is still trying to catch his breath. he slaps him really hard around both ears, and Benjamin is basically out. Angelo picks him up, and hits the Underhook Brainbuster. Angelo is ready to go for the flip piledriver, but Benjamin powers himself into the hurricanrana position, but pops himself over his head and shoulders, and springs off of the middle rope into a moonsault, and grabs Angelo's tights all the way down, mooning the audience, and stealing the victory! Benjamin rolls all the way out of the ring, laughing as the crowd boos his head off. Angelo is incredibly mad. He starts yelling at the referee. The referee says he can't do anything about it, and Angelo clocks the referee! He then stomps backstage, as people run down to help the ref.

That was a disgusting act by Angelo Caito, and we will be sure to punish him.

Charles Lupin vs Aaron North

Charles Lupin walks to the ring, the Son of The Moon getting a huge ovation. Aaron North follows, getting a similar sized one. Both men shake hands before the beginning of the match, and then tie-up. Aaron gets a headlock in, and Charles pushes him against the ropes, but Aaron drops down to a knee, attempting to tighten the headlock, but Lupin uses the momentum to drop him down into one of his own. Aaron counters into a head scissors, and Charles kips-up out of it, and they stand at an impasse. They lock up in a test of strength, and Charles being the slightly bigger man, wins and slips behind, locking North's arm in a hammerlock, hooking the other arm over his head, and swinging his own arm into a massive lariat! Charles hooks the leg, but only gets barely gets a two count. Charles picks him back up, and hits a basic vertical suplex, before locking him in a nerve hold (The Baron Corbin rest hold gimmick), wrenching it in tight, before Aaron rolls him through and pulls him right into a sleeper hold! Charles stays in the hold for a while and seems to be losing consciousness, but he is able to crawl onto his knees roll him through over his head into a seated position, and getting his second wind, he runs off the ropes and hits a penalty kick, laying out Aaron North. He goes for the cover, 1, 2, 2.9! Aaron kicks out! Lupin thought he had it. Charles goes up to the top rope, looking for that moonsault, but Aaron rolls towards the corner! He hits a superkick before he can get up! He backs himself up to the corner, and runs at Charles, but he leaps up, and catches him in the Wolf's Claw! Aaron is screaming in audible and physical pain. He lasts about 45 seconds before he is forced to tap out.

Charles lets the referee raise his hand, then walks straight to the back, high-fiving fans.


K.O.C. vs Frank Cage

Ladies & Gentleman, in our main event, we have a test of who is the better MMA crossover, Kenneth O'Connelly, or Frank Cage.

The crowd pops for K.O.C's entrance, he is obviously happy to be here, shadow-kickboxes once he gets in the ring, and waits for Cage. Frank makes his entrance through the crowd with a towel over his head, the crowd booing him and cheering him, it's pretty split.

The bell rings, and the two size each other up. All of a sudden Cage goes for the spinning backfist, but Kenneth dodges it, and stares right at Cage. Cage runs for him, and Kenneth catches him with an exploder suplex. Kenneth grabs the leg and locks in an MMA style Knee Bar. Cage is only in it for about 20 seconds before he's able to grab O'Connelly by the hair and slam the back of his head into the mat. Kenneth turns on to his stomach, and Frank takes advantage of it, full back mounting him and pounding shot into the back of his head. Frank fully utilizes the 5 count, earning some boos from the audience. Frank waits for Kenneth to get up before running off the rope, looking for the Clothesline From Hell, but KOC drop toe holds him and locks in the STF! Frank crawls around in the hold for two minutes straight! He finally reaches the ropes, and Kenneth lets go. Kenneth slits his throat with his finger, signaling for the Rear Naked Choke, he's walking to pick him up-OH MY GOD!!!!!!! IN TO THE LIGHT!!!!!! CHARLES LUPIN JUST KNEED KENNETH O'CONNELLY SQUARE IN THE FACE!

 The referee calls for the bell immediately, and Charles Lupin has clearly lost it. He full mounts Kenneth, driving elbows into the skull of KOC, causing blood to start to spill from O'Connelly's forehead. He climbs off of him, laughing maniacally, then picks up Frank Cage, and hits the Hammerlock DDT, spiking him right on top of his head. He continues to laugh, and rolls out of the ring and walks up to the stage, and spreads his arms, as the first episode of Limitless comes to a close.

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Name - Dikey

Weight - 205 lbs

Fighting Style - High Flyer/Puroresu

Heel/Face/Tweener - Tweener

Frequent moves - Drop kick, enzuigiri, running crossbody, spinning sole kick/axe kick combo, top rope moves, teardrop suplex, bridging german suplex, standing shooting star press, high kick, powerbomb, tornado ddt

 Signature(s) (up to two) - Shooting Star Press, The Vortex (Spinning Superkick)

Finisher(s) (up to two) - Heaven's Vice (Muta Lock), Hell's Ascension (Burning Hammer into a Codebreaker or Piledriver)

Tag Team - No, but I am not opposed to being in one if necessary

 Bio/Other: After finding a lot of success in the indies and even some in BPZ, Dikey has decided to take his talents to XCPW

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Name - Bulldozer 

weight - 150

fighting style - high flying striker 

heel/face/tweaner - tweaner 

frequent moves - shooting star , Kamagoye ( however you spell Kota ibushi’s knee to the face move when they are on both knees ) , coup de grace 

signatures - bulldriver ( Canadian destroyer) , God’s punishment ( trouble in paradise) 

finishers - stampede ( curb stomp ) , super kick  

tag team - no but open to forming teams 

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Name: Shirada

Weight: 203Ibs

Fighting Style: Puroresu

Face/Heel/Tweener: Heel

Mask: Yes

Frequent Moves: Basement Dropkick, Bionic Elbow, Cannonball, Bridging Back Suplex Hold, Choke on the ropes, Chops, Cobra Twist, Dragon Screw Leg Whip, Eye Rakes, Knee Drop, Lariat, Romero Special, Shin Breaker, Slaps, Snap Suplex, Spinebuster, Surfboard, Tombstone Double Knee Gutbuster

Big Spot: Cannonball off the apron to a standing opponent

Signatures: Backcracker, Aqualung (Lifting Single Underhook Double Knee Facebreaker)

Finishers: Gaudi Bakudan (Gory Bomb), Sagrada Lock (Stretch Muffler)

Tag Team: Yes, whatever is needed

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Name: Arius

Weight: 120 kg - 264lbs

Fighting Style - Puroresu/Technical

Heel/Face/Tweener -   Tweener

Frequent moves - Inazuma Leg Lariat, Half nelson choke, Bow & Arrow, Snap DDT, Forearms, Inverted Death Valley Driver, Sicilian Barrage, Leaping Knee Drop, Running Forearm

Signature(s) (up to two) -  Lifted Osaka Street Cutter, Kick and Sweep combination

Finisher(s) (up to two) -   "Final Testimony" Dragon Sleeper "The Sentence" Omega Driver

Tag Team -  If needed (Accompanied by Rin Akane)

 Bio/Other: Appearing on to the scene seemingly from thin air he moves around the arena and ring with a silent observant eye. 'Lives on an isolated estate. despite being a menacing presence he has a suspiciously vast social circle despite very few appearing without a mask around these events. He has a love for music and the arts which show through him.
Followed at times by masked ghouls who take on menial tasks, 
Arius can be a ruthless equaliser in the ring and will gladly confront those who, in his eyes, are abusing their gifts in this industry even if he must first come down to their level.  

Name: "Osaka's Only Superstar" Rin Akane

Weight: 59 kg - 130lbs

Fighting Style - MMA/High Flyer

Heel/Face/Tweener -   Tweener

Frequent moves - Discus Forearm, Big Boot, Bicycle Kick, Leg-feed Enzuigiri, Bicycle Knee, Shotgun Dropkick, Roundhouse Kick, Mounted Elbow Strikes, Running Forearm Drop, Leaping Elbow Drop, Diving somersault leg drop Running Basement Dropkick, Dragon Suplex, Step- Over Spinning Heel Kick, Fujiwara Armbar, Biceps Slicer, Rear Naked Choke,  Slingshot Somersault Senton, Single Leg Crab, Matrix Evasion/Headscissors Combination, Standing Dropkick, Flying Knee, Diving Reverse Cannonball, Ura Shouten, Haas of Pain, Split Legged Moonsault, Double wrist-clutch proceeded by stomps to the head

Signature(s) (up to two) -  The Luciola Splash (Corkscrew Moonsault) , Faust (Vertical Suplex Cutter)

Finisher(s) (up to two) -   Requiem (Indian deathlock) Moonlight Sonata (Victory Star Drop)

 Bio/Other: Possessing a long fascination for the artistry of combat she considers herself a part of the new wave leaving her distinct style on the canvas of professional wrestling. A very calm but yet dangerous woman Rin fears no man or women.
Using her extensive martial arts training provided by her upbringing she uses her cunning to bring down giants if they can first see past her extravagant showmanship.

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Once again doing this on my phone, sadly at school. Edit: I’m gonna reconfigure this because I was out of it when I first wrote this. Still on my phone sadly, also I thought I’d clarify, the cruiserweight limit is 225 lb in this company.

Angelo Caito vs Benjamin Wolf 

Dikey vs Maddrix Delgado

Natedog vs Eli Smith

James Knight vs James Ropati

Maasa vs Lord Wallace

Bulldozer vs Charles Lupin

Frank Cage vs Marker Andrews

Buddy Ace vs Aaron North

Main Event: Julius vs Arius vs Shirada w/ Rin Akane

Edited by owendalton
Reconfiguration of card

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Name - Buddy Ace

Weight (lb and kg for conveniency please, if not than just lb) - 226 lbs

Fighting Style - Striking High Flyer 

Heel/Face/Tweener - Heel 

Frequent moves - (What moves does you character do often):  Forearms, Chops, Backfists, Low Kicks, Elbows, Dropkicks, Clotheslines, Backfists, European Uppercuts, Knee Strikes, Knee and Elbow Drops, Suplex Variations, DDT Variations, Brainbuster Variations, Powerbombs, Neckbreaker Variations, Drivers, Hurricanrana/Frankensteiner, Planchas and Springboards, etc

 Signature(s) (up to two) - Backstabber

Finisher(s) (up to two) - Leg Hook Flatliner

Tag Team - open to one 

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Limitless Ep.2

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen and welcome to XCPW Limitless! I'm your resident commentator Derek King, and boy do we have a show for you tonight! After last week's fluke victory, Angelo Caito will- what? You're kidding. Are you sure? Um, Ladies & Gentleman, Benjamin Wolf has been found cut open brutally in the locker room, and Angelo Caito is nowhere to be seen. I'll provide you with more information throughout the show.

Angelo Caito vs. Benjamin Wolf

I assume we'll move on to the next match, where we have two of the best cruiserweights in the world facing off.

Maddrix Delgado vs. Dikey

The crowd erupts when they see the Filipino Warrior jump through the curtain, and he returns the love. When Dikey walks out he gets a mix of boos and cheers, but mostly the latter. The two meet in the ring and shake hands before the bell rings. The two tie up, and Dikey pushes Maddrix off the ropes, and goes for a hurricanrana which initiates an incredible sequence.


The crowd chants "Holy Shit" as Dikey laughs and the two tie up again. Maddrix takes the headlock and Dikey powers him up, but Maddrix lands on his feet and dropkicks Dikey down. Maddrix pulls him up and goes for a short-arm clothesline, but Dikey ducks and hits a bridging german suplex! He only gets a 1 count, but Maddrix was visible rocked. Dikey goes off the ropes, building momentum as the crowd goes "Ohhhhhhhh" in anticipation, but he stops right as he reaches Maddrix, and does a standing shooting star. He notices Maddrix immediately hold his abdomen, so he locks in a body scissors.  Maddrix powers up to his feet, and hits a double foot stomp! Maddrix climbs up to the middle rope, and calls for Dikey to get up, but Dikey crawls under the bottom rope on to the apron. bdbqPpfJStzRj73FYMIdMmYMa_uLsz2tZtWCJfIBzBiEMUGojorpPngcIUz-0OUsy97nOmYguOSjtoIw-hYiepc-p4Pwfs3TfJUJvFPZ6SJ3x4gE_haxMBrL0XXpNVPr8q4r9iC5

OH MY GOD!!!!! Hurricanrana off the apron! Maddrix throws Dikey back in the ring and climbs the top rope, he hesitates, but hits the 450!


Maddrix falls over after trying to get up, his ribs clearly in extreme pain. Both men get up, and start trading forearms, before both men go for roundhouses, knocking each other down once more.


The crowd chants "This is wrestling" and Maddrix gets up, he goes to lock in Sweet Dreams, but Dikey pulls him through, and hits the Vortex! Dikey pulls him right back up and goes for Hell's Ascension, But Delgado lands on his feet and hits the Maddcutter!


1,2,3! Maddrix Delgado with an impressive debut. Dikey gets up after a while, and after a short staredown, hugs Maddrix and raises his hand.


Natedog vs Eli Smith

The Wrestling-Tang Clan drives into the arena in a limousine, and hand beer to the fans at ringside, the crowd loving every minute of it. When Eli Smith's music hits the crowd explodes in boos. Adrenaline Rush walks down to the ring, smug as ever. Natedog rushes in as soon as the bell rings going for a clothesline, but Eli falls back into a kip-up, already out wrestling Natedog. He runs at Nate again, ducks his clothesline and hits a handspring enzuigiri. Eli props Nate up in the corner and starts slamming elbows into his face until he falls against the bottom turnbuckle. Eli runs back to the opposite corner and gets on the middle rope posing. He backflips off the rope, before turning around and going for a hesitation dropkick, but Nate gets out of the way! Natedog goes off the ropes and hits a jumping DDT! He climbs the ropes and hits an elbow off the top! Nate picks Eli up, pointing to the sky calling for the Emerald Flowsion when- Julius with a claymore kick to Big Gus! Nate yells at Julius, when- Smith! Eighth Sin! 1, 2, 3! Adrenaline Rush with a huge win for their first week here in XCPW.

Maasa vs. Lord Wallace

Lord Wallace is already in the ring, and- Maasa from behind! The bell just rang! Maasa picks him back up and hits the Last Words! He can't lift him, but he positions him in the bottom of the corner and run off the opposite corner! Demon's Legion! The referee is forced to count three even though the match didn't start fairly. Maasa crawls to the back, seemingly pleased with what just transpired.

Bulldozer vs. Charles Lupin

Bulldozer walks out to no reception except his mom cheering loudly in the audience. Charles, however gets a huge ovation, a mix of cheers and boos. The match starts and- BULLDRIVER!!!! Charles Lupin just got dropped on his neck! One, Tw- he kicked out at one. Bulldozer slinks back to the corner, and starts stomping, signaling the Stampede. He runs and- all of a sudden someone comes off the top rope and hits a diving mushroom stomp on Bulldozer. The referee calls for the bell immediately. The man turns around, and the crowd goes silent. It's Benjamin Wolf. Wolf is still bleeding from the attack, but he seems to almost be enjoying the taste of his own blood. He starts hammering on Bulldozer, before Lupin pulls him off, and they stare right into each others eyes, laughing before embracing. Ben pulls Bulldozer up into a Tombstone, and Charles climbs the top rope.


"What a disgusting union by Lupin and Wolf. It makes you wonder what- really? Ladies & Gentleman, Angelo Caito has been found in a maintanence closet after noises were heard from the closet. He- he's bleeding profusely and has ducktape around his arms, keeping them to his sides and his legs are tied together as well. He is barely conscious. And- well we are going to refrain from showing the footage because it may be disturbing to some viewers, but Benjamin Wolf cut his forehead open himself."

James Knight vs. James Ropati

James Knight comes out to the ring, looking smug, the crowd booing him. The way this match came about is that Knight tweeted out "I'm making my debut for XCPW tonight. Don't have a match yet, all these scared ass motherf*ckers ain't want it.". Ropati didn't take nicely to that, and tweeted back "Meet me in the ring tonight and I'll show you how scared I am of you." Ropati walks out to cheers, the Kiwi Buzzsaw sliding into the ring.  The bell rings and Ropati immediately starts with the kick combos, kicking Knight's knees out from under him.


Knight eats the mat hard, before catching a basement dropkick from Ropati. Ropati locks his arm in a stretch, but Knight gets up and smashes Ropati right in the jaw with an elbow before hitting a german suplex.


Knight starts driving his elbow across the face of Ropati, showing off that rougher style he's known for, forcing the referee to pull him off of Ropati. 947833364_elbowbois.gif.d8b138ea516aa3aa3a5899f9504e4470.gif

Knight backs up to the other side of the ring, sizing Ropati up, before running full-force into Ropati with an X-Trigger.


Knight seems ready to hit one more maybe, and he runs at him, but Ropati jumps up and hits the Curb Stomp! He climbs the top rope, setting up for the Death From Above, and he leaps off, but Knight back against the turnbuckle, and runs at Ropati and hits the Backstabber! 1, 2, 3! James Knight barely wins over James Ropati. He goes to help him up, but changes his mind and walks out of the arena, but there seems to be some form of respect between the two.

Frank Cage vs. Marker Andrews

It has been announced that the first ever XCPW Cruiserweight title match will be between Marker Andrews and Maddrix Delgado after Maddrix's amazing performance tonight and Marker's coming out on top last week. Marker comes out, looking in a good mood. Frank Cage comes out to a mixed reaction, no one really knows how to feel about him as they didn't see much of him last week before Charles Lupin's interruption of his match against Kenneth O'Connell, who will be going on to face Charles Lupin because he technically won the match. Frank is not in a good mood tonight, after being screwed out of a world title opportunity.

The bell rings, and Frank runs right at Andrews! Clothesline From Hell!


Frank starts ground-and-pounding Andrews, rights and lefts repeatedly. Frank backs off on the ref's orders, and when Marker gets back up, he runs right back towards him, but Marker hits a discus clothesline!


Marker gets fired up, and starts stomping on Cage, following up with knee drops and elbow drops. Frank gets up in the corner and Marker goes to grab him, but Frank pushes him off, and hits him with a straight right, knocking him down. Then Frank does something unexpected. He climbs the top rope, and waits for Andrews to get up, but Marker grabs him and pulls him onto his shoulders, and hits the ushigiroshi! He pulls Frank up, and hooks his arm for the Ripcord Knee, but wait, there's a glint of metal on Frank's other hand! Marker pulls him around, and-Frank Cage clocks him with brass knuckles! The referee calls for the disqualification and Frank yells at Marker "You think you're better than me! I'm Frank motherf*cking Cage!" and walks out of the arena to boos.


Buddy Ace vs. Aaron North

Buddy Ace walks out to applause and he feeds off of it. Aaron North receives a mixed reaction after last week's loss, the crowd seeming dissapointed despite Aaron coming very close. This seems to fire up Aaron more. Aaron and Buddy tie up, and Aaron gets the headlock, and drops down to a knee, wrenching it in. Buddy slips out in an insanely creative fashion! 


Buddy takes a bow, and this infuriates Aaron. He runs at Buddy, but he gets caught with a neckbreaker. Aaron crawls into the corner, and Ace hits a clothesline and goes for a bulldog, but Aaron throws him off and with scary speed he mounts Buddy and starts hammering him with fists, the crowd really booing him now. He backs up into the corner, and hits Ace with a shining wizard to the back of the head.


He seems out, and Aaron goes for the pin. 1, 2, No! Buddy got his shoulder up. Aaron is mad and gets in the ref's face. He turns around, and gets thrown out of the ring! Buddy runs off the rope and leaps over the ropes onto North!


He throws Aaron back into the ring and climbs the top rope! 890952360_corkscrewdiamonddust.gif.347c10ce74b94da3f26dd246cbee4184.gif

Beautiful cutter! 1, 2, Aaron kicks out! Buddy is shocked! He realizes it's time he picks Aaron up, who is clearly out on his feet, and hooks his arm.ded.gif.5d03d8d1bdf61fe11d39e02b3d498bf8.gif

Ace of Spades! Buddy Ace picks up the victory in his first match, and Buddy offers Aaron his hand, but he walks off.


Julius vs Arius w/ Rin Akane vs Shirada 

Julius walks out to boos, the crowd mad at what transpired earlier tonight. Arius walks out seeming slightly bothered, but nonetheless the crowd cheer. Shirada arrives to a mixed reaction and then we understand why Arius seemed upset. Rin Akane walks out next to Shirada, and kisses him on the lips. No one is really clear on whether or not they were an item, but the rage is visible on Arius' face.


The bell rings and Arius runs right at Shirada and drives him into the corner!173193907_missiledropkick.gif.2824980a06e6e17496b070f8718bcf89.gif

Julius runs at Arius and starts punching him into the corner, but Arius rakes his eyes, and with forearms him right in the face, dropping Julius. Shirada gets right back in the mix, and hits a tombstone lungblower on Arius.


He puts Arius' neck against the rope and started choking him, and there was nothing the ref could do because it's a triple threat match. Arius rolls out of the ring and Shirada climbs the second rope and taunts to the crowd, but Julius comes from behind and pushes his legs in and swings one onto the other rope before running off the ropes with surprising speed and hitting a brutal German Suplex.


 He then runs back into the ring, goes back off the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Arius!


He throws Arius back into the ring, and Arius hits the Osaka Street Cutter out of nowhere after ducking a clothesline!


Arius backs up into the corner and goes to run at Julius, but he gets caught with the Adrenaline Crash.


Before he can go for the pin, Shirada dropkicks him right in the side of the head, knocking him out of the ring! He picks Arius' lifeless body up and hits the Gaudi Baukudan! 


Shirada picks up a huge victory, and Rin Akane raises his hand as the second ever Limitless goes off the air.


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"Hello everybody, I am your resident backstage personality here in XCPW, Kaitlyn Bishop. I'm here to announce the first ever Catalyst. Catalyst is going to be a show with one match, where YOU get to pick the competitors! The match types will vary as we go, but this week we're starting off with a singles match! Here are the polls.




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Name - Ronnie Alias

Weight (lb and kg for conveniency please, if not than just lb) - 236lbs, 106kg

Fighting Style - Technician

Heel/Face/Tweener - Heel

Frequent moves - Punches, Elbows, Knees, Suplexes, Various Submission Holds (Arm, Leg, Knee, Wrist), Mudhole Stomps, Bulldog, Senton

 Signature(s) (up to two) - Lifting Flatliner, Ankle Lock

Finisher(s) (up to two) - MSL a.k.a Mean Street Lock (Triangle Choke), The Divider (Double Underhook Piledriver)

Tag Team - No

 Bio/Other: Ronnie Alias grew up in a dark neighbourhood in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he had to learn how to fight for himself against others. He now sees everyone in XCPW like he sees his opponents back home.

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Arius vs. James Ropati

Ladies & Gentlemen, Welcome to the first ever Wednesday Night Catalyst! What a match we have for you tonight!

(Commentator text from now on)

Arius walks on out to the ring, looking upset after Rin Akane's actions. James Ropati walks out looking extremely fired up after being close to beating James Knight.

James runs right at Arius and he leaps into the air for a mushroom stomp.


Arius is able to prop himself in the corner, and Ropati runs into the corner looking for a knee, but Arius moves! Ropati's knee slams right into the turnbuckle and he immediately clutches it.1576867125_ShinBreakerOverheadBellytoBellyBackSuplex2.gif.3726e6abddfcf57ff97f64884c1a1535.gif

Arius takes advantage with a shin breaker and then drops Ropati back on his neck. HOP.gif.7b749873dbb7e1ae7e9cd7e4d9ce9715.gif

Arius locks in a high angle kneebar and Ropati screams in pain. Ropati slips out of it, and when Arius comes back he punches him in the abdomen, before roundhouse kicking him in the chest. He climbs the top rope facing backwards looking for the Phoenix Splash. He goes for it but Arius moves out of the way! Arius runs right back up to him and dealifts him into a suplex cutter!beautiful.gif.c521c4b1e4167c1baa9172ebea003f7f.gif

Arius grabs him before he can get up and locks in the Final Testimony! 


Ropati is in it for about 15 seconds, and it seems he's starting to fade. All of a sudden he jerks awake, and rolls back over Arius' head! Ropati Kiwi Kicks Arius in the back of the head before leaping over into a brilliant cover!


1, 2, 3! Ropati pins Arius in a shock victory. Ropati celebrates, as the camera fades to black on the first ever Catalyst.



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I like how on my first day here I beat James Ropati clean 1..2..3 in the middle of the ring! And then for some reason management decides what better way to reward a loser then let him headline their debut episode of Wednesday Night Catalyst. If anyone on this roster deserved that spotlight it was me! I proved day 1 the spotlight should be on me, and I'll prove everyday here on that the spotlight should always be on me! Management, you better learn to respect the name James Knight or bad things will come your way and to this entire roster.

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Limitless Ep. 3

Ladies & Gentleman welcome back to Tuesday Night Limitless! Derek King here again! In our main event we have the man facing Charles Lupin at our first ever PPV for the XCPW World Championship, Kenneth O'Connelly, since he won the match, even if it was by disqualification. We start off tonight with James Knight facing Bulldozer and the debuting Ronny Alias.

James Knight vs. Bulldozer & Ronny Alias

James Knight walks out on to the stage, looking incredibly pissed off at the situation. Bulldozer and Ronny Alias come out together, both men looking excited at the opportunity. The crowd still boo them profusely, however.

James Knight and Bulldozer start off the match, and James jumps Bulldozer immediately. He takes him down and repeatedly punches Bulldozer. James backs up because of the four count, and he runs at Bulldozer but he moves and James bounces off of the rope. Bulldozer also bounces off the ropes and goes for the Bulldriver, but James catches him and hits a reverse piledriver.1891716295_KneelingBack-to-BellyPiledriver.gif.4c67399dd16893def74dd8c1dc260cf2.gif

James starts punching him again and the referee forcibly pulls him off of Bulldozer this time. While James is arguing with the referee, Bulldozer is able to make the tag to Ronny. He gets in the ring, kicks James questionably low, and hits the divider!899848808_ButterflyPiledriver.gif.657b4a60d154ea297bc09e8789e22866.gif

1, 2, kick out! James kicks out right after two. Ronny is confused. He tags in Bulldozer, and throws Knight off the ropes. Bulldozer catches him, spins him around right into a lifted flatliner from Alias! Bulldozer hits a standing moonsault for good measure. 1487822966_FichettThrowsintoaInvertedSTObyVegaStandingMoonsaultbyFichett.gif.8c16e80afd3c756ee81f3ba6603ad4a2.gif

1, tw-kickout! Knight kicks out before two! Bulldozer is shocked. Ronny tries to get back into the ring, and while the ref is trying to get him out James gouges Bulldozer's eyes. Then he hits a canadian destroyer of his own.350791102_CanadianDestroyer.gif.7f223c2bd337a05f49ddf7929cdf2731.gif

James drops Ronny off the apron and then he makes a cutting motion across his throat.


1, 2, 3. James Knight has just layed out two men at once. He raises his hand before grabbing a microphone.

"You like that buddy? I invented a special kind of hell just for you. Management, I think this is a statement enough for you."

Big Gus vs. Julius

Adrenaline Rush walks out to boos. Big Gus and Natedog's attitude's haven't changed whatsoever. 

The Bell rings and the two men lock up. Big Gus surprisingly overpowers Julius, tossing him across the ring. Julius starts punching Big Gus, and it takes multiple shots to drop Gus however.  Julius hits the Rolling Elbow, and Gus is already rocked. Julius thinks he can put it away early , and he goes for the Claymore kick. At the last minute Big Gus moves and as Julius lands on his back Gus hits a springboard moonsault.1579338258_SpringboardMoonsault.gif.de988faa605bbb49bc6a6e66f42291e1.gif

Big Gus picks Julius right back up and hits the Bloody Sunday. 


one, two, thr- No! Eli Smith breaks up the pin! The referee calls the match off and Eli and Julius start beating down Big Gus, but Natedog comes in with a pipe and clears the place! He gets a shot in on each man, but they get out before they can receive anymore punishment. Big Gus wins the match by disqualification.

Aaron North vs. Frank Cage

Aaron North walks out, and once again the crowd don't know how to feel about him. Frank Cage however, the crowd are sure about how they feel about him. The boos fill the arena.

Aaron starts off by dropkicking Frank to the ground. He drops repeated elbows to Frank's chest. The crowd seem to warm on Aaron. He goes to pick up Frank, but he gets punched right in the side and he clutches it immediately, allowing Frank to take advantage with a vicious elbow. Frank bodyslams Aaron, and then runs off the ropes, but Aaron takes out Frank's knee.1975138157_LowDropkicktotheKnee.gif.26b723a5306528a95b31ea5c29f4bf6b.gif

Frank goes throat first into the rope, and he's thrown back as he struggles to breathe. Aaron takes advantage with a superkick.Superkick.gif.aa54ebd5cb1f6539279a6beb0ab66c97.gif

Aaron locks in the Liontamer, and Frank has no choice but to tap out.



Kenneth O'Connelly vs. Benjamin Wolf

KOC comes out to a gigantic ovation. He wasn't here last week because of how severely he was bleeding two weeks ago. Benjamin Wolf and Charles Lupin walk out and are booed the worst out of the rest of the show. 

Kenneth runs right at Benjamin with a clothesline. He starts dropping repeated knees, and he rolls out next to Charles and he holds him up. 828849074_OHMYGAWWWWDD.gif.3cc2d8237e8c28a4049f70499990ccb2.gif

Perhaps the most athletic thing we've ever seen from KOC. He tosses Benjamin back into the ring, but before Kenneth can get in the ring he gets caught with a superkick, then picked up into a picture-perfect michinoku driver.


1, 2, kick out. O'Connelly kicks out fairly easily. Benjamin climbs the top rope, looking for what seems to be the new version of the Full Moon, the Diving Mushroom Stomp. He leaps, but K.O.C. catches him! He flips him into the Package Piledriver!1534568172_PackagePiledrivr.gif.c83d1969924b0fc5b598aea156ea8328.gif

1, 2, 3! KOC beats Benjamin Wolf. Charles Lupin gets in the ring, not even regarding Wolf. He and Kenneth stare down, Lupin laughing as the show goes off the air. 



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Catalyst Ep. 2


Arius vs. Natedog vs. Bulldozer

For the first time ever we have a triple threat on Catalyst because of a tie in poll 2.

Arius comes out to a huge pop, still the biggest person in the company despite losing every match he's been in. Natedog comes out to a wave of cheers, drinking a beer on the way down to the ring. Bulldozer gets buried by the crowd once more, not getting cheers or boos, just complete silence.

Natedog walks to the center of the ring, splashes the rest of his beer at Bulldozer, and sets the bottle in the center of the ring. The bell rings and Bulldozer runs at Nate and starts punching him in the abdomen in the corner, but Arius comes from behind and breaks the bottle over Bulldozer's head. Arius turns his attention to Natedog and throws him into the opposite corner and hits a knee.


Arius pulls him out of the corner before DDTing him. Arius picks up Nate but he starts to fight back, kicking him back before hitting a jumping DDT, shifting the momentum of the match.


Nate starts stomping on the fingers of Arius, just trying to wear him down. He picks him up and sends him into the corner. He hits a running forearm into a beautiful springboard moonsault.


Nate leaps over the rope and onto the apron before hopping right back onto the  herope for a leg drop.


Nate turns Arius over and locks in the crossface, but Bulldozer, who's bleeding from the top of his head profusely, is back and stomps on Nate to break up the submission. He throws Nate off the ropes and hits God's Punishment.


Nate rolls out of the ring and before Bulldozer can do anything Arius grabs him and hits the Faust. 


Arius grabs him and hits him with the Sentence.


Arius covers Bulldozer. 1, 2, 3.

Arius finally gets a win in XCPW. He celebrates with his fans as the show goes off air.

Edited by owendalton

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Something’s Gotta Give PPV Card (So far)

Main to Opener:

Charles Lupin vs. Kenneth O’Connelly - XCPW World Heavyweight Championship match

Arius vs. Shirada - XCPW Intercontinental Championship

Wrestling-Tang Clan vs Adrenaline Rush vs Ronnie Alias & Bulldozer vs. Buddy Ace & James Ropati - XCPW Tag Team Championships

Maddrix Delgado vs. Marker Andrews vs. Frank Cage vs. Maasa vs. Dikey - Apollo Championship (literally just a cruiserweight title under 225 lbs or 102 kgs)

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